Why We Write

Why We write?

For many years I have felt the necessity to help people.
We are inclined to think that helping comes only as Aid: feeding the poor, or providing shelter to the needed, but not necessarily, there are other ways.

Written the history unfolding right in front to our eyes is another way to help others. Our views of stories are important to balance the official story. Now in the days of the internet, we have the advantage to distribute the news instantly.

Reading to elderly or children is a type of help that can be appreciated, but this is only temporally help, if the lecture does not comes from a good book that can transmit the knowledge.

Picking the right book to share that can help the readers to raise awareness specially in the children when they are susceptible to ‘learning’.

What is awareness anyway?

We live in a congested world, crowed with technology, busy cities, polluted oceans, polluted skies, corrupt politician, world ravaged by wars, religious conflicts, dis-easies, and what are we doing? … We are doing nothing because we become uncomfortably numb to the misery of others, indifference has invaded our souls. We are too busy, life is passing by and we barely notice, for cry loud is 2008 already, we are getting old. What happened with our dreams? our Plans? Our kids had grown up.

We didn’t have time, gosh.. time went flying.

We were too busy, worrying about fashion, specials in the store, black Friday, inventory sale, what we will buy for Christmas to our kids, what we will wear tomorrow, we were too busy to realize that our life was going inadvertently, the TV kept us “informed”our kids were “entertained” and “educated”.

All that means that we were unaware of our surroundings we were in autopilot, running a program, assembled by the programmer.

Snap out… wake up… you.. yes you “You still have time”

Do you notice now?

I want to help you, I’m writing for you, I’m writing to you.

I m just an ordinary citizen and I m not a politician, I m not a writer, I m not an English Professor but still I like to write what I understand of what I read and live.

It is a necessity that I have to communicate what I know, what I feel, what I witness, what I share with others.
I feel the pain of others, the cry of mother earth, the calling of the stars, the calling of our brothers and sisters because they also want to help you, because they care.

I m not a writer, so I use a simple word, the language of the ordinary citizen of the world. Fancy words is not my style, I do not want to impress anyone but to give my feelings, my inner thought. That’s All
Being in contact with nature is a good start.

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