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The New Resistance Thread to Israel – Peace Lovers

Posted on July 08, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.

Israel you’re finding enemies in every citizen of the world. The New Non-Violent Movement is causing a roar in your Intelligence and logistic centers, you do not know how to proceed with this “New Thread”.

Peace Activists around the world are holding you by the horns.
Now finally the rest of the world is noticing your true colors Israel, those hues of madness never seen before. For years you managed to escape the public opinion using all type of Propaganda money can buy.

Since you were created Israel using the twisting of history, the invention of stories, the classic victim hood, you surrounded yourself by a untouchable frame of goodness that no one could break. The stream media for years was your best ally disseminating all type of lies conveniently structured to look as unshakable truth.
Oh Israel!,  You have succumbed to your own lies and machinations; your own actions are your worse enemy and judge.

Finally “We the People” can see you as the true culprit. You can not deny the truth any longer, as your own behavior have betrayed you.

The  peace activists; the compassionate people of the world is your worse nightmare. You have made them your worse enemy.  You see them worse than armed militants–armed with cameras and laptops they are more dangerous to you than a loaded rifle or a bomb.

You have your “experts” thinking how to disarm this bomb. But this bomb is different from the ones you make, this bomb does not have red wires to cut, this device that you are so afraid of can not be back engineered.

You can hear the tic tac hurting your ears, you can feel the tic tac ready to explode on your face.
What are you doing Israel? You can not kill them all, you certainly tried, and you have “assassinated” dozens of them. But seems that Rachel Corries seeds are like weed in a fertile soil. You could not had planned for this, your hands are tied up in front of the world.

Now we are laughing at you.  You thought you were wining? Right?, you though that you have covered all the lose ends?  you did not think that Love was going to kill you, did you?.

Awaken love of humanity  have done to you what armies could not do in more than 60 years.

You can stop a few, but you can not stop the world from seen the real you. The whole world is your enemy. How many can you kill?, how many more stories can you invent? How many more resolutions you will ignore before they come for you?

Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.
It is matter of time that you accept your defeat. You did not see yourself running like crazy, asking the puppets to help you. You did not see yourself with your classic tantrums yelling mad at the world at the signs of global outrage. Did you?
Now the question remains, When?
When will you Israel quietly go to the lines of the story you invented?
The simplest way will be, the same way that you came.  Maybe a pen will help you, a few signatures will do. 🙂

Do not worry Israel, the world was fine without you, we will be fine after you go.

Finally we will have peace. You become an enemy of the people. You become a thread to the world.

Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.

The beginning of your End starts Today. The world is standing with Palestine.
Palestine is an undefeated Nation.  Her martyrs are fertilizing the soil; with blood, with flesh, with memories, . They defeated you Israel, they defeated you even after their death.

Palestinian Martys

Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.

Palestinian Mother killed yesterday November 19 2012 by Israel missile with her two children

Do you think the world can forget these images?
You dug your own grave Israel. Every Palestinian massacre added inches to your hole. There is no more PR campaign than can save you from being wipe out of the Map.

Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.

Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.

RT crew filmed the arrest of pro-Gaza activists, who were detained for chanting “Free Palestine”. Police in Israel detained several activists who arrived at Tel Aviv’s international airport on Friday to show their support for activists arriving from abroad to take part in pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Every one of your actions speak a thousands stories against you.
Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.
The arrested protesters arrived in Tel Aviv from elsewhere in Israel. It comes as first Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists are being blocked in their attempts to reach Gaza by air and defy Israeli policies. Many are being stopped at European airports, while two American campaigners have been deported upon arrival in Tel Aviv. The move comes a week after a flotilla of a dozen ships bound for Gaza were prevented from leaving port in Greece.


Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.

Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins.

Israel You lose, We Win. Palestine Wins. Long Live Free Palestine

Israel Target Assassination of Palestinian Leaders and its supporters

Munich 72, 11 Israeli Olympic Players Sacrificed by Israel Unwillingness to fulfill its promise

Jerusalem-born thinker Meron Benvenisti has a message for Israelis: Stop whining

  1. June 10, 2012 at 1:43 am

    Is the People’s Mujahideen of Iran an ally? They’ve been fighting agnsait Iran. We’re not at war with Iran. No question that the 3,400 are in a pickle, but there are such unfortunates all over the world and we can no longer afford to take care of them. We’ve wasted our effort and treasury on two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Ron, and had to recruit serious, old Europe allies to handle the situation in Libya. It’s not pretty, but we have to pick and choose these days.


  2. beeconsubserA traduction en anglais
    October 9, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    If one won’t know that port you are sailing, no wind is favorable.
    One’s mind carries a means of making itself up in the background, plus it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.


  3. July 18, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    الأستاذ أكشم المحترم
    طابت ايامك وكانت كلها افراح ومسرة
    أتوجه بأصدق التحيات وأحلى الأماني إليك مع تمنيات خالصة بأنك في صحة وعافية تامة وبعد
    اتمنى ان تكون بخير اينما كنت.
    هنالك بعض الاخبار تتعلق بمعارضة الايرانية و مناصريهم اتمنى ان تعجبك.
    يسعدني ان استلم ردك حتى اطمئن لوصول الاخبار
    مع كل الود
    أخوكم المخلص مجيد
    The Spanish Senate deplores the use of force in the Ashraf refugee camp and urges the Iraqi Government to respect human rights

    EUROPA PRESS, MADRID, 12 Jul. 2011 – The Senate of Spain has unanimously approved a statement on Tuesday expressing ‘deep concern at reports about the use of force against residents of the Ashraf refugee camp’ in Iraq. It said it ‘deplores the loss of human lives, and “urged the Government of the Arab country to respect human rights.
    On April 8, at least 25 Iranian refugees were killed and hundreds wounded in an assault by Iraqi security forces against the camp that houses more than 3,500 exiles in eastern Iraq.
    The statement, read by Senate President Javier Rojo at the start of the plenary session, said the Senate calls on the Iraqi government to allow access to Camp Ashraf by independent international observers ‘so that they can get a complete picture of the situation.’
    The Senate notes that ‘the mission of UN assistance in Iraq has been closely monitoring the situation and the EU, together with the UN, has repeatedly and continuously called on the Iraqi government to refrain from using violence and respect the rights human residents of the camp residents.’
    For the Upper House, Camp Ashraf raises ‘complicated challenges with no easy answer,’ but ‘the solution is not to use force. It emphasized that ‘it is the responsibility of the Iraqi government to respect human rights of those who live there.” Therefore, it urged for “a peaceful and sustainable solution to the situation.’

    Argentina tells Iran: hand over bombing suspects

    1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Argentina
    AFP – Buenos Aires, 17 July 2011 — The prosecutor investigating the worst terror strike on Argentine soil, the 1994 bombing of a Jewish charities building that killed 85 people, has urged Iran to hand over any suspects in the case.
    The comments came after an Iranian Foreign Ministry statement said earlier in the day that Tehran, suspected by Argentina of being behind the attack, is ‘ready for a constructive dialogue’ in the case and to cooperate with the Argentine government.

    ‘If the Iranians and their government are ready to cooperate, they should do so once and for all, and the only way possible: by handing over all of those accused in this terrible terrorist attack… and not making statements devoid of content which lead nowhere,’ prosecutor Alberto Nisman said in a statement.
    Iran said it wanted ‘to shed all possible light within the framework of the law and to help in preventing the investigation from continuing on an erroneous course.’
    Monday will mark 17 years since the strike, which Argentine justice officials believe Tehran ordered. Iran has denied the allegation.
    Iran ‘condemns all terrorist actions, especially the one against the Argentine Jewish center in 1994, and declares its solidarity with the families of the victims,’ the Iranian statement added.
    Israel has pointed the finger at the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah for carrying out the attacks, which the Jewish state believes were masterminded by Tehran.
    Argentina has issued warrants for the arrest of Iranian Defense Minister Ahmed Vahidi along with five other Iranians and a Lebanese accused of planning and carrying out the AMIA bombing.
    Both Iran and Hezbollah have consistently denied any involvement in the attacks.
    In the 1994 attack, the bomb that leveled the seven-storey AMIA building also wounded 300 people.
    Two years earlier, the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires was hit by a bomb which killed 29 people and wounded 200.
    In June, Argentina’s Jewish community was outraged after a visit to neighboring Bolivia by Vahidi, noting that there had been an international arrest warrant out on Vahidi since 2007.
    The La Paz government, in a letter to Argentina, said it had been unaware of any charges against Vahidi and said Bolivia ‘had taken steps to ensure that that Mr Ahmad Vahidi left Bolivian territory immediately.’
    But a leader of Argentina’s Jewish community, Aldo Donzis, said the Bolivian government’s actions fell far short of what was required under the circumstances.
    ‘It’s a huge farce that the Bolivian government asked him to leave the country after he had already completed his mission,’ Donzis said.
    ‘What was called for was not his expulsion, but his arrest.’
    Earlier this year, a press report in Argentina claimed Foreign Minister Hector Timerman had offered to shelve a probe into Iran’s involvement, which he strongly denied.
    The March 26 report quoted a ‘secret’ Iranian memo purportedly sent earlier this year from Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad which said: ‘Argentina is no longer interested in solving those two attacks, but would rather improve its economic relations with Iran.’
    According to the memo, allegedly written after a meeting in January between Timerman and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Buenos Aires was said to be ‘prepared to drop’ the investigation in order to better its financial ties with Tehran.
    Timerman said in April that the report was illogical and that Buenos Aires had nothing to gain economically by shelving the investigations.
    ‘Argentina has no embargo against Iran and Iran has no embargo against Argentina, so what am I going to get by forgetting the investigation? What kind of commercial benefit?’ he asked.
    Argentina’s Jewish community numbers some 300,000 people, the largest in Latin America.


  4. July 16, 2011 at 7:03 am

    الأستاذ أكشم المحترم
    طابت ايامك وكانت كلها افراح ومسرة
    أتوجه بأصدق التحيات وأحلى الأماني إليك مع تمنيات خالصة بأنك في صحة وعافية تامة وبعد
    اتمنى ان تكون بخير اينما كنت.
    هنالك بعض الاخبار تتعلق بمعارضة الايرانية و مناصريهم اتمنى ان تعجبك.
    يسعدني ان استلم ردك حتى اطمئن لوصول الاخبار
    مع كل الود
    أخوكم المخلص مجيد

    Central Investigation Court Number Four of the Spanish National Court issues a writ against Maliki and summons three criminals involved in April 8 massacre in Ashraf

    The court invites Ad Melkert, Special Representative of UN Secretary General for Iraq, and Struan Stevenson, President of Delegation for Relations with Iraq of the European Parliament, to stand as witnesses at the court
    Maryam Rajavi: Maliki must now put an end to the siege on Ashraf and all suppressive measures against Ashraf must stop. According to the court ruling and based on Fourth Geneva Convention, the United States is obliged to stop torture and violence and must immediately take back the protection of Ashraf residents from the Iraqi government and the assailant forces in order to prevent another massacre
    The Central Investigation Court Number Four of the Spanish National Court in its July 11, 2011 ruling accepted to investigate the complaint against those responsible for the massacre of Ashraf residents on April 8 that left 36 residents dead and 350 others wounded.
    According to this court ruling, Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq, will be automatically summoned to the court as soon as he steps down as prime minister and judicial immunity is removed.
    Lieutenant General Ali Geidan, Commander of the Iraqi Ground Forces who led the massacre against Ashraf residents on April 8 under Maliki’s orders, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul-Latif al-Annabi, commander of the Iraqi battalion in Ashraf; and Major Jassem al-Tamimi have been ordered to appear before the court on October 3, 2011. According to video clips and documents available, al-Tamimi is the same officer who personally targeted and killed a number of Ashraf residents by direct shooting at them on April 8.
    The court also invited Ad Melkert, Special Representative of UN Secretary General for Iraq, and Struan Stevenson, President of Delegation for Relations with Iraq of the European Parliament, to attend the court as witness.
    This is the third and most important ruling by the Spanish court in the past two years summoning criminals and killers of Ashraf residents to appear before the court. During attacks on Ashraf by Iraqi forces, 47 residents, protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, have been killed. 1,071 residents have been wounded by gunshots or hand grenades, or beaten by truncheons and batons, some ran down by armored vehicles. The Iraqi forces took 36 residents hostage in 2009 and kept them for 72 days. During the same period a number of Ashraf residents have died due to medical blockade of the camp.
    On November 26, 2009, the Spainish Court agreed to investigate the first complaint by virtue of the principle of ‘universal jurisdiction’ to prosecute crime against humanity and war crimes under international conventions and laws.
    Article 146 of the Fourth Geneva Convention specifies that state signatories to the Convention are under the obligation to investigate, prosecute and condemn individuals who have committed grave breaches of the Convention and “to search for persons alleged to have committed, or to have ordered to be committed, such grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts.”
    Subsequently, the Spanish Court on December 27, 2010 and March 17, 2011 considered the murder, torture and inflicting damages to the Ashraf residents as examples of “crime against international community, war crime, and crime against International Human Rights”.
    In its ruling of December 27, 2010 the court stipulated: ‘The Republic of Iraq granted extraterritorial status to the residents of Camp Ashraf, members of PMOI, in 1986, and on July 2, 2004 they were given the status of ‘protected persons’ under the IV Geneva Convention by the occupying power, the United States of America, acting under the mandate of Resolution No. 1546 of June 8, 2004, of the United Nations Security Council.’ Drawing on Common Article Three of Geneva Conventions, the court described actions that are the subject of charges in the attack against Ashraf as ‘illegal behavior’ of the type registered in year 2000 in the international court of the former Yugoslavia that needs to be judicially investigated and prosecuted to punish those perpetrating flagrant breaches of Geneva Conventions.
    On May 31, 2010, in an unlawful reply to the court, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry claimed that the Iraqi government has conducted its own investigations! Hence, the criminals summoned refrained from appearing before the court on the assigned dates (March 8 and May 31, 2011).
    Commenting on the third Spanish Court ruling, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, said: Maliki must now put an end to the siege on Ashraf and all suppressive measures against Ashraf must stop. According to the court ruling and based on Fourth Geneva Convention, the United States is obliged to stop torture and violence and must immediately take back the protection of Ashraf residents from the Iraqi government and the assailant forces in order to prevent another massacre.
    Mrs. Rajavi added: 300 loudspeakers around Ashraf are threatening, insulting and psychologically torturing Ashraf residents 24 hours a day with ear splitting noise. Close to one thousand Muslim women have no security or peace. It is six months that upon orders of Maliki not a drop of gasoline has entered the camp and it is two months that in disregard for all recommendations made by the United Nations, no kerosene or gas has been allowed into Ashraf. Obstruction of Ashraf residents’ free access to medical services has endangered the lives of hundreds of the wounded and the sick.
    Independent and transparent investigation on the massacre requested by the international community, especially by Ms. Pillay and Baroness Ashton, has been forgotten. At a time that we have accepted and are following on the European Parliament solution for transfer of Ashraf residents to third countries, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, face to face with this solution, calls Ashraf residents to an extremely perilous solution for an illegal relocation inside Iraq. This solution, in itself, paves the way for further massacres; while the United States, because of its undeniable responsibility to protect the lives of Ashraf residents, should be the first to investigate and answer for the crimes committed by Iraqi forces.
    Mrs. Rajavi added: I repeat that the issue of Ashraf and preventing the massacre of its residents is the test of adherence of President Obama to universal values he has obligated himself to. Ashraf is an indicator by which the Iranian people judge on whose side the United States is standing.
    Mrs. Rajavi expressly called on the United Nations Secretary General, the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to intervene and prevent another humanitarian catastrophe and to station UN monitoring teams in Ashraf without delay.
    Secretariat of National Council of Resistance of Iran
    July 14, 2011
    Ireland FM: Ireland & EU Determined for Solution on Ashraf

    Eamon Gilmore, Ireland Foreign Minister
    House of the Oireachtas – Tuesday, 21 June 2011
    68. Deputy John O’Mahony asked the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade if his attention has been drawn to the fact that 36 innocent Iranian citizens were killed and 350 were wounded, of whom eight were women, by Iraqi forces on 8 April 2011 at the camp Ashraf enclave in Iraq because of the withdrawal of US military protection; if he will raise the possibility at the next EU Council meeting of a United Nations presence at the camp in order to avoid further bloodshed; and if he will make a statement on the matter. [16458/11]
    Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Deputy Eamon Gilmore): I have made clear in answer to previous questions my deep concern at recent reports of the use of force against Camp Ashraf residents in Iraq and the resulting loss of life. I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Ireland and the EU are determined to seek a long-term and peaceful solution to the predicament of the residents of Camp Ashraf. The EU Foreign Affairs Council discussed the situation at Camp Ashraf on 23 May, emphasising the need to respect human rights. I fully support the view widely held within the Council that we must work with the UN (including the UN High Commissioner for Refugees) and US in particular, to seek a lasting resolution to this situation. However, I note that there is also no agreement as yet with the US or the UN on the future of the camp, nor any agreement as yet on the idea of the UN assuming responsibility for its protection. HR Ashton made clear at the FAC last month that more consideration was needed on what is a complex issue and a further discussion may take place at a forthcoming Foreign Affairs Council, which we would obviously welcome.
    HR Ashton has clearly set out the EU position, including a strong condemnation of the recent violence in Camp Ashraf, and has conveyed this position in writing and by telephone to Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari. I particularly endorse HR Ashton’s renewal of the EU’s repeated call on the Iraqi government to refrain from the use of violence and to show full respect for the human rights of Camp Ashraf’s residents. I also strongly support her call for a thorough and independent inquiry into the events of 8 April.
    Along with our EU partners, Ireland will continue to support clear messages to the Iraqi authorities that while there are no easy remedies to the situation in Camp Ashraf, force is not the answer. Iran’s sovereignty should be respected over the entire territory of Iraq, including in Camp Ashraf, but the human rights of residents of Camp Ashraf must be respected also. The Iraqi government must accept full responsibility for ensuring the protection of all those persons resident on its territory.
    In actively seeking a solution, Ireland and its EU partners will continue to work with international institutions and partners, while calling upon the Iraqi government to grant access to independent international observers, to show restraint, and to seek a peaceful and sustainable solution.


  5. July 14, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    The boy who cried wolf once too often is about to be eaten and spat out !


    • January 5, 2013 at 5:16 am

      🙂 I think we must think on the natural order of “Things”, like the law of gravity; What goes UP, has to come Down, and certainly Israel is being UP for so long, and its time to fall is here and is NOW!


  6. mohammed
    July 8, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    فعلا مقالة حلوه


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