Alfred Nobel Poetry

Posted on October 01, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Poems extracted from Dynamite and Peace, the story of Alfred Nobel. The founder of he Nobel Prize.
He did not have a name for this piece of poetry.
by Alfred Nobel-1851

You say I m a riddle – it may be,

For all of us are riddles unexplained.

Begun in pain, in deeper torture ended.

This breathing clay what business has it here?

Some petty wants to chain us to the earth

Some lofty thoughts to lift us to the spheres

And cheat us with that semblance of a soul
To dream of immortality, till Time

O’er empty visions draws the closing veil

And a new life sets in – the life of worms,

Those hungry plunderers of the human breast.

For this Hope dwindles as we fathom Truth:

Forgotten to forget- and is that all?

Today a mind with power to act and feel,

A mirror, of the universe, wherein

Creation’s centered rays combine to form

A focus of intelligence; today

A heart so deeply loving that it seems

As if that band uniting soul to soul

Were but religion in a brighter form.

Today all this – tomorrow a cold corpse,

A something worse than clay, which stinks and rots.

Kind hands may strew their flowers, kind eyes may drop

A tear of pity o’er the buried dust,

But, after all, what matters love of theirs,

When all of us that was, is at an end?
by Marivel Guzman

It seems that he is directing this poem to a friend that have already described him as a riddle men, could be, for its different likes in life. No founding his true path.

Begun in pain, as if reflecting on the day of birth coming from the mother’s pain, and moving to a tortuous life of uncertainly, where we encounter the riddle of the mystery of life. As he has already seen life on earth, with no human explanation, but our own understanding of life, “our fantasy” thru the veil.

Religion and spiritually seems to be a major contradiction for him, giving statements of a wise person that do not care for superficiality of earthly things, as he goes in life giving all his money, sometimes more than he has earned in one year. And the ideas of heaven

preached by religion. He was atheist in his public views, and at the same time he has many Christian friends and even priests.
The evocation of immortality, as a dream and thinking at the end of his life to ended eaten by the worms.

He saw the whole universe in front of him, as his reality was diminishing in his quest for truth.
“Forgotten to forget-and is that all?” in this expression trying to express his confusion on the riddle of life. Where he sees himself as a good men, intelligent, loving, understanding, crafty, working as much as he could to live in plenitude. Trying to give a meaning to religion, another way to express religion. “Religion in a brighter form”…doing everything good, deeds to humanity, before the end will come.
“Today all this-tomorrow a cold corpse” ..imagining that flowers will sprout on top of his remains, and maybe someone kind will look down to his grave.
“A tear of pity, what matters love of their, When all of us that was, is at an end?
Alfred Nobel want with this poem give everything he feels is his nature, creator, philanthropist, loving toward humanity. But also expressing his disappointment to reach the end as dust. Nothing but food for the worms.
He never imagined that immortality will reach his soul, not thru his deeds but of something so simple that he thought was a great deed to people.
Promote peace thru the creation of a monetary prize.
Known as Nobel Prize.

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