Hell on Earth – How Christians had to evacuated their house

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Akashma Online News
Damascus, Syria July 04, 2012

Maya Nasser killed by sniper fire
covering events in Damascus,Syria
September 26, 2012

Maya Naser wrote:
Eventually; I made it to my friend’s house in Hamiydyeh, his house was near the Church of Holy Girdle of St Mary in Homs, the Church was vandalized, the building itself hadn’t been hit by cannon shelling – No big holes – rather than gunshots and RPGs traces on the walls.
Garbage was almost covering the main gate of the Church, and I saw armed civilians inside the main yard.

I hadn’t notice any militias’ checkpoints, yet two bearded armed men with few kids surrounding them were at the corner of the street.
I didn’t find a place to park the car, wreckage was piled on the street right side, so I had to stop the car in middle of the very narrow street, came down from the car, locked it and headed to my friend’s building when out of a sudden I heard someone screaming:
“Hey! you; where do you think you are? And where are you going you son of B^tch?”
I looked over my shoulder to find a 12 maybe 13 years old kid with an AK-47 on his shoulder – it’s as tall as he is – talking to me.
I am going upstairs to my cousin’s house. I answered while my tone sounded sarcastic when I saw the kid.
He looked at me saying: your ID **** calling me insulting names!
I gave him the ID; he took a glance at it and looked at me saying: are you Christian?
Yes I am. I answered.
“Wait here till the boss arrives.” He said.
Few minutes later, another kid, probably 16 or 17 had arrived, took my ID asking the small kid, is he Christian?, I jumped on the answer saying yes I am.
“I am not asking you *****, when I address you, you answer.” He screamed at me.
Yes sir, as you wish. I answered
The 12 years old kid answered, “He’s Christian as appears from his name, not to mention he has just “admitted””
Why are you here? The older kid asked me.
I am in my way to my cousin’s house, he wants to leave the area and I am picking him up. I answered.
Wait here till the big boss arrives. The older kid said
While I was waiting the “big boss” I heard one of the kids – the older one – telling the other how he and large group of his “brothers” – as he called them – attacked an army checkpoint the night earlier and killed bunch of them.
He was telling details that scared me personally, including burning one soldier alive when they captured him. The other 12 years old was smiling and chanting Allah Akbar (God is Great) saying those Alawites deserve this.
I interrupted the conversation saying in a very smooth tone, but they are not all Alawites, some of them are Sunni, and some others are Christians and Druze, I personally have been stopped by couple of checkpoints from Eastern Syria (Dier Elzor) as appeared from their language, the older kid looked at me saying:
“why would they fight with the Army, they deserve to be slaughtered with a sword, Alawites are all Godless and infidel, and those who support them are all the same.”
When we overthrow Assad – the 16 years continues – we will force Sharia rules on those who aren’t “Muslims” including killing their men and enslaving their women, we will also punish those Muslims who didn’t stand by us particularly Damascus residents who kept letting us down repeatedly.10 minutes had passed, middle age guy with a long beard and black shirt holding an RPG along with rifle on his shoulder, came “Why your relative wants leave the area?” asked me.
“I don’t know, he just asked me to pick him up and here I am?” I answered while shivering.
“Do you have your baptism document from Church” He asked.
“No, I don’t, I didn’t know I would need it to begin with” I answered.
“How can I guarantee you are not Alawites or Ismailist, or even Durzi” the man asked me
“I don’t know how you can find out, but My Name is Maya and I am Christian, I am also capable to read you parts of the bible” I answered.
“Okay you are free to go up.” He said, turning his back and talking to the radio.
20 minutes later, my friend and I were packing his staff in the car, when interrupted by the same old armed man.
Why are you leaving? The armed man spoke directing his question to my friend.
You announced few days ago via loud speakers, that all Hamiydyeh residents – who hadn’t fled the area yet – shall either leave their houses to go to their villages, or every group of families to assemble in one building because you will bring refugees to inhabit our houses! My friend answered.
Okay, you have 10 minutes to leave the area. The armed man said while walking away.My friend went up to his house, calling for his kids and his wife to go down, in the meantime, I turned on my car and waited for few minutes until my friend’s family jumped into the car.
Our direction was Tartous City, and same obstacles in my way into Hamiydyeh, were faced in our way out
However; Two hours later, my friend and his family are officially displaced, another life is waiting for them, not less easy but sure it’s more secure, as he expressed it the best “Now I can sleep knowing my kids will not be slaughtered or been taken captives”
Maya Nasser was targeted assassinated, this is one of his latest interviews
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