Nicolas Tesla The Genius

Posted on September 27, 2012

Re blogged from John Garret

Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla was born 156 years ago today – a man WAY ahead of his time. Here is a statement he made in 1896 at the beginning of the progressive education reform movement that ended in the 1950s.

“Gentlemen, there is an influence which is getting strong and stronger day by day, which shows itself more and more in all departments of human activity, and influence most fruitful and beneficial—the influence of the Artist – [the Wayseer]. It was a happy day for the mass of humanity when the artist [the Wayseer] felt the desire of becoming a physician, an electrician, an engineer or mechanician or—whatnot—a mathematician or a financier; for it was he who wrought all these wonders and grandeur we are witnessing. It was he who abolished that small, pedantic, narrow-grooved school teaching which made of an aspiring student a galley-slave, and he who allowed freedom in the choice of subject of study according to one’s pleasure and inclination, and so facilitated development.”
~ Nikola Tesla

50 years later, Cold War anxiety and cultural conservatism repudiated the progressive education reforms Tesla spoke of; reinstating the kinds of school systems he himself dropped out of, because they were literally designed to crush the will of minds like his…

We need to fix things if Tesla’s vision for education is to be a reality. Join the discussion here.

Quote adapted, adding to the original term “the Artist” which was championed by Sigmund Freud’s closest protege Otto Rank to be a personality type we also now refer to as a Wayseer.

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