by Marivel Guzman

First was the Word!
That Master Creator,
The original thought,

The Artist, the Craftsman
The Voices…. The Inside!
The Inner creator!

The Word! is the source;
Of all inspirations,..
The Word is creation?,
The Word is the Source!

The Magic sculptor of thoughts…and Ideas!

The craft maker of poems,
The inventor of thoughts

The Source that you feel
We all call it Love…
The magical power
That we all have inside,

The spiritual Force that uplift us…
And keep us from falling….
but strong as an Oak

The Word is Spirit!……. A Ghost?

The Word is the magical scepter
That guide us, and feed us
spiritual force invincible
Indivisible….. God!..Is The Word!

Marivel R Guzman © 2010

By: Marivel Guzman

Sunset, Ecstasy!

by Marivel Guzman

I love my sunsets..It’s cold breeze,
It’s soft light..It’s soft touch,
Penetrating! Biting! Tasting! my skin.
I Love my sunsets……….It’s rays
It’s softness, Fondness!
As enamored lover,
with rush but tender
and affectionate love

I love my sunsets,
The waves of the ocean,
its sparkling light…..
Vibrating….as music!
Like angels in heaven
quietly! Whispering
a soft lullaby.
I love my sunsets,
Rocking my dreams, exalting
My senses in pure Ecstasy!
Dreaming with Peace
Dreaming with love
Transporting me,
To another dimension.
Another world!..
Away from here,
Another Space!..
Away from there
Floating… To the far away corner
The unlimited……… the Nowhere!
Oh! sensation of wholeness…
don’t let it go!
That essence…..It’s me
I’ m part of the cosmos,
The sunset involves me
I am not longer me.
I love my sunsets
It’s enigma!, It’s magic!
electrical bonding,
magnetic attraction…that hold me
Just there!…..Immobile!
Just there! Admiring
Contemplating in awe
I have to surrender,
Oh!………. Almighty
You always evolving!
You’re never the same,
Sensation of pleasure
Soft strokes! ……Of delight!
My sunsets are precious
It’s lights are divine!
My pores are absorbing
Every atom of you
And my eyes are fixed
On the horizon.. Enjoying!
The last drop of.. you.
I love my sunsets ..
As I love me
I Love my sunsets
As I love you
My Love is Eternal,Soft! Wise!
As aged fragrance bottle!
That kept her timeless aroma,
When my essence had perish
Leaving nothing to touch,
I’ll leave you….. my story,
My sunsets! My Light!
My Pleasures! Delights!
I’ll leave you..My Memories
My Messages of Peace
Things to Remember
That I existed on Earth
I love my Sunsets
With It’s changing Moods,
From yellows to orange
And hues of red
The red flame of passion
velvet sensation
that runs all thru me
I Love my sunsets..
And I want you, To love them too!
In an unselfish gesture
I share them with you
When your feet rub the sands
On a far away beach
And you watching the sunset
Remember this Poem
It’s Mad…It’s Silly…
Just Like your dreams.

This Poem is for you:
The Lovers of Nature,
The Lovers of Love

Marivel R Guzman © 2010
February 2, 2010, 6:28 pm


by Marivel Guzman

The only place where you can dream

is in your mind.

You can build castles of light,

and travel into the absolutely

nothingness of a fantasy land.

Nothing can stop you from dreaming

with being an angel in paradise,

or being the dreamer that hold life

in the palm of his hand.

Dreaming is having the power

to make a better future

and plan it well ahead of time.

Welcome to my world.

where dream and the dreamers

meet and enjoy a better life.

I always wonder when is my next trip

When I will be in dreamland?

Sweet Dreams and do not forget

to take the keys of reality

maybe you need to come back.

Monday, November 15, 2007 at 1:29am

Marivel R Guzman © 2007

Braking Free

by Marivel Guzman

Braking free from the old life,

flying away like the dove,

without looking back..

crossing the immensity of the skies .

feeling free of the old pains that do not hold well in the heart.

Painful memories better left behind..

looking only forward never ever looking back..

fly away my white dove,

feel free to explore other lands

take your message of love

breath the freshness of the new land

always enjoying the times,

always changing

always moving braking distance away from past.

Thursday, January 6, 2007  at 5:42pm

Marivel R Guzman © 2007


by Marivel Guzman

We ride the winds

and navigate without compass,

We found ourselves

at the shores of incomprehension

of the great mysteries of existence,

in our impossible power

to move even a grain of sand,

or in awe and wonderment

for our ability to create

the greatest storm in this sea of life ,

with something so abstract and

untouchable thing call LOVE,

that gives us the power

to conquer the most hostile of the worlds.

We keep giving love

and hope for a more harmonious world.

We still forgive and seek peace

for this fragile world.

The complexities of this world

become simpler when we stay simple,

humbly offering our little something,

the only thing that can liberate our souls

and feed our spirit.

The LOVE frequency creeping

in every speckle of light

like heavenly sparkles

that reach every corner and nest inside the heart.

Marivel R Guzman © 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010 at 8:16am

Hopelessly Hopeful

by Marivel Guzman

Contemplating the pain,
I felt the pain hurt,
as a burning thorn,
as an infuriated rose.

Wanting to dulcify the injury
with the honey of my soul,
bitter salty rivers
of tears sprouting out.

The scavenging terror
had eaten from my womb,
that was always immense,
always eternal.

I have felt the others pain
fluttering with anguish,
asking to the sky Mercy!, Have
Not found what he looks for?.

On the bloody Meadows,
flies the angel of madness
drinking of your breath
feeding from your dwelling.

I Feel your pain
stabbing, with out stopping
I feel it in the air
deep fear,

I have drunk from the bitterness,
I have tasted your rudeness,
I ate my sadness,
and give you my caress.

Rest on my blossom
drink from my soul,
there is abundance
respite, solace

Take refugee in my soft veil
cover your open wound
I am the flower’s honey
waiting for the bee

by Marivel Guzman Jun 22, 2010


on Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 11:27pm

When our heart is hurt,
the expression are words,
like blood, slowing bleeding the pain
the spirit will rest
when the pain have exhausted
the thorns that had wounded it.
Words and Tears
are the only weapons to fight grief.
I do not know any other way to survive,
the storm of a wounded,
like bull ready to charge,
Rebelling in fury,
wetting the pillows at night,
and meeting the longest nights,
when your tears are dry,
the heart refuses to talk,
in horrid silence
that kills the essence of love,
write your sorrows down,
using the tickets blood
from what left from your heart.
The angels playing far in the distance
sparkling notes of hope,
I see them shine in dance disperse,
but won’t reach my soul,
Reaching with my last breath,
braking in thousands pieces,
I feel that I don’t feel any more,
the pain is gone, the storm is calm,
and I’m ready to live again.
As soon as I wake up
The heart aches once more
Another Endless night starts all over again.

Marivel R Guzman © 2010


by Marivel Guzman
On Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 10:50pm

At the Seven Day,
the heavens split
in spirals of lights
swirling across the universe,
where the alpha and omega
are bonded as one…

The beginning and ending
Was the Word, of The Lord
in an explosion of life,
evolution unraveled
The Mystery of everything exploded
And Creation Began

Marivel R Guzman © 2010

Loving the Pain

by Marivel Guzman

Wednesday February 01, 2012 at 7:02 am

I want to live the simple life,
no rush, no pains, no Love!
I tell my heart to rest a bit,…
but he has a race with time,

With every beat he does,
he lives another moment,
with every pain he takes,
he seems to energize.

MY heart is bleeding,
is dripping love drop by drop,
and love is feeding hope inside,
it never ceases to fill the quote

Tic Tac tic tac tic tac,
My time is running,
I have to live another moment,
this heart of mine is in a rush

With wisdom in his words
and a very big smile,he tells me
The simple life exist
Because of Love

Marivel R Guzman © 2012

My Other Half

by Marivel Guzman

On Tuesday February 08, 2012 at 2:30am

Where are you Love?,
I need your warm,
I want to hear the whispers of your voice.
Where are you Love?!,
I miss your presence in my life.
I tried to forge another hope,
I tried to call in other names,
but Love is not a costume dress that I can change.
Where are you Love?
I need you to come tonight.
The piercing shout of my pain,
will keep me awake if you don’t come..
Where are you Love?
I need to embrace your name again,
to snuggle up your heart next to mine..
I kn0w you come,
I know you miss my voice touching your ear,
I know that life is half without my touch,
I know you come,..I m feeling warm again tonight. ♥
Love is not Love if does not have the other half.

Marivel R Guzman © 2012

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