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Highway to heaven

By Marivel Guzman

Somewhere in Kashmir, paradise on earth
(Photo credit Kaiser Ahmed)

A letter to India in regard to the closure of the 300km-long Baramulla-Jammu national highway that connects the disputed Kashmir region to the outside world

To be honest #India, I wholeheartedly believe, that it is safest for your troops not to move at all in J&K’s territory.

Your 750,000 troops will be better off serving Hindus in India proper territory. Don’t you think?

What is this insane fixation of yours [India] on trying to administrate a territory with people that do not accept your arrangements?

You guys have a different language, different religion, and different traditions. Really nothing in common.

How much those 750,000 soldiers make patrolling unhappy people? You know well, Indian ITS make more money in the developed nations. Shouldn’t you be investing in your youth’s education rather than putting them in harm ways?

How much money do you invest in this one-sided affair? Billions I imagine. You could invest in housing and health for your people. I’m sure those soldiers will be happier constructing their own houses than pelting boys in Kashmir

I’m sure, you are not doing it just for ego, right? I mean, is this like a cricket game against Pakistan you try to win? Or, are you really interested and the well-being of the Kashmir people?

Perhaps water is your interest in J&K? If that the case, wouldn’t be safer and cheaper to negotiate some type of economic arrangements with J&K?

Whichever is your interest in Kashmir, for sure is not in the best interest of the Kashmir people.

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