The Mother

The Mother Land

You call this Self Defense?

this is a Massacre.

can’t you see?……..

the damage that you’re causing?

you are poisoning the Holy Land,

you are making barren her hills

killing her sons,

and uprooting her trees.

Destruction is not a battle!,

you think,
……….you win?

their blood is sinking in the land,

more warriors are being planted

…………………………..don’t you know?,

….that they will spring out to the light.

growing like the vine,

strong!, with branches full of life

embracing all in their path..

in an immortal bond that feeds and gives

the fruits of dreams,

embracing “The Mother’ branches”,.. as one.

That soil that you’re ravaging,

will come back all green…..

full of life,…… feed by seeds,

as their memory is nectar to the bees

it will be carried like pollen to every corner

to every flower, every tree.

A bullet don’t kill the dreams!,

It makes them stronger to live,

they will come back with all their might

………to embrace that holy place

that you are calling yours…..

Sacred grown is Palestine!.

That land was their cradle,

the crib that rocked their dreams.

Can you hear?,

the wailing of the mothers?

in procession to their graves?

can you hear?

you are killing this generation!

but impregnating the next one to come.


More Beautiful!,

from the fountains of the Eden

new generation, blessed by the angel,

purified by blood.


When they arrive,

what do you think they will do?

Will they use the same madness,

that you used to kill their men?

Will they use the same rage

to make you pay ?

Humiliating their mothers


how you insulted their pain?

Worse that Death,…….

it’s being forgotten.

history is not a story that is told from your side!

history comes to stamp your crimes,

written with blood,

written on the land.


Their trees were witnesses,

you took their roots,

but the seeds were dispersed by the wind

Palestine…..never existed!

… wrote it on your books.

But you lie……The Terra Santa was always here!

Palestine has resisted,

her blood is in your boots!,

can you smell the sweetness in the air?

flowing like honey,

filling the cracks of despair?

But a worse punishment,

that all your people will pay.

worse that death,

is non existence.

erased from the books that you created,

it will be a new history,

where the land; flowing with honey, It’s Palestine.

The blood and the tears of the Mothers

blending in a cocktail of hope

for their sons last wish was;

“to depart kissing her soil.”

The martyrs last breath ,

whispering; “Palestine live forever!”

Viva Palestine,

My blood is my sacrifice,

For you Mother!

Palestine will raise again,

The Mother, The Sons and the Land

The Holy Land, The Terra Santa

Ancient Land, It’s Palestine.

On Friday, June 11, 2010 at 8:28pm

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