The Only true love is that, which lead to freedom

By Marivel Guzman
I m free of the shadows, that heavy cloak that was blurring my senses,
its down!….is my carpet now.
I’m free to roam again,
free to fly, to smell the air.
I had let love escape,
and had dispersed its scent in every direction
it was not trapped,
that was a delusion..or illusion
broken the imaginary shackles,
do not hurt my senses any more>
Never mind to try to be wise…
hey, won’t work..
no matter to be old, …ha,
what I thought, that older the better! that
would be easier to catch?
what..?….. the danger?…no way.
Am I stronger? who cares,
I will fall again and again..and ….
I will take it as a pleasurable ‘gain’..
more to write in my memoirs,
another lesson to give, to the naive,
to the innocent mind..
that one that still thinks, that love is pink.
Nah, love is painful,
love is powerful,
love is soft, and strong,
love is the colors of the rainbow,
love is like the oak: strong and proud
but also is soft,
like cotton candy: melting in your mouth
sweet and is both.
what am I saying…?
I’m saying, that love is everything,
I’m saying, that LOVE IS LOVE,
enjoy it while you have it,
cry in sorrow, when you lose it,
but something effective,
don’t hold it tightly wrapped,
because love grows,
and wants to break out,…
if it feels trapped.
Enjoy the ride, Me?
I gotten out
I had it, I felt like a princess….
but there was no prince,
lol lol twice, it was a joke, a cruel joke …,
a joker crossed my path..
but, ladies I’m free,
so free that I want to fly…but this time,..
I will take an plane, and I will land in terra firma.
enjoy the joke, enjoy the humor and don’t forget
that we women are survivors.

Free At last

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