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March 15, 2011-Who said that battles are easy to win? ask that to Laila Khaled?

Posted on March 15, 2011 by Marivel Guzman in collaboration with Omar Karem, from Gaza

Thanks to all Palestinians brothers and sisters that turn out for today great date March 15 that marked the beginning, little set back, but the battle is not lost, the youth, the women, the men, will come out again, tomorrow, next week, until Unity is achieved.

Who said that battles are easy to win? ask that to Laila Khaled?
She will tell you is not easy. Today was a great day for Palestine, no matter what the outcome, it is a change, for first time lots of women are taking charge of the affairs of their Land. Thousands of women were mixed with the crowd of men, since yesterday demanding Unity.

They know they must not be afraid, they are all Palestinians. Hamas, AFLP,FATAH, every one, no matter the party they follow, they are all Palestinians, we are all Palestinians.
One Palestine Nation to fight for against the common enemies, ‘The Occupier’, ‘The IOF’ ,’Zionism’,’Ignorance’,’Division’. Those are the real enemies of the people.

Today turn of the events are only a show of the government to exercise power over the people, intimidation won’t work with us, that are feed up with Israel, even without uniform we know them, they can beat us and incarcerated us, but we wont stop. They need to stop and unite with us. This fight is not against our government, it is against the division.

The security forces of Gaza are shooting the sky, are shooting their feet. They are afraid of course they are, every government should be afraid of their people, not the other way around, they need to prove themselves worthy to stay in power, and if they have not done it, the People is speaking, loudly and demonstrating, demanding.

It is not going to be easy for Hamas or PA to contain the discontent, now we know that the power is with ourselves. If tomorrow, we all come to the streets, they won’t be enough bullets, or sticks to scare us. Today we celebrate that we can gather together, I don’t see it as a defeat to the people, No..it is a lesson, for us, for the government, to take notice that the actions are all recorded in history in our land. We must continue to work together to bring us as one Nation, we won’t stop. We Palestinians are resolved to bring Palestine Unity.

“To really respond to the practices of the occupation, there should be unity behind the leadership that can address the world with one voice, to once and for all end the occupation and establish a Palestinian State as a strategic option for peace” – Issam Samour-Coordinator of Christian Relieve in Gaza, Palestine

The day’s events both exposed Palestinian divisions and underscored the popular desire for political reconciliation between Gaza, controlled by Hamas, and the West Bank, controlled by the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas amd his Fatah party. -The New York Times

Naji Shurrab, a political science professor at Al Azhar University in Gaza, which is unofficially affiliated with Fatah, said on Tuesday that ending the Fatah-Hamas split was beyond the capacity of the youths to correct. “The division is like cancer; the later you are in treating it, the more it spreads,” he said. -New York Times


The Paid Stream Media is ready to charge the set backs of the youth of Palestine, they are mute when Israel is bombing our cities or killing us, but as soon as the occasion arise they are ready to make headlines. We should ignore them all along, until they bring us the Truth.

We could feel the joy in the last few days in Palestine, all the videos that we shot in Palestine, people in the streets talking about March 15, Unity day, Reconciliation day. It was overwhelming the euphoria, the talks of a nation ready to emerge.
The people is what it make it, not the leaders. Palestine is One, One land. The Holy Land is Only one. “We the People” make it. Please stop the fights, come with us, all the fathers, and sons, that work for the respective governments, see us we are you, you are us. We are Palestine.

Abu Yazan and other youth leaders, however, insist that unity is required to effectively resist the occupation and that political reform would significantly improve quality of life in the meantime. The slogan for the March 15 event is “End the division. One people against zionism.”

Ali Abdul Bari, a 24-year-old leader of Esha (Wake Up), a liberal, secular group devoted to promoting human rights, tells a story to illustrate just how deep the divide is. His group posted a sign demanding elections near the destroyed Palestinian Parliament building in downtown Gaza City. It was removed by Hamas 90 minutes later, despite the permit they had obtained. Later, many group members were interrogated or had their backgrounds checked.

by Pam Bailey

We must have high hopes that this movement wont stop, that today was a minor set back, but tomorrow a new day will come, bringing hopes. Specially that we will be commemorating Rachel Corrie day.

Come tomorrow March 16 to the streets to remember her memory, her martyrdom, we will celebrate her life, praise her memory for her sacrifice

Rachel Corrie

for our Land.
Please come with no banners, no flags, no colors, security forces please do not give bad image to the world. Do not copy the practices of Israel, we are tired of repression and oppression. Support us, in the new Palestine Nation that we all try to build.
Tomorrow is a new day, to rectify the errors, to take lessons of the past. Inshallah

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