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Trump still the US president

The New World Order Aka the United Nations vote this week to remove mariguana from “dangerous substances,” and the Democrats followed the lead.
Isn’t it something that a sovereign nation is almost taking orders from the UN?
“The U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs voted this week to remove marijuana and marijuana resin from the category of the world’s most dangerous drugs, paving the way for additional research opportunities.”
Why now?
Not that I’m against that mariguana being decriminilized, but its rather odd that congress is doing this now, when there is some much chaos in the country.
US is involved in vote fraud court cases, regardless if mainstream media try to hide the facts. Then the unnecessary lockdowns with a failed economy driving the country into a crash.
Is it some sort of diverting strategy, or the fact that nine months after the lockdown started, Congress isn’t passing a stimulus check for the people?
It begs the question, why Nancy Pelosi completely disregard President Donald Trump, while talking of present issues, and instead referers to the elected President Joe Biden, when the house is still in session and Trump is still the president.


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