Good bye Gaza, Good bye 3 miles short line

by Marivel Guzman

Dedicated to all Palestinians that forced by the occupation, have to leave their land.

Gaza is dissipating…
it’s being forgotten……..
………….. like a dream
Allah! give me peace,

I want to bury the hatchet,
put behind the war,
scripted violence,
the shrapnel of hate,
the bombs wrapped on ribbons of mislead history
spiced by Shakespearean grandeur.

I want peace,
I do not want to fight any
more, my mind is exhausted,
my arms weight a ton of sling shots,
symbolic rocks, and zip-tie handcuffs
victory signs that only feed my soul.

I m tired to look for venues,
I m dragging my feet,
…..marking new paths.
the sounds are dimming,
time is stretching my reality
to new horizons, my land become
a thinner line blurred with tears
do not fall and consumed in the eyes,

The sonar bombs,
the Apache helicopters,
the f16s, the children’s cries,
the crumbling buildings,
the ambulance’s roar,
…….everything is getting dimmer,
I can not heard the sobbing any more.

I m forgetting the wrinkles of the old,
the aunts, the uncles, the neighbors,
the dog’s bark, all it is a memory ,
like a photo saved in my hard drive.
All the old life is being left behind.
Gaza’s sterile waters,
waves pacified by the 3 shore limit line.

I leave your waters to bless others,
I want to stir to another direction
another place that welcome me like a son.
My heart is aching, my departure hurt
my pain is drilling my soul,

I’m inhaling the last breeze,
Allah receive my prayers,
I give you my tiresome,
Please, you give me hopes.

Gaza, my beloved Land, I promise to come back.
Now, I”m looking, I putting together my shattered life.
Gaza, I promise to be stronger, I promise to come back.
Gaza is in my heart, my Gaza, Palestine.

Gaza 3 shore limit line

Omar A M Kareeym, -Gaza, Palestine

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