In Between The LInes

Between The Lines

December 28, 2009 at 7:16pm

by Marivel Guzman
My pain and my sorrow are too great

to be witnessed again.

Poor creatures we are,

when we compare

to the greatness of God.

Pride he gave us.

They Kill……….I kill, you kill.

Where’re we going…?

to continue our journey

in this corridor of tears?

What will we all do?..
We fight?

We yell?
We cry? ..

We stand for Freedom?
We stay silence?
We share the pain?
We die…The warrior said,
with his last breath,

…..and become a Martyr ..
A Martyr!…..All yelled!

What do we have?
everything is gone.

all taken away.
the fall is an eternal sight

in this land,
where the dead

are more alive that we are.

How to fight this war?

when they take our sons,
they take our daughters,

the seed of the future,
severed by no hopes.

The seeds of land,
the seeds of the future

uprooted with rage.

The Creators that gives

The Creator that takes away.
We all seem to agree with that prayer,

The Land of the warrior is the land of the dead.

My prayers are messages of sorrow and pain,

I ask the creator,…Why?

I get no response,
I hear the weeping,

the heart of the Mothers,

are crying their sons..

The blood as a witness,
is the story untold,
don’t keep changing my history

This is the land

where I born.


The leaders are yelling
we saving the Jews,

the whole word is their savior
…pitiful souls!
lies to console,

And they killed Palestine!

they razed all their land,

the trees and the souls.

The message I give you,

is for peace alone,

your weapons are weak..

but your spirit strong,
do not kill your sons

get stronger….
Be fathers,
Be mothers

and the land will be yours,
no bullets, no bombs,
plant again the seed,
and the land forever will live.

Only the peaceful warrior lives to tell the tale!


Hl_ Sebastian und Madonna mit Heiligen

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