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Snowden a year later-message to ACLU’s supporters

A Message From Edward Snowden, One Year Later

By Edward Snowden at 5:25pm

Below is an email ACLU supporters received from Edward Snowden this morning, one year to the day since The Guardian broke the first in a series of revelations exposing the breathtaking scope of U.S. government surveillance. Click here for a new video documenting the incredible events of the last year, along with a timeline and the ACLU’s guide to privacy reform. 

It’s been one year.

Technology has been a liberating force in our lives. It allows us to create and share the experiences that make us human, effortlessly. But in secret, our very own government — one bound by the Constitution and its Bill of Rights — has reverse-engineered something beautiful into a tool of mass surveillance and oppression. The government right now can easily monitor whom you call, whom you associate with, what you read, what you buy, and where you go online and offline, and they do it to all of us, all the time.

Today, our most intimate private records are being indiscriminately seized in secret, without regard for whether we are actually suspected of wrongdoing. When these capabilities fall into the wrong hands, they can destroy the very freedoms that technology should be nurturing, not extinguishing. Surveillance, without regard to the rule of law or our basic human dignity, creates societies that fear free expression and dissent, the very values that make America strong.

In the long, dark shadow cast by the security state, a free society cannot thrive.

That’s why one year ago I brought evidence of these irresponsible activities to the public — to spark the very discussion the U.S. government didn’t want the American people to have. With every revelation, more and more light coursed through a National Security Agency that had grown too comfortable operating in the dark and without public consent. Soon incredible things began occurring that would have been unimaginable years ago. A federal judge in open court called an NSA mass surveillance program likely unconstitutional and “almost Orwellian.” Congress and President Obama have called for an end to the dragnet collection of the intimate details of our lives. Today legislation to begin rolling back the surveillance state is moving in Congress after more than a decade of impasse.

I am humbled by our collective successes so far. When the Guardian and The Washington Post began reporting on the NSA’s project to make privacy a thing of the past, I worried the risks I took to get the public the information it deserved would be met with collective indifference.

One year later, I realize that my fears were unwarranted.

Americans, like you, still believe the Constitution is the highest law of the land, which cannot be violated in secret in the name of a false security. Some say I’m a man without a country, but that’s not true. America has always been an ideal, and though I’m far away, I’ve never felt as connected to it as I do now, watching the necessary debate unfold as I hoped it would. America, after all, is always at our fingertips; that is the power of the Internet.

But now it’s time to keep the momentum for serious reform going so the conversation does not die prematurely.

Only then will we get the legislative reform that truly reins in the NSA and puts the government back in its constitutional place. Only then will we get the secure technologies we need to communicate without fear that silently in the background, our very own government is collecting, collating, and crunching the data that allows unelected bureaucrats to intrude into our most private spaces, analyzing our hopes and fears. Until then, every American who jealously guards their rights must do their best to engage in digital self-defense and proactively protect their electronic devices and communications. Every step we can take to secure ourselves from a government that no longer respects our privacy is a patriotic act.

We’ve come a long way, but there’s more to be done.
— Edward J. Snowden, American

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Whistleblower Edward Snowden granted Asylum in Russia

Published on August 1, 2013 by Akashma Online News


by Marivel Guzman

published in RT

Good News for Freedom, Edward Snowden the American whistleblower  leaves the transit area of Russia.

The words that shook the US on June 9, 2013 when Edward Snowden from a hotel in Hong Kong gave a video interview to Laura Poitras, who made the video public in the interest of society. She published it under the Fair Use Notice Act.

“Hello. My name is Ed Snowden. A little over one month ago, I had family, a home in paradise, and I lived in great comfort. I also had the capability without any warrant to search for, seize, and read your communications. Anyone’s communications at any time. That is the power to change people’s fates.”
This was the beginning of NSA nightmare for the US officials.
Now the waters are receding for everyone involved, but not for Edward Snowden, he still face very serious criminals charges if he ever is brought to the US.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been granted temporary asylum in Russia and is allowed to enter the country’s territory.

This move would allow him to maneuver and apply for citizenship in another country, so he can hold a passport to take a plane to fly finally to the country that offered him permanent asylum.
Good News for Snowden he is allowed to leave the transit area of the airport and finally breath some freedom, at least for now.

He is not completely free, as long as the US consider him fugitive, Snowden it is in risk of being targeted for assassination, and who knows if Israel’s Mossad will lend a hand to their financial supporters in exchange to stir the mood in the EU after they boycotted Israel economic aid against the illegal settlements. But
Knowing the shady political relations of US/Russia we are in the dark as the secret deals these two countries make in behalf of their banking masters.

For now all the eyes are in Snowden and that gives him a cloud of security. The US could not attempt a drone strike in Russian territory, it is not in its best interest, this could open up an ego wound on the pride of Russia. One thing is to have diplomatic relations on the light of the camera, but another thing is to allow US to openly brake the sovereign of Russia flying in its skies.

The whistleblower has been granted temporary political asylum in Russia, Snowden’s legal representative Anatoly Kucherena said, with his words later confirmed by Russia’s Federal Migration service.

“I have just handed over to him papers from the Russian Immigration Service. They are what he needs to leave the transit zone,” he added.

Kucherena showed a photocopy of the document to the press. According to it, Snowden is free to stay in Russia until at least July 31, 2014. His asylum status may be extended annually upon request.

With his newly-awarded legal status in Russia, Snowden cannot be handed over to the US authorities, even if Washington files an official request. He can now be transported to the United States only if he agrees to go voluntarily.

Snowden departed at around 15.30 Moscow time (11.30 GMT), airport sources said. His departure came some 30 minutes before his new refugee status was officially announced.

Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights States:

  • (1) Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.
  • (2) This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

His present location has not been made public nor will it be disclosed, Kucherena said.

“He is the most wanted person on earth and his security will be a priority,” the attorney explained. “He will deal with personal security issues and lodging himself. I will just consult him as his lawyer.”

Snowden eventually intends to talk to the press in Russia, but needs at least one day of privacy, Kucherena said.

The whistleblower was unaccompanied when he left the airport in a regular taxi, Kucherena added.

However, WikiLeaks contradicted the lawyer, saying the organization’s activist Sarah Harrison accompanied Snowden.

FLASH: We can now confirm that Edward Snowden’s welfare has been continuously monitored by WikiLeaks staff since his presence in Hong Kong.

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) August 1, 2013

Russia is confident that the latest development in the Snowden case will not affect US President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to Moscow, presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said.

“We are aware of the atmosphere being created in the US over Snowden, but we didn’t get any signals [indicating a possible cancellation of the visit] from American authorities,” he told RIA Novosti.

Snowden, a former CIA employee and NSA contractor, came to international prominence after leaking several classified documents detailing massive electronic surveillance by the US government and foreign allies who collaborated with them.

Snowden was hiding out in a Hong Kong hotel when he first went public in May. Amidst mounting US pressure on both Beijing and local authorities in the former-British colony to hand the whistleblower over for prosecution, Snowden flew to Moscow on June 23.

Moscow was initially intended as a temporary stopover on his journey, as Snowden was believed to be headed to Ecuador via Cuba. However, he ended up getting stranded at Sheremetyevo Airport after the US government revoked his passport. Snowden could neither leave Russia nor enter it, forcing him to remain in the airport’s transit zone.

In July, Snowden applied for temporary asylum in Russia, a status that would allow him to live and work in the country for one year. Kucherena earlier said the fugitive whistleblower is considering securing permanent residency in Russia, where he will attempt to build a life.

President Nicolas Maduro said asylum would be “seriously” considered if sought. Snowden deserves a “humanitarian medal,” he added.

“If this young man is punished, nobody in the world will ever dare to tell the truth,” he stressed.

He’s a man of his word. It’s official. Maduro granted Snowden asylum. He did so on Venezuela’s Day of Independence.  Global Research

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Snowden to stay another day in transit area, Russian official said

Posted on July 24, 2013 by Akashma Online News

Share from LA times

Edward Snowden cleared to leave Moscow airport — but not today

MOSCOW — Fugitive NSA leaker Edward Snowden will be allowed to leave the Moscow airport, where he has been holed up for more than a month following a Russian government decision to consider his request for temporary asylum, Russian media reported Wednesday.

“Snowden is passing the passport control now, a procedure that for him, a man without a valid passport, may take longer than just stamping a passport,” a Federal Migration Service officer who requested anonymity told the Los Angeles Times.

[Updated 7:50 a.m. PDT, July 24: The officer later said that Snowden did not have all the documents he needed and will have to stay in the airport transit zone for at least another day.]

The Russian Federal Migration Service issued a certificate Wednesday, in effect stating that the agency was reviewing his application Snowden submitted last week seeking temporary shelter, RIA Novosti reported.

The document reportedly allows him to leave the transit zone of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo-2 airport, where he arrived with a revoked U.S. passport on June 23 and has been unable to legally enter Russia or leave for elsewhere.

The Federal Migration Service would not confirm or deny the reports. “We don’t have this information yet,” agency spokeswoman Svetlana Gordeyeva told The Times.

Snowden’s Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, who was supposed to pick up the certificate, was seen Wednesday afternoon entering the airport and proceeding to Transit Zone E, Interfax reported.

“This certificate will allow Snowden to cross the Russian border and finally leave the airport transit zone,” Kucherena said in an interview  earlier this week, hoping he would get the document on Snowden’s behalf by Wednesday.

In the last two weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin said more than once that Russia would not extradite Snowden to the United States but also expressed hope that the former National Security Agency contractor would leave Russia for some other country soon.

It was unclear where Snowden, 30, would stay once he left his airport limbo. Several Russian human rights groups have offered to assist him in his efforts to evade a U.S. extradition warrant seeking his return to face espionage and theft charges.

Snowden revealed in early June that the NSA gathers vast amounts of data on U.S. and foreign citizens’ telephone and Internet communications. His actions have been denounced by some as dangerous disclosures of sensitive intelligence information and practices but hailed by privacy advocates as heroic acts of whistleblowing.

RIA Novosti cited unnamed sources in Russian law enforcement as saying the document allowing him to formally enter Russian territory while his asylum bid is being considered was pending on approval by the border guard service, suggesting he has not yet left the airport.

Edward Snowden Statement 11 a:m, according to WikiLeaks Team

Update 11 a.m.: Here’s the transcript of Snowden’s remarks,

Hello. My name is Ed Snowden. A little over one month ago, I had family, a home in paradise, and I lived in great comfort. I also had the capability without any warrant to search for, seize, and read your communications. Anyone’s communications at any time. That is the power to change people’s fates.

It is also a serious violation of the law. The 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution of my country, Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and numerous statutes and treaties forbid such systems of massive, pervasive surveillance. While the US Constitution marks these programs as illegal, my government argues that secret court rulings, which the world is not permitted to see, somehow legitimize an illegal affair. These rulings simply corrupt the most basic notion of justice – that it must be seen to be done. The immoral cannot be made moral through the use of secret law.

I believe in the principle declared at Nuremberg in 1945: “Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience. Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.”

Accordingly, I did what I believed right and began a campaign to correct this wrongdoing. I did not seek to enrich myself. I did not seek to sell US secrets. I did not partner with any foreign government to guarantee my safety. Instead, I took what I knew to the public, so what affects all of us can be discussed by all of us in the light of day, and I asked the world for justice.

That moral decision to tell the public about spying that affects all of us has been costly, but it was the right thing to do and I have no regrets.

Since that time, the government and intelligence services of the United States of America have attempted to make an example of me, a warning to all others who might speak out as I have. I have been made stateless and hounded for my act of political expression. The United States Government has placed me on no-fly lists. It demanded Hong Kong return me outside of the framework of its laws, in direct violation of the principle of non-refoulement – the Law of Nations. It has threatened with sanctions countries who would stand up for my human rights and the UN asylum system. It has even taken the unprecedented step of ordering military allies to ground a Latin American president’s plane in search for a political refugee. These dangerous escalations represent a threat not just to the dignity of Latin America, but to the basic rights shared by every person, every nation, to live free from persecution, and to seek and enjoy asylum.

Yet even in the face of this historically disproportionate aggression, countries around the world have offered support and asylum. These nations, including Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Ecuador have my gratitude and respect for being the first to stand against human rights violations carried out by the powerful rather than the powerless. By refusing to compromise their principles in the face of intimidation, they have earned the respect of the world. It is my intention to travel to each of these countries to extend my personal thanks to their people and leaders.

I announce today my formal acceptance of all offers of support or asylum I have been extended and all others that may be offered in the future. With, for example, the grant of asylum provided by Venezuela’s President Maduro, my asylee status is now formal, and no state has a basis by which to limit or interfere with my right to enjoy that asylum. As we have seen, however, some governments in Western European and North American states have demonstrated a willingness to act outside the law, and this behavior persists today. This unlawful threat makes it impossible for me to travel to Latin America and enjoy the asylum granted there in accordance with our shared rights.

This willingness by powerful states to act extra-legally represents a threat to all of us, and must not be allowed to succeed. Accordingly, I ask for your assistance in requesting guarantees of safe passage from the relevant nations in securing my travel to Latin America, as well as requesting asylum in Russia until such time as these states accede to law and my legal travel is permitted. I will be submitting my request to Russia today, and hope it will be accepted favorably.

If you have any questions, I will answer what I can.

Thank you.

This post has been updated with additional information as it became available.

Edward Snowden Has Accepted Russian Asylum Offer

Published on July 13, 2013 by Akashma Online News

Snowden will have to agree not to continue releasing documents harmful to the US.

Photo Credit: Tanya Lokshina / Human Rights Watch

This article was originally published by This Can’t Be Happening.

Edward Snowden, the bete noir of the US national security state, who has leaked information that the National Security Agency is spying on all electronic communications of Americans, and on hundreds of millions of others around the globe, as well as on the leaders and the embassies of even many US allies, is accepting an offer of political asylum that has been extended by Russia, where he has been spending weeks in limbo in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, unable to fly to asylum elsewhere because of heavy-handed US pressure.

According to an RT-TV report [1], Snowden, in accepting the Russian offer, will have to abide by a condition set by Russian President Vladimir Putin that he not continue releasing documents harmful to the US.

This deal leaves a lot of questions unanswered:

First of all, Snowden has already turned over a huge trove of information to reporters at the Washington Post and the Guardian newspaper in the UK, as well as lesser amounts of documents to Der Spiegel magazine in Germany and to other publications in other countries. It would appear that he can no longer control, at this point, whether or not those news organizations continue to publish articles based on the documents in their possession, It is also unclear what the Russian government response would be concerning Snowden’s protected status should any of those organizations, as is likely, continue to publish embarrassing or damaging disclosures about the NSA. Asked by reporters at an airport press conference whether he would continue to release details about the NSA himself while in Russia, Snowden’s answer was simple: “My job is done.” That “job,” though, was providing the leaked information to reporters. Snowden himself has not publicly disclosed the information.

Snowden also correctly pointed out the distinction between “damaging America,” and exposing the NSA. “No actions I take or plan are meant to harm the US… I want the US to succeed,” he said in answer to a question. Would Putin consider further leaks about the US government’s spying on its own citizens “damaging” to America? Open question. video of Friday’s Snowden press conference for Right Group Activists in Moscow airport

In any event, Putin has made clear that Russia would never extradite Snowden. As he put it, “Russia has never extradited anyone and is not going to do so. Same as no one has ever been extradited to Russia.” Besides, the cat’s already out of the bag, in terms of the big revelations Snowden made public.

The RT-TV report also suggests that Snowden and Russia may be looking at the asylum situation there as less than a lifetime arrangement. It appears to be a way for Russia to get him out of the airport, into Russia, to further tweak the US, and to put Snowden in an official status where he could be provided with travel documents as a matter of course, as would an asylum grantee in the US

This could enable him to quietly leave Russia later for another location after some time has passed. The RT story significantly quotes Tatyana Lokshina of Human Rights Watch as saying Snowden is seeking to stay in Russia because he “can’t fly to Latin America yet.”

Three Latin American countries so far–Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua– have offered Snowden asylum without conditions, but he has been unable to safely travel to any of them, given the already demonstrated US threat to force his plane to land. (American authorities exerted pressure on French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish governments to refuse their airspace, in violation of international law, to a presidential plane carrying Bolivia’s leader, Evo Morales, to fly home from a state visit to Russia, forcing it to land in Austria, where the government was pressed to illegally inspect the plane, which the US incorrectly suspected was transporting Snowden to asylum in Bolivia.) At the airport conference, Snowden said he had accepted all three of those offers of asylum, as well as Russia’s. “I announce today my formal acceptance of all offers of support or asylum I have been extended and all others that may be offered in the future,” Snowden said, after meeting with human rights lawyers earlier.


Second Part of the Original Video made public by The Guardian

Glenn Greenwald: “Snowden has information for more damage”

Published on July 13, 2013 by Akashma Online News

The journalist who received the leaks from the CIA Mole said there are more documents

By Alberto Armendariz | LA NACION

RIO DE JANEIRO. – Smoke and Mirrors. With his striped bathing suit, his white sandals, his jean jacket and a backpack, Glenn Greenwald seems like a tourist walking along the promenade of Sao Conrado, Rio de Janeiro. But it is the journalist, blogger and columnist for the British newspaper The Guardian who surprised the world with revelations about the extensive network of U.S. cyber espionage that was leaked by Edward Snowden, former intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency (NSA ).

“Snowden has enough information to cause more damage to the U.S. government in a minute alone than anyone else has ever had in the history of the United States,” Greenwald, 46, told LA NACION, and since living in these latitudes writes regularly on international security issues which has made him famous, winner of several distinguished awards.

Today, the New Yorker, a former lawyer, is in the eye of the storm. Lawmakers in Washington want to put him on trial, spies of various countries seek Snowden’s secret information shared with him last month in Hong Kong and which he still sends from Moscow through an encrypted email system. He knows he’s being watched and that their conversations are monitored. They even steal the laptop from her boyfriend Rio, from their own home.

Three men wait in the lobby of the hotel Royal Tulip with credentials of a congress of osteoporosis about which the manager has no idea. Are they really doctors or are following Greenwald? Appearances are deceptive.

– Does Snowden’s decision to stay in Russia help him come to Latin America?

– Yes, the most important thing is not to end in U.S. custody, which proved extremely vindictive government to punish those who reveal uncomfortable truths, and in whose judicial system can not be trusted when it comes to people accused of endangering the national security. The judges do everything they can to secure convictions in these cases. He would be immediately put in prison to cover the debate that he helped generate, and end the rest of his days behind bars.

– Does Russia give him security guarantees?

– Not many countries in the world that have the ability and willingness to defy U.S. demands. But Russia is one of those countries and it has been good so far.

– Beyond the revelations about the spying system’s performance in general, what other information does Snowden have?

– Snowden has enough information to cause more damage to the U.S. government in a minute alone than anyone else has ever had in the history of the United States. But that’s not his goal. His objective is to expose software that people around the world use without knowing that they are exposing themselves without consciously agreeing to surrender their privacy rights. He has a huge number of documents that would be very harmful to the U.S. government if they were made public.

– Are you afraid that someone will try to kill him?

– It’s a possibility, although it would not bring many benefits to anyone at this point. Thousands of documents are already distributed and to make sure that several people around the world have the entire file. If something were to happen, those documents would be made public. This is an insurance policy. The U.S. government should be on its knees every day praying that nothing happens to Snowden, because if something happens, all the information will be revealed and that would be their worst nightmare.

– Can Latin America be a good shelter for Snowden?

– Only a few countries, including several in Latin America, China and Russia, have challenged the U.S., and have realized that America is no longer in a position of strength as it did before with the rest of the world, and that the rest of the countries do not have to obey its demands as if it were an imperial order. In Latin America there is a feeling of natural sympathy for the United States, yet there is a great resentment for specific historical policies of Washington toward the region. What happened to the plane of Evo Morales in Europe caused a strong reaction, was treated as if Bolivia was a colony and not a sovereign state.

– From documents Snowden shared with you, is there much more information related to Latin America?

– Yes. For each country that has an advanced communications system, such as from Mexico to Argentina, there are documents that detail how the United States collects traffic information, the programs that are used to capture the transmissions, the number of interceptions that are performed per day, and more. One way to intercept communications is through a telephone corporation in the United States that has contracts with telecommunications companies in most Latin American countries. The important thing will be to see the reaction of the various governments. I do not think that the governments of Mexico and Colombia will do much about it. But maybe those of Argentina and Venezuela will be willing to take action.

Glenn Greenwald / Columnist, The Guardian
Profession: Journalist
Age: 46 years
Origin: United States

Edward Snowden Der Spiegel Interview

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Akashma Online News

Interview Translated from the original Der Spiegel Magazine interview  German Version by Anonymous

Just before Edward Snowden became a world famous whistleblower, he answered an extensive catalog of questions. These came from, amongst others, Jacob Appelbaum, 30, a developer of encryption and security software. Appelbaum educates international human rights groups and journalists on how to work with the Internet in safe and anonymous way.
He became more publicly know in 2010, when he represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaking at a hacker conference in New York. Along with Assange and other co-authors he has recently published the interview recording “Cypher Punks: Our Freedom and the future of the Internet.”
In the course of investigations into the WikiLeaks disclosures, Appelbaum came to the attention of American authorities, who demanded companies such as Twitter and Google to divulge his accounts. He himself describes his attitude to WikiLeaks as “ambivalent” – and describes below how it came about that he was able to ask Snowden these questions.

In mid-May I was contacted by the documentary-maker Laura Poitras. She told me, that at this time she was in contact with an anonymous NSA source, which had consented to be interviewed by her.
She put together questions and asked me to contribute questions. This was, among other reasons, to determine whether she was really dealing with a NSA whistleblower. We sent our questions via encrypted e-mails. I did not know that the interlocutor was Edward Snowden until he revealed himself as such in public in Hong Kong. He did not know who I was. I had expected that he was someone in their sixties.
The following is an excerpt from a extensive interview which dealt with further points, many of them technical in nature. Some of the questions now appear in a different order to understand the context.
The discussion focused almost exclusively on the activities of the National Security Agency. It is important to know that these questions were not asked as relating to the events of the past week or the last month. They were entirely asked without any unrest, since, at that point, Snowden was still in Hawaii.
At a later stage I was again in direct contact with Snowden, at which time I also revealed my own my identity. He told me then that he gave consent to publish his statements.

Question: What is the mission of the National Security Agency (NSA) – and how is their job in accordance with the law?
Snowden: It is the mission of the NSA, to be aware of anything of importance going on outside of the United States. This is a considerable task, and the people there are convinced that not knowing everything about everyone could lead to some existential crisis. So, at some point, you believe it’s all right is to bend the rules a little. Then, if people hate it that you can bend the rules, it suddenly becomes vital even to to break them.

Question: Are German authorities or politicians involved in the monitoring system ?
Snowden: Yes of course. They (the NSA people — ed.) are in cahoots with the Germans, as well as with the most other Western countries. We (in the U.S. intelligence apparatus — ed.) warn the others, when someone we want to catch, uses one of their airports – and they then deliver them to us. The information on this, we can for example pull off of the monitored mobile phone of a suspected hacker’s girlfriend — who used it in an entirely different country which has nothing to do with the case. The other authorities do not ask us where got the leads, and we do not ask them anything either. That way, they can protect their political staff from any backlash if it came out how massive the global violation of people’s privacy is.

Question: But now as details of this system are revealed, who will be put before a court over this?
Snowden: Before U.S. courts? You’re not serious, are you? When the last large wiretapping scandal was investigated – the interception without a court order, which concerned millions of communications – that should really have led to the longest prison sentences in world history. However, then our highest representatives simply stopped the investigation. The question, who is to be accused, is theoretical, if the laws themselves are not respected. Laws are meant for people like you or me – but not for them.

Question: Does the NSA cooperate with other states like Israel?
Snowden: Yes, all the time. The NSA has a large section for that, called the FAD – Foreign Affairs Directorate.

Question: Did the NSA help to write the Stuxnet program? (the malicious program used against the Iranian nuclear facilities — ed.)
Snowden: The NSA and Israel wrote Stuxnet together.

Question: What are the major monitoring programs active today, and how do international partners  help the NSA?
Snowden: The partners in the “Five Eyes” (behind which are hidden the secret services of the Americans, the British, the Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians — ed.) sometimes go even further than the NSA people themselves. Take the Tempora program of the British intelligence GCHQ for instance. Tempora is the first “I save everything” approach (“Full take”) in the intelligence world. It sucks in all data, no matter what it is, and which rights are violated by it. This buffered storage allows for subsequent monitoring; not a single bit escapes. Right now, the system is capable of saving three days’ worth of traffic, but that will be optimized. Three days may perhaps not sound like a lot, but it’s not just about connection metadata. “Full take” means that the system saves everything. If you send a data packet and if makes its way through the UK, we will get it. If you download anything, and the server is in the UK, then we get it. And if the data about your sick daughter is processed through a London call center, then … Oh, I think you have understood.

Question: Can anyone escape?
Snowden: Well, if you had the choice, you should never send information over British lines or British servers. Send even the Queen’s selfies with her lifeguards would be recorded, if they existed.

Question: Do the NSA and its partners apply some kind of wide dragnet method to intercept phone calls, texts and data?
Snowden: Yes, but how much they can record, depends on the capabilities of the respective taps. Some data is held to be more worthwhile, and can therefore be recorded more frequently. But all this is rather a problem with foreign tapping nodes, less with those of the U.S. This makes the monitoring in their own territory so terrifying. The NSA’s options are practically limitless – in terms of computing power, space or cooling capacity for the computers.

Question: The NSA is building a new data center in Utah. What is it for?
Snowden: These are the new mass data storage facilities.

Question: For how long will the information there be stored?
Snowden: Right now it is still so, that the full text of collected material ages very quickly, within a few days, especially given its enormous amount. Unless an analyst marked a target or a particular communication. In that case the communication is saved for all eternity, one always get an authorization for that anyway. The metadata ages less quickly. The NSA at least wants all metadata to be stored forever. Often the metadata is more valuable than the contents of the communication, because in most cases, one can retrieve the content, if there is metadata. And if not, you mark all future communications that fits this metadata and is of interest, so that henceforth it will be recorded completely. The metadata tells you what you actually want from the broader stream.

Question: Do private companies help the NSA?
Snowden: Yes. But it’s hard to prove that. The names of the cooperating telecom companies are the crown jewels of the NSA… Generally you can say that multinationals with headquarters in the USA should not be trusted until they prove otherwise. This is unfortunate, because these companies have the ability to deliver the world’s best and most reliable services – if they wanted to. To facilitate this, civil rights movements should now use these revelations as a driving force. The Companies should write enforceable clauses into their terms, guaranteeing their clients that they are not being spied on. And they should include technical guarantees. If you could move even a single company to do such a thing, it would improve the security of global  communications. And when this appears to not be feasible, you should consider starting one such company yourself.

Q: Are there companies that refuse to to cooperate with the NSA?
Snowden: Yes, but I know nothing of a corresponding list that would meet this. However, there would surely be more companies of this type, if the companies working with the NSA would be punished by the customer. That should be the highest priority of all computer users who believe in the freedom of thoughts.

Question: What are the sites you should beware, if you do not want to become targeted by the NSA?
Snowden: Normally one is marked as a target because of a Facebook profile or because of your emails. The only place which I personally know where you can become a target without this specific labeling, are jihadist forums.

Question: What happens if the NSA has a user in its sights?
Snowden: The target person is completely monitored. An analyst will get a daily report about what has changed in the computer system of the targeted person. There will also be… packages with certain data which the automatic analysis systems have not understood, and so on. The analyst can then decide what he wants to do – the computer of the target person does not belong to them anymore, it then more or less belongs to the U.S. government.

Snowden is not fugitive, given assylum in Ecuador

Published on June 23, 2013 on Akashma online News



Edward Snowden Whistle blower Proud citizenEdward Snowden is seeking asylum in Ecuador, the Quito government said on Sunday, after Hong Kong let him leave for Russia despite Washington’s efforts to extradite him on espionage charges.

In a major embarrassment for the Obama administration, an aircraft thought to have been carrying Snowden landed in Moscow, and the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said he was “bound for the Republic of Ecuador via a safe route for the purposes of asylum.”

Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino, visiting Vietnam, tweeted: “The Government of Ecuador has received an asylum request from Edward J. #Snowden.”
“Apparently he left Hong Kong with no difficulty,” Ratner says, confirming that he is now in Moscow.


<blockquote><p>The Government of Ecuador has received an asylum request from Edward J. <a href=”;src=hash”>#Snowden</a></p>&mdash; Ricardo Patiño Aroca (@RicardoPatinoEC) <a href=”″>June 23, 2013</a></blockquote>
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“Hong Kong government said that the warrant for his arrest issued by the United States was not valid. That he was free to leave.” Michael Ratner, lawyer for Julian Assange

The United States warned countries in the Western Hemisphere that Snowden might travel through or take refuge in not to let the former spy agency contractor go anywhere but home, a State Department official said on Sunday.

“The U.S. is advising these governments that Snowden is wanted on felony charges, and as such should not be allowed to proceed in any further international travel, other than is necessary to return him to the United States,” the official said in a written statement.

The State Department did not identify any of the countries.

Ecuador has been sheltering WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange at its London embassy for the past year, and Ecuador’s ambassador to Russia said he expected to meet Snowden in Moscow on Sunday.

Snowden, who worked for the U.S. National Security Agency in Hawaii, had been hiding in the former British colony, which returned to China in 1997, Kong since leaking details about U.S. surveillance activities at home and abroad to news media.

On Friday, U.S. authorities charged Snowden with theft of U.S. government property, unauthorised communication of national defense information and willful communication of classified communications intelligence to an unauthorised person, with the latter two charges falling under the U.S. Espionage Act.

Earlier on Sunday, a source at the Russian airline Aeroflot said Snowden would fly on from Moscow within 24 hours to Cuba, although that source said he planned to go on to Venezuela. The chief of Cuba’s International Press Center, Gustavo Machin, said he had no such information though pro-government bloggers heaped praise on Snowden and condemned U.S. spying activity.

Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador are all members of the ALBA bloc, an alliance of leftist governments in Latin America that pride themselves on their “anti-imperialist” credentials.

Ecuadorean Ambassador Patricio Alberto Chavez Zavala told reporters at a Moscow airport hotel that he would hold talks with Snowden and Sarah Harrison, a WikiLeaks representative.

In their statement announcing Snowden’s departure, the Hong Kong authorities said they were seeking clarification from Washington about reports of U.S. spying on government computers in the territory.

At a summit earlier this month, Obama called on his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to acknowledge the threat posed by “cyber-enabled espionage” against the United States and to investigate the problem. Obama also met Putin in Northern Ireland last week.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong government said it had allowed the departure of Snowden – considered a whistleblower by his critics and a criminal or even a traitor by his critics – as the U.S. request for his arrest did not comply with the law.

In Washington, a Justice Department official said it would seek cooperation with countries Snowden may try to go to and sources familiar with the issue said Washington had revoked Snowden’s U.S. passport. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said revoking the passport of someone under a felony arrest warrant was routine. “Such a revocation does not affect citizenship status,” she said.

“It’s a shocker,” Simon Young, a law professor with Hong Kong University said of the case. “I thought he was going to stay and fight it out. The U.S. government will be irate.”

The issue has been a major distraction for Obama, who has found his domestic and international policy agenda sidelined as he has scrambled to deflect accusations that U.S. surveillance practices violate privacy protections and civil rights. The president has maintained that the measures have been necessary to thwart attacks on the United States.

The White House had no immediate comment on Sunday’s developments.

WikiLeaks said Snowden was accompanied by diplomats and that Harrison, a British legal researcher working for WikiLeaks, was “accompanying Mr Snowden in his passage to safety.”

“The WikiLeaks legal team and I are interested in preserving Mr Snowden’s rights and protecting him as a person,” former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon, legal director of WikiLeaks and lawyer for Assange, said in a statement.

“What is being done to Mr Snowden and to Mr Julian Assange – for making or facilitating disclosures in the public interest – is an assault against the people.”


Assange, an Australian, said last week he would not leave the sanctuary of Ecuador’s London embassy even if Sweden stopped pursuing sexual assault claims against him because he feared arrest on the orders of the United States.

The latest drama coincides with the court martial of Bradley Manning, a U.S. soldier accused of providing reams of classified documents to WikiLeaks, which Assange began releasing on the Internet in 2010, and, according to some critics, put its national security and people’s lives at risk.

A spokesman for Wikileaks refused to make any comment about possible routes to Ecuador. Asked why Ecuador, he replied “That is something that Mr. Snowden needs to reply to. … It was a decision taken by him. … Various governments were approached.”

Iceland refused on Friday to say whether it would grant asylum to Snowden. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said this month that Russia would consider granting asylum if Snowden were to ask for it and pro-Kremlin lawmakers supported the idea, but there has been no indication he has done so.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post newspaper earlier quoted Snowden offering new details about U.S. surveillance activities, including accusations of U.S. hacking of Chinese mobile phone firms and targeting of China’s Tsinghua University.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Snowden needed to be caught and brought back for trial as secrets he was carrying could do a lot of damage to U.S. interests.

“I think we need to know exactly what he has,” she told CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “He could have a lot, lot more that may really put people in jeopardy.”

Documents previously leaked by Snowden revealed that the NSA has access to vast amounts of internet data such as emails, chat rooms and video from large companies, including Facebook and Google, under a government program known as Prism.

The head of the National Security Agency, General Keith Alexander, said he did not know why it failed to prevent Snowden leaving Hawaii for Hong Kong with the secrets.

“It’s clearly an individual who’s betrayed the trust and confidence we had in him,” he told the ABC News “This Week” program.

He said procedures had since been tightened.

“We are now putting in place actions that would give us the ability to track our system administrators, what they’re doing, what they’re taking, a two-man rule. We’ve changed the passwords. But at the end of the day, we have to trust that our people are going to do the right thing.”

Information from The Associated Press, Reuters and AFP were used in this report.

Snowden Censored by Craven Media

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10 June 2013

Snowden Censored by Craven Media

Mr. Snowden, please send your 41 PRISM slides and other information to less easily cowed and overly coddled commercial outlets than Washington Post and Guardian. Their arm-waving, self-aggrandizing verbosity, after conspiring to obey official demand (below) to censor your information is a pattern well-documented by unfettered disclosure sites. Their piecemealing release is hoary dramatization, diverting cover-up, of failure to deliver untampered material. Your valor is yet to be fully disclosed, do not settle for being seduced by false promises portending being kicked under the bus. Heed this under-bus-kick published today by Secrecy News:

EDWARD SNOWDEN, SOURCE OF NSA LEAKS, STEPS FORWARD… “When you are subverting the power of government– that’s a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy.”

“I’m willing to go on the record to defend the authenticity [of these disclosures]. This is the truth. This is what’s happening. You should decide whether we need to be doing this,” he said of his disclosures.

In the history of unauthorized disclosures of classified information, a voluntary admission of having committed such disclosures is the exception, not the norm. And it confers a degree of dignity on the action. Yet it stops short of a full acceptance of responsibility. That would entail surrendering to authorities and accepting the legal consequences of “subverting the power of government” and carrying out “a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy.”

And two days ago this go-to-prison kick by The Atlantic:

Whistle-blowing is the moral response to immoral activity by those in power. What’s important here are government programs and methods, not data about individuals. I understand I am asking for people to engage in illegal and dangerous behavior. Do it carefully and do it safely, but — and I am talking directly to you, person working on one of these secret and probably illegal programs — do it.

High officers and rhetoricians convene safe at base to wargame, destined by history, to praise and send youngsters into harm’s way to protect high privilege, then crow about leadership, sacrifice, pretending remorse, gloating in amply-pensioned retirement. Bear in mind, fodder for their ambitions is how they see you imprisoned for disobedience, emblazoned in by-lined headlines, warehoused in vet hospitals, or best, flag-draped in coffins disappearing into vote-rigged databanks.

To effect his plan, Snowden asked for a guarantee that The Washington Post would publish – within 72 hours – the full text of a PowerPoint presentation describing PRISM, a top-secret surveillance program that gathered intelligence from Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other Silicon Valley companies. He also asked that The Post publish online a cryptographic key that he could use to prove to a foreign embassy that he was the document’s source.

Gellman told him the Post would not make any guarantee about what the Post published or when. The Post broke the story two weeks later, on Thursday. The Post sought the views of government officials about the potential harm to national security prior to publication and decided to reproduce only four of the 41 slides, Gellman wrote in his story about their communications.

Are Whistleblowers heroes or traitors?

By Marivel Guzman

Patriots and heroes fall in the same category; a patriot is a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. And a hero is a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.

Secrets that should not be hidden from the people. In this era of government’s secrecy, whistleblowers are patriots no less important than heroes that take the risk on their lives to expose the darkest secrets of governments.

Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former NSA technician is my favorite whistleblower and hero, because his revelations have the most benefit for the people not just in the US but for the whole world.

Snowden’s Twitter’s status says in few words his motivations to expose
the NSA’s spying program.

He told the Guardian he worked for a major U.S. government contractor in Hawaii, earning a six-figure salary and enjoying the scenic state with his girlfriend. And he chose to leave everything behind to alert the public of the massive government surveillance program.

Snowden said that governments should be a transparent agency that work for the people and should be accountable and hiding secrets is not the best way to serve the people.

He is a hero in all the extension of the word and he should to be protected, defended, and supported for what his revelations and endeavor; in doing so, we will be defending ourselves, our privacy, security and most importantly defending our constitutional rights, that ultimately are the only protection we have.

Some of Snowden’s leaks suggested the NSA had misled Congress about the scope of its domestic spying activities.

In a Senate hearing, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied when asked if NSA collects information on Millions of Americans. We only know that NSA spying on all of us thanks to Snowden’s revelations.

Now we know better not to say things in the phone that can be heard by prying ears.

Julian Assange, editor of WikiLeaks, although not a whistleblower in my opinion, he is an extraordinary journalist who has tasked himself with serving as a vehicle for whistleblowers to leak governments’ secrets and publish them WikiLeaks.

Recently President Donald Trump said the government will prosecute those who leak government secrets, in my opinion, Trump is trying to instill fear in journalists, not only on whistleblowers.

Remember it was the New York Times who revealed the Pentagon Papers and The Guardian that published Snowden’s revelations.

At one point, the Director of National Intelligence Mike Pompeo called for Snowden execution, “He should be brought back from Russia and given due process, and I think that the proper outcome would be that he would be given a death sentence for having put friends of mine, friends of yours, in the military today, at enormous risk because of the information he stole and then released to foreign powers.”

I believe whistleblowers feel, that people deserve to know the truth, even as the government hides and denies the facts. Whistleblowers put their lives at risk for the sake of other people making more informed decisions, which is a heroic act.

Press Release: Members of the Organization of The American States

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by Marivel Guzman

(Adopted at the meeting held on July 9, 2013)




That the Charter of the Organization of American States establishes that “international law is the standard of conduct of States in their reciprocal relations;” and that “international order consists essentially of respect for the personality, sovereignty, and independence of States, and the faithful fulfillment of the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law;”

That all states must strictly observe the rules and customs governing immunity of all Heads of State, as well as the rules and regulations of international law relating to the use of airspace for overflight and landing;

That the Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, through its Permanent Mission to the OAS, reported and publicly alleged that on July 2, 2013, the Presidential Airplane FAB-001 that was taking President Evo Morales Ayma from Moscow to La Paz was forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna, Austria, because of the cancellation, denial, or delaying of previously issued overflight and landing permits for airspaces of France, Portugal, Italy, and Spain, potentially compromising the safety of the Bolivian President and his entourage; and violating international law on the subject matter; and

That the Secretary General of the Organization in a timely manner, through a press release, has expressed deep concern at the decision by the authorities of several European countries that prevented the airplane carrying the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales, from Moscow to La Paz from using their airspace; and at the same time called on the countries involved to explain the reasons for taking this decision, particularly as it put the life of the leader of a member country of the OAS at risk,


1. To express the solidarity of the member states of the Organization of American States with the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma.

2. To condemn actions that violate the basic rules and principles of international law such as the inviolability of Heads of State.

3. To firmly call on the Governments of France, Portugal, Italy, and Spain to provide the necessary explanations of the events that took place with the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma, as well as apologies as appropriate.

4. To call for a continuation of respectful and constructive dialogue involving the parties, in accordance with the rules of international law and the mechanisms for peaceful settlement of disputes.

5. To reaffirm the full validity of the principles, rules, and international customs governing diplomatic relations among states and guaranteeing peaceful coexistence among all countries comprising the international community.

6. To instruct the Secretary General to follow up on the contents of this resolution.

Video of the Metting


1. Canada cannot join consensus on this resolution. Canada does respect the privileges and immunities granted to heads of State in customary international law. However, in this case, there are conflicting interpretations of the facts surrounding the event. Moreover, the alleged granting or cancellation of overflight authorization is a bilateral matter separate from the question of the privileges and immunities of heads of State. Before bringing the matter to this Organization, those states named in the resolution should seek a resolution through diplomatic channels.

2. The United States cannot join consensus on this resolution. The relevant facts regarding the incident at issue are unclear and subject to conflicting reports. It is therefore inappropriate for this organization to make statements regarding them at this time. In addition, the question of granting or canceling of overflight or landing permits is a bilateral matter between Bolivia and the countries concerned. It is unhelpful and inappropriate for the OAS to attempt to intervene at this moment.
Reference: S-012

Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

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July 11, 2013 By Edward Snowden News

Hours after CNBC reported that ValueAct Capital Management threw nearly $2 billion into Microsoft Corporation, April 22, 2013

ValueAct Capital, LLC is a San Francisco based hedge fund. The firm offers its services to high net worth individuals and institutions while investing in the public equity and hedging markets of the United States.

• Files released show scale of Silicon Valley co-operation on Prism
• encryption unlocked even before official launch
• Skype worked to enable Prism collection of video calls
• Company says it is legally compelled to comply

Microsoft has collaborated closely with US intelligence services to allow users’ communications to be intercepted, including helping the National Security Agency to circumvent the company’s own encryption, according to top-secret documents obtained by the Guardian.

The files provided by Edward Snowden illustrate the scale of co-operation between Silicon Valley and the intelligence agencies over the last three years. They also shed new light on the workings of the top-secret Prism program, which was disclosed by the Guardian and the Washington Post last month.

The documents show that:

• Microsoft helped the NSA to circumvent its encryption to address concerns that the agency would be unable to intercept web chats on the new portal;

• The agency already had pre-encryption stage access to email on, including Hotmail;

• The company worked with the FBI this year to allow the NSA easier access via Prism to its cloud storage service SkyDrive, which now has more than 250 million users worldwide;

• Microsoft also worked with the FBI’s Data Intercept Unit to “understand” potential issues with a feature in that allows users to create email aliases;

Skype has been acquired by Microsoft for a whopping $8.5 billion.

• Skype, which was bought by Microsoft in October 2011, worked with intelligence agencies last year to allow Prism to collect video of conversations as well as audio;

• Material collected through Prism is routinely shared with the FBI and CIA, with one NSA document describing the program as a “team sport”.

The latest NSA revelations further expose the tensions between Silicon Valley and the Obama administration. All the major tech firms are lobbying the government to allow them to disclose more fully the extent and nature of their co-operation with the NSA to meet their customers’ privacy concerns. Privately, tech executives are at pains to distance themselves from claims of collaboration and teamwork given by the NSA documents, and insist the process is driven by legal compulsion.

In a statement, Microsoft said: “When we upgrade or update products we aren’t absolved from the need to comply with existing or future lawful demands.” The company reiterated its argument that it provides customer data “only in response to government demands and we only ever comply with orders for requests about specific accounts or identifiers”.

In June, the Guardian revealed that the NSA claimed to have “direct access” through the Prism program to the systems of many major internet companies, including Microsoft, Skype, Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

Blanket orders from the secret surveillance court allow these communications to be collected without an individual warrant if the NSA operative has a 51% belief that the target is not a US citizen and is not on US soil at the time. Targeting US citizens does require an individual warrant, but the NSA is able to collect Americans’ communications without a warrant if the target is a foreign national located overseas.

Since Prism’s existence became public, Microsoft and the other companies listed on the NSA documents as providers have denied all knowledge of the program and insisted that the intelligence agencies do not have back doors into their systems.

Microsoft’s latest marketing campaign, launched in April, emphasizes its commitment to privacy with the slogan: “Your privacy is our priority.”

Similarly, Skype’s privacy policy states: “Skype is committed to respecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal data, traffic data and communications content.”

But internal NSA newsletters, marked top secret, suggest the co-operation between the intelligence community and the companies is deep and ongoing.

The latest documents come from the NSA’s Special Source Operations (SSO) division, described by Snowden as the “crown jewel” of the agency. It is responsible for all programs aimed at US communications systems through corporate partnerships such as Prism.

The files show that the NSA became concerned about the interception of encrypted chats on Microsoft’s portal from the moment the company began testing the service in July last year.

Within five months, the documents explain, Microsoft and the FBI had come up with a solution that allowed the NSA to circumvent encryption on chats

A newsletter entry dated 26 December 2012 states: “MS [Microsoft], working with the FBI, developed a surveillance capability to deal” with the issue. “These solutions were successfully tested and went live 12 Dec 2012.”

Two months later, in February this year, Microsoft officially launched the portal.

Another newsletter entry stated that NSA already had pre-encryption access to Outlook email. “For Prism collection against Hotmail, Live, and emails will be unaffected because Prism collects this data prior to encryption.”

Microsoft’s co-operation was not limited to An entry dated 8 April 2013 describes how the company worked “for many months” with the FBI – which acts as the liaison between the intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley on Prism – to allow Prism access without separate authorization to its cloud storage service SkyDrive.

The document describes how this access “means that analysts will no longer have to make a special request to SSO for this – a process step that many analysts may not have known about”.

The NSA explained that “this new capability will result in a much more complete and timely collection response”. It continued: “This success is the result of the FBI working for many months with Microsoft to get this tasking and collection solution established.”

A separate entry identified another area for collaboration. “The FBI Data Intercept Technology Unit (DITU) team is working with Microsoft to understand an additional feature in which allows users to create email aliases, which may affect our tasking processes.”

The NSA has devoted substantial efforts in the last two years to work with Microsoft to ensure increased access to Skype, which has an estimated 663 million global users.

One document boasts that Prism monitoring of Skype video production has roughly tripled since a new capability was added on 14 July 2012. “The audio portions of these sessions have been processed correctly all along, but without the accompanying video. Now, analysts will have the complete ‘picture’,” it says.

Eight months before being bought by Microsoft, Skype joined the Prism program in February 2011.

According to the NSA documents, work had begun on smoothly integrating Skype into Prism in November 2010, but it was not until 4 February 2011 that the company was served with a directive to comply signed by the attorney general.

The NSA was able to start tasking Skype communications the following day, and collection began on 6 February. “Feedback indicated that a collected Skype call was very clear and the metadata looked complete,” the document stated, praising the co-operation between NSA teams and the FBI. “Collaborative teamwork was the key to the successful addition of another provider to the Prism system.”


Janus Friis-Niklas Zennstrom founders

ACLU technology expert Chris Soghoian said the revelations would surprise many Skype users. “In the past, Skype made affirmative promises to users about their inability to perform wiretaps,” he said. “It’s hard to square Microsoft’s secret collaboration with the NSA with its high-profile efforts to compete on privacy with Google.”

The information the NSA collects from Prism is routinely shared with both the FBI and CIA. A 3 August 2012 newsletter describes how the NSA has recently expanded sharing with the other two agencies.

The NSA, the entry reveals, has even automated the sharing of aspects of Prism, using software that “enables our partners to see which selectors [search terms] the National Security Agency has tasked to Prism”.

The document continues: “The FBI and CIA then can request a copy of Prism collection of any selector…” As a result, the author notes: “these two activities underscore the point that Prism is a team sport!”

In its statement to the Guardian, Microsoft said:

We have clear principles which guide the response across our entire company to government demands for customer information for both law enforcement and national security issues. First, we take our commitments to our customers and to compliance with applicable law very seriously, so we provide customer data only in response to legal processes.

Second, our compliance team examines all demands very closely, and we reject them if we believe they aren’t valid. Third, we only ever comply with orders about specific accounts or identifiers, and we would not respond to the kind of blanket orders discussed in the press over the past few weeks, as the volumes documented in our most recent disclosure clearly illustrate.

Finally when we upgrade or update products legal obligations may in some circumstances require that we maintain the ability to provide information in response to a law enforcement or national security request. There are aspects of this debate that we wish we were able to discuss more freely. That’s why we’ve argued for additional transparency that would help everyone understand and debate these important issues.

In a joint statement, Shawn Turner, spokesman for the director of National Intelligence, and Judith Emmel, spokeswoman for the NSA, said:

The articles describe court-ordered surveillance – and a US company’s efforts to comply with these legally mandated requirements. The US operates its programs under a strict oversight regime, with careful monitoring by the courts, Congress and the Director of National Intelligence. Not all countries have equivalent oversight requirements to protect civil liberties and privacy.

They added: “In practice, US companies put energy, focus and commitment into consistently protecting the privacy of their customers around the world, while meeting their obligations under the laws of the US and other countries in which they operate.”

This is 2013 Not 1984

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By Marivel Guzman

This is 2013 No 1984

Dear All:

To understand the scope of whats is going on, on “politics and in the world of government”, we must understand what really is government and the entities behind it.
The entities that manage the governments are just a bunch of leaches or parasites living out of the resources of the country they control, and for that, they set up entities or companies that exploit those resources, these entities known as corporations control every action taken by the governments, and it is really no brainier to see that the great majority of the people of every country lives under the worse conditions.
How these entities get away with the pillage of the resources? They are ghost companies with no liability or accountability on its own damage because their CEOS do not live in the countries they exploit. The corporations are set up on such way, that they can only be trace to a small boxes somewhere in the Canary Islands. They pay no taxes, they follow no laws. The governments pretend they control them, but the truth is, that corporations control the governments.
This is no news at all, had happened all the times, people had complain all the time, but people was not organized with the speed that they do now, with the use of the social networks.
An analysis of the social networks was done by Professor Zeynep Tufekci- She is a fellow at the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University and an assistant professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hillthat explain how the process works, and why it works. You can read her article explaining with surgical eye the behavior of people and government in the internet and social networks era.

Corporate World

Every government has a groups of “workers”, namely government officials that are in charge of deliver every action agreed behind the doors of these corporations.
In the US, the executive, the legislative and the judicial each one of these wing of government are in charge of the policies set up by the corporations.
So, when Edward Snowden leaked or better said, told the world, -not just the American public,- but the whole world, that The US is spying on everyone of us, it did open a door for the world to see what in reality our governments are and what they are capable of.

If you see the commotion caused in other government’s countries by this leaked information, you saw that was minimal, but the “People, We the people were and still outraged, but the other governments just showed a little bit of distress, not really a big deal for them, Why? because they all know about it, they also spy on their own people. But, the US spy on E V E R Y B O D Y, INCLUDING THE OTHER GOVERNMENTS OR GROUP OF LEACHES.

Follow every step this whole affairs has taken. The moment Snowden revealed the information to us, immediately every one in position of power grabbed their microphones and say that they all agree with the behavior of the government, meaning that they do not care if the government is spying on them. Well they might not care now because they are on the other side of the fence, but as soon as they end their term, I want to see them supporting the surveillance on them.
If we analyze the history of men kind, we see that since there is written history we clearly see that since the beginning there has been the top class and the bottom and off course the Class that plays the role of government, which is the one that protects the interest, and the well being of the top class.
And off course, once we know what this group of leaches are doing, of course every one is a potential enemy, because the Government do not know how each of us is going to react.

These images were taken in both  Cairo and Alexandria
Images from Paul Zholdra, Sally Zohney and D.L Mayfield via Twitter
Biggest Protest Egypt History

Egypt protests 3

Protesters opposing Egyptian President Mursi shout slogans and make fireworkes during a protest in Tahrir square in Cairo

There is really a concern for the governments of the world since the Arab Springs started to flourish. It does not matter that the Government spread information or better say, spread misinformation telling the world that is not the people that is outpouring into the streets by the millions on their own will but  the US who is controlling the revolutions.

NO way, The Governments are really scare of the people, they might control few hundreds thousands but they can not control millions. It is impossible with 100,000 thousands soldiers to control 33 millions angry, starving people.
If the time comes that the whole world stand up in their feet and demand justice and equality, there is the possibility that the same army personal will raise with the people. There are just a little number of high ranking army, and navy people that make enough to have a relaxed life, but the great majority are living on a very stretched income.
And the governments would be suicide if they even thinking on using weapons of mass destruction to control millions of people protesting on the streets, they would be shooting their own feet, because wanted or not, the arm forces of the stronger governments of the world are men of honor and they would not commit to murder their own citizens.

NSA snooping has the world in shock-Demand the US to stop

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By Marivel Guzman

?????Europe Union is taking seriously PRISM spying program, they know well that this could very well be use to spy on EU officials.
Now nobody is sure of the extent of this intrusion, and more important, they should be concerned with the Anonymous collective and the other hackivists that could get their keyboards in these mass of information.
Could be Government secrets, private emails, satellite images, memos just name it, all the governments are in shock, not because they did not know, but because they were exposed as well. This is not US only surveillance program, this is a global enterprise spying program. They might call it with different code names, but they all have their own spying on their citizens programs. They could all be coordinating with US and Israel, knowing to be The spying entity number One in the world.

Thomas Drake is one of the few people who understands from personal experience what the future may hold for Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former NSA contractor who exposed the U.S. government’s top secret phone and Internet surveillance.
In an video interview with Tomas Drake ex-NSA official, Andrea Elsal-Esa defense correspondent for Reutter, she asked the hard questions to Mr. Drake.
Drake, a 56-year-old former intelligence official at the National Security Agency, was prosecuted under the Espionage Act in 2010 for allegedly revealing classified information about the agency’s sweeping warrantless wire-tapping program. The government later dropped all but a misdemeanor charge.
He said that Snowden is a whistle-blower and not a traitor. There is no room in a democracy for these types of secrets, he said.
Saying  that the government data can be used for purposes that have nothing to do with terrorism. It’s being used to silenced persons like dissidents,  activists,and those who become enemies of the state, he said., EFF, and other online petitions sites had started a massive campaign of support for Edward Snowden, and at the same time to demand to the US government to stop its  NSA’s PRISM spying program. Organizations, social groups, and head of states are demanding answers to the Obama administration.
Snowden leak had awaken the people and now are demanding answers, asking the government to terminate this intrusive program.

There has not been so much outrage from the people against the US government since  2004 when CBS News and the New Yorker published photos and stories that introduced the world to devastating scenes of torture and suffering inside the decrepit prison in Iraq.
Not since the  Abu Grabi scandal  people had not shown its outrage and depiction of the US practices and policies. had collected close to a million signatures in its online petition website, that since 2007 had collected more signatures than any other online petition site, surpassing Electronic Frontier Foundation.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

UN Declaration on Human Rights

German Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberg has also requested Holder for information about the legal foundation of the Prism program.

Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to raise Germany’s concerns about U.S government surveillance with President Barack Obama when he visits Berlin next week. Her government also sent a list of questions to the U.S. government as well as Internet companies following reports of wide-scale American spying, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said yesterday.

Unwarranted government surveillance is an intrusion on basic human rights that threatens the very foundations of a democratic society.
Tim Berners Lee Wired

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
Benjamin Franklin

The National Security Agency’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn’t matter. There would be no place to hide.
Senator Frank Church, 1975

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Now all the congressmen, the president, his cabinet, lobbyist and others know that the snooping is global, and this means that everyone is in this mass of information collected. Just anybody with access of this data can chose and pick and create an scenery that can be used to charge somebody with what ever they want to, to remove somebody from their job, even to remove a President. Every body that is everybody has something hidden in their closet, and the others  the less important are used to create diversion, or simply to send messages of fear to others.

Comes to mind former former CIA Director David Petraeus (peh-TRAY’-uhs) over an extramarital affair, and defending the agency’s performance over the attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.
How do we know that they did not build the case of Petraeus out of thin air to take him out of the CIA, after all Benghazi fiasco still floating with answering questions. Obviously he was being spied on also.

Carefully watch the videos I m posting here, assimilate every word you hear, tied the lose ends and see how outrageous this program is, and it needs to go. The citizens of the world, we all need to work diligently in every one of our countries to make sure this programs and others disguise spying programs go, they are unnecessary surveillance programs that need to be scraped from the government agenda. This PRISM spying program makes all vulnerable in little or big scale.

Nothing New is going on, Whistleblowers come and go, some get indicted some don’t. Some are rotten in Jail, some are walking free making conferences in Universities and other public forums, others are hiding and making public conferences and others just underground.

I had been thinking lately really thinking about whistleblowers.
We know that every government, not just the US, but every government that exist in the world had thugs, mercenaries, private eyes, private contractors, private guards,secret service, Able to do ANYTHING..

I mean a real army of snoopers and mercenaries working to protect the interest of the corporations that use the government officials to draw laws and policies that allows them to keep pillaging the nations. ABLE TO DO ANYTHING they want.
Harassed, scare, employ, terminate, indict, incarcerated, set you free, impeach , coup,sit presidents, crown kings. I mean E V E R Y T H I N G

Saying that, I wonder if, ….just if…..the same government OR the people behind the curtain “unleash” once and while these whistleblowers to “expose” the secret of the governments, juts to show the governments WHO IS THE BOSS and the “smart’ ones are walking free and the real heroes are rotten in jail.????????
Whats going on? Are the governments OR THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE CURTAIN ARE testing the will of the people?, or they spreading false information to divert the attentio, or to confuse the already confused people.
I do not know if write in first or third person because I m confused as well. Just like the rest…It is hard being journalist where you are obliged to write what other said, never talk in first person because the article lose “credibility”, I was told by my journalist teacher that being a blogger was not being journalist, because our “sources” are not credible.
So, what you think.
Be the opinion makers, where the truth is the news and you are the Opinion Makers.

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2013-0618.pdf         Guccifer Hacks DOE/NNSA                          June 11, 2013 (2.8MB)
2013-0617.htm         NSA and Fourth Amendment Rights 1999 Repost      June 11, 2013
2013-0616.pdf         Sy Hersh Reports "Massive Surveillance" 1974     June 11, 2013 (1.1MB)
2013-0615.pdf         Analysis: Sy Hersh "Massive Surveillance" 1974   June 11, 2013 (7.0MB)

2013-0614.htm         Wargaming Disclosures                            June 11, 2013
2013-0613.pdf ok      CIA James Angleton Report on Counterspying 1975  June 11, 2013 (3.0MB)
2013-0612.htm         Snowden Censored by Craven Media                 June 10, 2013
2013-0611.pdf         How NSA Mistakenly Began the Vietnam War /via    June 9, 2013 (5.3MB)

2013-0610.htm         We Steal Secrets Review                          June 9, 2013
2013-0609.htm         Natsec the Mother of Secfuckers                  June 9, 2013
2013-0608.pdf ok      US Secret Service PRISM-ID                       June 8, 2013
2013-0607.htm         FBI Lulzsec Informants                           June 8, 2013
2013-0606.pdf         Obama's Data Harvesting Program and PRISM        June 8, 2013

2013-0605.pdf         Cellphone Search Warrant                         June 8, 2013
2013-0604.pdf         Guccifer CFR Council of Councils                 June 8, 2013
2013-0603.pdf         Guccifer CFR Donors 2011-2012                    June 8, 2013 (4.7MB)
2013-0602.pdf         Guccifer CFR Member Handbook 2012                June 8, 2013 (4.0MB)
2013-0601.pdf         Guccifer CFR Chronicle April 2013                June 8, 2013 (3.6MB)

2013-0600.pdf         DHS PRISM 2004                                   June 8, 2013 (3.1MB)
2013-0599.pdf         Gitmo 9/11 Annotated Trial Docket AE159          June 7, 2013
2013-0598.pdf         TPM: Does Palantir Make NSA's PRISM? (No?)       June 7, 2013
2013-0597.htm         PRISM and Other Spy Tools                        June 7, 2013
2013-0596.pdf ok      Verizon Spying Guide - 2011 Repost               June 7, 2013

2013-0595.htm         Online Spying Guides - 2010 Repost               June 7, 2013
2013-0594.htm         Verizon Spying Facilities - 2008 Repost          June 7, 2013
2013-0593.htm         Technologies of Political Control - 1998 Repost  June 7, 2013
2013-0592.htm         NSA Documents on Cryptome 1996-2006 - Repost     June 7, 2013
2013-0591.pdf         Bradley Manning: Government Opening Statement    June 6, 2013 (5.1MB)         Guccifer Hacks Randy Babbitt-Southwest Airlines  June 6, 2013 (90MB)
2013-0589.pdf         Guccifer Hacks Randy Babbitt Family Net Worth    June 6, 2013
2013-0588.pdf         36 News Orgs Join Suit for Bradley Manning Info  June 5, 2013
2013-0587.pdf         Bradley Manning: Manning Computer Forensics      June 5, 2013
2013-0586.pdf         Bradley Manning: Adrian Lamo Computer Forensics1 June 5, 2013

2013-0585.pdf         Bradley Manning: Adrian Lamo Computer Forensics2 June 5, 2013
2013-0584.pdf         Bradley Manning: Adrian Lamo Computer Forensics3 June 5, 2013
2013-0583.pdf         Bradley Manning: Adrian Lamo Computer Forensics4 June 5, 2013
2013-0582.pdf         Bradley Manning: Advanced Intelligence Training  June 5, 2013
2013-0581.pdf         Bradley Manning: Army Tracked with JAMMS         June 5, 2013

2013-0580.htm         Taksim Solidarity Press Release 5 June 2013      June 5, 2013
2013-0579.pdf         Bradley Manning: State Dept On WikiLeaks Leaks   June 5, 2013 (1.2MB)
2013-0578.htm         A Report on the Situation in Turkey              June 5, 2013
2013-0577.pdf         Bradley Manning: UBL Had WikiLeaks Disclosures   June 5, 2013
2013-0576.pdf         Bradley Manning: Close Certain Proceedings       June 5, 2013

2013-0575.pdf         Bradley Manning: Courtroom Closure               June 5, 2013
2013-0574.pdf         Bradley Manning: Publicity Order Ruling          June 5, 2013
2013-0573.htm         Mossad MITM SSL Attack                           June 4, 2013
2013-0572.pdf         Ukraine Military Attache (KAVA) Members          June 4, 2013
2013-0571.htm         US Army Solicits BMD Launchers for Israel        June 4, 2013

2013-0570.pdf         Agent Hazard of Radio Oscillator Transmission    June 4, 2013 (1.4MB)
2013-0569.pdf         US Nuclear Weapons Command and Control           June 4, 2013 (3.0MB)
2013-0568.pdf         Communications Intelligence and Tsarist Russia   June 4, 2013 (3.1MB)
2013-0567.pdf         Ultra and the Walker Case                        June 4, 2013 (2.3MB)
2013-0566.pdf         Spy Tradecraft in Ancient Greece                 June 4, 2013 (3.6MB)

2013-0565.htm         Bradley Manning 2013                             June 3, 2013
2013-0564.pdf         FCC: Reassessment of Exposure to RF EM Fields    June 3, 2013
2013-0563.pdf         FCC: Human Exposure to RF EM Fields              June 3, 2013
2013-0562.pdf         USA v. Apple et al, Final Judgment RFC           June 3, 2013
2013-0561.htm         Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks Affair           June 2, 2013


O f f s i t e 

2013-00366            Inside NSA's Ultra-Secret China Hacking Group    June 11, 2013
2013-00365            FBI Informant Files on Lulzsec, Anonymous, et al June 8, 2013
2013-00364            KGB Venona Decrypts Published  v/@mrkoot         June 8, 2013

2013-00363            Deny You or Your Org Aid NSA PRISM               June 8, 2012
2013-00362            Are NSA's PRISM Slides Photoshopped?             June 7, 2013
2013-00361            Ricin Pin-Up Girl Arrested                       June 7, 2013
2013-00360            Palantir Denies Its Prism is NSA's PRISM         June 7, 2013
2013-00359            NSA Utah Data Center Report and Photos 2         June 7, 2013

2013-00358            NSA Utah Data Center Report and Photos 1         June 7, 2013
2013-00357            Bradley Manning: Army Releases 7 Testimonies     June 5, 2013
2013-00356            Tikun Olam: Exposing National Security Secrets   June 5, 2013
2013-00355            Bradley Manning: Army Releases 25 Redacted Docs  June 5, 2013 (120MB)
2013-00354            Bradley Manning: US Army Releases 491 Documents  June 5, 2013

2013-00353            New Articles from The CIA's In-House Journal     June 4, 2013
2013-00352            Pakistani Interest in Non-nuclear EMP Weapons    June 2, 2013
2013-00351            The FBI Files: Unofficial Repository of History  June 2, 2013
2013-00350            Assange in NY Times: Google Banality of Evil     June 2, 2013
2013-00349            Alex Gibney, Media, Gov Attack WikiLeaks         June 2, 2013


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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) file 62-HQ-318, Electronic Surveillance at the Department of Justice, 1966-1967 – PDF 33.6 MB

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) File 105-HQ-229897, Contacts between representatives of the Soviet Union and members or staff personnel of the United States Congress, 1964-1972 – PDF 39.4 MB

Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency (CIGIE) archive of CIGIE-LIAISONS email listserv messages, 2009-2011 – PDF 19.2 MB

UPDATED Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) FOI/PA High Visibility Memoranda, 1979 – 1986 – PDF 13.7 MB


A sends:

A high-tech computer system that captures images of “every mail piece that is processed” by the United State Postal Service was critical in helping federal agents track the Texas woman arrested today for allegedly sending ricin-tainted letters to President Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

According to FBI Agent James Spiropoulos, investigators accessed a Postal Service computer system that “incorporates a Mail Isolation Control and Tracking (MICT) program which photographs and captures an image of every mail piece that is processed.” Agents were able to obtain front and back images of about 20 mail pieces that had been processed “immediately before the mail piece addressed to Mayor Bloomberg.”

A similar analysis of 40 mail pieces that were processed “immediately before and after the mail piece addressed to President Obama” showed that several of those letters listed addresses in two Texas cities near New Boston.


Requires rejigging Cryptome’s recommendation that snail mail is harder to spy and spoof than digital communications.


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“The maintenance of secrets acts like a psychic poison which alienates the possessor from the community” Carl Jung, via Tony Gosling


Military Casualties

Iraq Civilian Dead Wounded Care War Contracts
MAY 2013

2013-0560.pdf         Barrett Brown Donations for Lawyers Approved     May 31, 2013
2013-0559.pdf         Ultra-Sonic Listening Device ex-Top Secret 1955  May 30, 2013 (1.3MB)
2013-0558.htm (ok)    John Kiriakou Letter from Prison No. 1           May 30, 2013
2013-0557.htm         Navy Digital Signal Sensor Inventions            May 30, 2013
2013-0556.pdf         Fukushima Daiichi Unit 4 Fuel Removal            May 30, 2013

2013-0555.pdf         Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 Spent Fuel Protection   May 30, 2013
2013-0554.pdf         Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Cover Dismantlement     May 30, 2013
2013-0553.pdf         Indictment Liberty Reserve et al, Kats, Marmilev May 29, 2013 (1.3MB)
2013-0552.pdf         David Kahn: Number One from Moscow Spy Cipher    May 29, 2013 (3.8MB)
2013-0551.pdf         Zimmermann Telegram Decryption 1917 (DE)         May 29, 2013

2013-0550.htm         NYPD Stop and Frisk Data Analysis 2003-2012      May 29, 2013
2013-0549.pdf         USA-v-Jeremy Hammond Plea Agreement              May 28, 2013
2013-0548.pdf         USA-v-Jeremy Hammond Superceding Information     May 28, 2013
2013-0547.pdf         Hearing: Ctr for Const Rights v. Lind (Manning)  May 28, 2013
2013-0546.htm         IR Media: Mossad Training Site, Stuxnet, Armita  May 28, 2013

2013-0545.pdf         German Police Search Procedures 2009 FOUO (DE)   May 27, 2013 (3.9MB)
2013-0544.pdf         IP Commission Wants Spies Netwide                May 27, 2013
2013-0543.pdf         Guccifer Obama National Security Task Force      May 26, 2013 (1.5MB)
2013-0542.pdf         Guccifer Obama National Security Promises        May 26, 2013 (7.2MB)
2013-0541.pdf         Guccifer Obama Campaign Iraq White Papers        May 26, 2013 (11.3MB)

2013-0540.pdf         Guccifer Christopher Kojm                        May 26, 2013 (4.6MB)
2013-0539.pdf         Guccifer Michael Hurley                          May 26, 2013 (1.0MB)
2013-0538.pdf         Guccifer Michael Hurley on Philip Zelikow        May 26, 2013 (4.3MB)
2013-0537.pdf         Guccifer BIOPTid                                 May 26, 2013 (1.3MB)
2013-0536.htm         US Energy Attack                                 May 26, 2013

2013-0535.htm         Center for Const Rights v. Lind (Manning Docs)   May 26, 2013
2013-0534.htm         Cryptome Infected with Cookie Script             May 26, 2013
2013-0533.htm         Is This the End of Cypherpunks? 1997             May 25, 2013
2013-0532.txt         Secret Agents: Cypherpunks 1997                  May 25, 2013
2013-0531.pdf         Nuclear Command and Control System Support Staff May 25, 2013

2013-0530.htm         Backdoors Are Not Acceptable                     May 24, 2013
2013-0529.pdf         Twitter-Appelbaum et al Pleadings Seal Continued May 24, 2013
2013-0528.pdf         NASA Asteroid Initiative Call for Ideas          May 24, 2013
2013-0527.pdf         Vehicle Elderly and Women Injury Vulnerability   May 24, 2013
2013-0526.htm         CIA Mike                                         May 24, 2013

2013-0525.htm         Parastoo Attacks National Nuclear Security Admin May 23, 2013
2013-0524.htm         Tsarnaev Hearing Scheduled for July 10, 2013     May 23, 2013
2013-0523.htm         We Steal WikiLeaks                               May 23, 2013
2013-0522.pdf         OPM ODNI National Security Positions Designation May 23, 2013
2013-0521.htm         Cryptome Mirrors                                 May 23, 2013

2013-0520.htm         DoD Photos of Moore, OK, Damage                  May 23, 2013
2013-0519.htm         CIA Guantanamo Interrogation Huts                May 23, 2013
2013-0518.pdf         Network Insecurity: Losing Cyber Crime Battle    May 22, 2013
2013-0517.pdf         Geomagnetic Disturbances Reliability Standards   May 22, 2013
2013-0516.htm         800 Historical Phone Phreaking Docs Posted       May 22, 2013

2013-0515.pdf         GAO: Security Risks of Foreign Telecom Equipment May 21, 2013
2013-0514.pdf         Tsarnaev Hearing Continued to July 2, 2013       May 20, 2013
2013-0513.pdf         Tsarnaev Order on His BOP Files                  May 20, 2013
2013-0512.htm         Moore, OK, Tornado                               May 20, 2013         CIA Non-Official Cover Docs 1951-66 (1,299 pp)   May 20, 2013 (43MB)

2013-0510.pdf         CIA BioWar Immunization of Top Officials 1953    May 20, 2013
2013-0509.pdf         EO 13643 Amendments to Manual for Courts-Martial May 20, 2013
2013-0508.htm         Lord Stevens (Sir John Stevens) Sold Secrets     May 20, 2013
2013-0507.pdf         Tsarnaev Prison Photos by Guards Allowed         May 18, 2013
2013-0507.htm         3rd CIA Spy Chad Wagner Expelled from Moscow     May 18, 2013

2013-0506.pdf         NSA Presidential Transition 2001 ex-Top Secret   May 18, 2013 (2.7MB)
2013-0505.pdf         Guccifer Hacks Joshua Gotbaum                    May 18, 2013 (1.7MB)
2013-0504.jpg         RT Names/Cuts Stephen Holmes CIA COS Moscow via  May 17, 2013
2013-0503.pdf         NYPD World Trade Center Security Plan            May 17, 2013
2013-0502.pdf         NYPD Protection of High-Risk Buildings           May 17, 2013 (3.1MB)

2013-0501.pdf         Protection of Irradiated Reactor Fuel in Transit May 17, 2013
2013-0500.pdf         Import of Firearms, Ammunition and Tools of War  May 17, 2013
2013-0499.pdf         CALEA II: Risks of Wiretap at Endpoints          May 17, 2013
2013-0498.htm         The New Yorker StrongBox                         May 16, 2013
2013-0497.htm         NASDAQ Data Center                               May 15, 2013

2013-0496.htm         New York Stock Exchange Euronext Data Center     May 15, 2013
2013-0495.pdf         Guccifer Hacks Carl Bernstein                    May 15, 2013 (2.9MB)
2013-0494.pdf         Guccifer Hacks Jeremy Paxman BBC                 May 15, 2013
2013-0493.htm         Ryan Christopher Fogle Updated Again             May 15, 2013
2013-0492.pdf         Without Russia, World War II Goes On             May 14, 2013

2013-0491.htm         NatSec Telecomms Panel Meet (CyberThreat Secret) May 14, 2013
2013-0490.pdf         Parastoo: OpIsrael Pre-Release #2                May 13, 2013 (1.5MB)
2013-0489.jpg         Parastoo: OpIsrael Pre-Release #2 Hi-Res Image   May 13, 2013 (2.0MB)
2013-0488.htm         AP Story on Yemen IED Behind DoJ Records Grab    May 13, 2013
2013-0487.htm         Prez Orders Gov Info Open and Machine Readable   May 13, 2013

2013-0486.htm         FBI’s Beer-and-Brats Culture                     May 12, 2013
2013-0485.htm         Iran's New Sea-based Missiles                    May 12, 2013
2013-0484.htm         Pantex Nuclear Megadeath Plant 2013 (Hi-Rez)     May 12, 2013
2013-0483.htm         Four Cryptography Conferences (C)                May 12, 2013
2013-0482.htm         CIA Disclosed                                    May 12, 2013

2013-0481.pdf         $45M ATM Hack Complaint                          May 11, 2013
2013-0480.pdf         Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Update May 11, 2013
2013-0479.pdf         Defense Incident-Based Reporting System Codes    May 11, 2013 (1.1MB)         Defense Distributed Liberator Gun by 3D Printing May 10, 2013 (2.1MB)
2013-0477.htm         Gina Cheri Haspel, ex-Acting CIA Covert Head     May 9, 2013

2013-0476.htm         Francis "Frank" Archibald, Jr. CIA Covert Head   May 9, 2013
2013-0475.pdf         DoD DCAA Personnel Security Program Manual       May 9, 2013 (7.5MB)         NSA Guide to Internet Research (651 pages)       May 8, 2013 (38.5MB)
2013-0473.htm         More Illegal Activities in Alaska (Palin)        May 8, 2013
2013-0472.pdf         Patriots for Profit: National Security Zealots   May 8, 2013 (1.4MB)

2013-0471.htm         USA v. Kadyrbayev-Tazhayakov Court Filings       May 7, 2013
2013-0470.pdf         Barrett Brown Gets Two New Attorneys             May 7, 2013
2013-0469.pdf ok      DHS Radiological and Nuclear Detection Challenge May 7, 2013
2013-0468.pdf         DoD Report on PRC Military-Security 2013         May 7, 2013 (2.0MB)
2013-0467.pdf         Ratcatcher Syllogism-Private Security Philosophy May 7, 2013

2013-0466.pdf         Tsarnaev Gets Federal Defender Program           May 6, 2013
2013-0465.pdf         RDS-TMC Decrypted                                May 6, 2013 (3.2MB)
2013-0464.htm         Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Haifa Infra Site    May 6, 2013
2013-0463.pdf         FBI E-mail Policy                                May 6, 2013
2013-0462.htm         Cryptome Boston Bomb Photos 2X WikiLeaks Traffic May 6, 2013

2013-0461.pdf         Barrett Brown New Attorney Ghappour Pro Hac Vice May 6, 2013
2013-0460.pdf         Jeremy Hammond Hearing Postponed to May 17, 2013 May 6, 2013
2013-0459.pdf         Strategies for Serving Our Women Veterans        May 6, 2013
2013-0458.pdf         DoD Electronic Fingerprint Capture               May 5, 2013
2013-0457.pdf         Robel Phillipos (Tsarnaev) Motion for Bail       May 5, 2013 (1.1MB)

2013-0456.htm Update  Cryptome Artworks Censored by The New Museum     May 5, 2013
2013-0455.pdf         FBI File on Aaron Swartz PACER Hack (220 pages)  May 4, 2013 (7.2MB)
2013-0454.htm         Intelink Applications                            May 4, 2013
2013-0453.pdf         DoD Information Operations                       May 4, 2013
2013-0452.pdf         Deviations from DoD Physical Security Program    May 4, 2013

2013-0451.pdf         DoD National Leadership Command Capabilities CM  May 4, 2013   
2013-0450.htm         Twitter @lzr9 Legal Response to Death Threat 2   May 3, 2013
2013-0449.htm         Aaron Swartz Estate-v-USA-MIT-JSTOR Gang         May 3, 2013
2013-0448.htm         May Day NYC 2013 Photos                          May 2, 2013
2013-0447.pdf         FBI: Tsarnaev-Kadyrbayev-Tazhayakov-Phillipos    May 2, 2013

2013-0446.pdf         Barrett Brown Retains 3 New Attorneys            May 1, 2013
2013-0445.htm         Incident at YYZ Toronto International Airport    May 1, 2013
2013-0444.pdf         FEC RFC on Updating Its Technology               May 1, 2013
2013-0443.htm         Twitter Legal Responds to @lzr9 on Death Threat  May 1, 2013
2013-0442.htm         Uncle Fester Decries Copyright Infringement      May 1, 2013

O f f s i t e 

2013-00348            Cipher Machines Cryptology Intelligence Security May 31, 2013
2013-00347            Why Does Work Suck?                              May 31, 2013

2013-00346            CIA Parody: GE's Jack Welch as Imagined DDI (/v) May 31, 2013
2013-00345            On leaks: The case against the media             May 30, 2013
2013-00344            Ricin Bean Flogging Reaches Unusual Standard     May 30, 2013
2013-00343            Mexican Spies Salaries Disclosed (ES)            May 30, 2013
2013-00342            Video: US Navy Giant Radar at Niscemi, Italy     May 30, 2013

2013-00341            Navy Patent: Estimating Financial Market Health  May 30, 2013
2013-00340            Navy Patent: Steganography and Steganalytic Tech May 30, 2013
2013-00339            Navy Patent: Variable Pulse Width Encoding       May 30, 2013
2013-00338            Navy Patent: Fuzing Multiple Warheads            May 30, 2013
2013-00337            Navy Patent: Forensic of Digital Storage Device  May 30, 2013

2013-00336            Railway Enigma and Other Special Machines        May 30, 2013
2013-00335            Cryptocomb: USS Carl Vinson Logs for OBL Period  May 29, 2013
2013-00334            US Navy Classified Documents                     May 29, 2013
2013-00333            Free Barrett Brown News                          May 29, 2013
2013-00332            Cyberwar Cyberespionage and Me                   May 29, 2013

2013-00331            Inside GCHQ - Geek's Guide to Britain            May 25, 2013
2013-00330            Alex Gibney Under Fire Like WikiLeaks            May 24, 2013
2013-00329            Spies Tap Industry for Essential Technologies    May 24, 2013
2013-00328            Video: Helicopter Flyover of Moore, OK, Damage   May 23, 2103
2013-00327   Complaint for FBI Threat Assessment  May 23, 2013

2013-00326            What an IP Address Can Reveal About You          May 22, 2013
2013-00325            Alex Gibney Shills Manning, Assange, WikiLeaks   May 21, 2013
2013-00324            Army iSalute Suspicious Activity Reporting       May 21, 2013
2013-00323            Bean Pounding                                    May 21, 2013
2013-00322            NYPD Detective Indicted for Hacking Email        May 21, 2013

2013-00321            Inequality and the Modern Culture of Celebrity   May 20, 2013
2013-00320            DDOS Attack Peddler May Aid FBI Backdoors        May 20, 2013
2013-00319            Pirate Bay Founder Prosecution Documents         May 20, 2013
2013-00318            Sibel Edmonds: US Mil Op w/Al-Qaeda Up to 9/11   May 19, 2013
2013-00317            Cisco Patent: Policy-based content intercept     May 19, 2013

2013-00316            NSA Patent: Biometric voice identifier           May 19, 2013
2013-00315            NSA Patent: Device/method of network routing     May 19, 2013
2013-00314            Microsoft Provides Skype Backdoor Worldwide      May 19, 2013
2013-00313            CIA Boosts Graphics and Art                      May 18, 2013
2013-00312            Concern Grows About Internet Wiretaps            May 17, 2013

2013-00311            Enigma Machines Fetch High Prices at Auction     May 17, 2013
2013-00310            Bradley Manning: Who at State Dept Will Testify  May 17, 2013
2013-00309            FBI Posts Muammar Qadhafi File                   May 17, 2013
2013-00308            Certificate Transparency v2.1a                   May 17, 2013
2013-00307            German MAX Spy Op a Soviet Deception in WW2      May 17, 2013

2013-00307            Skype - Game Over                                May 16, 2013
2013-00306            New Yorker StrongBox for Confidential Sources    May 15, 2013
2013-00305            eMap International                               May 14, 2013
2013-00304            DDoS Services Advertise Openly, Take PayPal      May 14, 2013
2013-00303            Woman Decrypts Linear B, Man Gets Fame for It    May 13, 2013         

2013-00302            When 3D Printing and Cryptoanarchy Collide       May 11, 2013
2013-00301            DefDist DEFCAD MEGA PACK v4.2 (Saito)            May 11, 2013
2013-00300            DefDist DEFCAD MEGA PACK V 3.7 ( Phelps)         May 10, 2013
2013-00299            Declassification Engine v. Official Secrecy      May 9, 2013
2013-00298            NSA Breaks Ground for New Cybersecurity Center   May 8, 2013

2013-00297            Chinese Censor and Mock Giant Media Penis        May 8, 2013
2013-00296            Tivoli Gardens Operation Video (State E-mails)   May 7, 2013
2013-00295            WA State Issues Fake IDs to CIA, DoD             May 7, 2013
2013-00294            Cryptome Art Censorship Stonewalled              May 7, 2013
2013-00293            IBM's New Practical Homomorphic Encryption via   May 6, 2013

2013-00292            NYTimes: Tech Hustlers Spy, Lie, Weaken Security May 6, 2013
2013-00291            Lanier: Tech Hustlers Spy, Lie, Weaken Security  May 6, 2013
2013-00290            Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Signal (HANDS)     May 5, 2013
2013-00289            New York Culture Beat (KR)                       May 5, 2013
2013-00288            DSGN AGNC                                        May 5, 2013

2013-00287            Urbanscale                                       May 5, 2013
2013-00286            US Prepares for Casualties in Africa             May 5, 2013
2013-00285            DHS Scathing Report on Border Protection IA      May 4, 2013
2013-00284            Ultra SIGINT and Battle to Supply Rommel         May 4, 2013
2013-00283            DEA Microgram Bulletins                          May 4, 2013

2013-00282            CIA MKULTRA Collection                           May 4, 2013
2013-00281            AU Concerned Over Pakistani Nukes                May 4, 2013
2013-00280            State Dept Internal Emails: Dudus Extradition    May 1, 2013
2013-00279            Video of Jamaican Massacre                       May 1, 2013
2013-00278            FinSpy Masquerades as FireFox                    May 1, 2013

2013-00277            Espionage As A Service                           May 1, 2013
2013-00276            Occupy Wall Street May Day 2013 National Actions May 1, 2013
2013-00275            Yours Rights/Responsibilities When You Move 2013 May 1, 2013 (3.6MB)
2013-00274            Online Architectural Barriers Complaint Filing   May 1, 2013
2013-00273            NYC RFP Vacant Lot Activation Consultant         May 1, 2013

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L’Empire des Oiseaux: Schoolgirl Quarantines from Dalat to the Rue Alexandre de Rhodes

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Common Lines of Flight Towards the Open City, The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory, publication February 2012

New York VOIR DIRE: Interrogating the Juridical City State of Exception
Deborah Natsios / Cryptome, 20 December 2010

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The Geographer in Jules Romains’ ‘Donogoo Tonka or the Miracles of Science: A Cinematographic Tale’
Commentary and digital film presented at Forum Finale, Temple Hoyn Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University, 5 April 2008.

Towards a New Blast Zone
in Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West, Urbanitats, No. 19, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona 2008.

Paper presented 18 May 2007, at the symposium “Architectures of Fear: Terrorism and the Future of Urbanism in the West”, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona.

National Security Sprawl
In Sensing the 21st Century City: Close-Up and Remote
AD Architectural Design
Vol. 75 No. 6 Nov/Dec 2005
Brian McGrath and Grahame Shane (eds.)
Wiley-Academy (London)

Jerusalem Sky
In The Next Jerusalem : Sharing the Divided City, Ed. Michael Sorkin
2002 Monacelli Press, New York, NY

Parallel Atlas: 38°N
Version 10, May 2002

Reversing the Panopticon
Invited Talk, 16 August 2001
10th USENIX Security Symposium, Washington, DC.

Homeland Defense and the Prosecution of Jim Bell
8 June 2001



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10 June 2013

Snowden Censored by Craven Media

Mr. Snowden, please send your 41 PRISM slides and other information to less easily cowed and overly important coddled commercial outlets than Washington Post and Guardian. Their arm-waving, self-aggrandizing verbosity, after conspiring to obey official demand (below) to censor your information is a pattern well-documented by unfettered disclosure sites. Their piecemealing release is hoary dramatization, diverting cover-up, of failure to deliver untampered material. Your valor is yet to be fully disclosed, do not settle for being seduced by false promises portending being kicked under the bus. Heed this under-bus-kick published today by Secrecy News:

EDWARD SNOWDEN, SOURCE OF NSA LEAKS, STEPS FORWARD… “When you are subverting the power of government– that’s a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy.”

“I’m willing to go on the record to defend the authenticity [of these disclosures]. This is the truth. This is what’s happening. You should decide whether we need to be doing this,” he said of his disclosures.

In the history of unauthorized disclosures of classified information, a voluntary by Text-Enhance” href=””>admission of having committed such disclosures is the exception, not the norm. And it confers a degree of dignity on the action. Yet it stops short of a full acceptance of responsibility. That would entail surrendering to authorities and accepting the legal consequences of “subverting the power of government” and carrying out “a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy.”

And two days ago this go-to-prison kick by The Atlantic:

Whistle-blowing is the moral response to immoral activity by those in power. What’s important here are government programs and methods, not data about individuals. I understand I am asking for people to engage in illegal and dangerous behavior. Do it carefully and do it safely, but — and I am talking directly to you, person working on one of these secret and probably illegal programs — do it.

High officers and rhetoricians convene safe at base to wargame, destined by history, to praise and send youngsters into harm’s way to protect high privilege, then crow about leadership, sacrifice, pretending remorse, gloating in amply-pensioned by Text-Enhance” href=””>retirement. Bear in mind, fodder for their ambitions is how they see you imprisoned for disobedience, emblazoned in by-lined headlines, warehoused in vet hospitals, or best, flag-draped in coffins disappearing into vote-rigged databanks.

To effect his plan, Snowden asked for a guarantee that The Washington Post would publish – within 72 hours – the full text of a PowerPoint presentation describing PRISM, a top-secret surveillance program that gathered intelligence from by Text-Enhance” href=””>Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other Silicon Valley companies. He also asked that The Post publish online a cryptographic key that he could use to prove to a foreign embassy that he was the document’s source.

Gellman told him the Post would not make any guarantee about what the Post published or when. The Post broke the story two weeks later, on Thursday. The Post sought the views of government officials about the potential harm to national by Text-Enhance” href=””>security prior to publication and decided to reproduce only four of the 41 slides, Gellman wrote in his story about their communications.


CIA whistleblower Speaks candidly of the right of Information

Posted on June 09, 2013 by Akashma Online News

by Marivel Guzman

Edward Snowden Whistle blower Proud citizen

Laura Poitras, an American documentary film director and producer,  made public her video interview with Edward Snowden CIA leaker of the bomb shell Prims spying program taking place in the US since 2007,  and Anonymous made binpasted a series of documents exposing even further 35 countries spying programs including Gig and Prism.

When people speaks of free speech, we speak passionately about a subject matter, or an issue that interest us.  It is not only about yelling in the street of what I like to say or what I love to do, but about what everyone’s right to say what they like and and defending everyone’s audacity to do thing. The audacity to be let to do what they like. Not necessarily speaking hate language that insult others, or walking naked in the street expressing my willingness to take the world with clean face, with  no makeup, no disguises of any kind. Free speech is more than just that.

Free speech encompasses absolutely everything. No matter how outrageous you think it is. No matter how insulting it sounds for some. No matter how immoral looks like to others. Free speech is about freedom, and freedom has no boundaries. The world of the free. The state of feeling free, the domain of freedom.

When whistle-blowers uncover information that needs to be made public because it is in the best interest of the people, then they are exercising their right of free speech. If this contravene their contract with the agency that contracted them, they have the right to quit, or the agency has the right to terminate the subject that had broken the contract. Should be easier as that.

We live in a free society where censorship is against the law, where spying is against the law, where invasion of privacy is against the law. We live in a free society in all the extent of the word.
So, why is the big deal when a person speaks rightfully his mind?
Why it is a big deal? When a person disclosure information he deems important to the others to know. Should be in the free exercise of his domain of freedom of speech. On this terrain our free society is walking in a thin line of interpretations, a shaky ground of definitions, where laws are interpreted to convenience, where laws are enacted to convenience of certain groups.

Our free society, it is not more free than  a dog in a leash. A dog that has the freedom to eat from its bowl when it choses to, to bark at its pleasure, to drink from his water when thirsty, to enter his mini jail shelter anytime it wants to,  and to walk the three meters around his post.

Is this what free society looks like to you?, hypothetically speaking we have the protection of the constitution of the United States of America. Why when it comes to expose dirty secrets of the people ruling our government, free speech become treasonous act?

Snowden, a former CIA technical assistant, said he had been working at the super-secret NSA as an employee of defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton and decided to break his silence after becoming disenchanted with Obama, whom he said had continued the policies of predecessor George W. Bush.

Snowden speaks in a video interview with Glenn Greenwald  from his Hong Kong’s hotel, saying that he chose Hong Kong for being an autonomous territory that is famous for its protests in the street and free speech, he said.

The Guardian and the Washington Post recently published a ‘leaked’ information from a CIA whistleblower, news that went viral around the globe for their controversial content.

In their initial reporting neither of the two newspapers disclosed the source of their information, but three days later a video has emerged with the Self Proclaim CIA leaker, Edward Snowen, a 29 years old former technical assistant for the Central Intelligence Agency being interviewed by Gleen Greenwald for a film by Laura Poitras an American documentary film director and producer.

Snowden said that he came public with this information because he does not want to live this way, he went on to say that when you are in a position of privileged access like a system administrator, you are exposed to disturbing things, and recognized that this things need to be known by the public. National Security Agency takes information from where ever it can, and spying is one way to do it, he says.

I think that the public its own an explanation of the motivation behind the people who makes this disclosure that are outside of the democratic model, when you are subverting the power of the government, that is a fundamentalist dangerous thing to do democracy, Snowden said.

Responding as why he decided to come public as a whistleblower,  that people working for the government, continuously do this things in secret, he said. When the government wants to benefit from a secret action that it took. It is a kind of given to its officials the mandate to tell the press about this, this thing or that thing just to have the public in our side, he said.

He said that he is just another guy without special skills and he thinks that the public is the ones that needs to decide on important issues not the government. He said that he is willing to go in the record to prove the authenticity of these documents.
“I did not change this, I did not modify the story, this is the truth, this is whats happening, you should decide whether we should be doing this”

Also Anonymous posted in Pastebin on Friday a series of documents exposing Gig and Prism programs, both programs saying that 35 countries are spying on their citizens,

Anonymous had obtained and binpasted some documents that “they” do not want you to see, they said, and much to “their” chagrin, we have found them, and are giving them to you, anonymous said.
“These documents prove that the NSA is spying on you, and not just Americans.  They are spying on the citizens of over 35 different countries.
These documents contain information on the companies involved in GiG, and Prism.
Whats GiG you might ask? well…
 The GIG will enable the secure, agile, robust, dependable, interoperable data sharing environment for the Department where warfighter, business, and intelligence users share knowledge on  a global network that facilitates information superiority, accelerates  decision-making, effective operations, and Net-Centric transformation.
Like we said, this is happening in over 35 countries, and done in cooperation with private businesses, and intelligence partners world wide.
We bring this to you, So that you know just how little rights you have.  Your privacy and freedoms are slowly being taken from you, in closed door meetings, in laws buried in
bills, and by people who are supposed to be protecting you.
Download these documents, share them, mirror them, don’t allow them to make them disappear.  Spread them wide and far.  Let these people know, that we will not be silenced, that we will not be taken advantage of, and that we are not happy about this unwarranted, unnecessary, unethical spying of our private lives, for the monetary gain of the 1%.”  Anonymous
Published on Jun 9, 2013
Laura Poitras made the video public in the interest of society. She published it under the Fair Use Notice Act.


Copyright © 2013 Praxis Films / Laura Poitras
FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material in this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

To close this article let me remind you of a guy name Pellicano, is serving a 15 years sentence for wiretapping people in behalf of his clients. Does Mr Pellicano did something worse that our US government did with PRISM Spying Program?… I don’t think so. What do you think?.

“to find me guilty “means just about every other private eye in the country is also a criminal enterprise, And maybe even some of these journalists out there.” Anthony Pellicano in his trial for wiretapping and racketing.

Laura Poitras

Laura PoitrasLaura Poitras was nominated for an Academy Award®, an Independent Spirit Award and an Emmy for My Country, My Country (POV 2006). She received a Peabody Award and was nominated for an Emmy and an Independent Spirit Award for Flag Wars (POV 2003), made with Linda Goode Bryant. Poitras is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Media Arts Fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation/Tribeca Film Institute. She has attended the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Edit and Story Lab as both a fellow and creative advisor. She is currently working on the third part of a trilogy about America post 9/11. Before making documentaries, Poitras worked as a professional chef. She lives in New York City.

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