Palestinian Artisan

By Marivel Guzman

Palestinian Artisan- Art from  Bil'in ♥

Palestinian Artisan- Art from Bil’in ♥
Photo by Haitham Khatib

The artisan is in every hand that crafts.

Some people craft dreams,

and make them fly with the wind.

The poems are dreams that inspire to fly.

My lady artisan of baskets,

is the hand of the dreamer;

that without secure future still make her baskets,

looking her hands and not the bleak reality

that hunt her surroundings

I salute the Palestinian women

you never stopped dreaming of a Free Palestine.

your wrinkled hands are the best example of time,

never deterred by the silence of death

that comes in waves to her land.

The Palestinian Art is vivid with colors;

The red of the blood, the green of Olives trees

All converging as one.

Thousands years of tears, can not

stop Palestinian’s hands from

Crafting new Dreams.

I say to this beautiful lady,

I give you my poem, my love, and a smile

:)Viva Free Palestine.

Marivel Guzman © 2012

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