The Extremes of Life

By Marivel Guzman
The extremes of life
Having too little or wanting to much!
To which end do you belong?
To the extreme left, or to the radical right?
Are you poor, rich or middle class?
Do you eat every day, or at least once?

What do you expect for tomorrow?
A day of work, or good luck?
Can you help to fix our world?
Or you just an spectator
observing through a comfortable glass
Take your share, and share the rest
There is no time to earn too much
All the excesses are bad
don’t add your share to the extremes of life

Life is short and time goes by
don’t waste it with extremes
take little and share too much

🙂 ♥ 🙂 Try to have a good day

© Marivel Guzman 2013

Hamdi Ferchichi

Hamdi Ferchichi

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