Posted on October 04, 2012 on Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

“Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free and…realizing you where the prisoner…” Denise Howeling

Conversations with Denise Howeling.

When I felt in love I lost the key to my free will, The heart took over my mind, and for long time I could not live happy as it suppose to be when you are in love.
I forget that reciprocity is the real key to a healthy and loving relationship.
But time is the master and the healer of the heart, and regardless of my stubborn heart that insisted on keeping that door closed, even pretending that was broken and could not be let out, time has proven to be the real locksmith and has fixed that rusty lock…
🙂 ♥ and not only the heart is healed but love is free, free again to roam.
Isn’t it mysterious that this emotion that can lead us to do great things also can lead us to a dark tunnel of incomprehension and depression?
We are free to love or not to love, but this expression is not always true.

Love can imprison us that same way that can liberate us.
How to know when it is truth love or illusion?

Hard question that can not be easy answer.. Only living the experience we would be able to explore the answear. But we can not rush to the end, because sometimes the lessons are tedious, painful, beautiful or long and boring. Sometimes we want to see the end of the story…

No way!…

I m sorry there are no short cuts..
Something very sure! Every lesson for painful or beautiful that be, will leave a lasting print in our heart.
Free at last! I found the light at the other side of the tunnel. ♥ ♥ 🙂
Denise Houweling, we can say that we are survivors.
I leave you with this poem
The Simple Life

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