Have a Nice Day

Omar Karem
May 23, 2011

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  • Not so moodly, but also not bad, anyway not all the time..LOL.Have a wonderful day, give yourself the time to enjoy also the Bad moments. hhhh, teach a lesson to the mood. Really it’s more easy to laugh and face the bad weather with a smile..
  • As you travel On life’s way
    With it’s many ups and downs
    Remember it’s quite true to say
    One smile is worth a dozen frowns
  • And the Sun shines everyday,
    even dimmer in the cloudier morning,
    gives the light to call the day ,
    and the Moon brakes the darkest night,
    even thought does not own the light.
    And we say with lovely smiles
    Have a Happy Day…..
  • I wonder what kind of effect it would be when everybody would smile at the same time, if we would feel then all for that short moment no pain and sorrow anymore, if this world what is surrounded by darkness would lighten up, if we would be not be infected by hate and fear….just being one, one heart, one soul, one human….yes i wonder what would happen……but for now i wish everybody a happy day with ofcourse a smile on my face, because you never know who you’ll touch with it!!!
  • You know Denise well, and I sense by your words that you have already explored the path of Love, Even with the ups and down in your life,you deep inside know that Love is the magic word to lighten the world.
    Every time that we say to someone I love you, every time that we say that word, something gets disperse in the air, the frequency of love resonate, maybe not immediately, at least not all the times, but that word get spread with more easiness, and eventually will help us all to help to heal our Earth and our broken humanity.
    In the last 40 we as a humanity have been changing, all the compassionate souls that comprise the peace movements in the world had made the difference, and I don’t doubt it that it is because love, compassion is not far from love, and smiles are the gifts we give to open up the heart to let love to touch the heart. And I m sure we can make the experiment, it has been done before.
  • I totally agree with you Marivel, understand every word you’re saying, and love is the strongest what exist but we have to admit this world is really surrounded by darkness, it’s covered in tears and pain, hate and fear and it’s only getting worse every minute!!!!!! Sometimes it’s hard to keep your hope and faith while you sometimes have the feeling you can’t breath anymore, that if feels the darkness will swalloh you, that you will drown in all the tears from this world….I believe in the light, i feel it in every little detail of my life and existence, i’m living and breathing it, it always brings me home safe but what about all the others who are lost in this world, will they ever find there way home?!
  • Eventually Denise, you know that science and spiritually goes hand with hand, for the ones that do not make to long life, they disperse when they depart, remember matter never disappear only change states, and our biological body is not the exception, we brake down and change to dirt again to feed the earth and even our memories feed the next generation, I guess the ones that die before we do, they found the way home, We the ones that stay longer have to keep the hope and keep fighting for better tomorrow for the next generation. Even if we brake in pain, even if we feel that we drown in our tears we don’t really do, we just get stronger, and we serve as an instrument of healing, with our experience we talk, even if we don’t use it for our own good, others will be serve by our pain and I guess we must be thankful that we serve a better purpose..
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