I am, and will always be – Palestine the Holy Land

I am, and will always be.
Published on Thursday, November 24, 2011 at 9:16am
Palestine Terra Santa
Palestine Old Map

Don’t lecture me sir don’t show me your frown.
I held it up long enough, it withered, and the leaves had fallen down,
since it was part of me, I respectfully lay it down.
I will return it to where it grew from,
to the loving soil that creation started from,
but we’ll be around and never away from,
the land our heritage came from.
I respectfully lay it down.

I held that olive branch but failed to realize,
that they care not what it may symbolize,
weakness they thought, but to me it sure does characterize,
the humane in me they can not antagonize.+9
I respectfully lay it down.

Never try Che’s way, they say,
try Luther’s way Mandala’s or Gandhi’s way,
any which way but no guns, knifes, stones, put them all away,
let go with black or white live safely in the gray,
Keep that branch up, they say,
peace you should foster, for peace you should pray.
I prayed for peace, while piece by piece they snatched my land away.
Finally I realized they want me to end it, as did Hemingway.
don’t lecture me sir,don’t show me your frown,
as I’ve decided to respectfully lay it down.

Negotiate and compromise, more compromise then renegotiate,
meeting here another there, circling the world like a ball of roulette,
an envoy here a commission there, an informative debate,
wait, they say, more constraint, cooperate.
No sir I’m not a bait, and I will not wait,
I have gathered my strength to lay it down,–`
so don’t lecture me sir, don’t show me your frown.

I am done with UN, Nam, EU, and God knows who or what they further fabricate,
I need no G5 or G8 or any other number no matter how great.
I need no Madrid, Oslo, Camp Zion, Wye river, Annapolis, Davos, nor the Quartet.
I am a freedom seeker, regardless of what they insinuate.
My stance stays firm, my identity they can’t abrogate.
So don’t lecture me sir, don’t show me your frown,
I adamantly, yet, respectfully lay it down.

I am not a deck of cards shuffled by a dealer.
I am not a punching bag to a kick wrestler.
I am not a doormat at AIPAC for an election seeker.
I am not a code in FTSE or DOW for a reckless speculator.
I am not a beaten track for every free wheeler.
So don’t lecture me sir, don’t show me your frown,
I obstinately, but respectfully lay it down.

If you haven’t known me yet, and neglected to ask,
I am the source of light that kills the dark.
I am the history since Noah’s ark.
I can be the Phoenix rising with the spark’
still, I am more if you dare to ask.

I am the pillar of the human race.
I am the wrath of God, yet I am the soothing of his grace.
I am the determination you can’t efface.
I am the truth you can’t deface.
I am the smile on a toddler’s face.
I am a mothers love, a fathers brace.
I am the insistence, I am the persistence,
I am the steadfast and the resistance.
I am as pure as the morning dews on green leaves.
I am gentler than a spring’s breeze,
while I am a hurricane that uproots trees.
I have laid it down, so wipe off your frown.

To it, I am bound no more, therefore I will dare,
to, on our martyrs graves, I solemnly swear,
I will not rely on the old red bear,
nor will I rely on the new red flare,
I will not gain my freedom riding an American tank,
I will not seek my liberty under a union jack,
I will not toast my victory sipping champagne or cognac.

I will revolt, and my revolution as me, is genuine,
I’ll get me a strip of leather or a length of twine,
with a sling and a stone, I’ll break their spine’
I’ll free it from Jericho to Hifa passing through Beit Wazan,
from Naqab desert to the planes of Beisan
I will not rest, till I get what is rightfully mine,
every drop of water, every speck of sand, it is mine.
every dale, every hill, every inch of its shoreline,
every Yafa orange tree, every Jaleeli grapevine,
it is mine, never was theirs ,it is mine,
from the river bank to Gaza, it is mine,
the whole, the holy, the land of Palestine.

BY Ghidunfer Durgham.

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