Incognito Time! Interlude to Love

By Marivel Guzman
Incognito Time!
Interlude to Love

The compass of time,
brings serenity at last.
Not set on stone,
to be death or alive,
as ions it felt
………I have survived!.
From childhood
I choose
…that remained buried all.
Time is pressing my heart
I’m refusing the call,
Love ONLY,
..I want to summon into mind.
I swear! the Blue of the Velvet Sky
Be my witness, behold..
That Reminiscence of loss and pain,
….I forgot!.
Time has passed and here I’m,
trying to live..and survive
As the sun every morning
the dark night fights
I Survived! I survived!
That for Love I Recon!
that My love is divine

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