Remember Libya & Ghadafee

Posted on November 01, 2012 by Akashma Online News
Original Publication October 26, 2011

Libya and Gaddafi: setting the record straight

The following video, by an anonymous author, has circulated virally on the internet. It presents irrefutable facts which paint an image of Col Muammar Ghaddafee’s regime diametrically opposed to what has systematically been conveyed by the NATO-subservient media.

Eloquently entitled “Remember Libya & Ghaddafee: The Truth you are not supposed to know,” the enormous attention galvanized by this video is a sign of the mounting outrage as public opinion opens its eyes to the fabrications and lies foisted on them under the guise of protecting Libyan civilians against the invented crimes of the Libyan leader.

More importantly, it reveals what the NATO bombing campaign really set out to destroy.




This is the reaction by someone, simply named Jean, upon discovering this video and the truth about Libya:

Stephanie posted this video (…) and I could not let the opportunity pass to share it with you. I’ve been waiting until I got home and had the time to do so. Way back in March when NATO started their offensive, I shared an article by Ellen Brown in which she shared many of these truths and suggested that they were going after Gaddafi for reasons other than what we were being told: he would not permit a central bank (read Federal Reserve) in his country, and he did not use the dollar to sell oil.

Gaddafi was able to do so much for his people simply because he did not permit a central bank. How is it that as soon as the Libyan rebels began to move, they formed a central bank? To my mind, that is pretty sophisticated thinking. Who was really behind the formation of this bank and the so-called rebels? As the spigot to the Illuminati funds was gradually being shut off, was it their intention to steal Libya’s gold – and keep right on going? How many people in this country of mine are aware of these facts? Are they aware that our taxes are not used for us? Instead, all our taxes do is pay the interest on our debt to the Federal Reserve!

At the time of the invasion – let’s call it what it was – I also posted an article by an ‘insider’ at the time, who stated unequivocally that the Lockerbie bombing had been contrived to ‘get’ Gaddafi. It was a setup, pure and simple. If I can find the time today to dig up these articles:


Convicted Lockerbie “Criminal” maybe not guilty

Magrahi was convicted of the Lockerbie Bombing and when evidence surfaced that could be used in his defense in his appeal, “He was free under humanitarian reasons”
“Forgiving him, I am facing my God very soon,” Megrahi says. “I swear I have never been in his shop or buy any clothing from his shop. I swear with my God, which is my God and his God as well, I swear I have never been in his shop or buy any clothing from his shop.

Gaddafi may not have been the epitome of a ruler, but he did not invade countries on pretexts and lies and kill millions of people, as our government has done – a fact that fail to mention when they speak harshly of Gaddafi. If his people wanted him to go, they should have been the ones to see to it, not NATO, an organization which is trying to become the policeman of the world. Maybe the time of people like Gaddafi is finished on this planet, but surely, it is long passed the time for those controlling our own government to go!


Ghadafee Defiance after 20 years of UN and US Sanctions

Gadhafi defiant after 20 years of not bending to US-UK-Israel rule. The man that stood alone against the giants with the dreams of creating a Unifying Greater Africa. The African Puppets made kings exchanged their dignity for crowns, and a bad society.

These clowns were the laughing stock of the media for years, but Gaddafi with his dialect that refuse to change for English and his very peculiar speeches never gave up to the West.

He used billions of dollars over the years to support the resistance around the world, he knew that without resistance his dreams will die with the fighters. Palestine, Scotland and other countries received great support from the coffers of Libya, the African countries got hands full of Libya money but they never appreciated the gift.

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