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Hamas: They Are Not Bad, They’re Just Drawn That Way

Posted on July 21, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

I choose to re-post this article because express very clearly the way the collective conscientiousness  get sway away from the reality, the facts, the Truth. Part of this article is Originally Posted on October 19, 2009 By Mary Rizzo on Sabbah Report

Read in its entirely and think what is written in here, what resonate with your ideas, ideals and inner thoughts.

What is really that you think of the resistance movements around the world, not only Hamas, but every movement of resistance that you know about it, that you have heard on the NEWS.
After reading this article I invite you to go and read about any country that has any sort of conflict and read on their history, their struggles to survive, their patrons, their exploitators, their dictators.

Pick up few articles from diverse news outlets leaving out the Big Media and if possible pick some books on the subject, make sure they are not ‘Best Sellers’, (Leave out Oprah’s Picks), as they tend to be tools of propaganda,  at the end of 3 months of reading and making analysis of what you have read, I want you to to make your conclusions and write down what you thought of that country.

Now open CNN, FOX, BBC or any three  Big News Outlets and find their stories on the country you have studied and make again conclusions and feel the notion of liberation from poisonous social entertaining Business News.

You will see the world with different eyes, you will ‘feel’ the world from your perspective. Take it as a mental experiment, to see how soaked you are with lies, dis-information and debunking information.  I know that after you go to this process of cleansing, you too will be part of the invisible revolution that has overtaken our world, and welcome to the New World Order, our New World Order.

I know for some of you will find almost incredible that I picked this article from this author, happen to be that 2 years ago, she  wrote what she felt was right. And given credit to her authorship is just right. Bear in mind that I do not agree with everything that she write in this article but I do agree with some points she mentions regarding resistance movements. Her article is very extensive and I don’t doubt that she research extensively to created such a lengthy piece, never forgetting that the source of our research is what sometimes makes our state of mind.
I know Hamas subject is very touchy but is very good example of what we need to explore and understand. The reality on the ground is very far from what we imagine, even if we get the pictures of the day, we can not even phantom the fear of war, the moments of terror that the children live day by day. The responsibility of their appointed leaders is enormous, so this is an invitation to see their side of their story, thru the eyes of the independent media and the story portrayed by the PAID MEDIA, and at the end will be their story, vs our story, or the official story, in one word His story/history.

“The Media and the Use of Propaganda in WarIn researching the existing literature pertaining to the issue of the media and propaganda, there must first be proper definitions for the terms ‘propaganda’ and ‘media’ in the context of politics and war. Next follows an analysis of the different articles and works already undertaken on the subject of the media’s role (as a propaganda tool) and the effectiveness of this specific form of propaganda. Thereby also concerns several pending questions regarding the different human perspectives of propaganda that is spread by the media. Lastly, there is the review of literature in relation to propaganda as a whole. Definitions of the media and propagandaIn identifying the topic scope, the term ‘media’ refers to the plural of the word ‘medium’ (Pearsall 1999). In this context, the ‘media’ is defined as ‘the main means of mass communication in forms of television, newspapers and the radio.’ (1999: 884).Petley states, that the term ‘propaganda’ refers to ‘the deliberate use of newspapers, television and other media to influence people’s attitudes (2000:26). Petley also states that propaganda is ‘[used] often [by] employing lies and distortion’.”


In many parts of the West, certain political parties or movements are treated as if they come from the Moon or are alien to any body politic. Their existence among the people is always scrutinized as negative, transitory and something created in a boardroom or a backroom, imposed upon an unsophisticated public that is unable to differentiate a true political programme from empty and simplistic rhetoric. These parties or movements are depicted as if they only address the margins of society who are disenfranchised from any “normal” democratic bodies, and thus, are ramshackle bands that represent a minority constituency. Given their oppositional nature to pre-existing parties, they are outfitted with the label that will serve to keep them isolated from the structures that are already in operation. All of this is to destroy the party or movement by propaganda work rather than analysis of reality.

An entire mythology has been built around the Palestinian resistance movement (which morphed into a party) Hamas. This construct has actually taken on more legitimacy as a factual interpretation of Hamas than the facts themselves. In most of the Western media, no matter if it is on the right or the left, and in some of the “moderate” media in Arab countries, the very name of the party is coupled with terms such as “fundamentalist”, “radical” or “terrorist”. Clearly, this serves to create a fear trigger that will remove the word from being critically and honestly evaluated. The listener will immediately identify Hamas with a negative connotation and is removed from responsibility for understanding that this is a manipulation of reality. The listener is expected to accept the claims that Hamas is “anti-democratic” and “fanatical”. It is child’s play to then convince the listener that Hamas is Bad, that it is the Enemy of all We represent (in our own eyes, tolerance, democracy, Goodness itself). It is possible to then extend that reading to the belief that action must be taken against them, that they are a “cancer that must be gotten rid of”, as quoted by the institutional peacenik.  How does one eradicate a cancer, once it has been diagnosed? By extirpation or bombardment. With cancer treatment, one “bombards” even the healthy parts of the body with toxic agents, waiting to see if after the battle there were enough healthy parts remaining to allow the organism to continue to exist. Once you have set into the minds of millions of people the idea that destruction is good, because the enemy is just so damaging and evil if allowed to exist, the risk of bringing the entire organism to its grave by weakening it dramatically is taken as a viable risk to run. This is a way to make them justify actions that their own eyes don’t see as therapeutic, but are pure horror and evil.

How did it work that the world was so fooled and allowed Israel to destroy Gaza to “get rid of Hamas”? It was quite simple, and it’s always the same answer: Israel and its allies keep people dis-informed. Those who actually will go slightly below the screaming headlines of the newspapers might find out a few facts buried that that will contradict the spin, but not that many people will go that far, given that they are exposed to something with an element of truth buried deep within. If that were not problematic enough, even the “progressives” have done meritorious services to rendering Hamas untouchable. They might accept them as a “resistance movement” but they won’t allow their personal ideological bias to see Hamas as a progressive force for their own people’s advancement. This may be out of conviction, convenience or even lack of research or a blind spot that does not allow variations on the theme of the class struggle, where everything is “international” and the same type of rules and ideals should be considered applicable and necessary for all, going so far in some cases to “import democracy” under various more or less aggressive forms.

These people, many of whom are armed with good intentions, have chewed, swallowed, and are spitting back quite a few of the outright lies and distortions that are part of the mythology created by opponents of Hamas, created in Israel and the West, primarily.

What are the components of that mythology?
1) Hamas was created by the Israeli Mossad.
2) Hamas represents a marginal portion of the Palestinians.
3) Hamas turned democratic enough just to be able to obtain some legitimacy to later take over and turn the Palestinian Territories into an Islamic State.
4) Their victory in the polls was nothing more than a protest vote against the corruption of Fatah.
5) Hamas is comprised of a bunch of illiterates and their electors are sucked in by their own ignorance.
6) Hamas is a fundamentalist group and therefore inflexible and incapable of any modification or evolution. The oft cited Charter is used against them to stress that they are simply a radical, destructive group poised for Holy War.
7) Hamas does not seek any kind of compromise with other Palestinian political parties or factions, and are therefore the divisionary element that prohibits of the unity of the people.
8 ) Hamas operates to indoctrinate their people with hate propaganda in order to utilize them as cannon fodder.
9) Hamas is a terrorist group that exists only thanks to financing by “fundamentalist regimes”.

That Hamas is merely a resistance movement has been thoroughly disproved by the elections, but this seems to be the safe place that activists can cluster in order to allow themselves to be able to tolerate Hamas, while wishing for their quick demise. They are not viewed then as having a true heritage as a political party that can be compared to those of “democratic nations” of the “international community”, and thus, analysis of them can remain at an elementary level, lending itself to hasty generalizations.

I ask my readers to kindly forgive all the inverted quotation marks, but these words do become ironic and empty of true meaning when they are applied to the objects indicated by the spin doctors, whose task it is to do the bidding of the hegemonic powers. How can a minority of a handful of nations that always pits itself against the will of the remainder of the world community in the UN be considered as the “international community”? It’s a boy’s club that excludes practically everyone. How can a country that puts in office the candidate who obtains the lesser amount of votes be called a “democracy”? It is when we start to question our own foundations that we can detect that there is a lot of convenience in presenting any opposition as being an enemy and outside of paradigms that we consider to be core to our expectations of how to establish a just and equitable world.

It’s time to debunk a few of these myths with facts.

1) Hamas was not created by Mossad. Although Israel does like to claim credit for many things, this one is not their doing. Political Islam in Palestine has had a presence since the early 40s in Mandate Palestine, and Hamas was born as part of the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan), with many of its early leaders formally affiliated. It was the experience of refugeehood that turned Hamas into a more autonomous element with a particular nationalist basis to it, a natural result of the urgent and real human situation of displacement and loss of their cultural and national identity.

There were close relations of this group with the Egyptian base, and the first offices of the Ikhwan in Palestine were created in Gaza in 1945, led by a member of one of the most important families of the zone, Sheykh Zafer al Shawwa. During the first Arab-Israeli war, Islamist volunteers reinforced the ranks, coming primarily from Jordan and Syria, and this support showed the refugees that the Ikhwan had the courage to defend itself, even during the “Israeli War of Independence”. The growing number of refugees gave a stronger identity and sense of purpose to the Islamist movement in Palestine. Therefore, in the civil society and in the population in general, a motivation from any other source was not required to be able to pledge: “I promise to be a good Muslim in defending Islam and the lost land of Palestine. I promise to be a good example for the community and for others.” These were the words spoken by those who swore their loyalty to the Ikhwan in Palestine (source: Beverly Milton Edwards, “Islamic Politics in Palestine”, p. 43). The local Ikhwan had its own agenda, defending its lost land. It didn’t require fanaticism, outside influence or even propaganda. The refugees themselves were living proof of the horrors of deportation and suffering. The identification as part of an international movement was concomitant with the recognition of the particularity of the Palestinian experience. The official foundation, dating 9 December 1987, was only the culmination of an organization in the works for decades. Organized Islamic resistance was further utilized when the situation precipitated dramatically in 1967 and a new generation was born as refugees. For this generation, a return to Islam was considered as a necessity for the moral and political future of a people that was being literally destroyed. The cause of the Nakba was seen by many as the result of the distancing from a normal society, the Palestinian one, in which the ethical, religious, cultural and traditional values had been devastated by the occupation, and the descent into further degradation, poverty, disenfranchisement and social instability was seen not only as the result of the occupation, but part of its cause.

The “international community” would not come to the rescue of these people, the rest of the Ummah was not caught up in their national struggle, largely because they were not directly involved or were even prohibited from involvement. The extreme pain and disgrace of losing one’s land at that time was a new element to the area, where previous colonization avoided expelling the indigenous inhabitants, and throwing off the usurpers was not complicated with the total loss of roots and a base. The basis for the formal dimension of Hamas was thus present for decades prior to its official birth. In order to operate, being under the thumb of the occupation, these organized groups that existed had established charities and benefit organizations for their people. These institutions were tolerated by Israel in the Occupied Territories. Israel conceded some operating space through granting of licenses. As General Yitzhak Sager said in an interview to the International Herald Tribune in 1981, the Israeli government “…gave money that the military governor allocated to the mosques […] the sums were used both by the mosques and the religious schools, with the purpose of reinforcing a subject that would contrast that of the Left that was in favour of the PLO.” If there was some motivation for Israel to be involved, it was really as an act of ‘divide and rule’, a bit of tolerance, a bit of economic support to the various religious associations in order to see if an opposition to the nationalists of the PLO could develop. They really were only looking for a way to see the weakening of the PLO, which was gaining some support in the West, and they did not found, provide major financing or in any way influence a movement that they would in some way infiltrate or control. That is pure mythology. Why give Israel credit where none is due?

2) That Hamas represents only a marginal portion of Palestinians is another myth to debunk. It is indeed true that all Palestinians are not refugees, and it is also true that virtually all of the leaders of Hamas were born in exile or at some point were subjected to the experience of expulsion and loss of their homes and possessions. This is a core Palestinian experience, and it is true that even those (few) Palestinians who were not uprooted can identify with the loss of their cultural and national identity, and all of them know that their national aspirations and cohesion as a group have been destroyed by Israel. Thus, even a movement or party that has its own identity in the refugee camps and in exile or in religious roots, is recognised as an intrinsic, legitimate and natural representative of Palestinians as a whole. They even obtained the majority vote in areas of the West Bank that were not considered as Hamas strongholds, as well as obtaining votes from many Christian areas.

3) The myth that Hamas turned “democratic enough” just to get its foot in the door as the first step of forcing an Islamic State upon the entirety of Palestine is a very widespread one, especially in the progressive circles that do not recognize the popularity of the movement or who have an ideological prejudice against any religious movement. There is much to be said in favour of separation of church and state, but this of course is something that cannot be imposed from afar, and furthermore, there are many levels of separation to take into consideration. Those who subscribe to this position of “Hamas buying time before introducing the Sharia” tend to deny that a democracy has certain characteristics, and it is not necessarily a synonym of “secularism”. When the word “democracy” is applied correctly, it has certain characteristics, and Hamas meets these. Hamas has popular consensus. It has an internal structure that is autonomous and recognized as legitimate by its constituency. It follows the rules of elections, meeting the requirements for participation. Once elected, it assumes its role within the existing system, not having overthrown or staged coups against established structures. It is a political movement with several factions (some of them armed, as is true of many parties in areas under occupation, Fatah included) with a history and an organization. There is widespread discussion among its constituencies, including those who are political prisoners, prior to making decisions, and the majority decides the actions to be undertaken. If one thing must be said about it to set it apart from parties that Westerners are familiar with, highest level leaders generally do not assume the governing roles. This is understandable in a party where a great quantity of the leaders are routinely assassinated by Israel. That the current political director, Khaled Meshaal, must live in exile after having once been victim of an attempted assassination says more about this anomalous situation than a thousand words can.

4) That Hamas’s victory in the Legislative Council election was nothing more than a protest vote (another pet theory of the left) was brilliantly illustrated as false by Paola Caridi in her very good book (despite the sensationalist subtitle) “Hamas, What it is and what the Radical Palestinian Movement Wants”, published by Feltrinelli and only available in Italian at this time. I am translating a few paragraphs that deal with this question.

“There is a precise political reason for which the majority of Palestinians voted for Hamas. It is a reason that concerns the decision made by the Islamist movement formally on 23 January 2005. (translator’s note, a year prior to the Legislative elections): a unilateral truce, reached together with the Islamic Jihad (that had instead broken it on several occasions), which had turned words into facts: that there would be the end of the season of terrorist attacks made by Hamas inside Israel as indicated within the confines of the 1949 armistice, the Israel within the Green Line, in other words. The ending of suicide attacks in Israeli cities, substantially bringing an end to the Intifada as well as (Hamas’s) participative choice is interpreted by the Palestinian population as a precise political proposal: an alternative to those who had governed and controlled them, holding the hegemony up to that moment. A proposal that poses at the same time new de facto limits to Hamas’s resistance strategy. The Islamist movement has not been, therefore, chosen only as a protest against the corruption, patronage and inefficiency of Fatah, which as a party is often confused with the PA. Corruption, patronage and inefficiency that are related, at least from a temporal point of view, with the failure of the Oslo Accords and the “facts on the ground” realized by the Israelis.

“The people of Hamas were considered people who are serious, who did not enrich themselves at the expense of the population, in fact, they continued to live in normal neighborhoods and in the refugee camps.” (Caridi, p. 171).

5) An extremely offensive smear, oft repeated, is that Hamas’s followers and its leaders are a “bunch of illiterates” or “religious fanatics”. Almost all the leaders are (or were, given the number of assassinations within their ranks, the past tense is de rigueur) university graduates in fields ranging from medicine and physics to jurisprudence, economics and theology, is testament itself that this smear is merely to throw dirt on them and paint them as having read only religious texts and therefore “under-developed” when compared to other movements. Education has always been one of the pillars of Hamas and its charity work. The people of Palestine don’t need to be told this, it is a reality for them, where in many cases without this foundation, Palestinians would be left wanting in this area.

6) The inflexibility of Hamas is another myth, especially yanked out when speaking of the 1988 Charter (Mithaq). Shiekh Hamed Bitauri, “religious authority of Nablus, president of the Union of the Palestinian Ulemas, known for his radical positions had no problem confirming that ‘the Charter is not the Qu’ran. We can change it. It is only the synthesis of the positions of the Islamist movement in its relations with the other factions, and its politics.’ Aziz Dweik, founder of the Department of Geography of the University of Nablus, later to become the spokesman of the Palestinian Parliament after the 2006 elections, and imprisoned in Israeli jails since the summer of that year, went even further, declaring the political and pragmatic necessity of distancing from the Mithaq of 1988 to Khalid Amayreh, Palestinian journalist that is sensitive to Islamist positions, he said that ‘Hamas would not remain as a hostage to rhetorical slogans of the past like those of the ‘destruction of Israel’.” (Khalid Amayreh, Hamas Debates the Future: Palestine’s Islamic Resistance Movement Attempts to Reconcile Ideological Purity and Political Realism, in “Conflicts Forum”, Nov. 2007, p.4) (Caridi p. 90).

Haniyeh has mentioned on many occasions that the Charter has been surpassed in its substance by the other official documents, the most important of which, the Electoral Programme of the Reform and Change List (the list in which Hamas ran for office). This programme is structured like a document that goes far beyond the needs of a political campaign, according to the leader of Hamas, and it indicates the policy of the movement. It was not written in the heat of the revolution of the Intifada, and reflects the evolution of the party. The changes present are not ideological so much as ones of a strategic and political nature. The positions have been reiterated so many times in interviews and public interventions, it seems incredible that the complexity and maturity of Hamas should by now not be apparent to everyone. It is clear that they are still dedicated to the liberation of Palestine, but they are attempting to achieve it through reaffirmation of the rights of the people, knowing full well that as a party, Hamas is not equipped to overthrow the occupation in any practical way or to destroy what they recognize as a reality.

Many of us who follow events in the Middle East hope that they do not surrender to pragmatism so far as to recognize Israel not only as a reality, but as a “Jewish State”, however, we must watch from the sidelines and evaluate facts. The people of Palestine will be vigil about what rights are being surrendered, if any, and many of us believe that backs to the wall, they will not capitulate and lose what they know is theirs for reasons of political expediency. Hamas too is aware of this fact.

7) Hamas has been far less divisionary than its principle counterpart, Fatah. The Gaza “coup” that shocked and saddened the world was actually a preventive measure to the thwart the planned takeover by the Fatah forces faithful to Dahlan (in collaboration with Israel). That Hamas was the party that was awarded victory by its own people has never been recognized by the “international community” that nevertheless pushed for elections and insisted that this was the necessity for Palestinians, because this would mean that the resistance had been granted legitimacy and would become policy within the governing body, the rejection of negotiations as sub-alternates with Israel, which was Fatah policy, had been officially sanctioned by the populace and it would only be a matter of time before the programme would become policy. So, any steps by the Fatah “Security Forces” to overtake Gaza would actually have been the coup. But in the backwards way of viewing events, fueled by disinformation, the tragic bloodbath between Palestinians prevented the real overthrow of democracy that would have taken place had Dahlan had the chance. Again and again, Hamas has sought to work together with the opposition party, and this is something they would not tolerate in the vain hope that their economic advantage and political nulla osta from the boy’s club would allow them to command even in absence of the popular mandate to do so.

8 ) It’s not necessary to use propaganda to show to Palestinians in the Occupied Territories and in exile, and even to many within Israel, the ongoing destruction of the Palestinian civilization and people. Blockades, bombardments, assassinations, war, checkpoint humiliations, restrictions, separation of families, imprisonment and further abuses are not isolated incidents, but they are the daily bread and water of Palestinian life. No one needs to invent a rage over a phantasmagoric enemy. There is a real one that is subjecting the people of all ages and conditions to humiliation, deprivation and death. Showing a man in a mouse costume to insist that children are being indoctrinated in hate might go down well with the uninformed masses, but a glimpse into the reality makes Farfur look like the sweetest kind of way for a child to assimilate and tolerate that he or she is a prisoner doomed for life to suffer in the most atrocious way for being born as a lesser being in the oppressors’ eyes.

9) The worst smear against Hamas is the one to keep them as the symbol of evil: that they are a terrorist group, financed by “rogue States in the axis of evil”. Bearing in mind that their financing is abysmally inferior to the gigantic economic and “military aid” package given to Israel by America, Canada and many other nations in the “international community” in an official way, why should the claim of foreign financing be considered as unacceptable when it is simply the way the that Israel keeps afloat through billions of dollars annually, up front, and heaven only knows what other financing comes in through the thousands of “charities” that are really little more than fronts for mass immigration to Israel to curtail Arab growth? If Zionism and its charities are considered as legitimate and noble, why are Islamic ones put on blacklists and the donors treated as if they are financing terrorism? There is a double standard here.

That Hamas has rejected terror operations against civilians and did its best to do so in the service of achieving a realistic improvement for the life conditions of its people is an authenticated fact, corroborated by none other than the USA Congressional Research Service, a Think Tank that basically presents its conservative and Israel-friendly positions to the Congress so that they become policy. In fact, in the document coordinated by Jim Zanotti Israel and Hamas, Conflict in Gaza (2008-2009), we see that the quoted “reason” for the onslaught of Gaza to “cleanse it of Hamas”, the rockets fired into Israeli territory, was nothing but an excuse that the West drank down with gusto as if it were cherry juice. The extremely rudimentary rockets were recognised as NOT having been launched by Hamas, and not only that, Hamas was viewed as being able and willing to suppress the attacks. It is significant that the first victims of the Israeli attacks in Gaza were the regular police forces who had just been trained, perhaps also for this purpose. Zanotti writes:

For the first five months, the cease-fire held relatively well. Some rockets were fired into Israel, but most were attributed to non-Hamas militant groups, and, progressively, Hamas appeared increasingly able and willing to suppress even these attacks. No Israeli deaths were reported (although there were injuries and property damage), and Israel refrained from retaliation.

Nevertheless, each party felt as though the other was violating the terms of the unwritten ceasefire. Hamas demanded€”unsuccessfully€”that Israel lift its economic blockade of Gaza, while Israel demanded€”also unsuccessfully€”a full end to rocket fire and progress on the release of Israeli corporal Gilad Shalit from Hamas’s captivity.

Israel cited the sporadic rocket fire as justification for keeping the border crossings and Gaza’s seaport closed to nearly everything but basic humanitarian supplies. Hamas, other Arab leaders, and some international and non-governmental organizations involved in aiding Gazan civilians complained that Israel was reneging on its promises under the unwritten cease-fire agreement.

If that were not enough, the author, certainly not sympathetic in any way to Hamas, makes statements about the aftermath of the war where even Israel admits that Hamas was not responsible for the rockets:

Since Israel’s unilateral ceasefire began on January 18, 2009, there have been about 40 sporadic rocket launches into southern Israel, far fewer than occurred on average per day just before Operation Cast Lead. Moreover, Israeli officials believe that smaller militant groups, such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, and not Hamas, have fired the rockets, as they did during the cease-fire (although it is possible that Hamas is enabling or acquiescing to these attacks while preserving denialability).

So, Israel used the excuse of Hamas rocket launches to justify the elimination of Hamas (by means of destruction of the entirety of Gaza) through what they call “military operations” but the rest of humanity knows is war, while they were aware that Hamas was neither the author nor the facilitator of the rockets, any kind of excuse they pull out of the magic hat to justify their actions should fall on deaf ears. Complaints about arms smuggling through the most rudimentary of tunnels should stink to high heaven when we see the Defense Budget Appropriations for US-Israeli Missile Defense Programs in that same Congressional Report. Iron Dome, David’s Sling and other “military aid” costing the American people billions of dollars are described briefly. For every five ineffective bottle rockets that are smuggled through a tunnel, the USA is flying in full cargoes of arms and cases of cash to be spent by Israel for their military “needs”. The double standards here also draw innocent blood in violation of international law at the expense of your hard-earned money. Again, from the Congressional report:

Israel may have used weapons platforms and munitions purchased from the United States in its military operations in Gaza, reportedly including, among others, F-15 and F-16 aircraft, Apache helicopters, and, according to Israeli press reports, GBU-39 small diameter guided bombs approved for sale by the 110th Congress following notification in September 2008.

Additionally, all unilateral truces between Israel and Hamas (called by Hamas, not by Israel) were broken in every case by Israel. In many cases, making incursions into the Occupied Territories, which legally they are prohibited from doing, as civilian populations under occupation (even if the “settlers” have left, Gaza is kept under siege by Israel) are required to be protected by the occupier, not attacked. Israel, using weapons and planes supplied for them by the good graces of the people of the United States, bombarded streets where their targets (politicians and clerics that Israel terms as “militants” if not worse) were located, killing in an indiscriminate way anyone in the range, children included. If that’s not terrorism, the word has no meaning.

These are only a few of the myths in circulation. They represent just a portion of the lies, disinformation and hasbara that circulates about one of the major Palestinian parties, born from within, developing as all parties do, from below, and legitimized by fair and legal elections. Debunking these lies is a duty. One doesn’t need to agree to the entire programme of Hamas, but one is obligated to recognise that they are entirely different from the image that they have been straitjacketed into. What Jessica Rabbit said in the film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” could very well apply to Hamas: “I’m not bad, they just draw me that way.”

* Mary Rizzo is an art restorer, translator and writer living in Italy. 

The Zionist Story Not Like Any Other

Posted by Marivel Guzmanfrom original posted on
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 8:55PM Gilad

The Zionist Story is an independent film by Ronen Berelovich. It tells the story of the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians and the creation of the Jews Only State. This is an incredible documentary. You want to find the time to watch it from beginning to end.

The Lockerbie Trial in The MaltaMedia Daily Online News Service archives

Posted by Marivel Guzman from
The MaltaMedia Daily Online News Service Archives.
Special Note: I would like to make the link to this Special Report but for some reason the antivirus service keeps blocking the URL where the Special report was published, so I copied and pasted in its entirely the Trial Special Report written by Darrell Pace.

Scottish investigative journalist Ian Ferguson in an interview published in an Egyptian newspaper said that he believes that the running of the secret drug line operated between the Middle East and Europe in 1988 could be linked to the disaster.

The Lockerbie Trial in The MaltaMedia Daily Online News Service archives

Al Megrahi starts serving life sentence written by Darrell Pace – 15 Mar, 2002

Libyan Abdel Basset Al Megrahi on Friday woke up for the first time at the Scottish maximum security prison of Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow at the start of his life imprisonment sentence after Scottish judges turned down his appeal.

Megrahi was flown there by helicopter on Thursday evening, hours after Lord Justice General Lord Cullen said that the appeals judges had concluded that none of the grounds of appeal presented by the convicted Lockerbie bomber were well-founded.

“The appeal will accordingly be refused. This brings proceedings to an end.” he concluded.

A trail jury made up of three Scottish Judges had found Megrahi guilty of placing the bomb that downed a Pan Am Boeing 747 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988. 270 people perished in that disaster. He was then sentenced to life in prison, and must serve at least twenty years in a Scottish jail.

Megrahi’s imprisonment will be monitored closely by the United Nations. U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said his office would now enter into “appropriate arrangements” agreed previously with British authorities to monitor the conditions of the imprisonment.

A spokesperson for Annan said that the Secretary General hoped that with Thursday’s court decision, the time had come when suffering families of the victims “can at last close this tragic chapter in their lives.”

Libya criticised the ruling. The Foreign Ministry compared al Megrahi to a “Jesus Christ of modern times.”

“The verdict confirms once again that the United States and Britain have imposed their sway on the court to enforce a political verdict,” a statement read.

The Libyan government went on to say that Libya wanted compensation for losses inflicted on Libyans by U.N. sanctions, imposed to force it to hand over Megrahi and another suspect in the Lockerbie attack.

The United States, in turn, urged Libya to take the remaining steps so sanctions could be lifted – by admitting responsibility for the bombing and paying compensation to families of victims. Libya has already committed itself to paying compensation, even in the eventuality of Al Megrahi being acquitted by the appeals jury.

Some relatives of the victims who died in the attack said the end of legal proceedings gave them some satisfaction, but the tragedy would continue to haunt them.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s ruling was severely criticised by one of five U.N. observers who followed the trial as part of the deal with Libya.

Hans Koechler described the ruling as a miscarriage of justice. “My impression is that justice was not done and that we are dealing here with a rather spectacular case of a miscarriage of justice,” he told BBC Radio Scotland.

“I am not convinced at all that the sequence of events that led to this explosion of the plane over Scotland was as described by the court. Everything that is presented is only circumstantial evidence,” he said.

Megrahi’s only avenue of appeal under the Scottish legal system is the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, which sits in London, and has a supervisory jurisdiction over constitutional matters within the UK.

Al Megrahi loses Lockerbie appeal written by Darrell Pace – 14 Mar, 2002

Five Scottish judges have refused the appeal of the Libyan Abdel Basset al-Megrahi arguing that none of the grounds of his appeal were well-founded.

Al Megrahi in the courtroom Delivering a verdict almost a month after the jury finished hearing the appeal at the Scottish court in the Netherlands, the head of the jury, Lord Justice General Lord Cullen said “For the reasons given in the opinion, in which we all concur, we have concluded that none of the grounds of appeal is well-founded.

“The appeal will accordingly be refused. This brings proceedings to an end.” he concluded.

A trail jury made up of three Scottish Judges had found Megrahi guilty of placing the bomb that downed a Pan Am Boeing 747 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988. 270 people perished in that disaster. He was then sentenced to life in prison, and must serve at least twenty years in a Scottish jail.

Megrahi is now set to be flown by helicopter to Scotland at a specially-built jail at a maximum security in Barlinnie Prison, Glasgow.

Relatives of the 270 victims of the tragedy were reported to be relieved at the ruling of the appeal judges. Megrahi, on the other hand remained straight-faced while his wife wept in the court.

Megrahi’s only avenue of appeal under the Scottish legal system is the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, which sits in London, and has a supervisory jurisdiction over constitutional matters within the UK.

Lawyers for former Libyan secret agent in the appeal had urged the judges to reject Megrahi’s guilty verdict. Their reasoning was based on evidence from six new witnesses during 14 days of hearings earlier this year. The defence claimed that the new evidence shows that the original guilty verdict was a miscarriage of justice.

The appeal focused on two areas crucial to Megrahi’s conviction: where the bomb was originally loaded and evidence from a Maltese shopowner, Tony Gauci, who said he sold Megrahi clothes found wrapped round the suitcase bomb.

One of the new testimonies in the appeal came from a former security guard who said that he had found evidence of a break-in at London’s Heathrow airport the night before the tragedy. The testimony contradicted the crown’s original thesis that the bomb was first loaded on an Air Malta flight to Frankfurt.

Prosecutors, however, said the new evidence was “flawed and weak,” saying that an airport baggage worker eager to go home probably broke open a security door at Heathrow.

The appeal ruling effectively confirms that the bomb that destroyed the airliner did in fact leave from Malta.

Lockerbie appeal verdict set for 14th Marchwritten by Darrell Pace – 5 Mar, 2002

The destiny of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted last year for the Lockerbie bombing, will be revealed next Thursday when five Scottish judges will rule on the appeal of the former secret agent.

A trail jury made up of three Scottish Judges had found Megrahi guilty of placing the bomb that downed a Pan Am Boeing 747 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988. 270 people perished in that disaster. He was then sentenced to life in prison, and must serve at least twenty years in a Scottish jail.

Scotland’s authorities said Tuesday said that the Scottish judges who heard the appeal will deliver their ruling on Thursday 14th March.

Lawyers for former Libyan secret agent have urged the judges to reject Megrahi’s guilty verdict. Their reasoning was based on evidence from six new witnesses during 14 days of hearings earlier this year. The defence claims that the new evidence shows that the original guilty verdict was a miscarriage of justice.

The appeal focused on two areas crucial to Megrahi’s conviction: where the bomb was originally loaded and evidence from a Maltese shopowner, Tony Gauci, who said he sold Megrahi clothes found wrapped round the suitcase bomb.

One of the new testimonies in the appeal came from a former security guard who said that he had found evidence of a break-in at London’s Heathrow airport the night before the tragedy. The testimony contradicts the crown’s original thesis that the bomb was first loaded on an Air Malta flight to Frankfurt.

Prosecutors, however, said the new evidence was “flawed and weak,” saying that an airport baggage worker eager to go home probably broke open a security door at Heathrow.

Journalist says CIA drug line linked to Lockerbiewritten by Darrell Pace – 4 Mar, 2002

Scottish investigative journalist Ian Ferguson in an interview published in an Egyptian newspaper said that he believes that the running of the secret drug line operated between the Middle East and Europe in 1988 could be linked to the disaster.

Ferguson is the journalist who revealed that Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci had received free holidays to Scotland compliments of the Scottish police. He is one of the few journalists who are still coming up with new leads in the case.

Speaking to Al- Ahram Weekly Ferguson said that his investigations into the bombing have often come under fire since he started work into the case in 1991.

One such case was when he was probing an alleged secret drug line run by the Central Intelligence Agency in 1988 between the Middle East and Europe. Ferguson told Al-Ahram that when he was putting together a radio documentary about the Lockerbie bombing for American public broadcasting, his colleagues at the Washington desk pressured him to cut the part about the drug running. Meanwhile, he was also receiving threats. “I know I have been followed whilst making the documentary, and that telephone calls were intercepted,” he says. “When my wife phoned me in Switzerland, she heard a voice saying: ‘American wife of the journalist, we are watching you’.” Ferguson says the drug case and the threats are clearly linked. “Every time I got near something to do with that case, the threats would increase.”

In his book Cover-up of Convenience, which was released last year, Ferguson says that the Libyan defendant Abdel-Basset Al-Megrahi who is appealing his conviction for the attack, is not guilty. He believes that the two Libyans that the original two defendants of the trial were fall guys in a web of political intrigue.

In his interview with Al- Ahram Weekly Ferguson was also critical of the Scottish judges in the case, who he maintains never gave Al- Megrahi the benefit of the doubt. He dismisses the defence as “very weak,” and blames the defence team for not using his scoop about Gauci’s Scottish holiday to further their case.

His main frustration in Al-Megrahi’s conviction, however, is that the real culprits have been allowed to escape. “Justice will only be done when the real people responsible are caught and prosecuted. But the problem there is, the truth lies with the secret services, especially in the United States,” he said.

Libya will pay compensation to Lockerbie victims’ families written by MM News – 1 Mar, 2002

A son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been quoted saying that Libya agreed to pay compensation to families of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing victims even if the former Libyan agent convicted of the attack is acquitted on appeal.

Reuters quoted Seif el Islam in a news conference in Paris saying there was no link between the agent’s criminal trial and the civil case.

Seif el Islam said that Libyan government representatives were in talks with relatives of the 270 victims in the French capital but an agreement had not yet been reached and Libya was resisting demands for $4 billion.

Islam compared the reasoning to O.J. Simpson’s case during the press conference. The former American football star, was acquitted of murdering his estranged wife and her friend in a celebrated trial in 1995. But two years later a civil court ordered him to pay $33.5 million in compensation to the victims’ families.

“It is the law of the jungle,” Gaddafi’s son said. “It’s unfair but we have to be realistic and realize we are dealing with a superpower. It’s the United States not Malta.”

In an interview with newspaper Asharq al-Awsat published on Thursday, Seif el Islam said he expected talks to be wrapped up within five months but no payment would be made before a verdict had been reached on Megrahi’s appeal.

Lockerbie appeal ends written by MM News – 15 Feb, 2002

The Lockerbie appeal court on Thursday heard the last witnesses, bringing the appeal to an end. The witnesses were brought to the stand by the prosecution in an effort to counter a theory suggested by the defence that the bomb was put on flight Pan Am 103 in London, not Malta.

Defence lawyer William Taylor on Wednesday put a former security guard at Heathrow airport, and a superior, to testify that had found that a door leading to a baggage storage area had been opened, the night before the tragedy on December 20, 1988.

Taylor contends that the break-in shows the bomb could have been smuggled on board the New York-bound plane in London.

But prosecution witnesses on Thursday, however testified that airport staff at Heathrow occasionally forced open a door to a baggage area to take a shortcut, undermining the defence theory that the bomb was planted by an intruder at Heathrow.

The defence however says that the door carried no signs of kicking, indicating that it had been forced open. Guard Raymond Manly and his supervisor, Philip Radley, testified that the break-in looked like a professional job and had reported it to the police.

The five judges of the appeal have retired to decide on Abdelbasset ali Mohmed al-Megrahi’s fate.

New testimony heard in Lockerbie appeal written by Darrell Pace – 13 Feb, 2002

A new witness in the appeal of a Libyan found guilty of masterminding the Lockerbie bombing said that he found that a baggage store padlock had been “cut like butter” the night before the tragedy.

The five Scottish judges of the appeal started hearing the testimony of Ray Manly, a former Heathrow Airport security guard on Wednesday. Manly was called to the witness stand by the defence team of Abdelbasset ali Mohmed al-Megrahi in its efforts to prove that the bomb that downed the Pan Am airliner did not start its deadly journey in Malta, as the prosecution alleged in the trial.

Manly was on a night shift in Terminal 3 on the night of 20/21 December 1988. In his testimony, he told the Scottish Court in the Netherlands that the doors separating landside from airside were unmanned at night after they had been locked. He noticed that one of the padlocks was broken during one of his rounds.

“The padlock was on the floor. In my opinion it was as if it had been cut like butter – very professional,” Manly told the judges. The court was also shown Mr Manly’s security report, written soon after the incident in which he described the break-in as “a very deliberate act, leaving easy access to airside”. Manly was only interviewed by anti-terrorist squad police officers about the incident the following January, after the Lockerbie disaster.

Philip Radley, a superior of Manly at the time also took to the stand on Wednesday. He said that the doors were secured by a 4ft long iron bar and a heavy-duty padlock and security guards were on duty on each side.

Megrahi’s defence asks for admission of new evidence

Lawyers defending Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted of masterminding the bombing of a Pan Am airliner over the Scottish town on Lockerbie in 1988 has asked an appeals court to admit new evidence showing that lax security at Heathrow airport could have allowed the bomb to be loaded onto the aircraft from there.

The new evidence comes in the form of an affidavit by a former security guard at Heathrow airport who found that a gate leading to a luggage depot had been forced on December 21, 1988 – the night of the tragedy. The guard, Ray Manly had never testified in the trial. He had been interviewed by the police a month after the bombing but his testimony was not pursued further and Megrahi’s defence only came to know about the testimony after the conviction last year.

The five appeal judges will rule on the defence’s request to admit the new evidence on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, defence attorney William Taylor on Thursday continued dissecting the trial’s written verdict. He told the court said that the crucial testimony of Paul Gauci, the brother of shopkeeper Tony Gauci could have shed further light on the date when Megrahi allegedly made the purchase of clothes from Mary’s House. The defence lawyer however said that Paul Gauci’s testimony was never heard by the court. Taylor also argued that the accomplice required by Megrahi to load the luggage carrying the bomb onto an Air Malta flight to Frankfurt was never identified by the prosecution.

The denial of Tony Gauci’s testimony, the tearing down of the theory that the bomb left from Malta and the admission of the new evidence are the three main arguments of the defence in this appeal.

The court has adjourned till Tuesday.

Lawyer says Gauci’s identification of Megrahi was prejudiced

The accuracy of the testimony of Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci that weighed heavily on the Lockerbie verdict – finding a Libyan guilty of bombing a Pan Am airliner in 1988 continued to be the focal point when the appeal of Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi continued on Monday.

Attorney William Taylor this time claimed that Tony Gauci’s identification of Megrahi as the Libyan who had bought clothes from his shop was unreliable because the witness was prejudiced after seeing a picture of the Libyan in a magazine. The defence argues that Gauci had seen the photograph and read the article claiming that Megrahi was a main suspect. This, the defence says, led Gauci to single out the Libyan from a line up in April 1999, more than ten years after the bombing. Taylor also pointed out that there were discrepancies in Guaci’s earlier statements to police regarding Megrahi’s height and age.

Meanwhile, the British media gave more fuel to the theory that Megrahi was being framed on Sunday when a report claimed that Gauci had been taken to Lockerbie to be shown the damage caused by the mid-air explosion of Pan Am flight 103 by the Scottish police. The allegation caused uproar in the British Parliament with MP Tam Dalyell saying that he wanted the government to respond to the claim.

Megrahi’s defence continues to dissect Gauci’s testimony

Lawyers defending the Libyan convicted for the Lockerbie bombing during his appeal continued dissecting the testimony of Maltese shop owner, Tony Gauci, during the trial in a bid to show that the presiding judges of the trial had ignored contradictory evidence in the testimony.

Gauci had identified Megrahi as the Libyan who bought clothes from his shop, Mary’s House in Sliema, that are thought to have been placed around the bomb that downed Pan Am flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie on December 21, 1988. It was the only witness account directly linking the Megrahi to the contents of the suitcase where the bomb was packed. Gauci, however, could not pinpoint the exact date when the purchase had been made.

Defence attorney William Taylor on Friday – the third day of the appeal – went to great lengths to explain that Gauci during his testimony had indicated two dates. Gauci had testified he sold the clothing about one week before the Dec. 21, 1988, attack, when Megrahi was known to be in Malta. Taylor cited ambiguities in Gauci’s account about the exact date when a man resembling al-Megrahi was in the shop, contradicting himself on whether Christmas decorations were already up. He said that the court should have recorded the contradiction instead of ignoring one of the versions.

Taylor also questioned the credibility of Gauci’s identification of al-Megrahi from a photograph he was shown more than two years after the purchase, which did not match the description of the buyer that he gave investigators earlier. (MM)

Maltese shop owner’s testimony rebuffed by Megrahi’s defence

The testimony of Maltese shop owner, Tony Gauci, during the Lockerbie trial last year took centre-stage during the second day of the appeal of Libyan Abdel Basset al-Megrahi. Gauci, who ran the shop Mary’s House in Sliema at the time, had identified Megrahi as the person bought garments that were packed around the bomb that downed a Pan Am aircraft over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988 killing 270 people.

William Taylor – one of the lawyers defending Megrahi – on Thursday quoted the written judgement of the judges who had found Megrahi guilty of the bombing saying that the judgement read that Gauci’s identification of Megrahi was “not unequivocal” and was reliable “so far as it went.” The defence also said that the court was in error when saying that the same clothes were bought on December 7, 1988. Taylor said that that the trial judges’ guilty verdict was weighted upon these two elements.

Lockerbie appeal begins

The Lockerbie tragedy which left 270 people dead after a Pan Am Boeing 747 airliner exploded in mid-air over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988 took the world’s news centre-stage on Wednesday as a panel of five Scottish judges started hearing an appeal of a Libyan that was convicted for the bombing last year.

The appeal started exactly at 10:10 CET. The defence and prosecution addressed the panel of judges about which way they deemed fit for the appeal to proceed.

The defence team then submitted a nine-page document detailing the grounds of the appeal. William Taylor, one of Megrahi’s lawyers told the five appeal judges he intended to show that the trial judges had effectively misdirected themselves as jurors and led to a miscarriage of justice. He said that he would be questioning the trial judges’ written verdict and proposed bringing in fresh evidence that will cast doubt on Megrahi’s conviction. Taylor argued that the evidence had not been available at the time of the trial and brought several examples from cases handled by the Scottish juduciary when new evidence was allowed in an appeal. Alan Turnbull QC, for the Crown, on the other hand, argued that the evidence was not sufficient to justify being heard in the appeal.

The fresh evidence that the defence will try to introduce could clear Abdel Basset al-Megrahi’s name and – more importantly for Malta – prove that the suitcase carrying the bomb did not start its deadly journey on a Frankfurt-bound Air Malta flight from Luqa.

Should the court approve the admission of the new evidence, the defence will be intent on proving that the suitcase was first loaded at Heathrow airport, from where the Pan Am flight departed. The defence’s case will almost certainly revolve around the testimony of a security guard at Heathrow who claims that a luggage bay had been broken into that same night of the bombing. The guard had only come forward with his testimony in March 2001, only after the Scottish judges of the nine-month trial had found Megrahi guilty.

Two weeks ago, the Court that will hear the appeal led by Scotland’s top judge – Lord Cullen – gave the go-ahead for its broadcast on the internet. The British Broadcasting Corporation started live coverage of the appeal on its website at 9:00 GMT (10:00 CET) on Wednesday. (MM) [Wed 23/1/02 – 16:21:01 CET]

Convicted Lockerbie bomber owes thousands of Pounds to lawyers

The Lockerbie tragedy which left 270 people dead after a Pan Am Boeing 747 airliner exploded in mid-air over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988 took the world’s news centre-stage on Wednesday as a panel of five Scottish judges started hearing an appeal of a Libyan that was convicted for the bombing last year.

The appeal started exactly at 10:10 CET. The defence and prosecution addressed the panel of judges about which way they deemed fit for the appeal to proceed.

The defence team then submitted a nine-page document detailing the grounds of the appeal. William Taylor, one of Megrahi’s lawyers told the five appeal judges he intended to show that the trial judges had effectively misdirected themselves as jurors and led to a miscarriage of justice. He said that he would be questioning the trial judges’ written verdict and proposed bringing in fresh evidence that will cast doubt on Megrahi’s conviction. Taylor argued that the evidence had not been available at the time of the trial and brought several examples from cases handled by the Scottish juduciary when new evidence was allowed in an appeal. Alan Turnbull QC, for the Crown, on the other hand, argued that the evidence was not sufficient to justify being heard in the appeal.

The fresh evidence that the defence will try to introduce could clear Abdel Basset al-Megrahi’s name and – more importantly for Malta – prove that the suitcase carrying the bomb did not start its deadly journey on a Frankfurt-bound Air Malta flight from Luqa.

Should the court approve the admission of the new evidence, the defence will be intent on proving that the suitcase was first loaded at Heathrow airport, from where the Pan Am flight departed. The defence’s case will almost certainly revolve around the testimony of a security guard at Heathrow who claims that a luggage bay had been broken into that same night of the bombing. The guard had only come forward with his testimony in March 2001, only after the Scottish judges of the nine-month trial had found Megrahi guilty.

Two weeks ago, the Court that will hear the appeal led by Scotland’s top judge – Lord Cullen – gave the go-ahead for its broadcast on the internet. The British Broadcasting Corporation started live coverage of the appeal on its website at 9:00 GMT (10:00 CET) on Wednesday. (MM) [Tue 22/1/02 – 10:06:13 CET]

Lockerbie appeal to be heard in January

The Libyan convicted for being the hand behind the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988 will have an appeal against his conviction heard as from January next year.

A Scottish Appeals Court meeting in the Netherlands, where the trial first took place has given Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi’s counsel four weeks to lodge the outlines of its arguments. The defence team is claiming that it will be presenting a barrage of new evidence during the appeal.

The prosecution side has also been given four weeks to present counter arguments. The Camp Zeist court will begin to hear the case on 23 January.
(MM) [Tue 16/10/01 – 00:14:14 CET]

New twist to Lockerbie case as relatives and friends re-live tragedy

A former security guard at Heathrow airport says he discovered a break-in at a Pan Am baggage facility early on the day that 270 people died in the bombing of a New York-bound jumbo jet, the English newspaper The Mirror reported.

This revelation came as friends and relatives of the victims of the Pan Am tragedy were shocked at the extent of the loss of life on Tuesday and had to relive the deaths of their loved ones almost 13 years ago.

Ray Manly, 63, was quoted as saying he was surprised the incident was not mentioned during the trial of two Libyans for the bombing, Manly’s statement suggested the possibility that the bomb was sneaked into a luggage area in London.

The trial found Abdel Basset Al Megrahi, a Libyan intelligence agent, guilty of the bombing that killed 270 people on board Pan AM flight 103 and on the Scottish town of Lockerbie in December 1988. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. A co-defendant, Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, manager of the Libyan Arab Airlines station in Malta, was acquitted

The Scottish Office, the government executive office in Scotland, said that it could not comment on the report because an appeal by Al Megrahi is pending. The hearing will start on the 15th October. (MM) [Thur 13/9/01 – 15:02:59 CET]

Details of Lockerbie appeal revealed

The team of top-notch lawyers who are representing a Libyan convicted for planting the bomb that downed Pan Am Flight 103 have revealed details of an appeal they intend to file in October.

Miami attorney Frank Rubino said he and the other lawyers defending Abdel Basset al-Megrahi will focus on security issues at the airports of Frankfurt and Malta, to determine whether the suitcase with the bomb inside it had started its journey from Luqa Airport. The appeal will also allege that the court took into consideration only part of the testimony of Tony Gauci, the Maltese merchant who said he sold clothes that were packed inside the suitcase with the bomb to Megrahi from the outlet Mary’s House in Sliema.

A Scottish court in January had convicted Megrahi of the murder of 270 people in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. The bomb exploded over Lockerbie 33 minutes after the Boeing 747 left Heathrow for New York.

Rubino said the appeal would be filed at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands, the site were the original trial was held. (MM) [Tue 28/8/01 – 15:55:31 CET]

Law professor has doubts about Lockerbie verdict

International reports say that Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz, hired to help in an appeal, said that he has doubts about the conviction of a Libyan intelligence agent in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103.

Malta features prominently in the trial as the prosecution insisted that the bomb that brought down the flight originated from Malta.

Dershowitz said he has been hired as a consultant by a British law firm for an appeal on behalf of Abdel Basset Al Megrahi, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by a Scottish court last January. Al Megrahi was found guilty of masterminding the bombing from Malta.

The Scottish Court, sitting in the Netherlands, acquitted co-defendant Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, a Libyan Arab Airlines official, of all charges in the bombing that killed 270 people.

Dershowitz said he has questions about the reliability of an eyewitness account that alleged that Megrahi bought incriminating items of clothing in Malta two weeks before the Dec. 21, 1988, bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. He said he fears “that the wrong person may well have been convicted of the crime.”
(MM) [Fri 10/8/01 – 14:33:54 CET]

Maltese witnesses intimidated in Lockerbie trial

Journalist Joe MifsudMaltese journalist Joe Mifsud revealed that Maltese witnesses in the Lockerbie trial were intimidated by the prosecution before giving their witness during the trial in Camp Zeist, the Netherlands.

He was speaking during the first edition of the new current affairs programme Wara l-Ahbar (After the News), broadcast every Monday at 1800 CET on ir-Radju ta’ l-Universita’ and webcast on MaltaMedia.

Joe Mifsud, the Maltese journalist who took most interest in the case for many years, said the judges were wrong in giving a guilty verdict to Abdel Basset Al Megrahi, blaming him for the bombing that left 270 people dead in 1988. He also said that Malta has been cleared of all suspicion in the case. He said that the other Libyan acquitted in the verdict, Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah, sent in a letter where he expressed his appreciation for the support shown by the Maltese who always believed in his innocence, and expressed his wish to come back to Malta among friends, where he worked for many years as station manager for Libyan Arab Airlines. [Tue 06/2/01 – 00:43:17 CET]

One Libyan convicted, one acquitted in Lockerbie trial

The 3 judges in the Lockerbie trial sentenced Abdel Baset Al Megrahi to life in prison after finding him unanimously guilty of the 1988 Pan Am jet bombing that left 270 people dead. A second defendant int the case Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah was found unanimously not guilty of the same charge. Al Megrahi was put on trial under Scottish law in a Scottish court set up at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands. Fhimah is a free man and is expected to be flown back to his home country in United Nations plane this afternoon.

The verdict was delivered on Wednesday at 1100 CET while Al Megrahi’s sentence was given at 1400 CET. Megrahi must serve at least 20 years in prison to be eligible for parole. His lawyers have already appealed the case but this could take as long as year before it gets underway. Megrahi was chief security officer for Libyan Arab Airlines at Luqa Airport at the time of the bombing.

Meanwhile, the full verdict has been put online here . In it the judges state that the prosecutors have proven beyond reasonable doubt that the suitcase that contained the bomb had t-shirts bought in Malta in it and that the person who bought those garments was a Libyan.

Interviewed on U.S. TV channel CNN International, the Libyan Ambassador to the U.N., Abduzed Dorda, said his country was shocked by the verdict but will respect it. He denied the involvement of the Libyan government in the case and said that the prosecutors did not venture into those grounds because they could not prove it.

The United States said that the verdict does not mean the end of sanctions against Libya. A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that now that justice has been done, the British Government expects Libya to pay compensation to the victims. The U.S. Deputy Attorney General said that the investigations into the case are now set to continue to find who was really behind the bombing. (MM) [Wed 31/1/01 – 21:04:20 CET]

“No evidence that bomb in Lockerbie tragedy came from Malta” – defence lawyer

A defence lawyer in the Lockerbie Trial on Thursday attacked the prosecution’s case against two Libyans and insisted that there is no evidence that the bomb that brought down Pan Am flight 103 in December 1988 was made in Malta and then transferred to Frankfurt where it boarded the fatal flight. Instead, it suggested that Palestinian extremists could have staged the bombing that killed 270 people.

Reuters reports that as the eight-month-old trial drew to an end, the defence sought to convince judges that the prosecution case was too leaky to prove Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima had committed mass murder and should be jailed for life.

Megrahi’s lawyer William Taylor said there was no proof his client was a member of Libyan intelligence services at the time of the bombing. Instead it was the Syrian-backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) and the lesser-known Palestinian Popular Struggle Front that masterminded and executed the bombing.

Reuters says that Taylor challenged the prosecution’s key contention that a suitcase containing an improvised bomb was placed on a Frankfurt-bound plane at Malta’s Luqa airport, insisted that the prosecution failed to prove the bomb got on at Luqa airport.

The defence need prove nothing; it need only sow “sufficient doubt” in judges’ minds. The onus is on the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence in the Scots law under which the pair is being tried. (MM) [Thur 11/1/01 – 23:18:30 CET]

Key witness finally appears in Lockerbie trial

A Palestinian terrorist began his testimony Friday in the trial of two Libyans accused of bombing Pan Am Flight 103, describing his role in attacks against Israel in the 1970s. Mohammed Abu Talb, whose appearance at the special Scottish court had been delayed for weeks, testified for the prosecution. He was called in an effort to discredit the defendants’ claim that the group he led, the Palestine Popular Struggle Front, played a role in the 1988 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. Abu Talb, has been jailed in Sweden for attacks against Jewish and American targets in Europe. He has denied any involvement in the Lockerbie bombing, which killed 270 people.

Evidence presented at the trial, including passports and travel documents, showed Talb had been in Malta in October 1988. But stamps on his Swedish travel documents showed he had left Malta on Oct. 26 that year. Although he had bought a return ticket, he claimed that was cheaper than a one-way ticket and he had no intention of returning.

Defendants Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah blame Abu Talb and other Palestinians for the 1988 attack. However prosecutors say the two defendants, who are alleged to be Libyan secret agents, sent a suitcase from the Mediterranean island of Malta carrying an explosives-laden cassette recorder and routed it through Frankfurt, Germany, to the doomed airliner in London. (MM) [Sat 11/11/00 – 15:16:33 CET]

Another death in the Lockerbie Case: Prof. John Buontempo

Prof. John Buontempo, former ambassador to Jordan, Syria and the Arab League, and one of the protagonists of the Lockerbie case, passed away on Thursday in Camp Zeist, The Netherlands, while attending the trial with his wife. He was 69. He tried, single-handed and without official backing from Malta, to bring the trial to be held in Malta. Although he did not succeed in his mission, his efforts contributed to the commencement of the trial in a Scottish court set-up in a former military base in the Netherlands. He was a physician by profession. His body will be brought to Malta for burial. (MM) [Fri 06/10/00 – 12:08:22 CET]

Maltese airport official testifies in Lockerbie case

Sign pointing towards the Scottish court in the NetherlandsA Maltese airport official admitted that airliners leaving Malta may have routinely carried bags whose owners were unknown, reinforcing prosecutors’ contention that the suitcase bomb that blew up Pan Am Flight 103 came from an Air Malta jet. The two Libyans charged with the murder of 259 people on board the Pan Am airliner and 11 people on the ground in Lockerbie, Scotland, worked in the Libyan Arab Airlines offices in Malta. Prosecutors claim that on the morning of the Dec. 21, 1988, explosion, the defendants planted an unaccompanied suitcase with the bomb on Air Malta Flight KM 180 to Frankfurt, Germany. They say the suitcase was transferred there onto a feeder flight connecting with New York-bound Flight 103 at Heathrow airport in London. Wilfred Borg, general manager for ground operations, appeared testy and defensive as the Scottish prosecutor Alan Turnbull pressed him on baggage security procedures at Malta’s Luqa Airport . AirMalta had always denied that the suitcase with the bomb left from Malta on board its flight to Frankfurt, were the suitcase was eventually loaded on the Pan AM flight. (MM) [Sat 15/7/00 – 15:10:16 CET]

Lockerbie trial adjourned for three weeks

The appearance of a key witness in the Lockerbie trial has been delayed by a further three weeks after judges suspended the trial on Thursday, ordering its resumption on September 21st. Reuters reports that the adjournment, to let U.S. intelligence services CIA dig up any further information on the witness, was the latest delay in the 48-day-old trial of Libyans Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima and Abdel Basset al-Megrahi at the former U.S. airbase in the Netherlands.
The judges conceded that the final and most important witness so far, Abdul Majid Giaka, could not testify until the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had confirmed that all relevant material about him in its archives had been handed over. This includes cables of CIA agents in Malta about Giaka’s defection to the U.S. He is central to the prosecution claim that the two accused posed as employees of Libyan Arab Airlines (LAA) in Malta to place a suitcase containing a bomb hidden in a Toshiba cassette recorder on an aircraft bound for Frankfurt. The prosecution maintains the bomb was transferred onto a London-bound flight and then onto Pan Am Flight 103 that blew up over the town of Lockerbie, Scotland in December 1988, killing 270 people. Majid, who worked with the two accused at LAA, is expected to provide vital testimony, directly linking them (MM) [Fri 01/9/00 – 00:37:22 CET]

Witness says Libyan suspect dealt with timer firm

The owner of a firm that made the timing device said to have been used in the Lockerbie bombing identified one of the Libyan accused as someone he had done business with. Reuters and Associated Press report that Irwin Meister, co-owner of Swiss company Mebo Ltd , told the murder trial of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima that he recognized al-Megrahi from business dealings that took place in Libya and Zurich prior to the bombing. Pan Am flight 103 exploded as it flew over Lockerbie, Scotland in December, 1988, killing all 259 people on board and 11 on the ground. The Swiss said that he received an urgent order for 40 timers just days before the 1988 explosion. Meanwhile, the CBS News program 60 Minutes isn’t backing down from its story about a self-described Iranian terrorist czar, even as the CIA and FBI reportedly brand him a liar. The Iranian defector claimed that he had coordinated Iran’s overseas assassinations and terrorist operations. The man, who identified himself as Ahmad Behbahani, said it was Iran that blew up Pam Am flight 103 over Lockerbie. But after interviews conducted by intelligence officials, the CIA and FBI concluded the man lied and lacked basic knowledge of Iran’s intelligence apparatus. (MM) [Sat 17/6/00 – 16:46:42 CET]

Explosion in cargo container brought down flight over Lockerbie

An explosion tore through a cargo container aboard the Pan Am jumbo jet that disintegrated over Scotland in 1988, an air accident investigator told the Lockerbie trial Tuesday. Pieces of the container, with blue Pan Am insignia on its mangled side panels, were exhibited in court. Reuters reports that British accident investigator Peter Claydon testified that a “high energy” blast occurred within the container, supporting prosecutors’ allegations that a bomb hidden in a suitcase brought down the plane on December 21, 1988, killing all 259 people on board and 11 on the ground in the Scottish town of Lockerbie. They accuse Libyans Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima of hiding an improvised bomb in an unaccompanied brown Samsonite suitcase which originated in Malta, where they were working for Libyan Arab Airlines. The floor of container AVE 400 was cratered but not blackened, so the bomb was probably in a suitcase sitting on top of another one, Claydon added. (MM) [Tue 30/5/00 – 23:08:48 CET]

Iran could be behind Lockerbie disaster

CBS 60 minutesA TV program which aired on Sunday in the United States revealed details about the alleged involvement of the Iranian government in the Lockerbie disaster. The CBS current affairs program 60 minutes carried a report about an Iranian intelligence service defector who says that the bombing of a Pan Am aircraft over Scotland was devised by Iran to take revenge on the United States after U.S. Navy vessel accidentally shot down an Iranian Airbus in July 1988, killing 290. Prosecutors in the case being heard in a Scottish court in the Netherlands claim that two Libyans placed a bomb on an Air Malta flight to Frankfurt bomb that eventually found its way onto the doomed Boeing 747. The defector, Ahmad Behbahani, says he has documents in his possession that prove that his Islamic fundamentalist country and not Libya was behind the bombing. (MM) [Mon 05/6/00 – 01:32:30 CET]

Lockerbie bomb was allegedly wrapped in clothing bought from Maltese shop

The two Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing that killed all 259 people aboard the New York-bound plane and 11 residents of Lockerbie, Scotland, in December 1988, allegedly stuffed the suitcase holding the bomb with clothing bought from a shop in Sliema, Malta, called Mary’s House. Reuters reports that another witness in the Lockerbie case, a man who worked for a clothes manufacturer in Malta, identified fabric scraps found in the blast debris as coming from his factory and from a clothing distributor who sold shirts similar to the fragments to Mary’s House. Almost a month has passed since the start of the trial of the two Libyans Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima accused of the bombing of the Pan Am plane over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. The prosecution says the pair were intelligence agents who posed as employees of Libyan Arab Airlines and put a bomb in an unaccompanied suitcase in Malta that eventually was loaded onto Flight 103 in London. The defense is expected to argue that Palestinian extremists operating in Frankfurt were responsible for putting the bomb on board. Malta has always denied the allegation that the bomb was transported from Malta to Frankfurt on an AirMalta flight. (MM) [Fri 03/6/00 – 23:30:30 CET]

Expert explains Lockerbie report error

The reconstructed wreckage of the Pan Am Boeing 747On Thursday a British air accident investigator told the trial of two Libyans accused of the Lockerbie bombing that there was a mathematical error in the official report on the disaster. Christopher Protheroe said a complex formula used to calculate blast wave effects after the explosion had been incorrectly applied in the 1990 Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) report. This could mean that the bomb which destroyed the Pan Am plane 12 years ago went off only 12 inches away from the fuselage skin rather than the 25 inches which were originally calculated. The prosecution alleges that Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima planted a bomb in a suitcase in Malta. However, Protheroe’s witness shows that the bomb might not have left Malta, as it is being alleged, since the indications now show that the bomb exploded on the aeroplane and not in a luggage container. As such this development continued to cast a dark shadow on the two Libyans accused of the bombing. (MM) [Thur 25/5/00 – 22:31:08 CET]

Lockerbie trial postponed again after technical glitches

Technical glitches in the courtroom Tuesday forced the adjournment for 24 hours of the trial of two Libyans accused of the 1988 Lockerbie aircraft bombing. Reuters reports that the trial at a former U.S. airbase in the Netherlands was to have resumed after a 12-day adjournment called by the prosecution. Proceedings were scheduled to resume on early Tuesday morning but a problem was discovered in the system used by court stenographers in the courtroom. Chief prosecutor Colin Boyd adjourned the trial until Wednesday morning. Libyans Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima have been on trial since May 3. (MM) [Tue 23/5/00 – 15:25:30 CET]

Lockerbie trial adjourned until May 23 According to Reuters services, the judges sitting on the Lockerbie trial agreed to adjourn the examination until May 23 after prosecutors and defence lawyers hammered out an agreement on certain evidence from the crash of the Pan Am jumbo jet in 1988. It was the prosecutor Alastair Campbell who requested the adjournment saying more time was needed to interview expert defence witnesses. According to legal experts, this means that the prosecutors could skip more than 100 witnesses, cutting up to seven weeks of testimony dealing mostly with the debris that was scattered over 845 square miles of southern Scotland and northern England by the explosion. As a result, the trial, which was expected to run over a year, could end after six months. Relatives of crash victims, who waited more than a decade for the trial to begin on May 3, said they understood the reasons for the adjournment. Many Maltese citizens were summoned to testify in the case. (MM) [Fri 12/5/00 – 13:24:25 CET]

Lights turned on Malta as the Lockerbie trial starts

The Courtroom in Camp ZeistAbdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima, the two Libyans who are facing the trial for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988 which left 270 people dead, said the Syrian-backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) and the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (PPSF) were responsible. The trial has just started in Camp Zeist in the Netherlands after years of legal contrivances. The Maltese authorities in particular will be interested in the outcome of the trial as the lights are turned onto Malta and its airport. It is alleged that the plan which later led to the crash was masterminded in the Malta, and that the bomb passed through the local airport in Luqa and loaded on an Air Malta flight to Frankfurt where the bomb was transferred later on the Pan Am flight. Two of the best Maltese defence lawyers, Dr Giannella Caruana Curran and Dr Emmanuel Mallia, are forming part of the defence team of the accused. Former judge Godwin Muscat Azzopardi is defending the interests of Air Malta. Malta has always denied these allegations. (MM) [Wed 03/5/00 – 22:42:32 CET]

Lockerbie trial to start on May 3rd

The trial of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima, the two Libyans accused of the 1988 Lockerbie airliner bombing, will start as planned next Wednesday after a Scottish judge on Thursday rejected prosecution requests for a two-month delay. Prosecutors wanted the delay so as to have time to assess many witnesses and other evidence, which the defence revealed it, would use. At the pre-trial hearing at Camp Zeist, defence lawyers for the two accused Libyans revealed plans to try to prove that others were responsible for the bombing of a Boeing 747 over the Scottish village of Lockerbie which killed 270 people. The two accused were in court for the hearing. (MM) [Fri 28/4/00 – 00:57:47 CET]

No TV of Lockerbie Trial

According to Reuters services, a Scottish court on Tuesday rejected the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) bid to televise the trial of two Libyans charged with bombing a Pan Am jumbo jet in 1988. “In my opinion the petitioners have failed to demonstrate that televising the proceedings would entail no risk to the administration of justice,” Lord MacFadyen, a Scottish High Court judge, said in a written ruling. MacFadyen later rejected the BBC’s request to appeal the decision to a three-judge panel. The BBC Scotland has shown its disappointment and has already stated that it will consult with lawyers about further steps. Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah pleaded innocent to charges including murder and conspiracy to murder in the bombing of the airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 21, 1988. The attack killed 259 passengers and crew — including 189 Americans — and 11 people on the ground. Allegedly the bomb used in the operation passed through the Maltese jurisdiction. Libya agreed to hand the two men over for trial only after an agreement that the case would be heard in the Netherlands. (MM) [Wed 08/3/00 – 15:45:05 CET]

Scottish top prosecutor to meet relatives of Lockerbie bombing victims

Scotland’s top prosecutor will meet families of American victims of the Lockerbie bombing on Saturday to assure them that his predecessor’s resignation will not affect the upcoming trial, officials said. Reuters reports that Lord Advocate Colin Boyd has said the resignation of Lord Andrew Hardie on February 16 would not hurt Britain’s case against two Libyans charged with the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am aircraft that killed 270 people — most of them Americans. Boyd was due to meet relatives in Boston on Saturday, moving on to visit Washington families on Monday. He was also expected to meet U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno to brief her on the case. (MM) [Sat 04/3/00 – 19:07:49 CET]

Lockerbie suspects enter no guilty pleas in pre-trial hearing

The two Libyans accused of blowing up Pan Am flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in December 1988 killing 270 people – 259 on the plane and 11 on the ground – pleaded not guilty at a pre-trial hearing in the High Court in Edinburgh, Scotland. This left the way for a full trial of the two suspects on May 3 in the Netherlands. (MM) [Thur 03/2/00 – 17:29:02 CET]

Malta sent back to Britain parts for Scud Missiles destined for Libya

Scud missileThe Maltese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that it intercepted a consignment of Scud missile parts destined for Libya in April and sent them back to Britain several months later. Reuters reports that a spokesman for the Maltese Ministry confirmed to the news agency the reports which said that consignment landed in Malta from London’s Gatwick airport. The cargo of 32 crates was inspected on the island after suspicions it contained weapons equipment. They were subsequently confiscated and returned to London, where they were discovered to be Scud parts. An official for the British Foreign Office on Monday told Reuters that suspicions were first roused in April 1999, but he said the issue was not raised with Libyan officials during talks to end the 15-year diplomatic break between the two countries because Britain “did not want to prejudice the inquiry.” Formal seizure of the shipment took place in November 1999, and the whole story was uncovered last Sunday on the Sunday Times of London. Malta served as a main transit point for Libyan travellers and cargo when Tripoli airport was closed during years of international sanctions against Libya over the Lockerbie case. Export of missiles to Libya is illegal under a European Union arms embargo and an international treaty against the proliferation of ballistic missiles. Scuds are short-range, road-mobile, ballistic missiles that can carry chemical, biological or nuclear warheads in addition to traditional explosive payloads. This is not the first time Malta is mentioned as a transit point for smuggling of arms in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. (MM) [Tue 11/1/00 – 21:52:47 CET]

Maltese-born pathologist receives honours

Professor Anthony Busuttil, a Maltese-born pathologist was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) at Buckingham Palace in London, England. Professor Busuttil had earlier been awarded the National Order of Merit during last December’s Republic Day activities in Malta. Professor Busuttil has worked on many cases including Lockerbie and the massacre at Dunblane Scotland. The two Libyan suspects in Lockerbie bombing, which left 279 people dead, are currently undergoing a trail in Holland. (MM) [Mon 17/1/00 – 14:08:42 CET]

Lockerbie prosecution dealt another blow

British prosecutors in the case over the bombing of the Pan-Am Boeing 747 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988, have suffered yet another setback after a key witness apparently changed his side of the story. Reuters cited the Scottish newspaper Scotland on Sunday which quoted sources close to the case as saying that Abu Maged Jiacha, whose witness is crucial for the prosecutors’ theory, had changed parts of his story when he was interviewed recently by defence attorneys. Jiacha is now saying that he has seen one of the accused removing a suitcase from a luggage carousel, not loading it on, at Luqa Airport in Malta. The prosecution’s charges so far stated that the bomb which downed the aircraft was loaded on an Air Malta flight to Frankfurt by the two suspects, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima. The bomb eventually made it to the Pan-Am aircraft through London. The key witness’s reconsideration practically nullifies the prosecution’s hypothesis. (MM) [Sun 23/1/00 – 22:18:50 CET]

First public appearance for the Libyans accused in Lockerbie case

On Tuesday, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima, made their first public appearance in the Lockerbie case. The two are accused of masterminding the explosion on board Pan Am Flight 103 over the Scottish village of Lockerbie on December 21sy, 1988. All 289 people aboard, mostly Americans, were killed along with 11 people on the ground. The bomb that caused the explosion was allegedly manufactured in Malta and transferred on the Pan Am flight in Frankfurt airport in Germany. The lawyers for the Libyans accused of the bombing asked the special Scottish court hearing the case in the Netherlands to delete an indictment for conspiracy to murder and omit references to Libya’s intelligence service. Several localities in Malta, related to the movements of the Libyans before the bombing, were mentioned in the indictment. (MM)[Tue 07/12/99 – 23:15:20 CET]

Lockerbie trial start postponed

The start of the trial in the case of the Lockerbie bombing has been postponed for three months, as requested by the defence, and a hearing has now been set for May 3rd 2000. However, Scottish judge Ranald Sutherland dismissed a defence motion calling for the dismissal of the conspiracy charge against the two Libyans accused of masterminding and executing the Lockerbie bombing. The judge said that he was satisfied that on the basis of what is set out in charge one (the conspiracy charge) the Scottish courts do have jurisdiction. The defence counsel of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi and Al-Amin Khalifa Fahima had argued the charge should not be brought. (MM)[Thur 09/12/99 – 13:10:03 CET]

Malta mentioned in Lockerbie bombing indictment

Malta was mentioned extensively in the indictment against the two Libyans accused of the bombing of a Pan Am Boeing 747 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in 1988, killing 270 passengers. The two Libyans were accused of placing a suitcase containing explosives on a flight departing Malta, which were then transferred on the Pan Am flight. Several localities in Malta, related to the movements of the Libyans before the bombing, were mentioned in the indictment. (MM)[Sun 31/10/99 – 17:31:46 CET]

Will Israel fall in five years? CIA Predicts 20, Israelies are seaking a way Out!

Posted And Deconstructed by Marivel Guzman from Excerpts from an Original Article by Jeff Gates

His Story Her Story Their Story Our Story

More than 100 millions of people died during WWII, from all backgrounds, all nationalities, all religions, all credos, and yet European Jews that died in WWII are the only mourned and remembered as if they will have been the only victims of the war.

The loss of human lives was and still pain our history but more hurtful is when is by design. There is no doubt that in every war or every conflict that humanity have suffered, the hand that planed the horror will be the main benefactor of such a tragedy. We can go back in history and pin point to every event and every time the winner is shown to gain the most.

We can not read history books and expect to find the whole truth in them, all the books have been selected to show the best of the best in every conflict. “The Winners get to write History” is a well known popular quote. Until recently with the advent of the Internet few people dared to confront history events. The writers that managed to write their thoughts more accordingly to the reality were buried in the shelves of bookstore and hundreds of them never publish their works. Our generation is lucky enough to have the ability to have access to the most amazing and gigantic library in the story of humankind. The Internet.

“The undersigned therefore take this means of publicly presenting a few salient facts concerning Begin and his party; and of urging all concerned not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.” – Albert Einstein, signatory, Letters to the Editor, New York Times, Dec. 4, 1948

Online reports of a study by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency cast doubt over the survival of Israel beyond the next two decades. Regardless of the validity of the report, with what is now known about the costs in blood and treasure that the U.S.-Israeli relationship has imposed on the U.S., its key ally, Israel could fall within five years.

Three weeks after being named by President Obama in January 2009 as the 19th Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and during his first day on the job which was February 12, 2009, Leon Panetta, now US Secretary of Defense, signed off on a March 2009 “eyes only” CIA Report that had just been completed by his new agency.

As reported at the time, the CIA Report predicted the demise of Israel within 20 years, if present political trends in the region

continued. The CIA intelligence analysts concluded that it was unlikely that Israeli leaders would grant even minimal concessions in order to achieve a settlement with their neighbors, which comprise increasingly disillusioned and rapidly growing dignity and justice seeking populations. Opinion Maker


For more than six decades, American support for Israel has relied on the ability of pro-Israelis to dominate U.S. media, enabling Tel Aviv to put a positive spin on even its most extreme behavior, including its recent massacre in Gaza. With access to online news coverage, that Zionist bias is becoming apparent and the real facts transparent.

“Perhaps some Jews have forgotten that they are not alone in possessing the power of memory. Fortunately, others understand the implications of such short sightedness. “I’m ashamed,” says a German Jew who emigrated here before the Second War. “I watch what the Israeli authorities are doing. You have to respect the Palestinians. If you don’t, it will take generations for them to get over the humiliation.”


But what can be done with a country the size of a walnut that a handful of people want to call their own?

For the returning Diaspora, there is a price to be paid. Violent uprisings along Israel’s countless social fissures have spawned something of a culture of crisis. Some who had returned have already left, unable to bear Israel’s weight. Robert J. Brodey

Israelis are seeking their way out from Israel “The Promise Land” seems not to be such a paradise promised by the Zionist Organizers that for more than 100 years have spread an Anti-semitic sentiment around the world in their efforts to gain support to their agenda. One can not deny that there is some anti-Jew statements read here and there in newspapers but what most do not know is that those same statements are part of the organize propaganda of Israel, such propaganda is born in the same offices of AIPAC AND ADL The two headquarters of Hate against the Jews around the world. – Marivel Guzman

Write down, I am an Arab. You usurped my grandfather’s vineyards and the plot of land I used to plough…I steal from no-one. However, if I am hungry I will eat the flesh of my usurper. Beware beware of my hunger and of my anger. from Leaves of the Olive Tree, 1973

Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian Poet, social and peace activist. He lived most of his life in exile.

Though Americans seldom show a strong interest in foreign affairs, that too is changing. While few of them grasp the subtleties of one-state versus two-state proposals, many have seen online the impact of a murderous Israeli assault on Palestinian civilians that was timed between Christmas and the inauguration of Barack Obama.

The leaders of the 9-11 Commission acknowledged that its members would not allow testimony on the impetus for that attack. Yet the report confirmed that the key motivation was the U.S.-Israeli relationship. With access to online news, more Americans are asking why they are forced to support a colonial Apartheid government.

With the election of yet another extremist Israeli government led by yet another right-wing Likud Party stalwart, it’s clear that Tel Aviv intends to preclude peace by continuing to build more settlements. With that stance, Israel not only pushed Barack Obama into a corner, it also forced U.S. national security to make a key strategic decision: Is Israel a credible partner for peace? By any criteria, the answer must be a resounding “No.”

That inescapable conclusion leaves Americans with few options. After all, the U.S. is largely responsible for the legitimacy granted this extremist enclave in May 1948 when Harry Truman, a Christian-Zionist president, extended nation-state recognition. He did so over the strenuous objections of Secretary of State George Marshall, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the fledgling CIA and the bulk of the U.S. diplomatic corps.

By December 1948, a distinguished contingent of Jewish scientists and intellectuals warned in The New York Times that those leading the effort to establish a Jewish state bear “the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party.” Albert Einstein joined concerned Jews who cautioned Americans “not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.”

Only in the past few weeks has the momentum emerged to subject Israel to the same external pressures that were brought to bear against Apartheid South Africa. After more than six decades of consistent behavior – and clear evidence of no intent to change – activists coalesced around the need to boycott Israeli exports, divest from Israeli firms and impose sanctions against Israel akin to those it seeks against others.

This Video Run for 56 minutes. Watch it and SHARE it. Interview with Jeff Gates

“Guilt by Association, the first release in the Criminal State series, condenses the how of Zionism to its duplicitous essence by making the analysis generic and not dependent on any particular time, place or circumstance. At the core of its duplicity lies an oft-deployed modus operandi: the displacement of facts with what people can be deceived to believe.”

The focal point for peace in the Middle East should not be those nations that do not have nuclear weapons but the one nation that does. Absent external pressure, Israeli behavior will not change. Absent pressure – and likely force – applied by the U.S. as the nation that has long enabled this behavior, Colonial Zionism will continue to pose a threat to peace. Occupying powers are not known to voluntarily relinquish lands they occupy. Likewise for their readiness to surrender nuclear arms.
An end to Jewish fascism?

The key issue need no longer be a subject of endless debate. There must be a one-state solution consistent with democratic principles of full equality. Informed Americans are no longer willing to support a theocratic state in which full citizenship is limited to those deemed “Jewish” (whatever that means). If local birth rates suggest an eventual end to the “Jewish state,” then so be it. Why wait two decades when this nightmare can be drawn to a close in less than five years?

Forget about a return to pre-1967 borders; instead return to pre-1948 borders. Designate Jerusalem an international city under U.N. protection and dispatch multi-national forces to maintain peace. Palestinians should have a right of return, including the ability to recover properties from which they fled under an assault by Jewish terrorists. If Colonial Zionists (aka settlers) want compensation for “their” property, let them seek restitution from the Diaspora that encouraged their unlawful occupation.

The CIA report predicts “an inexorable movement away from a two-state to a one-state solution, as the most viable model based on democratic principles of full equality that sheds the looming specter of colonial Apartheid while allowing for the return of the 1947/1948 and 1967 refugees. The latter being the precondition for sustainable peace in the region.”
The study, which has been made available only to a certain number of individuals, further forecasts the return of all Palestinian refugees to the occupied territories, and the exodus of two million Israeli – who would move to the US in the next fifteen years.
“There is over 500,000 Israelis with American passports and more than 300,000 living in the area of just California,” International lawyer Franklin Lamb said in an interview with Press TV on Friday, adding that those who do not have American or western passport, have already applied for them.

A study conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has cast doubt over Israel’s survival beyond the next 20 years.Follow the Link for more…

Those who consider themselves “Jewish” can remain as part of an inclusive democracy. Or they can depart. Americans must consider how many of these extremists it wants to welcome to a nation already straining under an immigration burden. A reported 500,000 Israelis hold U.S. passports. With more than 300,000 dual citizens residing in California alone, that state may require a referendum on just how many Zionists it wishes to receive. Likewise for Russia from which many “Jews” fled, including some 300,000 Russian émigrés who support the Likud Party but have yet to be certified as Jewish.

Zionists originally saw Argentina and Uganda as desirable venues to establish their enterprise. They may wish to apply there for resettlement. The question of why Palestinians (or Californians) should bear the cost of a problem created by Europeans six decades ago is one that Tel Aviv has yet to answer except by citing ancient claims that it insists should take precedence over two millennia of Palestinian residence.

By withdrawing Israel’s status as a legitimate “state,” those Jews long appalled by the behavior of this extremist enclave can no longer be portrayed as guilty by association. That long overdue shift in status is certain to benefit the broader Jewish community. By shutting down Israel’s nuclear arms program and destroying its nuclear arsenal, the world can be spared the key impetus now driving a nuclear arms race in the region.

Unless pro-Israelis can create another crisis by inducing an invasion of Iran (or a race war), Americans will soon realize that only one “state” had the means, motivation, opportunity and stable nation-state intelligence required to fix the intelligence that led the U.S. to invade Iraq consistent with the expansionist goals of Colonial Zionism.

Intelligence now working its way to transparency will soon confirm that, but for Zionists within the U.S. government, 9-11 could have been prevented and war in Iraq avoided. To date, this extremism has been enabled by a series of weak U.S. presidents. For the U.S. to restore its credibility requires that it not only lead the effort to shut down the Zionist enterprise but that it also share responsibility for its behavior to date.

Jeff Gates is author of “Guilt by Association,” “Democracy at Risk” and “The Ownership Solution.” Former counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance, he has served as a policy consultant to 35 governments worldwide.

Guilt by Association.  I Recommend this book to to Anyone that is alive and  directly or indirectly was and is a supporter of the State of Israel. Also I recommend to reading the  Nuremberg Trials,

Syria Being Victim of a Conspiracy to weaken the Popular Movement

Article by The Truth About Syria
Posted and by Marivel Guzman

Syria is being exposed to a foreign conspiracy, in which some Arab mass media have played a role through deliberate incitement and bias,’ said Ghassan Bin Jeddo
To read the associated article follow the link:
Syria News
The veteran Arab journalist who resigned from Al-Jazeera Satellite TV in protest against its unbalanced media coverage.

Bin Jeddo added, in an interview with the Syrian Al-Dunia Satellite TV, that the aim of the said failing conspiracy was to dismember Syria, weaken its national project and distance it from resistance forces in the region.
The veteran journalist held the so-called opposition in Syria and those who support them responsible for the spilled Syrian blood, asserting that real opposition should never use weapons and violence against the citizens.
Bin Jeddo highly appreciated President Bashar al-Assad’s ongoing reforms which disappointed the conspirators who wanted to interfere in Syria’s internal affairs. Bin Jeddo asserted that his relation with Al-Jazeera is finished because he reached to the point that he couldn’t find himself neither morally, politically nor professionally, asserting that some Satellite TV Channels committed mistakes against Syria not by coincidence, but rather were based on real political decisions to target and harm Syria.

The Veteran Arab Journalist blasted the strategies adopted by some Satellite TV Channels when, for example, quoted eye-witnesses who weren’t present in Syria to eyewitness for the events and who resorted to fabrications and lies.
Head of Al Jazeera TV Station Office in Beirut Ghassan Bin Jeddo resigned from his post a few days ago, as “Al Jazeera has abandoned professionalism and objectivity, turning from a media source into an operation room that incites and mobilizes,” Lebanese As-Safir newspaper reported on Saturday.

Bin Jeddo confirmed this step in an interview with Al Manar website. He pointed out that “the reasons published in As-Safir behind the resignation are true, however they are not the full reasons”, adding that various other issues urged him to take this step that he will talk about its details later.

The Lebanese daily has quoted reliable sources saying that the unprofessional inciting attitude that Al jazeera is adopting at this historic phase in the region is unacceptable.The sources indicated to As-Safir the ethical base of Bin Jeddo’s resignation, as he cannot accept the station’s full coverage to the situation in Libya, Yemen, and Syria, while completely blacking out the crisis in Bahrain.
As for the policy Al jazeera is following on the Syrian situation, the sources clarified that this case is a matter of morals and principles for Bin Jeddo.

As-Safir pointed out that former Al Jazeera journalist supports the Syrian people’s demands; however, he recognizes the important national role that Syria plays in the region.


The Popular Movements that spread blood and violence in the Middle East and in the Northern of Africa in the last few months have given us a new direction in our World Politics of Control. We seen that dictators supported for decades by the Imperialist Powers of the US and the Club of the UN were puppets with guns, but the Real Power reside not in the castles that house these characters or the elaborated and richly adorned mansions of the puppets, the REAL POWER is in the People.

We saw the POPULAR MOVEMENT raising up from a REVOLTS to a Real REVOLUTION, from the people to the people. The armies of stooges (soldiers, police forces) were overwhelmed by the fierce resolve of the people that tired of oppression, repression, control and starvation broke the silence and took to the streets not minding any more for their security. Once the Fear was contemplated as a control tool and overcome, the next stage was easy, the joy of the Unity that was felt in the streets spread from neighborhoods to Cities to Countries.

We all the makers of the stories, the writers, the photographers, the witnesses and victims of the Revolutions did not needed the CORPORATE MEDIA to give us the NEWS, we saw the stories developed on front of us and we all share it as a personal message, as a comment, as an article, it did not matter the media we used we knew we were Sharing the Truth.
Some of the Revolts, Uprisings and Revolutions that we witnessed were manipulated by the Evil tentacles of the Central Governments of the Regions that took part in the making of these changing times.

Lies in a Wire

Images aired Danmark’s Radio, and allegedly documenting tortured Syrian demonstrators were false.
The images are from Iraq, and are several years old. Danmark’s Radio’s news program the 9 o’clock evening news May 16, aired ‘shocking images’ of Syrian demonstrators, who were being tortured by Syrian Government militias.

Danish state TV admits anti Syrian propaganda based on false images of torture

We heard rumors of paid mafia, mercenaries from Africa, Islamic Jidadists, we were not sure of none of them, only the actors were sure of their role, but something that we were sure was of the Propaganda machine that we know is well used to shape ideas, to twist truths, to instill terror, to label humans, the Corporate Media that has always played a central role in Any story that you see coming from the Box, and now an insider of one of the leading Arab News Outlets tells the world the machinations and lies spread in his own network, but seems that we still have honest writers even if they work inside the propaganda machine.

Chief Editor Thomas Falbe, who is responsible for the section for international news of Denmark’s Radio’s TV-Avisen [the 18:30 and 21:00 news]:

Regrettably the images were wrong. They are not from Syria, they are from Iraq. This is a regrettable mistake, says Thomas Falbe. The mistake will be rectified in the 21:00 hours news tonight

How DR could believe that these old pictures from Iraq were pictures from Syria?

Thomas Falbe: ‘We did what we could to verify the footage and received them from a source we trust’.

According to Thomas Falbe the mistake will have no consequences for anybody.

How an Editor in Chief of a Public Network can say so shamelessly that publishing lies has not consequences, I search the news and compare Quotes, accusations, reversals, publications and I make an opinion of the diverse sources that I research, but Sadly for the world, majority of People read the first News that is serve in their Box and they make their opinion based on that, and as I just pointed out in this article two big networks exposed on the same topic, Syria, caught red handed but what about the countless others news that are Spread as the Truth, and no one care to explore the other side of the story? We the public had been deceived for many years regarding many issues that matters to us. Take this two examples that were exposed at time, and next time that you want to make a point and argue, and maybe writing a blog about it, do not use the first article that you read, do not take the first conversation as truth, please there are many options in this modern times to find the Truth.

Head of Al Jazeera TV Station Office in Beirut Ghassan Bin Jeddo resigned from his post a few days ago, as “Al Jazeera has abandoned professionalism and objectivity, turning from a media source into an operation room that incites and mobilizes,”

At the end of the story even the most credible and best articulated story needs to be filter by you, at the end you are the Opinion MakerOpinion Maker, never believe one source, research deep in the Web. Now days you have better chances to capture the True Story in the blogers mind, and the facebook spaces, we do not serve interest of any kind. We do it for Truth Justice and to achieve peace on Earth. Akashma

We have seen the power of the media shaping our realities, like artisans their Propaganda Machine craft the lies so well with the truth that sometimes you can not really see the story behind. We have had for more than 63 years how the written word and the images on TV gave you the Wrong Idea of Palestine. Only now that we have the social networks and armies of bloggers writing, sharing us the truth is that we know that we were lied, that Palestinians are not “Islamist Terrorists” , Palestinians, Syrians, Egyptians or any other human being that has been struggling for justice are just that Humans that humanity was obscure by the Propaganda machine of the TV News.

Now that we know, we have the obligation to help us all, we have the responsibility to the others the ones that still can not see, we all need to give them guidance, good sources, information leading to the truth. My human fellows we can do it if like Vittorio Arrigoni says in his writings Stay Human.

The honest writers that strive to achieve peace in this world, that uncover the lies, they have to make sacrifices, like Vittorio Arrigoni that he needed to see for himself the crude reality of Gaza, how other way he could have giving us the horrors that Israel inflict in the Population of Gaza, only becoming witness and victim gave Vik the tools to give us the truth. Stay Human was his motto, is the only way to see the truth, to feel the pain of others, if we keep our humanity intact.
Other writers like Bin Jeddo that was forced to give up a well paid job to maintain his integrity as a writer and in the way exposing Aljazeera TV News that for so long was trying to stay afloat to be different from the rest, but at the end succumbed to the money that support the web of journalists, reporters around the world. It is hard to maintain the neutrality when the hand that pays your salary has interest vested in the ‘OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY”, we all try to stay neutral give you unbiased news, but it is our Opinion, be your own Opinion Maker and help us all to shape a better world.

Love be with you and around you

Gaza Was and Still Lives, Under Occupation and Under Attack We Still Gaza,Palestine

Posted on April 9, 2011
by Marivel Guzman

Oldest as Time Itself

The name Gaza means “strength and prevalence”
Gaza is one of the world’s oldest living cities. It is a city held to be of major strategic importance. It was the only overland route between Africa and Asia, which led Egypt to establish, in 3500 B.C., the citadel of Tell Sakan on the banks of the Wadi Ghazzeh, some 12km from the modern city.

We know that back in 2007 when the European Donors cut the money destined to the Palestinian Authorities, The PA was in hardship, and the holding of the Taxes from the Israeli government put the

government in more stress, but now 4 years later the situation have changed, the money given to the Palestinian Authority and the Loans and Help from the US government are in place, we are appealing for justice and distribution of the money owned to us by just cause. Gaza Families whose salaries were withhold by the PA in 2007. More than 100,000 Gazan still waiting for salaries to be paid

The Military Occupation that has kept us from prospering as a Nation is already a rope in our necks, and by adding an undeserved punishment from The PA government Gaza is put in an unusual situation, and the conditions worsen by the lack of central support, and World Support.

Unemployment in Gaza

The last estimates of the population in Gaza 1,657,155 (July 2010 est.)
0-14 years: 43.9% (male 374,110/female 354,088)
15-64 years: 53.5% (male 453,253/female 432,855)
65 years and over: 2.6% (male 17,326/female 25,523) (2011 est.)

These numbers might seem meaningless to you if you overlook them, but the working age in Gaza due the siege, military occupation is from 12 years and up, you can see children as young of 12 years old picking rubles close to the border of Rafah to make a few shekels to support their families, thousands of families in Gaza do not have a male head of household, either because he was killed, or is incarcerated, So more and more children and women are in the necessity to work to provide for their families. In a regular country where the legal age is 18 a 50% of unemployment will means a completely paralyzed society, but for Gaza after so many years under military occupation and more than 4 years of crippling siege their residents have survived and have shown the to the world their tremendous surviving spirit. But that by no means is a motive to keep ignoring their plight. Israel has gone away with so much injustice and ignore her obligations as an occupier power because sadly the Club of the United Nations even have set rules and regulations for bullies countries that wish to occupy illegally another people’s land.

Their residents in their attempts to survive have to resource to all types of occupations,  working in the tunnels being on of the most dangerous of all the occupations, but when you have a family to feed you need to do what ever is available. United Nations seems to ignore what Gaza is suffering.

They venture dangerously close to the border fence to unlock metal and steel rods from their demolished home heaps. They are Gaza’s recyclers, and in a Strip where unemployment hovers at nearly 50 percent and poverty soars over 80 percent, environmental considerations are far from their minds. They do this work out of necessity.Yousef, 14, leads two of his younger brothers in

Yousef, 14, leads two of his younger brothers in their daily hunt for concrete materials off the highway between Khan Younis and Deir al-Balah.

They come by the hundreds every day to sand dunes and rubble sites to sift for pebbles, stones and sand that can be used in making concrete blocks. They lean into trash bins across the Gaza Strip, and wade through piles of rubbish scavenging for plastics, metals and any bits worth reselling.

their daily hunt for concrete materials off the highway between Khan Younis and Deir al-Balah.

Gaza is plagued by poverty, malnutrition and unemployment 3 factors that are like a ticking bomb for the population, without counting the health conditions and the environmental damage due to continuous bombing with plutonium and others unknown chemicals that on recent years have done multiples mutations in newborns and caused fertility problem in their population.

The toxic waste one of the main concerns in Gaza, Israel air strikes have destroyed most of the sawyer system making a hazard problem comparable to a radiation explosion, the waste is being mix with the clean water reservoirs. Palestine is being forced to buy water from Israel as its drinking water is contaminated. And the lack of resources and legal binding from drilling for more wells put Palestine in a more difficult situation.

1967, when Tel Aviv occupied Gaza, the forces built three sewage treatment facilities there, which failed to treat most of the inflowing waste. The system was poorly modified during the 1980s.
Gaza, home to close to 1.7-million Palestinians, is currently almost four times more populous than the 80s but still dependent on the system.
The already dysfunctional facilities were further damaged during Israel’s frequent incursions over the past four years.

The damage done to the waste water-treatment facilities in the northern Gaza City during a December 2008-January 2009 war by Israel made some raw sewage find its way into the ground water sources, our reporter noted. The offensives also killed more than 1,400 Palestinians and

While dumping parts of its wastes in the coastal sliver and hogging its water supplies, Israel has made it extremely difficult for Gaza to bring in waste disposal equipments.

inflicted a damage of above USD 1.6 billion on the strip’s economy.

Tel Aviv, meanwhile, continues to aggravate the problem by partially disposing of its waste water in the Gaza valley. Israel’s all-out land, aerial and naval blockade, meanwhile, blocks the entrance of food, medical fuel and electricity supplies to the coastal sliver.

Gaza’s Coastal Aquifer yields more than 500 million cubic meters of water of which a little over a tenth is allocated to Gaza residents, and the rest is taken by Israel.

One of the groundwater wells in Khan Younis area in the Gaza Strip under regular monitoring program by the research shared project between the University of Heidelberg and the Gaza Governorate. Water is sampled and analyzed in both Gaza and Heidelberg for anions, cations, heavy metals and organic contaminants. (Credit: Environment and Information Center at Gaza Governorate, Gaza)Drinking Water In Gaza Strip Contaminated With High Levels Of Nitrate
Groundwater is the only source of drinking water for the majority of people living in the Gaza Strip. In babies younger than six months, nitrate can lead to methaemoglobinaemia, to diarrhea and to acidosis. The WHO therefore recommends keeping nitrate levels to 50 milligrams per litre or less. 90 per cent of their water samples were found to contain nitrate concentrations that were between two and eight times higher than the limit recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) The Global Organizations spend their millions of dollars making rules, making Reports, collecting Data but most of their resources is a waste of money and efforts because their findings and recommendations are completely ignored or shelved. Israel does not care for the damage that it inflicting to the environment, and to the people, IF EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was in charge of Palestine, by this time Israel would have been forced to paid hundreds of billions of dollars in Fines.
War induced environmental threats continue to confront the population of Gaza: Health hazards resulting from the fractured sewage system caused by the bombings and toxic radiation contamination caused by Depleted Uranium (DU) and other Heavy Metal weaponry are manifesting at a staggering speed.

DIME weapons were first used against Gaza  by Israeli drones in the summer of 2006, when Palestinian medical personnel reported that it significantly increased the fatality rate among victims. Shortly after the DIME weapons were also trialled during the first week of the war in Lebanon in July 2006.

DIME weapons were first used against Gaza by Israeli drones in the summer of 2006, when Palestinian medical personnel reported that it significantly increased the fatality rate among victims. Shortly after the DIME weapons were also trialled during the first week of the war in Lebanon in July 2006.

Gaza is being used as a human experiment by Israel. There are reports from 3 Universities that conducted studies in bodies of martyrs and found Toxic and carcinogenic metals, able to produce genetic mutations, have been found in the tissues of people wounded in Gaza during Israeli military operations of 2006 and 2009. The research has been carried out on wounds provoked by weapons that did not leave fragments in the bodies of the victims, a peculiarity that was pointed out repeatedly by doctors in Gaza. This shows that experimental weapons, whose effects are still to be assessed, were used.

“Nobody – says professor Paola Manduca, spokesperson for the New Weapons Research Group, genetics teacher and researcher at the University of Genoa – had never conducted bioptic analysis on tissue samples from wounds. We have focused on wounds made by weapons that do not leave fragments, as the doctors from Gaza reported on them repeatedly. We wanted to verify the presence of metals that remained on the skin and in the derma. It was suspected that these metals were present in the weapons that leave no fragments, but it had never been demonstrated before. To our surprise even the burns provoked by white phosporus contain high amount of metals. Moreover, the presence of these metals in the weapons implies that they have been dispersed in the environment, in unknown amounts and range; they have been inhaled by the victims and by bystanders, thus constituting a risk for survivors and for people that were not directly hit by the bombing.”


Hot topics
There are reports that Israel is using a new weapon in the Gaza strip. More specifically, the claim is that Israel is using something called a DIME weapon. Say what? Yes, DIME weapons are real, it stands for Dense Inert Metal Explosive. In a nutshell a DIME weapon is a bomb or missile that detonates with powerful and lethal explosive power confined to a small area. The idea being to minimize “collateral damage” when using military weapons in urban areas. Yes, this is a humane killing device, science marches on!DIME-Dense Inert Metal Explosive

More allegations were brought to the light of the world when According to a Norwegian MD who was working at a Palestinian hospital in Gaza during the recent war the type of injuries that were inflicted on war casualties ,during this campaign, were different than anything that he has seen before in a war theater and he has seen quite a few conflagrations over the past thirty years. Another Norwegian doctor named DR. Gilbert told the Oslo Gardermoen that “there is a strong suspicion that Gaza is now being used as a test laboratory for new weapons.”

DIME EXPLOSION-Dense Inert Metal Explosive

The suspicion as expressed by many medical doctors is the use of what the US Army calls DIME, Dense Inert Metal Explosive. This weapon was originally designed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories to inflict severe damage on people but cause lighter destruction on buildings. Dr. Brommant , a German Doctor , who was also present in Gaza, describes the injuries that he has witnessed by saying that “It seems to be some sort of explosive or shell that disperses tiny particles that penetrate all organs, these miniature injuries, you are not able to attack them surgically.” Those who are lucky to survive the initial injuries are most likely to develop RMS a deadly cancer related to the tungsten tiny particles.

Bodies with dead tissues and no apparent wounds; ‘shrunken’ corpses; civilians with heavy damage to lower limbs that require amputation, which is nevertheless followed by unstoppable necrosis and death; descriptions of extensive internal wounds with no trace of shrapnel, corpses blackened but not burnt, and others heavily wounded that did not bleed.

Many of these descriptions suggest the possibility that the new weapons used include ‘direct energy’ weapons, and chemical and/or biological agents, in a sort of macabre experiment of future warfare, where there is no respect for anything: International rules (from the Geneva Convention to the treaties on biological and chemical weapons), refugees, hospitals and the Red Cross, not to mention the people, their future, their children, the environment, which is poisoned through dissemination of Depleted Uranium and toxic substances released after oil and chemical depots are bombed.
Angels Of Death – The Nazi Doctors

Gaza, Palestine unique situation needs to be brought to the attention of the world, Israel uses Gaza as a tool of control to manage the “Peace Talks” conditions.
After all the analysis of Gaza conditions, seeing how malnutrition have made so much struggles in the health of the children, the elderly and pregnant woman.
The use of banned and illegal weapons on its population, the lack of clean drinking water, the destruction of its infrastructure including the purposely destroyed sewer system, the systematic bombing of their camps and cities using toxic chemicals that could be regarded as Chemical Weapons under United Nations Atomic Agency IF inspected, the psychological trauma of all Gaza Residents, the lack of safe housing and shelter, the shortage of everyday food supplies, the deliberately destruction of their agricultural lands, and ultimately the siege that do not allow them to run for refugee as other populations have done when their countries are invaded, attacked or plagued with internal conflicts.
Gaza is unique in every aspect of their struggles.
And as if their plight is not enough, the US and “ALLIES” named their Elected Party Official as a terrorist Organization with the only purpose to control more their lives not allowing friendly countries to freely help Gaza with their economical struggles.
The International Community, activist, independent media outlets, bloggers and peace activists that have followed Gaza situation, have worked arduously to raise awareness on the Truth about Israel Occupation and latest invasion of Gaza giving its residents hopes to change their lives. Gaza that enclave in the Mediterranean Ocean was one of the oldest places on Earth and Gaza Still Stand. They do not lose hopes that soon the World as a whole will see them as equal, their humanity still intact still praises the raise of the sun on that beautiful Gaza Sea, they pray everyday for a better tomorrow, their hopes are intact.
Gaza was and still Lives, Under Occupation and Under Attack still Stand Gaza Palestine.
Welcome to Come, Come To Gaza and meet the friendliest people in the planet.

The Raising Phoenix is the symbol of Gaza, Palestine.

The Raising Phoenix is the symbol of Gaza, Palestine.

The Next Knock Out, Forclosure & Banks Bail Outs, Wars & Profits, Accidents/Catastrophes and More!

Posted on April 1, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

The Wars,Earthquakes,Tsunamis,Nuclear and Oil Accidents,Revolutions, all paying off well. “Blue chips achieving the best quarterly gains since 1998”. OH! Bad News for Jobless American, 6,000 Americans lost benefits, but don’t worry! “Seasonally adjusted 388,000, which was mostly in line with analysts’ previous estimates”. So it makes it OK, because they Estimated it. Statistics are Fake Numbers to Numb your MIND

U.S stocks traded mixed in the last trading day of the first quarter, with blue chips achieving the best quarterly gains since 1998.

Investors were concerned that a possible inflation risk might hurt the U.S. economic recovery as oil prices on Thursday hit the highest level since September 2008. Meanwhile, the market stayed uneasy as many markets-affecting issues, such as the nuclear leakage incidents in quake-hit Japan and unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, remained unsettled.

The CBOE Volatility Index, widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, fell below 18.

On the economic front, the U.S. jobless data last week showed the jobs market was still on the track of improving. The Labor Department posted that initial claims for state unemployment benefits slipped 6,000 to a seasonally adjusted 388,000, which was mostly in line with analysts’ previous estimates.

Meanwhile, the Commerce Department said new orders for manufactured goods fell 0.1 percent to 446 billion dollars, after an upwardly revised 3.3 percent gain in January.

As for stocks, basic materials still led the gainers on Thursday. Transportation and energy sectors were also among the biggest winners but financial shares were down 0.23 percent as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York rejected American International Group’s plan to repurchase a risky set of mortgage-backed securities late Wednesday.

China Economic Net

Frauds and Bonuses

“AIG declined 2.52 percent on Thursday, and the Bank of America, the other gauge stock of financial shares, closed with a 0.89 percent drop”. The last time I checked AIG was being prosecuted for Fraud. Calm down people, they fixed their crook ways and “offer in compromise” to Settle the Fraud.

AIG settles longstanding fraud cases for $1 billion

Isn’t is neat?, this Giant Insurance American Insurance Company engaged in one of the biggest frauds on American history and make billions on the scam and settle for 750,000 Millions. Plus get Bail Out Money.
And the Big Bonuses and Bribes started rolling in the high circles of corruption, high up in the the floors of the tallest buildings.

So Who Win and Who Loose? We the People Loose and The Bankers Win.

But what about the “Natural Disasters”!, Weather Defense System, Ring Any Bells? HAARP could accidentally lose control of the Frequencies that Generates? Maybe and cooking the Earth at very low frequency is a dangerous Business to engage, unless they have a magic wand to stop the process once is unleashed. How much of control does HAARP has over their Giants Antennas? Could they generate a strong Earthquake able to shake the sea beds and created a Giant Wave?

The United States Navy and Air Force have joined with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, to build a prototype for a ground based “Star Wars” weapon system located in the remote bush country of Alaska.

The individuals who are demanding answers about HAARP are scattered around the planet. As well as bush dwellers in Alaska, they include: a physician in Finland; a scientist in Holland; an anti-nuclear protester in Australia; independent physicists in the United States; a grandmother in Canada, and countless others.

Alternative News Net

And who win and who lose, Insurance Companies, The International Monetary Fund will come to the rescue, …Say Again!…Bankers will rescue the devastated Countries, and those countries will need some food to survive..Guess!
MONSANTO comes to the rescue donating infected (Genetically Modified Seeds)…

The base of any species survival reside in the SEED. When we modify the structure of development of its genes we are creating a molecular conflict with its environment and its ability to evolve and adapt to the surroundings that were in place before its modification.
Monsanto have played in this field for quite some times, in its efforts to monopolize the supply of seeds, control its development and future behavior in a specific type of soil, which have also been modified to create the conditions for the new structure to grow.

Monsanto can change the genes of a particular specie of seed, and maybe change the soil where it will be developed, but Monsanto can not possible control all the conditions in the environment; such the weather conditions that are required to create healthy plants, microscopic organisms that by normal natural law live in certain types of soils.

Monsanto More Dangerous than War Itself

China might be the WWIII Winner, if we survive it. Think Again. The Sleeping Giant? After all all the civilized world sent, their manufactures to China, All kind of “Made in China” the Whole World got inundated with electronics, clothing, toys, gadgets, even babies. Now we have a Giant Country that own most of Government Bonds of the Civilized World. We made China Strong, and we all weaken our Countries. And Now What?

Huang Haiyuang, a senior researcher
who has traveled widely in
the West, summarized seven PLA technological
 information operations and warfare
 air and missile technology
 precision guided munitions
 defensive weapon technology
 unmanned aerial vehicle technology
 military space technology
 naval carrier (air-to-ship integration).
China Liberation Army: Looks At The Future
by C H A R L E S F. H A W K I N S

Armageddon! Nope…We The People are The Sleeping Giant…Time To WAKE UP..and Take Control of your Future, or others will do for you.