Syria; the Cradle of Contradictions-Maya Naser

Posted on September 26, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Damascus, Syria, Julio 7, 2012
Maya Naser wrote:

Maya Nasser killed by sniper fire
covering events in Damascus,Syria
September 26, 2012

To begin my article, I’d like to ask my readers to examine the following paragraph quoted from the National newspaper.
“CAIRO // An Egyptian university student was fatally stabbed as his girlfriend looked on, after three suspected Islamic militants confronted the couple in a park and said they should not be together if they were not married, security officials said yesterday.”
Syria; the Cradle of Contradictions
In Syria we are the result of a Maroni marriage of a Mediterranean cultures, our society can be described as anything except being one color community, or even two. We have the Muslims of all cults and factions (Sunni with at least 4 factions, Shia, Alawites with at least 3 factions, Ismaili, Murchidis, Druze…), Christians are no exception when it comes to Syria, (Maronites, Jacobins, Nestorians, Protestant. Catholics, Romans)
In my country, you can’t kill two people for walking in the street under Shria law, unless of course you divided the state into cantons and separated communities the same as the west did in Lebanon, or displace all the Christians and other Muslim minorities into other states, similar to the Iraqi case.
In my country; most of us still enjoy dancing, singing, gatherings, and discussing life matters of all kinds without killing each other or expiation each other.So far; all attempts to transform Syria to another Iraq, or Libya or even Saudi Arabia have failed, and no matter how much the west sends Al Qaeda fighter to my country, apparently we will continue enjoying our life and I will keep holding my girlfriend’s hands in the streets, I will not be anyone but this Syrian Man who shares his life with Syrians no matter what gender or religion they are.
Few days ago, my friend passed by me asking me to go to a charity party, I answered, “we are mourning our fellow Syrian lives every day, and you are asking me for a party?!!!”
She smiled at me saying, we will not die sad, and we will not be imprisoned by terror, I am going and you will be my date whether you like it or not.
Frankly; I admit I was honored to be invited for this ballet party for kids, I had the opportunity to watch the beauty of Syrian boys and girls dancing, singing and laughing, reminding me that I am non but 7000 years state citizen who will never accept Wahhabism, or K.K.K or any other radical name to control my life.
This small party was just another example of true Syrians.  Syrians who want to escape the fundamental killings, and the sectarian cleansing.
Kids were not only rich; they were middle class from different religious backgrounds, coming all to a Catholic Church to perform for public.
I don’t know what the kids where thinking, but I know they were not trying to dazzle the Syrian administration, or to express their support to this political party or that militia’s fighter.
The Kids were dancing like flying angels, don’t know or maybe don’t care that local & international media isn’t covering them, because they are busy raging wars and killings.
Those beautiful angels were dancing on a theater belongs to the Catholic Patriarchate “Olive Church” in Damascus
A church lies in the folds of the oldest inhabited city in the history of mankind.
You walk into the Church main gate, a big yard with beautiful view ahead of you; a smiley man is waiting, directing you to go the theater location.
Wide stairs, lead you to the second floor, too many people are going upstairs, a man with his wife laughing about their little kid nervousness, and how they tried to calm her down.
Veiled lady telling her friend how much her daughter worked hard on the dress, a dress with a Syrian flag on it, describing the little girl passion of the colors Syrian flag is made from.
While my friend and I were going upstairs step by step enjoying those small talks and smiles every time we hear a father or a mother speaking about their child.
Few seconds passed, we are at the second floor, the theater was crowded, kids were training on the great Tchaikovsky music the “Swan lake”
The theater was living action, you wouldn’t be able to stop smiling, stop sensing the beauty of each corner, stop watching kids making mistakes after mistakes but they wouldn’t give up, they’d rise again and try again and again until they got it right.
For a moment I thought, this is how we all should be, perhaps I should bring the fighting parties here, and maybe, just maybe they can learn what it means to be a real human.
Two Hours passed by, the party was over; but that sense of beauty would never be over, nobody on earth can take from those kids their happiness.
The Saudis can keep sending their radical killers here, the west can keep threatening Syrians with sanctions but no one will ever be able to touch those kids spirit.
And as for me, those kids have taught me the meaning of being Syrian, the meaning of being human and the meaning of being God’s Children, believers name them the way you want my dear reader, that will not change the fact.
Syrian Girl Partisan interviewed Maya Nasser three weeks before he was murdered. Maya RIP
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