The Mysteries of Love-Conversations

Posted on July 07, 013 by Akashma Online News

Conversations with Denise Houweling and Friends

Forever your name on my lips
like a whisper in the wind
surrounded by your love
your words lost in my heart
our souls connected like one
hear the echo of your spirit
I let the day just slip away
so the dark night will bring me to you
I let my soul gliding through the stars
riding on the wind
desperate for your love
longing for your touch
filled with dreams and desires
you will find me there waiting for you
we will fly, claim the sky
we don’t have to wonder why
the sky folds around us
eyes closed when you touch me
your breath caresses my face
you kiss me tender
you embraces my heart and soul
so warm and deep
truly and deeply
I know you love me
We have always been together
the memories wash over our soul
Waves of love and pleasure cleansing our soul
gentle breeze between the stars
the wind starting to separate us
I reach out for you
but your soul is drifting away
I want to scream how much i love
but the wind is blowing away all the words
My heart is heavy, my heart is torn.
my tears are yours, your tears are mine
Each splash to the ground
now i know you are my rain
My heart is yours, throughout eternity.
For yours to hold,
For yours to keep.
It has always been.
And even without words,
I know you love me
I close my eyes and let go for now
waiting for the next chance
Search over, our love making us whole
Why oh why, I can’t stay with you?

— with Fatma Ayari, Mahmoud Midoo Ferid, BisSen Corleone and 13 others.

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  • Akashma Marivel Guzman Love is mysterious is all its manifestations, Love the thieve of peace, and knowing that we venture inside the wind.
    How much we wish that simple love be; just a soft breeze that takes us like a Autumn leave.
    But love is adventurous and mischief, and knowing that we go along in the ride of ups and downs.
    Such is love!, because after all; we enjoy every bit of salty tears, because the wound will know how to heal, but only after the wind and the tears.
    Such is love with its mysterious manifestations. Will you accepted in a silver platter without offering the pain first? Because how do you know what peaceful all is, if you have not taste the unsavory before?
  • Akashma Marivel Guzman All the love is poetry, all the pain is poetry Denise we just need to know how to survive all, and make a poetry out of life. To navigate and stir to a safe place where we can find solace to our pain, and find the peaceful moments out of the chaos. Sometimes love is in hidden between the cracks of despair waiting to be found.
  • Denise Houweling I know Marivel, there is love in many ways and we all carry it in our heart and soul, waiting to be shared with this world, shared with the person who is waiting for you to be loved . Sometimes you lose love, and then you need some time to getting healed, but we go on, with all the scares and dried tears, because the heart always finds a way to love again, loving is so many differant ways…
  • Marivel Guzman Sometimes I wonder, if love is self sacrifice for some people or if we become victims of Love. Can that be possible? be trapped inside the prison? or is not love at all? but a self inflicted wound that can not heal until we tune ourselves to the right frequency of love. The person really is not the important but the soul inside, it might be wondering in a different realm. I explore all the possibilities to try to find sense to the riddle that is love.
  • Denise Houweling I think love will always stay a mysterie, and no matter if we’re victims of love or not, we can’t survive without it. It’s our whole existence, we’re living and breathing it from the moment we’re born. Without love we would turn in empty souls, with cold dark hearts. But i think also that humans are longing to much to be loved, in the first place you must learn to love yourself before you are ready to give yourself away, we search to much and fast for that one person we belong to while it’s just a journey to follow, where we will learn and grow from and in the end will find the right person to share your life with.
  • Khaled Jadibi beautifull poem, your words takes us in to your heart and soul, thanks for sharing these amazing words
  • Marivel Guzman I have the same philosophy, that we must love ourselves before we know how to love others, and that more I love myself more love I find around and more love I m able to give. But again in our journey to find the love, we feel trapped in our own ego, trying to fulfill our journey we stumble upon and we equivocate the feelings, how we really know when is the end of our journey?, do we keep inflicting pain unintentionally and self inflicting pain until when? Are We like bees sucking in every flower just fullfilling our journey? there have to be purpose to every relationship, right? and in that we feed our ego telling ourselves that all is part of the path? Are we being selfish in a sense? knowing deep inside what love is, and how love should feel?
  • Dana Swifty wooooow u rock in writting grl
    I really like it aloooote..such beautifull words..deep words ^ ^
    Thax 4 the Taaaag
  • ChãDøu Chälbi wow I’m outta words to say to u Oo
  • Marivel Guzman Denise you have not respond to the invitation..I did sent it..since the last time we converse in here. check your email … we need to publish your sentiments, all we write must be food for others, they might find consolation in our words, or the…See More
  • Denise Houweling But i didn’t recieved your invite Marivel!!!! So please send it again so i’ll know what and how to do it
  • Driss Karim I LIKE it…………………….^^
  • Ahmad Abo Hameda Always needing to be near you, just can’t stay away
    One thing that makes me smile is being in your embrace
    Contentment within my soul each and every day
    Always needing to be near you, just can’t stay away
    Eyes sparkling each time we begin to play…See More

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