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Kashmir blocks of society

By Marivel Guzman

I shall put this article side by side with the comments published in Facebook’s profiles from both scholars Dr. Shah Faesal and Dr. Mehboob Makhdoomi

For now, I’m reading the two sides of their stories-I will add their views at the end of this piece.

Faesal, who according to the J&K government website of current employees, as August 07, 2018, Faesal is pursuing a Mid-career on Master Programme in Public Administration, at the Edward S. Mason Harvard University, also, the an employee with the title of Senior time scale 15600 39100 Plus a GP of 6600. And Makhdoomi lives outside the crude reality of Kashmir.

Both scholars with political tendencies—Even if they part from their scholar research for “truth.” Politics like the devil are in the details.

As I was giving the last edits to this essay, I received a clip from Greater Kashmir newspaper, that Faesal is leaving the government to pursue politics. I mention this fact because Faesal stressed out in a Facebook comment that he wasn’t a man of the “system.”

The laughable fact is that he posted in his Twitter that the reason to resign is the “unabated killing of Kashmiris.”

Anyway, I digressed from my paper to comment on Faesal’s retirement to join the pro-India National Conference Party, said GK.

After reading Makhdoomi’s comments, I have to agree with every one of his statements. He is one hundred percent right on Faesal. Faesal is an opportunist working his way up into the system, and he is appealing to the people’s sympathy to climb as a political leader.

I want to think than me being a total stranger of the Kashmir struggle, an outsider per se, well other than learn it from conversations with Kashmirs, blogs, alternative media and Indian official channels. I believe I can analyze a move like a spectator of a chess game that is sure, he knows better the next move because he doesn’t hold the stress of the game.

A little background of my interest for justice. Back on 2003, I attended Richie Corrie’s parents lecture and a plight for help to continue their daughter journey to liberate Palestine. Since then, I became an active member of the Palestinian Solidarity Movement. My activism came with attachments. I couldn’t activate only for Palestine as I learn of Kashmir struggles.

Obviously “Indian Administrated Kashmir” got my attention and I in 2010 funded the page “Palestine and Kashmir Occupation needs to End.”

I have tried my best to stay informed and tell others about Kashmir.

During the years I have covered Kashmir I categorized the players-Blocks of the Kashmir population—in compartments of relation with the land and the struggle:

Social-economic convenience block, where all workers of the Indian occupied Kashmir government infrastructure fit. Majority of them live for the most part with a decent salary and are more or less comfortable with the situation. Internet or electricity cuts often seen by them as something out of control, but part of the Indian apparatus administration.

Political aspiration persons, those who take a political post with hopes to climb the ladder of power. They see the freedom fighters as a nuisance to their political career and will do anything to win the favor from India and at the same time keep happy and at bay the Kashmirs.

They stay away from speeches that denounce the Cordon and Search Operations (CASO,) that usually end up killing resistance fighters and civilians, also they are mute of disappeared persons. In Kashmir, they live in a small world, almost forming a block with J&K government w m workers. In other words these two blocks are the cushion that sustain Indian occupation from crumbling.

Political career persons, usually Pundits, Sikhs and Muslim Kashmir, who managed to position on posts of power and pretend India will stay forever as it is. Same as the political aspiration block, they see the struggle as a nuisance to their political post, but they enjoy more freedom both of speech and movement.

Survival modus operandi group, all those people who care less for their neighbors but only care to bring food to the table.

Intellectuals, all people who make a living out of the conflict, being lecturing around the world, writing books and/or giving interviews to TV stations, magazines and newspapers.

Scholars and university students, the real thinkers of Kashmir. They are full of ideas on how to liberate Kashmir. They are the energized block of the population. Fresh minds who want the best for the land and the people.

They are continuously studying the solutions and seek freedom from foreign powers, but they entertain the cons and contra of compromise.

All parties Hurriyat Conference. They seem as good people with different solutions for the same problem. They are persecuted by the system, but they want the goodwill of the people.
Except that they are not clear if they want self-determination or everlasting Pakistani protection

Even though they have observer status at The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, it seems that Kashmirs don’t enjoy any protection from the 157 members states.

The only worthy thing they have “achieved” for Kashmir is the official publication the Office Of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights report on June 2018.

The resistance fighters, the real heroes who can not see oppression, occupation, and repression as something irremediably, they seek the solution now, yesterday was late for self-determination.

They can not compromise on the land. They see the martyrs as a sacrifice to the land, usually Muslims who see in martyrdom exchange for paradise.

And finally the common Kashmir farmer and their family, and the common worker, both blocks of the population seek nothing but their land as an inherited right. They cheer for the martyrs, freedom fighters escapades, but also they cheer for the leaders that promise “things.” In their naiveness, they believe the political figures that give great speeches are true leaders.

What I see from far away is that the Kashmir Valley is subject to religion extortion from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and a cruel military occupation from India. Both nuclear powers are playing a chess game in Kashmir, and they are sacrificing all the pieces.

  • The Valley is drenched with blood, the mothers are mourning their martyrs while politics plays high in round tables with endless discussions going, no where.

Until all the valley is one block standing strong with one voice for self-determination, there will be millions of voices compartmentalized in blocks. All speaking different languages, different strategies, different goals and off course many “agendas.”

That is the scenario I see from my vantage point.

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