Inseparable Twins

Poem by Marivel Guzman

Jun 14, 2010

Inseparable Twins

The Land and her Sons

Anguish and sadness,

Excruciating pain,





Gathering memories

close to your heart

to take them with you

in your journey.


Are you afraid to say…

the last good byes?


Behind you’re leaving

your Mother Land.

You want to escape

to run, to explore other horizons.


You’re fighting your shadows.

your mind.

Fighting your darkest torment;

the ghost of your past,

the shadows of the present…

don’t cry.


Leaving your mother behind

it is part of life.

leaving your cradle

it is not a crime.

having to leave your dreams


your bed,

your friends,

It’s part of life.


The sons of the mother

are missing her breath,

her worries,

her endless advises,

the kitchen’s spices

and her lovely hands.


Although with pain

you need to abandon

your beloved soil….

with your fits

close to your heart,

yelling in profound silence,

you ask!

(The sons speaking to the Land)


What had you given me?……

death, misery and blood!?


(The Land talking)


Oh Dear Beloved

sons of this land,

uncertain future awaits you,

I understand that.

You want to live,

you want to fly,

but the ties to this land

and the guilt of your absence

are spears in your heart.


The distance is promising;

as a poisonous arrow,

but your soul is free

to decide.

My sons you should know

that victory is not given

to barren hands.

rivers of blood had feed

this thirsty land,

but is never enough

to quench the thirst of the war.

the bones of the martyrs

in humble sacrifice

had given their everything

along with their blood

and their memories

are sank in the land

they are free and

happy they Rest in Peace,

they already claimed their

piece of land making this

soil a holy land.

Now you go now and add your story

We will travel together, remember.

we are all Palestine.

Are you Longing to return

already my son?

But you have  not even


this Land that saw you

playing  and crying

it’s the same!

I know this is a

tormented soil

hearing the thunder,

the bombs

remembering your mother pots in the kitchen,

and your brothers laughs,

It’s the same

leaving the sorrows and pains

and the memories

inside heart is the same.


Your cries and laughs

all are blended in time!

Remember my sons you wrote this story:

in every hill,

in every hole,

in every grave

in every tree. even the

mist the blows in the morning,

it was part of you.

The light the gives life,

is all your story.

You are every where.

My sons:

you exist.

In the Nowhere; that part of everything

That sees,

and touches,

everything that moves

growing and penetrating…

in the landscape of this land,

your joy and pain,

it’s the same

It feels like one,

My sons:

you want to go

and conquer the world

but that wound in your heart

that creeps

and grows like the vine,

It is nostalgia!

Take it with you my son


ride the winds,

touch the other side

that we are the same


like sea and dirt

We are the same!


(Narrator speaking)

Like Mahmoud Darwish,

using his pen and soul,

to give his message

with angel wings to the world

writing emptiness in the sky

he won your heart, and my heart

See, it’s the same.


(Mother land speaking)

Mi memories will live in you

Inside your flesh,

running through your blood,

being here or,

being there.

I embrace you the same.


My sons be gone, grow wings, fly;

that this land will always be here

Will always be yours,

because you are not departing,

you are just moving to the

other side,

but still you and me

are the same.


(Narrator speaking)

This poem of love

will always survive,

the pain of the mothers.

Their memories

will be there with you

with your sou,l in your flesh,

But, that grief that you feel now

will be joy,

when you  pray.

Every time your forehead

touches the ground;

All the laughs, memories, pains,

will be blend as one.

In that moment

of meditation,

when you raise your vibration

Be happy, Be One with Palestine.

Time will give you

that sought peace

no more battles,

no more bombs,

See, your story is rewritten

You win!

Peace be with you,

You deserve it

Behold that though because

when you feel Free!

Palestine will be Free,

because we are  one

Mother, sons and Land

We are the same.


(Mother land speaking)

I will be in your ‘dreams’

when you return to this mount of soil;

My essence will give you warm.

Hold that thought, it will give you

food for you soul.

The ancestral ties

always be here my sons,

they are always yours.


Your Land is Palestine

continuous terrain

that connects us all around,

don’t cry, don’t fear

just touch the ground,

It’s all sacred,

it is the mystery of life

That connects us all.


Love is with you,

As soul and heart

you are dirt

you are part of this land

because you are Palestine.

We are Inseparable twins

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