In A Blink Of An Eye

Posted on July 20, 2011  on Akashma Online News

by Marivel Guzman

The world is changing rapidly and most of us were taken by surprise, as if we were swallowed by a black hole and come out from the side of reality. We started to behave in ways never thought we could.

For years we were the passive spectators of a never ending-show full of horror, spiced out with wars and conflicts, feed to us in the TV sets.

For years we took the evening news as a the source of information, we tuned the channel just to change the faces and the spiciness of the narrative—We never imagine that all the events, since the most insignificant to the  most important such “breaking news” are all scripted by some lobbyist office, which is shaped and colorized to feed the various audiences.

Believe or not, categorized even by skin color, social status and income cap. All you have to do to prove this point in look CNN US and CNN in other countries.

The religious denominations and educational institutions are also part of this global Truman Show, where the Latino,  black, and low classes sectors are given different flavors to their ‘Commercials’ and invitational educational advertisement options, cleverly planting the seeds of apathy for political and social interest, and more importantly, emphasizing in army careers and short college degrees.

Don’t get surprise to find out that even your local grocery market was full of ‘low’ or ‘high’ quality products depending in which side of the block you live in.

Remember, we are lead by an elite group based in capitalist ideas, where supply and demand rules the world. And in

This world is managed by ‘marketing groups’ ‘insurance companies’ ‘Lobbyist groups.’ It is common knowledge that profit is the motto to the global enterprise of capitalism.

War is a very profitable business as well, so their marketing groups and strategists start early their job; They start with our youth!

Why I think that global governments are the front offices and public relations desks of the multi international corporations?
Why will be interested in investing profits in the education of our children?

If War  renders more dividends to the pockets of their investors.

Since when have you seen that government invests billions of dollars in education for their citizens? Governments will push for policies that benefit the corporations that lobby their congress member and parliaments members.

Educated and informed nation is hard to control. Free education is only possible in places where capitalist policies are not rotten into the mind of their leaders. Free health system is possible in conscious societies.

Governments are pressured by lobbyists groups to under fund education and health and also are pressure to give not billions but trillions of dollars to the ‘War Industrial Complex,’ which on its side protect the interest of the corporations, not the interests of the nations.

The false education system feeds patriotism in the tender minds of our youth.  When they are ripe with fake nationalist ideas, they become easy pray of the war industrial complex–The youth is lured with college grants promises  and other incentives to join the killer machine of the war, but the truth is that just in US, veterans are suffering the economic inequality more than any other group and,  22 veterans take their life every day. Think about it!

But In a Blink of an Eye, millions of people have awaken the reality and more and more every day feel the urgency to awaken the rest.

We need to teach the children what is behind wars, what feeds the wars. Let it be clear, is not the necessity to defend anybody’s  country but to feed that insatiable monster that is the war industrial complex. Our children become the soldiers, the free workers for their empire, our taxes are used to pay for the soldiers’ salaries and the ‘War Complex Enterprise’ gets the profits of the war.

Money doesn’t recognize international borders, once the war’s profits is secure, it is transferred to secure places where they will not be required to pay back to the countries that generate the weapons of war but such profit will tick the pockets of the CEO’s who have official residents in many places of the world. These weapons manufactures owners do not suffer the scolds of war, their kids do not serve in the armies. Think on that!

In the US the Department of Defense is the front office of the enterprise even if their Generals think they are doing something good for their nation. They have been brainwashed in their youth as well.

The US Congress is the back-up assistance of the ‘Enterprise’ where the requests are presented and processed. They’re called BILLS, which are nothing but an stamped paper that over rules our rights as a citizens, rights given to us by our Constitution.

Never forget these Statements

“Peace is the enemy # 1 of Profits”

“An Educated and Informed Society, is an Intelligent Society”

Engineered hunger is the weapon that keeps the population weak, It is designed to entertain the masses in its continuous survival.

War is the worse weapon ever created against humanity, which solely purpose is to create profits and keep humanity divided.

And last, never believe that peace is opposite to war.

Architects of A New Dawn – It is a project founded by Carlos Santana, the legendary guitarist, this shows his inner love for humanity



When you have traveled the world as Santa Ana had, he has seen the ups and down of inequality, he wants to take you into a new journey to unite humanity. He is making a good use of his powerful stardom platform.

AOAND is a project inspired by Carlos Santana to create a new global network, featuring uplifting and positive media content.  He wish to inspire, uplift, engage, and transform the global community through music and positive media and help bring about a world where we choose peace over conflict and love over fear.

Invisible Revolution – On the surface of our world right now – There is war, violence, and craziness – And things may seem dark.

Calmly and quietly, something is happening underground—An inner revolution is taking place  and some individuals are being called to a higher light. It is called consciousness!

The writer is a friend from the Cyber world, a lady of strong commitments and devotion whose heart burns for those who are distressed and are in pain. She is a fighter on moral grounds, her convictions and truth are her only weapons.


  1. June 8, 2012 at 5:21 am

    Yes, yes, a million times yes!I am a motehr. I would love to take my daughter to visit Beirut one day, I heard it is gorgeous. Thinking about everything our neighboring lands have been through, for thousands and thousands of years- so many wars, conquests and bloodshed, but no doubt also communal stories of love, families, sharing and empathy I would love my daughter’s generation to be one of love and cooperation with the people around us. We are nothing but humans born into different nationalities and locations. Lucky us, we have the internet to show for it.Thank you for being open minded enough to let Hariel into your heart. May your story become a guideline for everyone who is seeking love.I certainly do love Lebanon.


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