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Leaving the Holy Land

I see few truths on the development of the Palestinian resistance.
1.- Israel is making sure to kill the militants in Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israel would not be questioned because the international community – I mean the leaders, the organizations in charge to record human rights abuses, and the Institutions that have direct or indirect relations with Israel – will not raise public outrage because according to international treaties Israel has the right to defend itself from attacks, or in the case of Palestine, future attacks.

2.- Israel is making easy for the intellectuals to leave the territories to go abroad to “study” knowing that these bright minds will not come back to Palestine.

The people that leave Palestine to study they do with the idea of not coming back. We can not blame them, they have the right to dream a better future.
Seven years ago that I started being very active in the Palestinian Solidarity Movement I started with hundreds of friends from the territories and now I look back and look for them and I’m finding out that many of them had moved on with their lives. They left Palestine to study and they never came back.
Was this part of Israel plan to get rid of them?

I do not know but I m happy for them that had made it out. Out of the danger of the bombs, the uncertainty of a secure job, the difficulties that the occupation brings to the people.

On the other hand, I m sad because they left their land, the land that their grandparents died for, that land that they themselves fought so hard to keep but at the end they left following their dreams.

Few years ago when I noticed this phenomenon in the Palestinian community I commented with some Palestinian friends and they just nodded their heads saying that Palestine does not offer anything, the ones that fight are the passionate, the idealist but the realists only looking to feed their families and end the violence that had taken their sons for too long.

A big smile and hug for my Palestinians friends that left Palestine for a better future
I wish them good luck and hope they keep the fight for their land. Now they had become Internationals like the rest of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement.
I originally wrote this poem Inseparable Twins for a dear friend from Gaza (over the years I adopted him as virtual son), but now I expand the dedication to all Palestinians that leave Palestine following their dreams.

Inseparable Twins -Read more in Palestinian Poetry

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