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Dear COVID-19, the  lockdown–Love Affair with death.

Originally posted on April 21, 2020

I don’t love you as my friends and followers do. Unlike them, I’m not digging in Google and Facebook for the number of deaths being announced every minute.

I’m not interested in their love affair with death.
They love the rush of adrenalina, when the COVID-19’s meter reaches the maximum punch of the day.

They search day and night in Google, looking for the nurse, taxi driver, maid, plumber, doctor, neighbor, friend of a friend, the niece of their uncle’s ex-wife’s son in-law, who MSM said died from #COVID19.

Your lover’s opinions are as interesting as mine 
But my data analysis is more valuable than your followers’ opinions, in my opinion of course.

Not even in my wildest dream I imagined, that the coronavirus could destroy in 3 months the free thinkers’s path.

Not even all Adelson’s millions deterred us in the not too distance past.
Our resolve with the oppressed in Palestine was stronger than the mainstream media charged headlines.

Even the billions of dollars invested on war couldn’t stop our efforts, to at least try to stop it, ignoring all the govs and MSM’s spin.

But in a few months, the fear of death crept into the subconscious of your followers. They stopped their daily routine, and voluntarily went into a home exile.

They left the warm  conversation with their family and friends in the cafeteria, and exchanged it for a promised government stimulus check.

They switched their modus operandi from social issues and protests, to a energized- browsing of everything with #COVID19’s news.

Your lovers are so invested in your defense that happily  write on their walls, “X, Y, Z who didn’t believe in the coronavirus died today (happy face).”

With an insatiable zeal, they dedicate themselves to publish, what they most repudiated and branded as insolent and incredible: The mainstream news.

My friends, brothers, sisters, colleagues and some family as well, all become the voluntary non-compensated force that patrol Facebook for “dissenters.” “If you believe the #COVID19 is a hoax, please delete me or unfollow me, one of your lovers said to me.

Dear COVID-19, I don’t love you, as I told you before, and I stand my ground against you, and your army of fear-vaccinated-souls (less)
I would rather give advice for the flu. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Take care of your elders. They are weak, fragile, and prone to diseases and falls. Fight the government mandate to isolation, which is a sentence to let them die alone

Rest in Peace, yellow vests, Hong Kong’s protesters, Amazon and water protectors, beggars, homeless, elderly, the poor, pensions, free expression, and friendships.

Marivel Guzman likes investigative reporting and photography. She likes to fish for information and get to the bottom of what is going on. She is very interested in following the money and seeing how public funds are being used. Guzman has worked at Lariat News, Orange Coast Report, and The State Hornet. Remotely she worked as Proof Editor for Baluchistan Red Crescent quarterly magazine. She also volunteers as a photographer for UNRWA in their local events.
She has a political blog for more than 10 years where domestic and international stories are discussed.
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