Friend in Distress

by Marivel Guzman
Do whatever is that you need to do,

Wise words that you taught me

“There are no coincidences or events out of place”
“everything happen for a reason”……………….You Said,

The experiences in life, be lessons to learn,

And only the good moments
………….I want you to take.
You said many things, but today

I needed to tell you,
that you were a great teacher,

you taught me to see life from a different

perspective, without reserve

Without, the what abouts,  or the ifs.
Remember my dear friend, all

the incredible moments that we shared,

Re-live them, ……….. they’re precious,

do not cloud their pureness
…………… with regrets.

You opened a new windows,
in my tasteless existence,

you made me have a glimpse of the other side of reality

That one, I did not know exist,

where great mountains of possibilities exist.

You once told me, “they are open for me”

“Just SEE”

Some experiences can not be repeated,

there were unique in their moment.

I wasn’t fully aware, nor in control,

Never the less, I experienced heaven on Earth.

But reality is cruel, you are un-awaked,
you have to surrender and wait,

for the breeze of your tomorrows

to catch up with me again.

You share your inner soul with you

I feel your pain,
it pains me great,
I feel it in my skin

On my long sleepless night,
I hear your sorrows and incertitudes,

do not despair, you taught me with patient and love

“Tomorrow it will bring the peace that you need”
You said,

Today just remember and rest

The wise advice of time,
may help you to regain your dreams back to earth.

To fight this reality that has not been kind to you.

do whatever you need to do,

Don’t think twice, let your guts to decide,

that was a lesson well and right,

Do not let the cloud of reality
to stop you from continue your mission on Earth.

Be certain that the moment will come,
and strong will lead you in your efforts.

Be strong of mind and body

Meditate under the sun,

Look at the moon, they will advise

Meditate with the Mother
that will never forgets,

Meditate with the GOD
that you have inside.

My words entail more of what that the fonts reveal

Have me in your heart,
hold me tight close to your dreams

I will pray and send you frequencies of love

At 11:11, when the portal of souls opens at night

The Angel’s Shadow touches me

And your presence feels clear to me

I feel you so close, I see your silhouette

In quiet anguish I silence my mind

And let only to be heard,
the sound of my heart

The Angel's Shadow, always with you. behind you.

The Angel’s Shadow, always with you. behind you.

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