I love Myself

By Marivel Guzman

I dedicate this poem to my sweet friend Denise Houweling

Unicorn eating Baby blue eyes

I love myself with no limitations,
I love myself without fears
of being judged easy.

I do not want emotional traps
that keep me bonded.
bonded to what?
to absolutely worthless nothing!….
nothings that hurt like paper cuts.

No, No!,
I want to see thunderstorms that remind me
that, there is danger with the light,
I love warnings telling me
that, the thunder is about to strike.

I don’t want blue unicorns, or colorful butterflies,
I want a centaur that hold me by his side
to undress me softly,
to discover the half animal  that I have inside
love me with the tenderness of the dandelion
and with the anger of the hurricane.

Do not give me roses,
when I expect Baby Blue Eyes,
treat me softly like the morning breeze
caress me gently, transforming every pore
of my body into a palpitating blossom flower
fondling my petals to unleash a whirlwind.

My past and present, my present and past,
all is but one capsule of my time, only mine,
I guard it as a treasure, with me it’s safe,
but the future, has yet to come.

I chose to be free from fast loves and temptations
I do not want to exchange my free will
for lovely blackmails and tricky  treats
those are sparkles of lights, that I can blow….
with a kiss :).

love me with the the same unbridled passion,
that I use, when I write my poetry,
love me with the same anger that I love myself
when I’m mad with the world,
my own world the seems uninterested of my pain.

I’m untamed heart, but I can settle with the whispers
of the shhhh lullaby,
I become the lady, girl and baby
shhhhhh baby, rest your little head
next to my heart.

Marivel Guzman © 2013

Akashma Poetry

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