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Dissenters of the system and Suicides

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, a name maybe you do not recognize, but this young guy only 22 it is fighting for privacy rights, he has been working with another two friends to bring to you an alternative for Facebook.
Diaspora is a project that if come to life will easily take down the monopoly of Facebook.
We as members of social networks are continuously complaining that our privacy has lost its meaning, it has become just a product that is bought and sold. Our privacy is being mined by government agencies and marketing companies.
Facebook would be the worse place to share our friends, photos, status, articles, and videos.
If everyone knew how the facebook legal team has teamed up with government agencies you will immediately close your account.
Carefully review the Facebook. pdf-file attached, you need to know what it is being done behind you.
Facebook is based, registered, and run in the United States of America.
This is bad because of the “Patriot Act“. Even if Facebook starts respecting your privacy, your data is still easily available to every governmental institution in the Country through open backdoors or requests, as this Facebook. pdf-file documents. Think about what this means to your freedom.
Ilya Zhitomirskiy will never know how his Diaspora project has taken off and taken millions of users from Facebook. He committed suicide just a few days before Diaspora was launched. Their goal was to provide an idealistic Facebook alternative with an emphasis on user control and privacy.
“Shocked and deeply sad for the world that my friend @zhitomirskiyi, co-founder of Diaspora, is dead… The world needed his voice,” said Mozilla interface guru Aza Raskin
Diaspora has launched a site redesigned in the wake of Zhitomirskiy’s passing.
Now we have another bright mind gone who did have a future as bright as Ilya. I’m referring to Aaron Swartz. Swartz was an accomplished programmer, a well-known internet activist, who we can say, was one of the younger politicians that could have changed the informatics age.
Rip Aaron Swartz and Ilya Zhitomirskiy, our world will miss these two great minds.

Man of peace

September 30, 2019

A man of peace!
In a guest op-ed in Metro New York on Friday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote that it is time for the world community to decide how long economic and political expediencies will continue to overshadow human values and morals, reported state-run Radio Pakistan.

Solidarity with the oppressed nations has come always from ordinary people, not the leaders of the nations, who always look the other way of the struggles of the people. But, we have a strong world leader, who is defying the “Status Quo, ‘ and is standing with strong voice against the powerful G7 and its puppets nations.

Khan has said over and over again, that he is in the path of peace, and he has demanded dialogue with India since he was elected.

At the same time, Khan has spoken on the floor of the UN, and in front of the press defending the people of Kashmir.

He is not asking to annext Kashmir, but to give the choice to Kashmirs to decide their future.

“The Pakistani nation will not sit back until Kashmiris are given their right of self-determination, whatever be the cost,” he said.

“We do not seek to negotiate until the recent unilateral annexation attempt by the Indian government is reversed, curfew lifted and Kashmiri stakeholders are made part of the negotiations,” he said.
The people of Kashmir are also looking for international support for their just cause, Khan said.

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Children do not spread coronavirus

After nine months of keeping school closed, Dr Anthony Fauci said, “data shows that schools children do not spread coronavirus.”

Nothing new. The data have shown exactly that fact. Study after study show that school children do not spread the coronavirus, and further more, school children have very little risk of dying of coronavirus.

After nine months of keeping school closed, Dr Anthony Fauci said, “data shows that schools children do not spread coronavirus.” Nothing new. The data have shown exactly that fact.

Study after study showed that school children do not spread the coronavirus, and further more, school children have very little risk of dying of coronavirus.

President Donald Trump was mocked by mainstream media when he said “open the schools, stop this nonsense, ” but Nancy Pellosi said “this administration is messing with the health of our children.

Take a moment and watch this video and demand to stop this whole nonsense of lockdowns.

Children should not wear masks, simply because they don’t spread the coronavirus, and they should go back to school.

Thw WHO and UNICEF adviced “children 5 and under should not wear a mask.”

If the data shows that children don’t spread coronavirus, why local authorities are mandating children to wear masks.

A young adult under puberty is considered a child, means 13 years and under should not wear a masks.

Trump still the US president

The New World Order Aka the United Nations vote this week to remove mariguana from “dangerous substances,” and the Democrats followed the lead.
Isn’t it something that a sovereign nation is almost taking orders from the UN?
“The U.N. Commission on Narcotic Drugs voted this week to remove marijuana and marijuana resin from the category of the world’s most dangerous drugs, paving the way for additional research opportunities.”
Why now?
Not that I’m against that mariguana being decriminilized, but its rather odd that congress is doing this now, when there is some much chaos in the country.
US is involved in vote fraud court cases, regardless if mainstream media try to hide the facts. Then the unnecessary lockdowns with a failed economy driving the country into a crash.
Is it some sort of diverting strategy, or the fact that nine months after the lockdown started, Congress isn’t passing a stimulus check for the people?
It begs the question, why Nancy Pelosi completely disregard President Donald Trump, while talking of present issues, and instead referers to the elected President Joe Biden, when the house is still in session and Trump is still the president.



Dr Jay Bhattacharya is one of the doctors who pushed

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a Stanford physician and economist and co-author of several seroprevalence studies on COVID-19.
In this must-watch interview, we talk about EVERYTHING, including the true infection fatality rate, comparisons to influenza, drama around his Santa Clara antibody trial, reinfections, vaccine development, economic and social impacts, why we MUST reopen schools NOW, the horrors of censorship of scientists and opposing dialog, how Stanford is contributing to the problem of stifling dissenting opinions, Dr. Scott Atlas and his advisory role to the president, empathy vs. compassion with regards to COVID, and MUCH MORE.
This is a must-listen interview with a really smart and thoughtful scientist who has been too-often maligned and mischaracterized by the media.

Transcript Below!

[Dr. Z] Hey, everyone Dr. Z, welcome to The ZDoggMD Show. Today I have a special guest look, I moved back to the Bay Area, so I could talk to smart people at places like UCSF and Stanford and in the Bay area. And I was all excited and then COVID hit and it was Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, and I hate Zoom. So today I have someone I’ve been wanting to talk to since this pandemic started, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a Stanford Professor of Medicine and he has training and specialty in economics. Actually tell me Jay, who are you man?
[Dr. Jay] Well, okay.
[Dr. Z] Not in a metaphysical sense.
[Dr. Jay] Exactly, so I am a Professor of Medicine as you said at Stanford university, I’ve been at Stanford on the faculty for about 20 years. I’ve an MD and a PhD in Economics. And I studied health policy and health economics. I’ve been working on infectious disease, economics and epidemiology for 20 some years now.
[Dr. Z] So the reason I wanted to have you on the show was what you just said. You have the MD Stanford training and PhD in economics, which means you can see in a way that many frontline healthcare people, including public health people, aren’t able to see the bigger picture. Now you came to prominence during the pandemic as one of the coauthors of the Stanford Seroprevalence Study, which raised all kinds of interesting. I mean, tell me about that experience because I was talking about your piece early on saying, hey, if this is true, the actual infection fatality rate of this disease is actually much lower than we thought it’s still higher than flu, but it’s not as high as they’ve been saying in China. What was that experience like?
[Dr. Jay] I mean, that was incredible. Just an amazing, in some ways, dispiriting, but also exciting experience. Let me kind of go back just a little bit?
[Dr. Z] Absolutely.
[Dr. Jay] So what got me into it was I had done some work during the H1N1 Flu epidemic in 2009.
[Dr. Z] I remember that one.
[Dr. Jay] I mean, it was a big deal at the time, right? But luckily it didn’t turn out to be as bad as COVID, but especially at the beginning, people were really, really panicked over the high fatality rates that were the case fatality rates that were coming up out of all around the world.
[Dr. Z] I remember I was a practicing hospitalist at Stanford and everybody was like, we’re all going to die. It was a kind of a catastrophization.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, it’s actually an in the early days, there was good reason. There were these case fatality rates that looked like Ebola. It just did look terrible. In the months that followed what happened was people did zero prevalence studies and found that there were many times more cases of infections than there had been cases in H1N1 and the infection fatality rate, which turned out to be about a hundred times less than the initial case fatality rates in the H1N1 case.
[Dr. Z] So let me reiterate that for people who don’t understand some of the terminology. So case fatality rate is when someone is actually tested for disease, presents to care and is diagnosed with the disease, and then how many people die out of that group.
[Dr. Jay] Correct.
[Dr. Z] Infection fatality rate is, well, of all the infections that exist, including ones that we weren’t able to openly diagnose. What’s the rate of fatality in that group. And it was 100X different in H1N1.
[Dr. Jay] In H1N1 that’s right.
[Dr. Z] And so this got you interested then when COVID came around, I imagine.
[Dr. Jay] It looked like a repeat to me, right? So looked like the people were finding enormously high case fatality rates. I think World Health Organization said 3.4%. There was a piece published in JAMA in February Journal of American Medical Association, that said 2.2%. And these are terrible numbers.
[Dr. Z] These are horrifying numbers. These are the kind of numbers that would cause you to lock down the entire planet instantly, because you’re gonna lose that percentage of your population if everybody gets infected.
[Dr. Jay] Millions and millions of people dead, right if that’s the number in the United States alone.
[Dr. Z] Alone.
[Dr. Jay] If the numbers are right. But that was what happened at H1N1. And I said okay, well, do we really know how many people actually have it? And at the same time we’re worried about how much testing resources we had. Remember there was a shortage of tests. So we’re just holding onto the test to look at people who actually have serious disease, which is what you ought to do from a clinical perspective. But then from an epidemiologic perspective, can you extrapolate that to say, okay the population at large 3% of us are all gonna die if we get it. And we don’t have the answer to that. So that’s what led to the Stanford Seroprevalence Study.
[Dr. Z] Yeah.
[Dr. Jay] And the other share problem studies I’ve worked on. So it was this hypothesis. Like how many people actually have it? How deadly actually is it?
[Dr. Z] And so how did you do this study? Because there was a ton of controversy around the methods and the actual sensitivity specificity of the assay that you use and all that.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, so that was a lot of confusion around that. So we wanted to do a study that could be done very, very quickly, put it in the field very, very quickly. At the time of the study the FDA had approved for use some, the lateral flow assays, they looked like pregnancy tests, like little pregnancy kits. The one we used had pretty good error properties. You know every medical test has errors. I mean, there’s just not a, and you can’t avoid that. That’s just the nature of, we don’t have a tri-corder that can automatically tell me exactly what’s wrong with you, right? We need to look at the numbers and interpret them. At the time the FDA had approved for use these little lateral assayed tests, including the one we use, for sale but they hadn’t approved them for general use in the population. We could use them for research purposes, but not for clinical purposes. So we use one of those, the reason it was very simple. There are two kinds of tests to do antibody testing, there’s these ELISA tests, which are pretty accurate and then these lateral flow assay tests. For the ELISA’s, you have to draw venous blood. It’s really hard in the middle of a pandemic to go out and find, you know, can I draw venous blood from you? A big vial of it, or I can just do a little finger stick. The nice thing about epidemiologic work is that you can correct for the errors, which is what we did. Actually I’ve run three Seroprevalence Studies, one in Santa Clara County, one in LA County, and one in with Major League Baseball.
[Dr. Z] Did you get to meet a lot of baseball players?
[Dr. Jay] I got to meet a lot of, not baseball players, I mean it was surreal, I got to be in a meeting with all the owners. It was just–
[Dr. Z] Oh, wow, that’s nice.
[Dr. Jay] It was fantastic. I had to contain myself when I met the Yankee’s owner, but, you know, that’s another thing. So I ran three different studies and the interesting thing about the studies was we use very different methods to try to disseminate them. So the Santa Clara Study was the first one. It was a big study, 2000 some people in the Bay area in Santa Clara County.
[Dr. Z] Right.
[Dr. Jay] We wrote the study very quickly and we released it through an open science process,
[Dr. Z] Like a pre print,
[Dr. Jay] A pre print, right, exactly. So now the traditional path involves sending it to a journal. The journal then sends it to three anonymous reviewers. No one will hear it about it, except me. And that’s how I spend my life dealing with this three anonymous reviews, all of them always hate me.
[Dr. Z] So you’re not used to the whole planet hating you at once.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, that was interesting. So we sent it and I got 10,000 peer reviews in one day.
[Dr. Z] Oh my gosh.
[Dr. Jay] And it was kind of interesting, exciting. I learned a lot. So we made, what I would characterize a relatively minor error in standard error calculation, which we corrected within a week.
[Dr. Z] Right.
[Dr. Jay] And the number that we got was absolutely stunning. What we found was that the disease was 50 times more prevalent than people thought based on just the case number. So people thought in Santa Clara County, there were a 1000 cases as of April 3rd, I think it was. But in fact based on the study, you could tell 50,000 people had, had some antibody evidence of it the same time.
[Dr. Z] Right, which would correspond to an infection fatality rate at that time of what?
[Dr. Jay] About two in 1,000.
[Dr. Z] two in a 1,000
[Dr. Jay] So that means out of the 1,000 people who got the infection, 998 survived.
[Dr. Z] So 0.2%.
[Dr. Jay] 0.2%.
[Dr. Z] So double what we think the mortality is for flu.
[Dr. Jay] Well I am not 100% sure I know what the flu mortality, I know the evidence, it’s unclear in flu no one’s done the same kind of infection fatality rate numbers that they’ve done with for COVID that they’ve dealt with the flu.
[Dr. Z] So in many ways we’re comparing apples to oranges when we’re comparing flu–
[Dr. Jay] So let’s come back to that flu comparison. ‘Cause it is interesting and important, but I think the key thing is how much would you change your life’ for two in a 1,000 risk? And there’s a couple other things we learned. So one is that if you’re older, it’s much higher. It’s probably much worse than the flu actually.
[Dr. Z] Yeah.
[Dr. Jay] For older
[Dr. Z] Order of magnitude.
[Dr. Jay] So if you’re over 70 versus if you’re let’s say you’re under 15 or under 10. It’s on the order of a 1000 to one difference in mortality probability. So the flu is much more deadly if you’re older, if you’re over let’s say 65 or 70. And if you’re under–
[Dr. Z] The flu or COVID we are talking about?
[Dr. Jay] I’m sorry COVID I apologize. It’s COVID is much more deadly if you’re over 65 or 70, and if you’re under say 40, the flu is worse. That’s what seroprevalence studies shows.
[Dr. Z] And that was the sense that I was getting early on too. And seroprevalence study was supporting that. And you said something which we’re gonna get back to. I think that’s a theme of this, how much would you change your life for a two in a 1000 chance, right?
[Dr. Jay] Yeah and I think that age difference is important. The absolute number is also important well, let’s get back to that theme.
[Dr. Z] Yeah, absolute versus relative risk, yeah.
[Dr. Jay] So the interesting thing about that, so we released the LA County Study. It was immediately accepted in JAMA and published.
[Dr. Z] Just instant.
[Dr. Jay] It’s the same number
[Dr. Z] Peer reviewed.
[Dr. Jay] Peer reviewed, yeah. I’ve never had such an easy time with a review it was a very strange. Whereas the Santa Clara Study, it exploded Twitter. I’m not on Twitter myself.
[Dr. Z] Thank God for you.
[Dr. Jay] It was actually probably good for my sanity.
[Dr. Z] It really is.
[Dr. Jay] And everyone on earth was paying attention to it all at once, one study, right.
[Dr. Z] Right, pre print.
[Dr. Jay] And everyone was convinced that I was absolutely wrong.
[Dr. Z] Yeah.
[Dr. Jay] 100% wrong because people had fixed in their mind, New York City where the death rate was higher. Actually we know from seroprevalence studies that it was higher, the actual infection fatality rate was higher in New York City. So now since then 50 some studies from around the world have been done. And there’s a consistent theme that the infection fatality rates somewhere between two and three in 1,000, just like what we found in Santa Clara, just like what we found in LA County and the places that have higher density where you think did worse, you know, Bergamot, New York City, they did worse. Their infection fatality rate is worse five in a 1,000, six in a 1,000 in some Spain, maybe 10 in a 1,000.
[Dr. Z] So, okay, there’s a lot here. And again, this gets me fired up because I’ve been talking about this myself, why would an infection fatality rate be different in say New York versus at Santa Clara? Walk me through that.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, sure so we think about infection fatality rate as if it were just a–
[Dr. Z] Static.
[Dr. Jay] Well, as if it’s the virus itself, it’s a feature of the virus. Here’s the virus. Here’s the infection fatality rate. That’s wrong thinking. It’s a function of the virus obviously, the biology of the virus, but also the host and also of the healthcare system taking care of the patient.
[Dr. Z] Do they survive or do they get care
[Dr. Jay] All three of those things matter a ton.
[Dr. Z] Ah.
[Dr. Jay] So for instance, if you look at the case fatality rate for this disease, just case fatality forget about infection fatality, right? This is the number of people who have the disease who actually died from it. It’s declined very sharply since March and April.
[Dr. Z] Sure has, cases up deaths down.
[Dr. Jay] Has the virus changed? Maybe a little, I mean, there’s some mutation, but not enough to think that it’s had any appreciable change. What it is, is a few things. One is the set of people that are getting infected are less vulnerable to it. They tend to be younger. And so they just don’t die at higher rates from it. The second we were better at managing it, better treating it.
[Dr. Z] Right, dexamethasone.
[Dr. Jay] Exactly.
[Dr. Z] Not intubating everyone.
[Dr. Jay] Not killing people with ventilators right. I mean that would seem like a really good idea.
[Dr. Z] Yeah which by the way, wasn’t clear in the beginning at all. So not to disparage people who are intubating everyone, but we just didn’t know.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, I know, look, I have a lot of sympathy and people were really brave going in when we didn’t have the numbers. I honor that, absolutely. But it is absolutely the case, we’ve learned a lot about how to treat the disease and we’re much better at managing than we once were. I think that kind of news ought to get out more. That seems like an important fact, our understanding of disease shouldn’t be frozen in Amber, in March.
[Dr. Z] No, so you’re preaching to the choir because I just did a video on this, on the cases up deaths down. I actually think that there is a lot of catastrophization and misunderstanding, and there’s been a polarity that I’ve not seen in science ever. And the thing is folks like you, this is the thing I criticized your trial as well, but also put it out there and said, hey, this is what’s going on. This is the critique, et cetera.
[Dr. Jay] Well, science, that’s how it works.
[Dr. Z] That’s what you do in science.
[Dr. Jay] I mean, I didn’t mind the science. Of course we talk, we look at the data, we try to interpret it. That’s the fun part of science.
[Dr. Z] But the vitriol and the censorship too, like Ioannidis is your partner in that one of the most respected scientists actually has done papers and papers and papers on how we get science wrong with our own biases, right. Was accused of severe bias and censored.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, it was absolutely shocking. So, like Buzzfeed attacked my family, Buzzfeed.
[Dr. Z] Can I say, so anytime I see anything in Buzzfeed, if it isn’t 10 reasons celebrities have done something that make you go, what I’m shook! I don’t listen to it because it’s so clearly biased.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, it was really kind of
[Dr. Z] Buzzfeed attacked your family?
[Dr. Jay] Yeah they said my wife was involved in like she volunteered, my daughter actually volunteered as a, it was lot of community involvement with the feeling around the study in Santa Clara was a lot of volunteers a lot of people, it was a really good feeling. And my wife was super excited about the study. She’s an oncologist. She wrote a email and to her friends, encouraging them to sign up and somebody leaked the email, which had some information that was not quite right. And then Buzzfeed made her international news.
[Dr. Z] Oh my God.
[Dr. Jay] That’s the hardest part of this. It was just getting my family involved with it in a way that I didn’t expect.
[Dr. Z] What’s the agenda for that, that you’re somehow minimizing the pandemic and gonna cost lives, is that right?
[Dr. Jay] I think so, that’s part of it. The same Buzzfeed author then wrote an accusation that somehow, because people gave money, including like, I guess a JetBlue executive
[Dr. Z] Right, I saw that.
[Dr. Jay] To Stanford
[Dr. Jay] Right, right 5,000 bucks.
[Dr. Jay] 5,000,
[Dr. Jay] So 5,000 which is a rounding error on the cost of a trial.
Well, in this case, the study was we ran a really cheap, it was less than a $100,000 for the study.
[Dr. Z] Nice.
[Dr. Jay] But they give the money to Stanford and somehow I’m gonna change the results for the, it’s just ridiculous.
[Dr. Z] You know what, Jay, when you’re in big JetBlue’s pocket anything goes bro
[Dr. Jay] It was really kind of him to give money for the study was like, I’m grateful.
[Dr. Z] And that’s fine that he had his own agenda, which was probably, hey, yeah.
[Dr. Jay] Everyone has an agenda
[Dr. Z] Everyone has an agenda.
[Dr. Jay] So my agenda was to learn what that number was. I think we now know it.
[Dr. Z] So your feeling now is that somewhere between 0.2 and 0.3% infection fatality rates.
[Dr. Jay] That’s the median around the world
[Dr. Z] Median, around the world, It may be higher in places like a New York.
[Dr. Jay] [Dr. Jay] Yeah.
[Dr. Z] Why was it higher in New York, do you think?
[Dr. Jay] I think there’s lots of reasons. I think potential one is I think the set of people that were infected in New York were older. And the institutions where they are infected was less capable of dealing with it in the early days of the epidemic. So there’s something to this and the fact that it was older people in nursing home settings that weren’t sort of equipped to manage it. I think that played a big role in why it was higher in New York. The other thing is I think there’s a, and this is a theory I’ve seen, I think, I mean, there’s something to it, when viral load is higher, when you’re exposed to it multiple times over and over again, you just get a worse outcome.
[Dr. Z] So I talked about this with Monica Gandhi yesterday on the show UCSF ID doc, and her theory of viral inoculum correlating to severity.
[Dr. Jay] I saw that.
[Dr. Z] Yeah, yeah and she actually posited the same exact thing in, it’s a theory like it’s was hypothesis in New York was that people are in the built environment or on top of each other, especially minority communities, which were hardest hit. And so, as a result, if you’re out in Queens or somewhere, and you’re just living in this multifamily home, told to stay indoors, right. What are you doing? You get a high viral inoculum. And again, it’s a hypothesis, but it’s interesting because that would affect your infection fatality ratio if that is a component of how severely ill you get.
[Dr. Jay] Correct and that is what explains why nosocomial spreads like hospital’s spread it’s so important.
[Dr. Z] Exactly. We talked Dr. Li, the guy, the ophthalmologist in Wuhan who first sort of broke this news and he died and he was 33 and the thought was, he’s an ophthalmologist. So he’s seeing patients this close to their face, getting viral inoculum right in the face. And now we’ve learned a lot from that. that’s why we N95 and face shield in the hospital and paper and all that. If we can yeah. So do you think the infection fatality ratio, if you just looked at one community, like say Latinos, Latinas, would you think it’d be higher there from what we’re seeing?
[Dr. Jay] From what I’ve seen, I think that minorities are harder hit with this epidemic. That’s absolutely true. So black communities, Latino communities are been harder, especially in California, Latino communities make up the bulk of the–
[Dr. Z] Disease yeah, 45% yeah.
[Dr. Jay] It’s incredible, I don’t think the infection fatality rates,
[Dr. Z] Sorry 60%, 60% of cases in California
[Dr. Jay] But I don’t think that the infection fatality rate is much higher conditional on getting it. It’s just they’re more likely to get it.
[Dr. Z] I see.
[Dr. Jay] It may be a little higher. I mean, you know, it’s hard to.
[Dr. Z] See because is there preexisting disease more in that community, chronic disease, diabetes, hypertension disease.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, that’s the question. So if you have these underlying conditions, of course, you’re more likely to die from, if you’re older you’re more likely to die from it, things like that we know for a fact. Once you control for that, if you’re Hispanic, are you more likely to die? My guess is probably not.
[Dr. Z] Interesting.
[Dr. Jay] It’s mostly those preexisting conditions and the fact that you’re more likely get it in the first place.
[Dr. Z] Now, one counter proposal I might say as well, if viral inoculum does matter, if that hypothesis is true and Hispanic families are more likely to congregate together under one roof, you might see actually a higher infection fatality rate in that.
[Dr. Jay] It could be yeah. There’s a study that was done in Mumbai, in the Dharavi Slums in Mumbai.
[Dr. Z] Yes, I saw that, explain it.
[Dr. Jay] First, the, the prevalence was enormous. I mean, I think it was like–
[Dr. Z] It was 80%, 60 or 80.
[Dr. Jay] I actually talked to some of those study authors, the studies who ran the thing. Essentially the idea they have is that the lockdown put people, this is a slum where like 10 people live in the same house and there’s police walking around, making sure that if you walk out of the house, you’re gonna be arrested. So they put 10 people in the house, they probably spread the disease with the lockdown, enormous viral load. You can see with the 80% antibody number right.
[Dr. Z] Right
[Dr. Jay] But the infection fatality rate was really low.
[Dr. Z] Minuscule.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah.
[Dr. Z] Like I think it might be an under reporting to some degree, but like 200, 300 deaths out of all these.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah it was really, really low. So part of that is they don’t have the diabetes, they don’t have the obesity, they don’t have those kinds of predisposing conditions.
[Dr. Z] ‘Cause they’re thin.
[Dr. Jay] And they’re younger.
[Dr. Z] They’re younger.
[Dr. Jay] So, I think we’re still learning and at least I’m still learning quite a lot about this disease.
[Dr. Z] Well, and you know the other thought that I had, and again, this is just pure mental masturbation is the idea that that group may be exposed to so many pathogens on a daily basis, including Corona Viruses, et cetera, that they have some innate T-cell immunity or mucosal immune something that we don’t have.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, I think there’s some evidence of that even in the United States right.
[Dr. Z] Yeah, exactly.
[Dr. Jay] I saw this really interesting study where it looked at, it was a small study so I don’t know if it generalizes it will hold up when it’s done larger, but people who have young kids, you know if you have young kids, I have three kids and when they were little I had colds all the time. People with young kids are less likely to die from it.
[Dr. Z] And that really tells you something like, I remember I had a severe cold actually just in January before it was really widely prevalent and I never had antibody testing or anything. So I don’t know if it was COVID, but I doubt it. No one else in the family was sick. I caught it from a friend who was in Las Vegas. And I wonder whether getting those really jazzes your T-cell immunity kind of like getting a BCG vaccination or something like that.
[Dr. Jay] There seems to be increasing evidence that T cell mediated immunity does matter quite a bit.
[Dr. Z] But even talking about that people are like, “stop minimizing the catastrophe.”
[Dr. Jay] I don’t understand this, like this is not politics to me. This is a really important epidemiologic phenomenon that we absolutely have to get our hands around. We need the best science possible. I don’t understand the politicization of you’re on team apocalypse or you’re on team doom, right, team–
[Dr. Z] Team denial.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, exactly.
[Dr. Z] I liked that team apocalypse versus team denial go! That’s really what it is. And we say that we don’t understand it, but we do understand it’s an election year all that, but as scientists, we don’t condone it is what we’re trying to say. You got sucked into it, right? Because by definition now you’re on team denial because you did science that doesn’t support the press’ narrative of X, Y, and Z.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, what I was taught in public health circles, we actually give people the right information, the true information. We don’t unduly stoke panic just in order to get the result we want, which is essentially you’re gonna comply with this order or that order. We don’t do that. We tell people, okay, here are the risks. We have to trust people to react to that appropriately. Not many times, they won’t some but many times they will, but on net if you wanna maintain trust in the public health community, the absolute first thing we have to do is tell them the absolute truth about what we know and we don’t know.
[Dr. Z] So what you’ve nailed here again, is something I talked with Vinay Prasad on the show about which is authenticity. We suck at it in medicine, we prevaricate, we think we don’t trust the public to do the right thing. We are paternalistic to a fault. So when Monica was on the show yesterday, she said, you know, I’m an HIV researcher. I believe in harm reduction. How dare us preach at people wear mask you dummy, you stupid person. And do you wanna kill grandmothers? And this and this and this, that’s not the way to communicate public health. You communicate the uncertainty, but you communicate what we know and her whole thing as well, if mass reduce inoculum, and it’s a low risk intervention, then maybe you guys should do that. But it’s your decision. I don’t wanna mandate it. And if we get 80% compliance according to our data, maybe that’s a tipping point, but you know, again, it’s a hypothesis.
[Dr. Jay] I’d amend that a little bit. I agree with that actually, but the only thing I’d amend is it’s related to the harm you really, really are seeing. So if we really are seeing it’s a 3% mortality disease, yeah then I’m okay with more aggressive. But if on the other hand we’re really uncertain about that 3%, which we were. If we really don’t know, we should tell people, look, it’s looking like 3% we don’t know, let’s see, here’s what we’re doing to try to figure it out. We should just be honest about what we don’t know. I think to me has been the most shocking thing that the public health people and doctors have dawn this mantle of absolute knowledge in a place where I’ve read a lot of this literature there’s a lot I don’t know even though I’ve been reading the literature scientifically. So we just don’t know. We should say that. Why is it bad to say that when we just don’t know.
[Dr. Z] You know, and what it does there’s a side effect of that, that we’re seeing now, which is when doctors and public health officials say, “don’t wear a mask.” and then yeah in the next breath, “wear a mask of any kind. “I don’t care “if it’s just the lace panties over your face wear that” we look like idiots. And on top of that, the public then, which isn’t as dumb as they’re portrayed by the intellectual elite, goes, “now wait a minute.”
[Dr. Jay] And they should.
[Dr. Z] And they should. And then what happens is, and you see it in the comments to my own videos, right? If I do a video kind of leaning in one direction, a billion people comment the other direction. If I lean in, in that other direction, a billion people comment, the public is trying to find truth.
[Dr. Jay] Right.
[Dr. Z] And it’s tough.
[Dr. Jay] I mean, you know, that’s okay. We’re having a conversation, there’s stuff I’m learning from you. I hope there’s some stuff you’re learning from me. And basically that’s what science is. It’s a conversation that leads to more data that leads to more conversation. That’s what it is.
[Dr. Z] So what you just said is absolutely reasonable and rational and Buzzfeed attacks your family.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, so, I mean, that was tough, I have to say. That was probably the hardest parts of the whole work on this was just feeling like I’ve dragged my family into something. There’s one thing to go after me. It’s another thing. Like, but in any case, let’s leave me aside. So we put this paper out, we find this number 0.2 to 0.3, and then a whole series of studies started coming out from around the world to find the same number. Many of them published, the peer reviewed literature I think now has established it.
[Dr. Z] So let me ask you a question though. So what, two to three times a flu is still catastrophic, man. Well, how do you respond to that?
[Dr. Jay] I’d amend that, there’s also no vaccine.
[Dr. Z] Right no vaccine and we didn’t have treatments.
[Dr. Jay] Absolutely it is worse than the flu for those reasons.
[Dr. Z] Thank you ’cause I think that the denial, I think a lot of people perceive a denial. This comparison with flu is very charged and the truth is–
[Dr. Jay] It’s worse than the flu. And I think for older people, it is absolutely we should treat it like it’s much worse than the flu, because it is worse than the flu. So for instance, nursing homes, right? So I just looked at a paper that said that nursing homes often share staff workers. So like one staff worker works in nursing A may also works in nursing on B. We should be using our testing resources to make sure that when shared staff workers move back and forth, they don’t bring the virus back and forth with them across these nursing homes. That seems like a completely reasonable outcome of the fact that older people are much more vulnerable, especially people with comorbid conditions.
[Dr. Z] And you’ve been a big advocate of protecting vulnerable groups.
[Dr. Jay] That’s the whole point of this is to learn who really should we be using our relatively limited resources to protect. And when we raise alarm, who should we be doing it for. There’s cost to raising alarm, right? So like, if I panic you, you may take actions. That’s the whole point of the raising the panic and the alarm. But those actions will have very little effect or much less effect on the spread than the costs that you pay and the society pays for those acts.
[Dr. Z] And the problem with those costs are they’re often in tangibles, like I have had fans, who’ve become fans of my show since we started the COVID adventure. And the reason they became fans is they have generalized anxiety disorder, or they have some level of anxiety. They have been jumping out of their skin, watching the press catastrophize about this in generating the fear that I think was the medical establishment was complicit with because they are seeing it on the front lines in a very biased way. Oh my God, my ICU is full of people who are dying, including some young people. And therefore anything we can do to get the public to behave is gonna be important, right. And then what ends up happening is these poor individuals who have a tendency to anxiety are losing their minds. So they tell me, I watch your show because you seem rational and you have opposing viewpoints, and you’re not just saying we’re all gonna die. And I think why should I be the one who’s doing that?
[Dr. Jay] Well, you have a good audience.
[Dr. Z] I think that ought to be the general.
[Dr. Jay] I agree with that. I don’t really understand it, but it seems like people want, especially the press seems to want to create this panic. So every time there’s a study that comes out, that a child has died, which has happened absolutely for this disease. You’re gonna get this panic headline from the press. Now, one of the things I’ve learned from the seroprevalence studies, again from around the world now, not just mine, is that there’s a very wide range of clinical presentations from this disease. It ranges from, somewhere between 30 to 40% of the people that get it have no symptoms whatsoever. They can’t remember. They have the antibodies, but they have no symptoms that they can remember from it maybe even a larger part have relatively mild symptoms. It’s like a cold. And a small fraction have this horrible viral pneumonia that kills them. We focus all our attention on the viral pneumonia and none on the fact that 998 people are gonna recover from it.
[Dr. Z] Yeah, that’s a feel good hit of the summer, right there. Like that’s a positive story and they’re going to develop immunity and this whole panic about, well, no, we’re never immune. That’s another press thing.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah.
[Dr. Z] It’s insane
[Dr. Jay] It’s like no other virus does that, right.
[Dr. Z] Exactly well, what do we all, and the related piece to that, like you said, one story about a child.
[Dr. Jay] HIV, I guess
[Dr. Z] MISC, HIV I guess, strep throat. You can’t have a vaccine.
[Dr. Jay] So actually it’s a legitimate scientific question, but one we now have an answer to. You do develop immunity, this virus.
[Dr. Z] And the thing is because we have now millions of cases and we can look and there’s been like, I think two documented cases of actual re-infection.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah.
[Dr. Jay] One was like, it was totally mild. The other was more severe. And so you could think in a population there’s variants, right.
[Dr. Z] But two out of millions right? So, and as you said, the first case, that was the reinfection, it looked like the guy was protected.
[Dr. Jay] Mild, which is what you would expect, even with a cold, like, you get a cold one year, you may get it again the next year, but it’s gonna be minor.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, if you have the same virus, even if the antibodies fade, you may have T-cells or other mechanisms immunity that make it so that, it’s not that you won’t get sick, but you’ll get sick much less and it won’t create severe illness.
[Dr. Z] Now, one thing that’s gonna come up, and this comes up a lot again, in the catastrophization camp, but what about the long haulers and the terrible damage to the lungs and the cardiac damage and the brain damage and all the other things.
[Dr. Jay] You know, those happened with influenza.
[Dr. Z] Exactly, right.
[Dr. Jay] So my son, my young son, 13 year old now a couple years ago, got the flu and he’d had the flu vaccine and he still got the flu.
[Dr. Z] Which happens.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, it happens I mean it was fine. Like, it was a little worse than I thought it would when you normally would get, and he was getting better and he woke up one morning and he couldn’t walk.
[Dr. Z] Oh my gosh.
[Dr. Jay] I was going through all the panic things when you go through medical school, you always have to.
[Dr. Z] Like Guillain-Barre.
[Dr. Jay] That’s exactly
[Dr. Z] Transverse myelitis.
[Dr. Jay] And I’m like, Oh God. So it turned out it was benign myositis. Thank God and within a week he was walking again. Flu has all kinds of strange side effects. It has neurologic side effects. It can have cardiac side effects. We put these in context, right? These are things that happen. Absolutely can happen. but we have a lot of information about how frequent they are. Are they likely? How long lasting they are? If it was Guillain-Barre would have been terrible, but if it’s benign myositis it’d last week and he’s okay.
[Dr. Z] So that’s funny because my daughter had a viral syndrome when she was three and couldn’t walk and again benign myositis. But again, you go through the panic, but the point being these things happen with viral infection, this is a new viral infection that we don’t have a vaccine for. That is novel to the degree that it’s novel. Although we seem to have some innate immunity from cross-reactivity to Corona Virus, and yet we are spinning it as if the world is ending. And the thing is that would be fine if we thought it was actually going to cause less harm to spin it that way than not, but it’s actually causing a lot of harm in terms of the response. So whether it’s suicide rate going up, substance abuse, economic catastrophe, mortgaging our children’s future, creating intergenerational divides now.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, I was hoping we get to talk about that. ‘Cause that’s something I think has been vastly underemphasized and it’s breaking my heart. So let’s talk about suicide. The CDC released a report, I think in July that it was a report where they ask about suicidal ideation. Like how many suicidal thoughts, have you have you had any serious suicidal thoughts. One in four 18 to 24 year olds, one in four 18 to 24 year olds in June had serious thoughts of suicide.
[Dr. Z] You know, so my assistant is in her early twenties and she only just recently told me during the early lockdown stuff, we didn’t have her in our house. And, kind of kept her on a, not a furlough we were paying her, but she isolated. Now this is a hyper social person in the prime of her life who is now told, don’t leave your house sit there with your dog. And she told me now that it was so awful for her, you know?
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, for a disease for her 20 early twenties, probably one in 10,000 death rate. We’re basically imposing asking young people who are meant to live in community. Not me I was a hermit, but everyone,
[Dr. Z] Me too, I really enjoy this.
[Dr. Jay] But we’re not meant to live alone in our house hold up, it’s going to have consequences. It’s gonna have severe negative consequences, psychologically, and we are already seeing it. That is just the beginning of the cost of the lockdown. Worldwide, they’re reports of hundreds, of millions, of additional people starving as a result because you said you’re talking about economics. So one of the themes I’ve heard argued against me when I make this point is, well, look, you’re talking about the lockdowns and there’s some economic costs, but what are they relative to the lives we save. But it’s not lives on one side the economy on the other. The economy is really important to the lives of the people who are in the midst of it. And hundreds of millions of people around the world that are on the edge of economic disaster. And you push them over you, you destroy the world economy. It’s not just dollars. It’s hundreds of millions of people starving. And that’s what the UN has said. Then you go, and it’s fine.
[Dr. Z] I said this, like in the first month of this pandemic, I said, you guys seem to have this false dichotomy between economy and lives. Blood is treasure it’s there it’s a transitive property. When you start having unemployment, the suicide rate goes up in the world when you shut the economy down, people starved to death. And this idea, and I’m gonna rant for one second and you may or may not agree with me. I feel like my own tribe of people, the healthcare professionals, have held the rest of our country hostage with their catastrophizing around this, which was done with good intent. These are good smart people. And they’re right. We’ve had deaths and terrible outcomes, but they fail to see the bigger picture. And Monica Gandhi on the show yesterday said, as doctors it’s our responsibility to see this.
[Dr. Jay] Our job is to show people that picture, I’d say even more than just, I mean, I call us the Zoomocracy and I mean it. So like, I’m fine I can be on Zoom and I’m not going to lose my well, maybe who knows the Sanford could keep me.
[Dr. Z] We gotta talk about that.
[Dr. Jay] But I think I’m fine, right? So like, why should I care about, well, my job is to tell people what’s happening in the rest of the world, I think. There’s this program called Gavi, which is a program for vaccinations International Program for Vaccinations. They’ve halted their operations because of the lockdown.
[Dr. Z] So polio comes back, measles comes back. measles never gone, measles is still here.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah we’re gonna see research we may even see resurgence in polio in the United States because people stopped taking their kids for the OPV vaccine.
[Dr. Z] Yeah absolutely cancer screening, their mental–
[Dr. Jay] So we’ve had good news from cancer for the past few years. We’ve actually had decreases in cancer related mortality for the first time in my memory anyways, for three or four years in a row that will reverse, we’re gonna start seeing later stage breast cancers, later stage prostate cancers, people stopped getting screening. People actually even stopped getting treatment for cancer, active cancer. During the epidemic.
[Dr. Z] Yeah I’ve seen that. HIV, patients are losing their viral suppression. Monica was talking about that because they’re not coming in.
[Dr. Jay] Tuberculosis millions of extra tuberculosis cases ’cause you have tuberculosis, you have to treat over a long period of time with regular antibiotics. People come in around the world because they’re–
[Dr. Z] Directly observed therapy, all this other stuff.
[Dr. Jay] Exactly and that stopped were gonna see a resurgence of tuberculosis deaths.
[Dr. Z] Well, so let me ask a question because this is very gloomy stuff. Like, honestly, when you said earlier, you were heartbroken. This is what keeps me up at night because you know here we have this platform we can get to see, like you said, we’re part of the Zoomocracy. Like we can do this, we can get this information out, but it doesn’t sink in. And what it does is, I worry that it even contributes more to this polarization because there are camps that get so emotional about the damage we’ve done from our response and camps that gets so emotional from The United States’ perceived failure relative to other countries in terms of mortality per million.
[Dr. Jay] I’m heartbroken at both. I mean, I think we in public health need to balance COVID is not the only threat to public health. We need to understand that there’s all kinds of public health problems.
[Dr. Z] So what do you think you would say The United States should do? And then I wanna talk about Sweden and Europe and Asia too, but what do you think the United States should do? So here’s the problem, all this disaster from our response and then the danger of the virus, which is worse for the elders and people with comorbidities. And it’s blessed than we thought initially. And we have a little better treatment now. So what do you think?
[Dr. Jay] If I had to characterize the American response. It’s exactly backwards.
[Dr. Z] Yes.
[Dr. Jay] We have quarantined the healthy and we’ve exposed the vulnerable to the disease.
[Dr. Z] That’s it and Monica said yesterday.
[Dr. Jay] Flip that around.
[Dr. Z] Monica said yesterday, we were exactly backwards as well. We’ve favored the rich people who can survive this, the Zoomocracy like you and I, and we’ve punished the poor. So we’ve actually told them, stay inside, lose your jobs, get $1,200 a month.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, or you go out and expose yourself, deliver the groceries to
[Dr. Z] Essential worker.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, I don’t understand it. I could understand three in a 100 deaths.
[Dr. Z] Different story
[Dr. Jay] You imagine it, but even there you’d wanna focus response and figure out who really is
[Dr. Z] In that 3%.
[Dr. Jay] Right, exactly and there may be people who are less vulnerable. You tailor your strategy around the numbers you’re seeing, but we haven’t done that yet. We’ve gone the opposite route since in many ways, I think New York is an absolute disaster, New York, I mean, the highest death rates in the world happened in the Northeast early map of the United States.
[Dr. Z] Yeah and multiple reasons for that probably that will become clear also more in retrospect and our retrospectoscope is is gonna be highly, highly indicting. I think of a lot of behavior that we had early on.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah, can we return to, you were asking me earlier about like the scientific discussion around this.
[Dr. Z] Yeah, I would love to,
[Dr. Jay] So I’ve been really concerned about censorship in science around this epidemic.
[Dr. Z] As have I.
[Dr. Jay] Yeah and so like you mentioned, John Ioannidis is one of the foremost physicians in the world, researchers in the world studying. I had the honor to be able to work with him. He did an interview early on in the epidemic that was suppressed by YouTube.
[Dr. Z] How do you suppress John Ioannidis?
[Dr. Jay] I don’t know, I don’t understand it. My view of science is that it’s a conversation. We have to have the ability to express views that are not popular or else we can’t have a science. We can’t have science.
[Dr. Z] I mean.
[Dr. Jay] So the idea is that somehow if somebody is expressing a view that is contrary to somebody’s interpretation of some public health organization, World Health Organization or whatever, it’s ipso facto dangerous to say those views, that is a form of population control. That’s what it is, right.
[Dr. Z] It really is, yeah.
[Dr. Jay] It’s fine if you know, with 100% scientific certainty, that some fact–
[Dr. Z] Is wrong.
[Dr. Jay] Yes.
[Dr. Z] Yeah, like vaccines cause autism, right?
[Dr. Jay] So what’s the your response. You say, look, the vaccines don’t cause autism, right? That’s the right response.
[Dr. Z] That’s right.
[Dr. Jay] And here’s the evidence.
[Dr. Z] That’s right.
[Dr. Jay] If you have a situation of a new virus where the science is emerging rapidly and we’re learning new things, I’ve changed my mind about 15 things about this virus as I’ve read new papers
[Dr. Z] Me too.
[Dr. Jay] over the course, how could you not?
[Dr. Z] Yeah but you know what, read the comments in my videos. You flip-flopped on this five times.
[Dr. Jay] Got me with this new evidence coming up right.
[Dr. Z] Yeah.
[Dr. Jay] So in that context, scientific censorship is criminal.
[Dr. Z] Yeah. I agree.
[Dr. Jay] And so I think, and

Traveling with COVID-19!

By Marivel Guzman

Originally published May 02, 2020

I’m a former RN and freelance journalist. Recently I enrolled in the University of Texas free online course Journalism in the pandemia: Covering COVID-19 now and in the future.

The following text was my introduction to the more than 60,000 fellow worldwide journalists enrolled in the course.

Hello, my name is Marivel Guzman, freelance journalist since 2016, former register nurse and currently professional cleaner, I also own an Ebay store, where I sell plants to complete a decent income.

I live in shinny Southern California, where other than the lockdown of business, everything looks normal.

I traveled between January 28 thru March o4. I believe that period was the critical time of the spreading of the SARS-CoV-2.

I left from Tijuana Airport, to Mexico City, Amsterdam and New Delhi final destination. I was stranded in Mexico City for 2 days, and another 2 days in Amsterdam. The 2 days journey took 6 days. Since before I started my journey, I was looking for masks. Before I left Orange County, I couldn’t find one single mask in any store. I tried my luck local stores in Tijuana, Mx, then in Mexico City, Amsterdam and New Delhi, not one mask at the store airports or the local stores. That wasn’t surprising at all, what really got my attention was not to find people sick, or anybody who heard about anybody being sick.

I talked with airport personnel, travelers, locals in those cities, and nobody knew anything about a single person sick.

I spent 26 days traveling all across India, visited more than 50 cities big and small. I stayed in various beaches in Goa, and life was normal.

Due to the terrible internet situation in India, I was disconnected 80 percent of the time. But, I never stopped inquiring about the outbreak. I talked to locals, pharmacists, tourists from all over the world, and with all honesty, nobody knew anything about the coronavirus.

Even after I returned on February 29, From New Delhi, Via Paris, Mexico City and Tijuana arriving on March 04, still I only knew about the coronavirus from the news.

And strangely enough, not until it was declared a Pandemic by the WHO, It’s that everything started to change and the “death toll” started being the “news.”

I still have my reservations to accept the current lockdown situation.

As a nurse, I’m reluctant to accept the lockdown as a measure to stop the spreading of the infection, because it is different being infected and being sick.

Never in the history of an outbreak, the healthy is quarantined along with the infected, if that was the case.

I read scientific journals, and review scientific studies.

I’m always in the look out for news coming directly from researchers in epidemiology, microbiology and infectious diseases from various countries. I found many conflicting arguments regarding the new CDC death certicates guidelines.

As a professional cleaner, I have entered 60 homes, and I ask questions, I observe the situation in Southern cities, and I’m still to find a person sick, or who knows a sick person. At least in the places I have been employed.

I visit the USPS everyday to ship my plants (no mask)

As a freelance journalist, I have covered diverse events, visited supermarkets, hospitals, free meals for seniors, free meals events, mask donations, free food for homeless, shelters and I have done it without wearing a mask Nobody has gotten sick from me, not in my home, or my relatives, or friends’s homes.

What I’m trying to say is that the world was normal before the “Pandemic” was announced on March 11.

Visitors at the Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India. February 08,2020.(photo/Marivel Guzman)
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Fearmongering the worse public policy ever

July 11,2020

By Marivel Guzman

“It’s easier to fool people than convince them than they have been fooled” Often attributed to Mark Twain.
No matter who said it, it is an absolute truth statement, even if there are no absolutes, someone might say. At the present times, 99 percent of the population has been fooled into believing many things that are not true, at least not scientifically backed by honest data, (not paid science.)

On the contrary, there is science against the opposite. But nobody will say, yes, I was fooled, but I’m ok with it.

Most people rather live a comfortable lie, than an uncomfortable truth.

The lockdown(s) were never about hospitals’s capacity. The lockdown was and still is according to official sources to stop the infection of SARS-CoV-2.

The “surge” in cases is simply due to people testing positive for the SARS-CoV-2, but this fact does not make them a COVID-19 case.

Have you ask yourself why, so many people are testing positive for the virus? The reason being is that more testing is being conducted all across the world.

Second question, why do people who are or seem healthy test positive and you don’t even know you have it?

According to the latest study published in the Lancet, most young people specially in the groups from 14 to 49 had gotten the virus with no symptoms a lot.
Children under that age do not get infected. In the study, one child got the virus. The exception.

The group that from 50 to 65, got the virus with mild condition not required hospitalization. The only group that is at risk are people 65 and over, and that is because they have a coctail of diseases that render their inmune system weak.

Now, if in the present lockdown essential workers are allowed to mingle outside their homes to work, if they “catch” the virus obviously they will bring it home, to a “close quarters,” where they can infect any other members of the family. Right?

The lockdown is ineffective, is a complete disaster. Because destroyed the economy of the world at large and further more is eroding the means of survival of the sensitive population-Those who are daily laborers, migrants, street vendors whose only survival is in the tourist industry.

So, why instead to mandate a lockdown in a 7.8 billion people, why the policy wasn’t to protect the population at risk to get infected and to develop COVID-19, the flu which is also a respiratory infection could have been taken as a studied example.

Not every household in the world has a member in the mentioned group – 65 and over- those who has them should have the responsibility to care for their elderly, meaning wearing masks when in public to avoid getting the virus and bring it home. Taking all measures of hygiene before being in contact with their elders.

We must take in consideration another group, the population that already suffers from conditions known to weaken their inmune system. The same measures should be taken.

By now science has studied that assymtomatic people do not transmit the virus, simply because the means of transmission starts when the body starts protecting itself through its defense mechanism such fever, sneezing and coughing. If you have fever, no body can’t get sick by touching the warm skin of the person. Righ? but if you sneeze or cough then you can transmit the virus. The WHO has the data compiled by countries which followed stric tracking of assymtomatic and their contacts. “The data shows no secondary infection from an assymtomatic person,” the WHO said in its June 8 briefing.

If an asymptomatic person could transmit the virus just by speaking, this means the virus is in the saliva right? Then the testing for the overall population should be a simple swap of saliva from the mouth. But, that is not the present case. The testing requires to dig down on your throat or nose, where the virus is being isolated by the normal defense mechanism of the body if any virus is present.

So, again the hospitals entered the equation when people started to challenge masks and lockdowns and the changing of mask guidelines.

If all governments can allocate billions of dollars to their defense budget to buy the latest weaponry of war, why they couldn’t switch that budget to fight this “almost microscopic enemy,”?

Another important point to address is the medical personal of the army forces, this goes for every country. All states (countries) have trained nurses and doctors. Why instead to use resources enforcing this crippling lockdown, why the armies of the world didn’t deploy their medical personal to the government and private owned hospitals to help fight the enemy?

To end but not less important, it is known, scientifically proven that there isn’t a treatment to cure viruses still now 2020, the only doctor’s prescription is rest, lots of fluids and medicines to treat the symptoms; high temperature, congested cough, and upper respiratory system symptoms. Although, those symptoms are the defense mechanism of the body to figh the pathogens, whichever they are, if they become severe, they need to lessen the discomfort.
Only, when the person become to ill to treat him/her at home is that they go to the hospital to be under medical treatment. This has been a common practice by majority of the population, specially rural places that don’t have medical facilities nearby.

So, in my personal informed opinion – after endless research and medical knowledge- I’m talking as a nurse and as a journalist, the lockdown(s) and curfews are the wrong public policy ever enforced in the population in time of relative peace, at least in most countries.

More cases the better, if you have followed the reports from all world’s CDCs you find that COVID-19 cases resulting on deaths are very small percentage. Until now analyzing the latest data, the death ratio range between

  1. 03 to 0.26 worse scenario, and this number is taking in consideration the data of the positive cases reported from assymtomatic persons who voluntary gave their throat or nose samples.

So again, wear your mask if you have to, but don’t blindly advocate for a lockdown that doesn’t affect you at all. Stay home if you feel safe, but stop feeding endless unnecessary fear to the population not affected by the SARS-CoV-2.

Take care of your elders and inmuno depressed, but don’t try to curtail-with your fearmongering-the ability of the 90 percent of the population who can safely work and need to work to survive.

The lockdown are a wrong policy. Remember this: 37- million people live with HIV and live a normal lives with treatment.

Iguana taking an afternoon sunbath, Orange CA. Nov. 25, 2020 (photo/Marivel Guzman)

16 facts about COVID-19

Source Children’s Defense Fund

16 Facts -16 Scientific studies, new data, expert advice from 600 doctors on #COVID19, the #lockdown, #masks, and #socialdistancing. This incredible compendium was just published by The Children’s Health Defense under the title “LOCKDOWN LUNACY: The Thinking Person’s Guide”
Every fact is supported by a scientific study, and data analysis.
Fact #1: The Infection Fatality Rate for COVID-19 is somewhere between 0.07-0.20%, in line with seasonal flu

Fact #2: The risk of dying from COVID-19 is much higher than the average IFR for older people and those with co-morbidities, and much lower than the average IFR for younger healthy people, and nearing zero for children

Fact #3: People infected with COVID-19 who are asymptomatic (which is most people) do NOT spread COVID-19

Fact #4: Emerging science shows no spread of COVID-19 in the community (shopping, restaurants, barbers, etc.)

Fact #5: Published science shows COVID-19 is NOT spread outdoors

Fact #6: Science shows masks are ineffective to halt the spread of COVID-19, and The WHO recommends they should only be worn by healthy people if treating or living with someone with a COVID-19 infection

Fact #7: There’s no science to support the magic of a six-foot barrier.
Follow the link read compiled scientific data and expert commentary by doctors, epidemiologists, inmuologists, mathematicians, and more experts in related fields.

Visit the site of Children Health Defense for more information

Politicians are being courted by scientists

Many experts in the field of microbiology, and pulmonary and Infectious diseases are questioning the government’s approach to the COVI-19D pandemic.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg is a German physician specialising in Pulmonology, politician and former chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Back in 2009, called for an inquiry into alleged conflicts of interest surrounding the EU response to the Swine Flu pandemic.

“Politicians are being courted by scientists…scientists who want to be important to get money for their institutions. Scientists who just swim along in the mainstream and want their part of it […] And what is missing right now is a rational way of looking at things.

We should be asking questions like “How did you find out this virus was dangerous?”, “How was it before?”, “Didn’t we have the same thing last year?”, “Is it even something new?”

That’s missing.

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Dr Sucharit Bhakdi demystifies the hype around the global hysteria of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bhakdi, the former head of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, at Johannes Gutenburg University in Mainz, Germany and one of the most cited researcher in the field of microbiology speaks about the coronavirus hype.

Bhakdi is the recipient of many awards in the field of microbiology, and is an authority in the field.

In his opinion, the governments lockdown are shortening the life of million of people specially elderly people, who need to go to the theater, dance, walk at the park, in other words they need entertainment and peace of mind to live longer.

He does not dismiss the potential risk of the COVID-19, but at the same time he stressed that “elderly and people with underlying lung and heart condition are more susceptible, and not the rest of the population.

The misinformation put out there, with the number of deaths in countries most affected is creating an unnecessary fear.

China and Italy he said, two countries with high volumes of pollution, which fact is not taken in consideration to rule the cause of death—People that live in polluted areas already have susceptible lungs and compromised upper respiratory system.

Saying that the cause of death is only due to the COVID-19 is false, and the numbers misleading.

The elderly is more affected, but, they are at risk with any type of coronavirus.

The horrifying impact in world economy threaten the existence of countless people, he said. “

“These extreme measures [lockdown and self quarantine] are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide because of nothing but a spook,” he said

According to the American Psychology Association, stress lower your natural defenses, “when we’re stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight off antigens is reduced.”

Stay calm and cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, these measures should be normally followed when affected by any type of viral, or bacterial infection, such flu or influenza.

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Explosive information about #COVI19.

Published on Jun 16, 2020

Exclusive information. Multiple highly regarded scientists who have studied C0R0NAVlRUS say that the VlRUS has been manipulated in labs to better attach to human cells. Turns out, research on that very thing was conducted here in the United States until the research was banned in 2013. In 2014, the research appears to have resumed through funding to several labs in China through payments to Eco Healt.

JudyMikovits has been saying the same. She also said, that for a virus to naturally evolve to the current SARS-CoV-2, it would take 800 years. She has been censored by the YouTube, Google and Facebook.

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Dr Scott Atlas

Dr. Scott Atlas is the Robert Wesson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, an accomplished physician, and a scholar of public health. For several weeks, Dr. Atlas has been making the case in print and in other media that we as a society have overreacted in imposing draconian restrictions on movement, gatherings, schools, sports, and other activities.

He is not a COVID-19 denier—he believes the virus is a real threat and should be managed as such. But, as Dr. Atlas argues, there are some age groups and activities that are subject to very low risk. The one-size-fits-all approach we are currently using is overly authoritarian, inefficient, and not based in science.

Dr. Atlas’s prescription includes more protection for people in nursing homes, two weeks of strict self-isolation for those with mild symptoms, and most importantly, the opening of all K–12 schools. The latter recommendation is vital for restarting and maintaining the economy so that parents are not housebound trying to work and educate their children. Dr. Atlas is also adamant that an economic shutdown, and all of the attendant issues that go along with it, is a terrible solution—the cure is worse than the disease. Finally, Dr. Atlas reveals some steps he’s taken in his own life to try to get things back to normal.

Search the Hoover Institute

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The misconception of GMO is that solve the hunger problem

By Marivel Guzman

Published on Mar 11, 2018

Truth to be told is that hunger is same as it was in 1986, said Zack Bush.

According to USDA’s Economic Research Service 30 to 40 percent of the food in US is wasted. That amounts to more than 20 pounds of food per person wasted each month.

An estimated 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year, one third of all food produced for human consumption

according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.
According to UNICEF 15,000 children under 5 die every day due to starvation and malnourishment.
“Zach Bush, MD is a triple board certified physician specializing in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, as well as in Hospice and Palliative care. The director of M Clinic in Virginia, Dr. Bush has published peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in the areas of infectious disease, endocrinology, and cancer. This is a mind-blowing conversation that explores new insights into the mechanisms behind human health and longevity. It’s about the massive and misunderstood impact of industrial farming, chemical pesticides, the pharmaceutical industry and even errant Western medical practices have on both human and planetary health. It’s a conversation about the difference between the science of disease and the science of health. It’s about the microbiome as a critical predictor of and protector against illness. And it’s an exploration of autism, epigenetics and the mechanics of intercellular communication.. Enjoy! ✌🏼🌱” – Rich

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The reall killer of humanity is and always has been starvation.

By Marivel Guzman

Already kills 15,000 children under five, UNICEF says Now Oxfam warns COVID-19 pandemic vould push 122 million to brink of starvation.

The global charity says this could result in 12,000 people dying per day by the end of the year due to COVID-19-linked hunger. Oxfam America President Abby Maxman said,

“COVID-19 is the last straw for millions of people already struggling with the impacts of conflict, climate change, inequality and a broken food system that has impoverished millions of food producers and workers.”

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COVID-19 scenario written by Rockefeller Foundation in 2010.

Watch this 2014:interview with investigative journalist Harry Vox.
Lockdown, masks, quarantine, curfews, global industry disruption, flights disruption and praise of authoritarian governments.
If after watching these 12 minutes, you still agree with the present scenario of lockdowns and masks, then your critical thinking is lockdown by fear.

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Manipulation of Data

By Marivel Guzman
Note how the CDC adjusted the percentage markers for the graphic of inpatient bed occupancy.

On July 03, at 3:15 pm, I downloaded the graphic for intpacient bed occupancy by states from the CDC website.
At 3:15 pm on a Thursday, the markers were: 0 to 4.9 %, 5 to 9.9 %, 10 to 14.9 %, 15 to 19.99 %, 20 to 24.9 %, 25 or more %.

Today after that data was published, the CDC changed the markers to make the inpatient bed occupancy more dramatic. Note, that the date still reads July 03.

The more purple the states look in the graphic, the more fear they send.

New markers are: 0 to 39.9 %, 40 to 49.9 %, 50 to 59.9%, 60 to 69.9 %, 70 or more %.
Arizona went from 25 percent occupancy to 70 or more.

As new testing are being conducted nationwide, more SARS-CoV-2 cases are shown positive, but the sick people with COVID-19 declined dramatically, and consequently the death rate took its low place in the statistics models, if they are honestly reporting the data at hand.

The CDC changed the markers. For the untrained eyes like majority of Facebook users, who use Facebook as a medium for information, the change goes unnoticed. They see the colored graphic and their hormone levels of fear goes hotwire.

Mainstream media changed their headlines to cases. They left the “deaths” numbers behind, because they are not impactfull enough to bring readers to their digital outlets.

Why does the CDC insist in spreading fear?
The two graphics attached can explain why the states in the US now show dramatic purple color.

Having 0 to 39.9 percent as the lowest marker, it is in itself very misleading. If we read the data provided by the CDC, a state with 1000 beds capacity can have from zero to 49.9 percent (New altered data, as previously state from 0 to 4.9 percent.) These numbers can be taken as zero patients, or 499 patients.

I did a quatitative analysis based for Arizona, the state with more inpatient COVID-19 occupied beds. has 16,000 licensed inpatient hospital beds. That is only 1.9 per every 1000 patients. According to the US Census Bureau, Arizona population is
7.279 million (2019. )

Going back to the graphics above. On July 03, before the markers were changed, Arizona could have had from zero to 784 in COVID-19 patients. The data is so vague, that you dont get a clear picture.

Now, after the CDC changed the parameters to assest the inpatient bed occupancy. The new numbers changed from zero to 11,200 patients.
Did you see how numbers are manipulated to keep the hype.
Happy 4th of July to all my fellow Americans.

CDC data
CDC in-bed data

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You wonder why cancer is prevalent in the world

By Marivel Guzman

July 08

Specially pediatric cancer. Scientists please double check the time when vaccines started to be mandatory in children.
An oncogene is a gene that has the potential to cause cancer. Oncogenes are important ingredients in vaccines. In some cases cell lines that are used in the production of vaccines “might” be tumorigenic, that is, they form tumors when injected into rodents. “Investigating Viruses in Cells Used to Make Vaccines; and Evaluating the Potential Threat Posed by Transmission of Viruses to humans, ” FDA(dot) gov
In tumor cells, these genes are often mutated or expressed at high levels. Most normal cells will undergo a programmed form of rapid cell death apoptosis when critical functions are altered and malfunctioning. Activated oncogenes can cause those cells designated for apoptosis to survive and proliferate instead.
After years on cancer research and billions of dollars invested in the cancer industry scientists still cannot find the cause of cancer. They need to study the reason why cancer skyrocket after vaccines started being an integral part of humans via mandatory decrees.
Yes, there are other many causes for cancer, pesticides like Roundup, carcinogens agents in gasoline fumes,
even unattended contaminants used to desinfect our water like trihalomethanes, (formed when chlorine or bromine interacts with the natural organic materials found in water.) “Disinfection By-Products (Trihalomethanes)” CDC(dot)gov
Even bleached products like your bleached flour, rice, salt.
The difference in many products in the market including gasoline is that they are not forced “into” you body like vaccines are.
There was a time in history when vaccines and medicine were introduced in society, they were given as a gift-Polio and Insuline’s patents sold for one dollar to universities by their inventors to serve a social cause. But those times are gone, universities betrayed those inventors and sold them [patents] to merchants, who converted them into a trade commodity.
And people will rgue that money is necessary for the production of vaccines. Yes, that is indeed, but produced under a social medicine model where governments take in consideration the use of safe vaccines vs mass produced vaccine that uses short cuts that undermine the long term individual’s wellbeing.
The health of the population is a government duty, it shouldn’t be put in the hands of merchants.
If wars can be 100 percent subsidized by governments, so health can be.

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Plandemic is real.

The WHO/UN new global government are running a live exercise with the participation of 196 countries, said a document published by WHO in 2005 and revised on 2019.

The information will leave you stone cold.
There isn’t a conspiracy, just go to the WHO links provided under the video.
A live exercise planned on 2005, where all countries committed to participate.

“They will released a virus that attacks the respiratory system, to test the preparedness of all countries,” says the WHO document.

Pompeo mentioned this few months ago and he was ignored by mainstream media.

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Dr Faucci pandemia

Dr Fauci has been in the same job for almost 40 years.
I wonder, what has he been doing all these years?
He even published a “study on the 1918 Spanish flu Pandemic,” (2007) where he said, 100 years later we are prepared for a Pandemic influenza. Are we prepared? Were we prepared for COVID-19? After all those billions of dollars “invested” in research by his office.
2019 came, and here he is again at square one, with so many “I don’t know,” “We don’t know,” and many misleading statements. Some so basic as masks.
And on 2008,he published another paper after disecting preserved tissues from soldiers who died during the 1918-19 Spanish Flu.
Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic, (2008)
“Most of the deaths were caused by a secondary bacterial pulmonary infection,” the study concluded. Maybe that’s why, President Trump announced the miracle cure of the anti-viral Hydroxychloroquine and anti-bacterial Azitromycim combo?
Which by the way, Fauci stopped the Hydroxychloroquine trial,
“because it was causing side effects,” really Dr Fauci? Please name a drug without side effects. Hydroxychloroquine has been used for 60 years to treat Malaria, and out of the sudden he stopped an important trial because “side effects.”
I wonder how much of a kickback he got from Gilad Sciences Remdesevir manufacturer?

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been wrong on the coronavirus pandemic — Every step of the way!”

Here is a list of several errors, contradictory statements and dangerous gaffes by NIAID Director Dr. Tony Fauci:

Read more

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The media war against Hydroxychloroquine.

By Marivel Guzman

Hydroxychloroquine is safe and cheap treatment for COVID-19 patients. The anti-malaria drug has been safely used for 60 years.

Countries that used Hydroxychloroquine from the start of the COVID-19 epidemic ranked lowest in deaths.

India population
1,319,484,175, death ratio to population .000042
Indonesia population
367,367,729 death ratio to
Population. . 000015
Pakistan pooulation
213,249,791 death ratio to population . 000028
Bangladesh population
163,684,837 death ratio to population . 000024

Mexico has almost double the population of Italy and France, and the COVID-19 death rate is almost identical.
The difference in low mortality in Mexico was the use of Hydroxychloroquine.
Mexico population 128,863,734 death ratio to population. .00046 %
France population 65,213,511 death ratio to population. .00042
Italy population
61,388,126 death ratio to population. .00046

Countries that didn’t use, stopped, or started the use later on of the drug Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients rank higher in death ratio to population.

United States population
328,277,386 death ratio to population. . 054
Brazil population
295,282,743 death ratio to population. . 055
Strangely enough, both of the presidents of these countries, Donald Trump and Bolsonaro advocated for the use of Hydroxychloroquine, but their health advisors negligently spoked against its use. The result: higher unnecessary deaths in both countries.

Three countries are in a special category: China, Japan and South Korea
The use of Eastern Medicine combined with Chloroquine proved their success with the low death ratio to population.

The numbers of infections with SARS-CoV-2 is not as important as the actual deaths of COVID-19.

COVI19 #Hydroxychloroquine



The big scare

The big scare!
By Marivel Guzman

The New York Times latest numbers on COVID-19 deaths, “Tracking the Coronavirus,” leave you alarmed by the numbes and selective wording they used, but if you analyze the real data; death ratio to population, and death ratio to cases, the numbers are so minuscule, that the largest number is . 03 in Mississipi ratio to cases, and ratio to population .0008, and the highest ratio to population is Texas with . O4, but ratio to cases .02.
These numbers comparable to deaths for other transmitable diseases, or death by other causes, which have very high mortality in US and in the world, like Coronary Artery Disease, which just in US alone kills more than 657,000 per year average. And, the Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causing bacteria of Tuberculosis is more contagious than SARS-CoV-2, according to the CDC, 13- million Americans are infected with latent tuberculosis, which treatments were halted due to the diversion of funds and medical attention taken away by lockdowns and closure of clinics and hospitals across US and worldwide.

SARS-CoV-2 is not deadlier than other diseases, but got the exaggerated media attention, pushed by pharmaceutical and vaccines manufacturers, who are set to make billions in profits.

These are the US numbers, which according to the New York Times are state hotbed spots for COVID-19, which in itself is misleading. It should be called SARS-CoV-2 cases, not COVID-19, because not all the people infected with SARS-CoV-2 develop COVID-19.

Source of cases and death numbers: the New York Times.
Data analysis by Marivel Guzman.

Texas population 29,472,300
SARS-CoV-2 cases 593,779
total deaths 11,486
ratio to population.. 04
ratio to cases . 02

Idaho population
234,576, SARS-CoV-2 cases: 29,510, total deaths 395: ratio to population . 0013, ratio to cases. . 011

Arkansas population
3,039,000, SARS-CoV-2 cases 55,652, total deaths 663
ratio to population . 00022
ratio to cases. . 011

Nevada population
3,139,660, SARS-CoV-2 cases
64,573, total deaths 1,185
ratio to population . 00038
ratio to cases. . 02

Iowa population
3,179,850,SARS-CoV-2 cases
55,496, total deaths 1,030
ratio to population. . 00032
ratio to cases . 02

Alabama population
4,908,620, SARS-CoV-2 cases 113,632, total deaths 1,196
ratio to population . 00024
ratio to cases . 02

Missouri population
6,169,270, SARS-CoV-2 cases
74,157, total deaths 1,511
ratio to population . 00024
ratio to cases . 02

North Dakota population
761,723, SARS-CoV-2 cases
9,498, total deaths 136
ratio to population .00018
ratio to cases. . 01

Georgia population
10,627,767,SARS-CoV-2 cases 233,169,total deaths
ratio to population . 0005
ratio to cases . 02

Florida population
21,646,155, SARS-CoV-2 cases 597,589, total deaths 10,273
ratio to population . 00050
ratio to cases .02

Tennessee population
6, 897,580, SARS-CoV-2 cases 1367,932, total deaths
ratio to population . 00022
ratio to cases. . 011

Mississippi population
2,989,260, SARS-CoV-2 cases
77,268, total deaths 2,237
ratio to population. . 0008

California population
39,937,500, SARS-CoV-2 638,831, total deaths 11,523
ratio to population. . 00029
ratio to cases. . 02

US population (Census update 2020 approx)
331,002,651, SARS-CoV-2 cases. 5,600,000, total deaths
ratio to population .00054
ratio to cases . 031

As more people get tested, the ratio to cases number gets smaller, and death toll data shows is going down, also the ratio to population and ratio to cases consequently will get smaller.

This trend is true for all countries. US is leading the charts in number of deaths for two reason: it is a big country, and haven’t used Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19.

The problem I see in US, is not that the population didn’t used masks, or didn’t follow “social distancing guidelines,” but the problem was not to allowing doctors to use Hydroxychloroquine as a prevention, and as treatment for COVID-19, and neglecting its elderly population.

The previous data analysis I generated showed, that countries that used Hydroxychloroquine were able to keep the death rate at bay.

Not all SARS-CoV-2 infected persons (cases) develop COVID-19. So, don’t get into panic because you see mainstream media throwing big numbers of cases in their headlines. Study the data and use some critical thinking before you share alarming “news.”

Remember herd inmunity is a good thing. More people get infected with SARS-CoV-2 and ride the virus cold death, more protected is a community.

Check the numbers, very small percentage of the population got seriously ill, or unfortunately passed away. Majority, almost 99.98 percent of the cases recorded got the virus with mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

UPDATE: Aug. 23, at 22:15
A clarification for the use of this chart to explain herd inmunity.
I’m personally advocating for natural herd inmunity, not vaccines. The data shown in some studies supports the argument, that the majority of the population who got infected by SARS-CoV-2 are naturally inmunized against COVID-19.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), on Aug. 14, update guidelines says, “people who got infected by SARS-CoV-2 and recovered don’t need to be tested again at least for three months.” and clarified, that natural inmunuzation doesn’t means that the person cannot get infected again. But also imply, that getting infected is not the same as getting sick.

How other way can be explained, that the death ratio to cases’s numbers are dropping in the charts.

(photo credit: Wikimedia)

Dr DoloresCahill – Protest Against Oppressive Government Restrictions and Mandates in Dublin


#DrDoloresCahill – Protest Against Oppressive Government Restrictions and Mandates in Dublin

Published on Aug 23, 2020
Thousands of people have taken part in a peaceful protest ‘Time For Change’ at the Custom House in Dublin city centre Against Oppressive Government Restrictions and Mandates. This is the second such rally in Dublin since the beginning of the lockdown in Ireland. The members of the public assembled at the Custom House protested against increasing government mandates, lack of transparency and proportionality of decisions and lack of accountability shown by the government officials and advisors.

Professor Dolores Cahill has a degree in molecular genetics, her PhD is in immunology. She was part of a team of scientists making antibodies libraries using to improve the outcomes in cancer. She spent eight years in the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, where she was in charged of a team of researchers and developed the technology that could look the specificity of antibodies and different diagnostic assays to diagnose autoimmune diseases.
And, for example, with virus patients look at whether they were exposed to a virus or not. Her team back in the 90s looked at published antibodies and found that a lot of what was published was not necessarily correct. They were involved in correcting published research studies.
She is recipient to awards from the German Minister for science. Dr Hill has been in the German Advisory Science Council, for more than 20 years, whose role is to advise for scientific merit before funding agencies, also belongs to the Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation in Ireland. She was nominated to represent Ireland on the Scientific Committee for the Innovative Medicines Initiative in the European Union and since 2016 became vice chair.
She was also involved in developing the meningitis B vaccine for Africa. She worked in a class 4 bio lab (bio hazard lab top level)

She has been working with “a doctor” who is advising the White House particularly on protocols for prevention and treatment such as hydroxychloroquine.

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Uganda Red Cross cured Malaria with MMS in 24 hours.

Uganda Red Cross cured Malaria with MMS in 24 hours.
On 2012, The Uganda Red Crescent, Red Cross International, the Water Reference Agency, and Leo Koehof, Jim Humble’s associate were involved in a clinical trial with MMS (Sodium Chloride) and 154 patients were treated and cured in 24 hours, but one patient was cured in 48 hours.
The Red Cross refused to publish the results and denied the tests ever took place.
This video is the proof the tests were performed and the patients were cured.

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The rest is hysteria and implanted fear

The rest is hysteria and “implanted fear.”

The strategy to let the “SARS-CoV-2,” to run free isn’t really new. The fact of this pseudo pandemic is that most of the 7.8 billion people in planet earth have been living an almost normal life.
Almost half of the population never stopped their routine of surviving. The other half, the ” essential” workers never stopped working. And “essential” consumers never stopped going out to buy food and services.

In other words, the SARS-CoV-2 has been widely running into the population of the world for 10 months (or more) and if scientists and politicians were honest they will tell “you” the truth, that COVID-19 only affects, affected, and will affect a tiny tiny percentage of the population, as the real numbers show. And unfortunately that tiny percentage are gone already. The elderly and the sick were killed. Killed by neglect, killed by the lack of medical services, killed by doctors’s cowardice to stand against politicians. Those doctors who didn’t follow the Hipocrates oath are cowards and murderers.

Hospitals are and always been places where people are healed , but also, hospitals are places where people die everyday. They die by the thousands, they always have. Why now their deaths are subject of countless articles?

Doctors and nurses are not heroes, they are just workers, they chose that profession. The slogan, that they are “the frontine workers,” it is a marketing campaign to sell you the pandemia.
Besides that not all doctors and nurses work with COVID-19 patients. Do they?

When there is a train crash in a community, all local hospitals are overwhelmed. That fact does not make doctors and nurses heroes. Everyone of them does their job, they work faster, yes, but they are no heroes. They have two hands and a brain. Doctors and nurses don’t leave a patient half open during a surgery, only because there are more patients to intervene. The same with COVID-19 patients, doctors and nurses work at the best of their abilities.

Now, the doctors and nurses that died, they knew they were dealing with a “virus, ” a new respiratory virus. If they were old, overweight, with coronary diseases, diabetic, why did they stay? They wanted to be heroes? Bullshit, they neglected their duty and expose themselves. A soldier does not go to war without a weapon. That is suicide.

Herd inmunity is a natural process, and if you are a believer of any faith, you should believe that herd inmunity is God’s vaccine. Christians, Catholics and others embrace your faith and God’s designs.

For you Muslims, If Islam is the fast growing religion with billions, then Muslims should put the faith in Allah and stop being cowards. Be the example, show the way. Stop “their” Truman Show. Stop Melinda Gates Foundation, UN one world order, stop the mad scientist death in their tracks, rebel against the transgressors.

Do not allow “A brave New World,” book to be our reality
Take back your lives and spread truth. If Allah want us dead, we will die

On “The flu vaccine,” It is not a vaccine. Why? A vaccine grants you inmunity, if you take a shot every year, it means the shot you are getting is not a vaccine. It is a yearly doses of viruses. And again, isn’t Allah all knowing and mighty? Could you hide from Allah behind a vaccine, or a mask? when Allah calls you, means is your time to go.

Remember this, media is a lucrative business. More alarming the news are, the more audience they attract, and more paid advertisements they generate. Because people like drama. People love sensationalism.

Turn the news off and “game over.” Turn pandemia off.
Louisa Livingstone, Gail Baker, Rosa Tomsic, Mike Chickey, Fred Burks Zafar Khan,

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My other half – Akashma poetry

Updated June 18, 2020, at 01:30

My Other Half

by Marivel Guzman

Where were you love?
I knew you’d come!
I heard your little soft steps next to my bed,
I felt your fairy wings
dancing to the tune of my breathless hope

I sensed you getting ready for the dance of love. I saw you in the sparkles of the rain, I saw you halo curling in the mist.
I know was you who touched my shoulder in the night, right when I was feeling all broken down.
I knew you’d come, It is you
who saved me from the darkest dream.

Where were you love?
I smell the aroma of your shadow
breathing next to me.
I knew you’d be, it was you
courting my silhouette
inhaling every drop of my sleep.

Where were you love?
I needed your warm presence next to me,
I wanted to hear the whispers of your voice.
I missed your presence in my life.
I tried to forge in other hopes,
I tried to call in other names,
but love is not a costume dress that I can change.

Where are you love?
I need you tonight,
the piercing shout of my pain
will keep me awake if you don’t come,
your absence cut right through my soul.

Where are you love?
I need to embrace your name again,
I want to snuggle up
against your heart next to mine.

I know you come,
I know you miss my voice touching your ear.
I know your life is half without my touch,
I knew you’d come,
I’m feeling warm again tonight. ♥

Love is not love,
if it does not have its other half.

First Published on March 15, 2020, at 20:14

Marivel R Guzman © 2020

Akashma Poetry

Marivel Guzman, is an American poet, and fiction writer. (photo and graphics by Marivel Guzman)

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Real heroes, no media stars

Cheering won’t do!
These are the real environmental heroes, and not “heroes” that are pushed and aggrandize by the media. These forest protectors put their lives in the line for the environment. They know that keeping the forest safe means survival.

Paulo Paulino Guajajara, a 26-years-old indigenous Guajajara leader was killed on Friday in an Amazon rainforest ambush allegedly by loggers in the Araribóia Indigenous Reserve, one of the country’s most threatened indigenous territories, which is located in Brazil’s Maranhão state.

They protect their livelihood, the planet and the livelihood of future generations.

Media heroes backed up by the conglomerate media only make noise, and dilute into stardom the real stories that need to be told and supported.

I know that people get all excited when they hear Greta Thunberg shouting from a podium, but they don’t realize that this much exposure is only possible by the mainstream media, whose stockholders may be benefiting from the extraction of riches of those regions.

After so many stories written about the environment, everyone who has the internet should know by now, what he/she needs to do to minimize their impact on the earth.

A simple cutting on meat in our diets makes a different. Reusing water bottles, and grocery bags, walking instead of driving makes us better contributors to protect the earth

The simple steps we can take don’t need a massive advertisement campaign such as those staged by the man for Greta.

Most of the impact on the degradation of earth is the overproduction of “everything, ” and more than anything; wars—from the production of vehicles for the defense to weapons, ammunition, and missiles. Taking into consideration the use of oil used for the production of gadgets and the oil used to propel war.

He posed for this picture on Jan 31, 2019. Image by Karla Mendes/Mongabay

“Indigenous Guajajara leader Paulo Paulino Guajajara was shot dead in an ambush by loggers in the Amazon. He was one of the “Guardians of the Forest,” a group of Guajajara indigenous people that risks their lives fighting illegal logging in the Araribóia indigenous reserve.” Mongabay New, Nov. 02, 2019

Israel bullying the Palestinians

Israel again bullying the Palestinians. In its latest act of aggression, Israel denied permits for most of the Khadamat Rafat Gaza’s soccer club, to cross few miles to the other side of Palestine.

Khadamat Rafah was set to play Balata FC in the West Bank last Wednesday.

According to Haaretz Jerusamem District Judge Moshe Sobel accepted the position of the Coordinator of Civil Activities in the Territories (COGAT) and recommendations by the Shin Bet security service, prohibiting 23 players from leaving the coastal enclave.

Israel total blockade of the Gaza District has families divided, and the economy paralyzed. Simple travels from Gaza to West Bank or Jerusalem are under IDF control.

Wouldn’t Israel be better off supporting sports in Gaza? Instead of denying the right of movement to the players, which create anger and anxiety, it should promote the free movement of people.

Last year, Israeli snipers shot Palestinian soccer player Khalil Obeid in both of his knees during a protest in Gaza ending a promising football career.

FreePalestine #FIFA #Soccer #PalestinianSports

Cambridge data mining

By Marivel Guzman

Data mining is a technology designed to analyze large databases, with the purpose to generate new information.

There is something very important that unscrupulous companies do not take in consideration; The Right to privacy.

This brings the US Constitution into the argument of privacy laws and individual’s rights to privacy.

First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendments have a clear language about individuals privacy protections, the Ninth Amendment is a key to all other privacy rights not specifically enumerated in the other Amendments.

The Ninth Amendment doesn’t specifically mention personal information, “Justice Goldberg in his Griswold concurrence) have interpreted the Ninth Amendment as justification for broadly reading the Bill of Rights to protect privacy in ways not specifically provided in the first eight amendments.” University of Missouri, Exploring Constitutional Conflicts homepage.

“Everyday we hear about another undisclosed data breach. Private information is collected, sometimes sold and given away without our knowledge or consent. CEOs sit before Congress saying they will “do better” while stories continue to break about negligence and wrong-doing.” Mozilla Blog.

Privacy #DataMining #DataSharing #ThirdParties #Communications

Did Cambridge Analytica Help to Create ‘Digital Wokeness’?

Moon Landing 50th anniversary

By Marivel Guzman


School children in a photo opt at the Richard Nixon Library, Fullerton, Cali. April 29, 2019. (Photo/Marivel Guzman)

Richard Nixon Library and Museum’s lobby, at the Moon, landing 50th-anniversary ceremony. photo/Marivel Guzman


The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is celebrating the 50th anniversary of many “things,” including the Moon Landing.

Today the City of Fullerton in partnership with the Richard Nixon Library put together the Moon Landing 50th anniversary exhibits.

One of the perks to be a journalist, I got to visit the exhibits for free- It cost $17 for adults and $11 for children, free for children on a school field trip. In preparation for today’s ceremony, many local schools children attended the library to celebrate today’s historic day.

The library has very interesting exhibits related to the 60s, including the Vietnam War, the 1963 Birmingham riots, the Tet Offensive (1968) between other events from the 60s.

The Library still has the original home, where Richard Nixon born, with its rose garden.

Also, it holds part of the National Archives with 46 million pages of textual records, 3,431 hours of White House tapes, 418,000 photographs, 5,175 hours of video recording available for researchers.

Enjoy the tour! ❤
#MoonLanding #Apollo11 #SaturnIV #RichardNixonExhibits #50thAnniversaryMoon


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And the band played on–Book Review

And the Band Played on

By Randy Shilts (1987)

Book Review

By Marivel Guzman


And the Band Played On, cover book by Randy Shilts

The beginning of the AIDS epidemics creates a blurred line in the history of the United States, nobody, that could have done something to stop the spread of the epidemic did anything of substance, except for their relatively small almost intrusive hand in the political game of the times.

Scientists and the first victims of AIDS will be exonerated by history. The gay community was scared, uninformed and was caught out of the guard, and the scientific community was left to their fortunes to try to stop the disease from disseminating.

I was in nursing school back in 1977 all the way to 1981. In those years the word AIDS did not exist in the pathology book we have to memorize to pass the class. Cancer in those days, it was a new disease being researched, but already making inroads in the life of Mexican women in hospital wards of Mexico.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is the name given to the disease, a shorter and less scary name for a Syndrome that will definitely kill anybody with the virus, which by 1980 was killing ‘gays people’ without having been properly known.

The scientific community of the US and France were in a battle for recognition, both nations top scientific did not really know what they were confronted with.

Shilts 657 pages The Band Played On book indeed did a good job into chronologically recording the juiciest aspects of the gay community with their “bathhouses” and their organizations.

Randy Shilts makes 273 references to Bathhouses all throughout the book and The “Blood-industry,” is repeated only 41 times, blood transfusion(s) is brought out only 67 times, but none of those mentions makes the blood industry to come clean for partaking in the spread of the HIV.

Presently a person with AIDS’s life expectancy is about 78, with medical treatment.

Coincidentally I did my one-year clinical practice in Mocorito, Sinaloa, Mex., which it was known as the town of the gays.

I was the head nurse of the rural hospital in Mocorito Health Center, I do not remember to see troves of gays with Kaposi sarcoma, actually, I do not have any recollection to see cancer cases at all. I do remember, we were running a program to eradicate Tuberculosis and Hepatitis, and for a town with so many gay people, it is strange not having a memory of AIDS cases.

In June 1981, the CDC published a report of five gay men from Los Angeles, Ca., who contracted a life-threatening disease, PCP pneumonia, which was never seen on people with an intact immune system. Also, in July of the same year, published the cases of a rare type of skin cancer that kills young gay people with AIDS, Kaposi’s sarcoma.

I appreciate the dignified pity Shilts dedicated to the gay community victims of AIDS, but I reproach the way he brushes off the blood industry for the spreading of AIDS. Stanford University, the biggest supplier of blood is the main responsible for the spread of the AIDS virus. The scientific community of United States has its big share of guilt, as well of Congress and the federal government.

By the way, Shilts makes so many references of the “bathhouses” all throughout the book, makes me believe he blames the bathhouses for the spreading of the disease.  Shilts makes 201 references to Bathhouses and 72 references to “bathhouse.” This insistence on focusing so many chapters to the gay community as the culprits of the sin of AIDS is unfair.

AIDS being a new disease taking everyone by surprise should have put the media in a state of alert, but also, they fail to give the AIDS epidemic the attention it required.

The earliest press releases by the CDC confirmed that they were already taking measure to tackle the disease, but Reagan did not have any hurry in “tarnishing” his image with the epidemic. Shilts does not make a great effort to call onto the Reagan administration, or Congress into doing more allocating bigger budget for the investigation and treatment of the disease that it was costing so many lives.

I have to give him credit for taking such paramount job into writing the story of so many known guys affected by the disease in its earliest stages. He does fail to do more investigative reporting in other cities, he concentrated his stories in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York, and by lack of imagination, he did not wonder in other towns and cities hospitals.

As an RN nurse and with knowledge of infectious diseases, I know that a disease such as AIDS, it wouldn’t have city lines.

Coincidentally as I write this review, I found a recent article in the New York Times, a self-conscience judgment.

“The New York Times had a spotty record of covering the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s — and gay culture in general. Times staffers reflect on the paper’s past, and what we can learn from it today.” The New York Times, April 28, 2018.

Shilts makes few allusions to the press of the time, their passivity to cover more aggressively the first instances of the epidemic. That could have been a game changer. If the news were doing their job, perhaps, the Reagan Administration could have done more, perhaps Congress could have made the blood industry to stop cold from distributing “one more once of blood.”

“If AIDS is indeed sexually transmitted, why have there been so few cases?” If scientists were doing the math, they should have known that gays right groups were correct to ask this question. Shilts isn’t preoccupied with investigating the stats of gays affected with the immune syndrome.

I’m very critical of this book narrative, which focuses, it is more emphasizing that gays are the vehicle of the agent of AIDS, rather than shifting the blame to the blood transfusions.

By mid-1982, Dr. Edgar Engleman, Stanford’s immunologist for the blood bank, had already figured out, that the disease could be spread in blood transfusions as well, “By early 1983, three AIDS cases were lying in Stanford University Hospital wards; for all three, their only “risk behavior” was having a blood transfusion in San Francisco,” Shilts said.

This statement was a good “scientific clue,” that blood transfusion should have been halt until further investigation on the cause of the virus was found. Why keep pounding on the idea that AIDS is spread through “Bathhouses.”?

I can understand that Shitls being gay wanted to highlight the life of the gay community in those bathhouses, perhaps, Shilts, the intent was to normalize the idea that gays are human beings like every other individual in American society. At one point on the narration, Shilts relates the funeral of a gay victim of AIDS, where the mother of disease asked the lover out of the service. I only can try to analyze Shilts’s intentions by making gays’ sufferings to resonate with American society.

If Shilts meant to write the tragedy of the gay community from LA, Miami, and NY, he nailed the story, but to have written this 657-page book as a chronological recorder of the evolution of the disease in American gay’s communities, it just does not add up. By the time he wrote “And the Band Played on,” there was plenty of scientific evidence that AIDS was not an only gay disease.

Yes, I agree that he incorporated the political climate of those years and it played perfectly well with his stories of gays sentenced to death. Another scoring point for Shilts is his liberal and literal use of the “word anal.” He feels that is entitled to say what he enjoys as a gay man without having to explain further. Kudos to him on this.

Shilts missed the opportunity to expose the government coverup—an epidemic spreading like wildfire, and the federal government isn’t declaring an emergency, it isn’t allocating millions of dollars for research.  As a journalist and a gay person, Shilts missed the focal point of the spreading of AIDS.

Multi-Center AIDS Cohort Studies by 1982, had already guarantee grant money for research, no mention of that in Shilts’s book.

According to Shilts, The Department of Public Health still had not produced one piece of informational literature on AIDS, he said. But, public records show that the CDC has already published a press release advising the scientific community of the epidemic.

The CDC is the main actor in Shilts’s book, he mentioned the CDS 564 times all through the book, for a 567 pages book, the mentions are a little bit exaggerated. In all credit to the CDS, by June 1981, it has already published a press release, and by May of the same year the MMRW (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report by the CDC have already confirmed 5 cases of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) among previously healthy young men in Los Angeles (1). All of the men were described as “homosexuals”; two had died. Local clinicians and the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer stationed at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, prepared the report and submitted it for MMWR publication in early May 1981.

As an RN, I find the book to lack the scientific sources, to be considered a “breakthrough” literature on AIDS.

If you want to learn about the beginning of AIDS, Inventing the AIDS Virus by Peter H. Duesberg, professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley, and a pioneer in retrovirus research. His book it is a great read with peer journal references to his studies and an outstanding credible researcher, which articles have appeared in several scientific journals.

Shilts’s The Band Played On, it is a good book, which brings the human side of gays and as a gay journalist, he dared to expose the hypocrisy in politics and the little care they have for the wellbeing of Americans.

AIDS took the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. In the beginning, the “Blood Industry,” which is a multi-billion dollar business refused to throw away their existing batches of blood in their banks.

Even if it was not thoroughly investigated, thousands of patients got infected through blood transfusions.

The blood industry is as guilty as the US government from the AIDS epidemic.

“And the Band Played on” by Randy Shilts (1987) explores thoroughly the beginning of AIDS in the US.




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UNRWA free of United States interference

By Marivel Guzman


Last week the White House stopped its funding to UNRWA, the agencyiin charge of supporting and protecting Palestinians refugees.

At this point is expected that it will continue its mission through personal donations. According to uts official page, UNRWA also receives funding from the European Union and partner organizations.

Skipping the middle man! This could be the best opportunity to sideline the US government, which have been the main obstacle for peace in Palestine—The US Congress also is to blame having funded the Israeli’s military with billions of dollars. This funding have emboldened Israel.

At this moment the future of UNRWA US is unsure. I share their page, but I’m skeptical if the funds can be delivered directly to the occupied territories without official channels. Also taking in consideration that Israel receives the money before is handled to the Palestinian Authority.

UNRWA is a non-profit, that functions as a direct dependent of the UN, which was funded in the same year the agency was funded–In 1949 UNRWA was created with the sole purpose to assist and protect Palestinians dispossessed of their lands, homes and livehood after the partition.

At this point we don’t know what is going to happen to UNRWA. It is true several countries and private organizations also help in its funding, but we need to hear more information from the WH regarding its standing regarding UNRWA—Will the WH allow UNRWA to function without government interference?


UNRWA Facebook page


Congress mass hysteria: Facebook marketplace is not fair game

By Marivel Guzman

Ben Shapiro is a bright mind. I don’t agree with him 51 percent of the time but on this charade of congressional hearing, I agree; Completely!

In the video I shared bellow, Shapiro is shredding to pieces the “mass charade” of Mark Zuckerberg “testifying in Congress.”

In my opinion, the Mark Zuckerberg Congressional hearing was a circus for mass entertainment. Somehow, Congress is directing the attention away from the orders of President Donald Trump to invade a foreign state bypassing with this UN Security Council. This is another whole issue that I will discuss in another post.

I totally agree that Facebook has the responsibility to protect its user’s data–Not to sell it, not to lend it as the case with Cambridge Analytics, specially because, Cambridge Analytics is a foreign institution. It is a British political consulting firm, a corto its own website. Whose parent company SLC Group,” A private British behavioral research and strategic communication company.

What is interesting if you follow down the rabbit’s hole, you find out that SLC group joins the US State Department.

“Robert Mercer-funded dedicated Cambridge Analytics foreign parent company signs a deal to do propaganda work for State’s Global Engagement Center” says Text fire, at

According to, SLC Group was recently awarded a defense contract with the US State’s Department. To my opinion the whole scandal was because US State Department was caught with its pants down due to the leak by Christopher Wylie, “A whistle blower who exposed Cambridge Analytica’s role in a data breach affecting 50 million Facebook users earlier this month, tweeted documents that suggested the firm’s parent company,” said The Washington Post and its Asia&Pacific section of March 28 article, “Whistleblower claims Cambridge Analytica’s partners in India worked on elections, raising privacy fears.”

On the other hand, Facebook as a private business reserves the right to change the internal policies of its organization.

The users are given the tools to change the privacy settings, but nobody takes a day off to read Facebook privacy settings.

Mass hysteria will start when somebody does it and raise hell in his wall then everybody starts to share the “raise hell post,” then people go to change their privacy settings.

Now, regarding Facebook’s practices of gatekeeper of news, that is a whole new issue. Congress should ask the proper questions.

Also, monitoring our political views and sharing that information to parties that will use them against us in a “psychological experiment,” to sway our opinions, it is atrocious, right? But isn’t that exactly what main streammedia does, and for that matter our own government as well.

News networks chose and pick commentators that are sharp, well-mannered, and well groom into the network’s agenda. The guests are as well leaned to that agenda and to ‘make the audience’ believe they are unbiased, they’ll invite somebody on the other side of the political spectrum, and either, the guests are caught up with questions he/she can not answer with a short response, or the guest will be aggressive re-battled. If the guest is brave enough to make his voice heard, his/her microphone volume is decreased to the point where his voice is inaudible.

The same behavior is used by lobbyists, and politicians campaigns. They all use physiological behavioral strategies to impact the subconscious of the population.

Now, does Facebook have the right to do the same with their users?
The sponsors of Facebook do that job and because of those sponsors it’s that users have a free platform to share whatever they want to share.

The issue becomes skewed and spooky because Facebook is a global organization and serves a global market. Of course there always will be foreign interference and adds will flow freely to target audiences. Where is the illegally on that?

If this is so offensive and damaging to our democracy then foreign agencies as AIPAC should be illegal to operate in US soil.

Is Facebook guilty of treason? Then so is Congress, they take money from foreign entities such AIPAC, which clearly is a foreign agency working on behalf of Israel. It doesn’t matter that Israel is a friend of the US still is a foreign state.

Or, Is Facebook guilty of violating its own privacy policies? Well that crime won’t take anybody to jail but certainly can teach us that in a free marketplace everything is free game. Right?

After all we live in a Capitalist system where “supply and demand,” rules the game.

A prophet in a strange land; the story of one Hispanic

By Marivel Guzman


Back in his younger poetic years, Diego Bonilla, now a professor at Sacramento State University, couldn’t foresee what his passion for the internet would bring to fulfill his dreams as a digital dimensionality event manipulator.

He has worked for more than 20 years building a story of many faces that has brought success to his innovator mind, shaping a new perspective in the field of experimental filmmaking, pedagogy and digital communication.

Sacramento State has yet to recognize such a luminary, a missed opportunity for Sac State to maximize on one of its own faculty member.

Diego Bonilla, was born and raised in Mexico City and he said, his privileged status brought him to the prestigious Syracuse University in New York, where he obtained his doctorate in Media Management, in 2003, winning a doctoral prize in Mass Communications with his dissertation; “The Medium is the Measure of Itself,” he said.

His first book “El Anfitreatro de la Memoria,” (Amphitheater of the Memory)was published on 1995, this book was the beginnings of a long career as a published author. El Anfitreatro de la Memoria is a short book of personal love poetry, which “I rather not revive,” he said.

His career took a dramatic turn when his passion for the Liberal Arts changed for computers, communications and algorithms.

Bonilla is a rather shy person who does not brag about his achievements and prizes, but an internet search unveils his international recognitions as scholar, media innovator, experimental filmmaker, published author and countless international conferences and lecture invitations from around the world.

Bonilla has an extensive repertoire list with publications; including books, online learning tools material, text books, editorial medium presentation, media and computer text used until recently in Ecuador, among his publication you find journals and Film instructional methodology.

Hypermedia is one of his scholarly works, “Developing hypermedia is an absolute passion,” he said.

At age 49, Bonilla is married with a 5-year old daughter and happy with his professional and personal achievements. Five years ago, when his daughter born, he found happiness in life, he said.

According to Bonilla, he changed his career at request of his parents, who convinced him to study Business Administrator, “to manage his artistic career.” This dramatic change from poet to business impacted his passion for poetry and storyteller, he said.

Recently Bonilla’s prototype film “Accidental Occurrence,” was selected as a premier experimental film preview at 12 international festivals, winning “Best Experimental Short Film,” Latin Prizes Festival, at Spain, 2017.

Sac State still haven’t congratulated its brilliant professor, according to Sac State Communication Department Chair Gerry Smith, said “I guess is up to me the chair of the department to communicate to Public Affairs.”

“The department is aware of his accolades and prize and of his success,” Smith said the university is lucky to have him.

Other than receiving a congratulatory email from Sheree Meyer, dean of undergraduate studies, Bonilla has not gotten any recognition from the administration. Although Smith recognizes Bonilla “As a brilliant academic and artist that creates innovative work, which is impressive by any standards,” she did not inform the university public affairs.

There are only two persons working in this type of projects, like the The new Prestidigitador. Native strategies for the creation of hypermedia, and Accidental Occurrence are an innovation in the art of digital manipulation of audio-visual, “Me here at Sac and a professor at MIT,” he said.

I found Bonillas’s “Accidental Occurrence” film at U-Nite, at Crocker Museum, which allows Sac State and students, faculty and staff to showcase their work for one night.

Such luminary shouldn’t be left in the anonymity of a classroom said Walter Yost, Sac State associate professor. “The university should support its faculty especially those who potentially bring good PR,” Yast said.

“Accidental Occurrence,” is a film that projects the dimensionality of an event, Bonilla said. You can program a set of frames in a film and chose which characters, which events you want to play in a story. With the algorithms he invented, he could generate a sequence of 9,000,000 different events with a film of 70 frames, “You’ll never watch the same film,” he said.

He sees himself in 20 years with free time and financial worry-free luxury life to develop more of his projects like this type of experimental film. Until now, he has financed his own projects, “this type of project is out of the university’s budget.

Winning the Mallorca Festival has given him the exposure he was looking for. It is not easy, he summited other projects to dozens of festivals and this time he got lucky, Bonilla said.

Accidental Occurrence was officially for dozen of International festivals among thousands of film submissions, he said.

He is not looking for money with his projects, Bonilla said but the opportunity to innovate the world of communications through the well learn use of computers.

Bonilla enjoys teaching computer and media, he said, teaching brings him peace of mind and his experimental film making technology is a long time passion and pastime that will bring change in the way technology is used, he said.

“He has opened my eyes to new types of films and new ways to think about them,” said Mark Turner, communication major.

For Kelsey Harning, Bonilla has a unique perspective as a professor, “he opens my eyes to new ways of thinking about films,” she appreciates how Bonilla makes them (students) get to be more thoughtful and critical thinkers.

Sac State has missed the opportunity to maximize this brilliant Hispanic computer savvy innovator and Filmmaker, who is a name recognized world wide as scholar and computer genius.


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My minuscule universe is gigantic

By Marivel Guzman

Light rail train

Light rail train – Through my window series. LIfe is moving away, or life goes. Two different perspectives of reality. Sacramento, Calif. February 18, 2018. (Photo/Marivel Guzman)

I see that train passing by in front of my window several times a day and every time I wonder, “what if I take a train and just ride it until the end?” With no stops, no stress of worries left behind, with nothing to take my attention from the thrill of the ride.

People move around in circles; Homeless have no way to go so they keep walking until night fall. They have no sense of belonging but looking to the end.

Homeless in my city

“Homeless in my city” Homelessness is equal opportunity taker where we see young and old, black and white, and Interesting enough we see rich and poor in this pool of misery. Sacramento, Calif. December 18, 2017. (Photo/Marivel Guzman)

On the other hand the rest of us are plugged into a matrix that disconnect our consciousness from reality. This matrix keeps us in survival mode but I’m not talking about the flight instinct we sentients beings have but a pure survival mode, where the old 8 to 5 keeps us busy eating to work-sleeping to rest- working to eat in a perpetual circle.

After the last shooting in Florida we found ourselves trying to make sense of the event. We blame the authorities, we blame the people, we blame the National Rifle Association, we blame Donald Trump and his foolishness to deliver a kind apology that resemble to the one Barrack Obama delivered to the country after another mass shooting.

I think I should apologize to friends for allowing myself to be drawn into the circle of discord arguing policies that niether I like or control. I want to say that I’m very opinionated and this gift has given me ‘hard’ time in my present reality—Time to back up a little bit.

We all are being part of the Truman show—There is a constant battle between perception and reality. The main character, Truman Burbank, lives in a bogus world, which is all he knows and believes to be reality—-but we are unwilling participants of the show. Can we for a moment stop and think and realize that there are bigger players on top of the pyramid who care less who live of dies. A real puppeteer who is pulling the strings.
It does come to my mind a movie I watched few years ago, “Rat Race,” take an hour and watch the movie and come back the show, actually watch also “The Truman Show,” both movies give a glimpse of our matrix.

Sometimes I think too much and some will say that I’m just a drop in the ocean who can not change the Status Quo, what do you think.

Few years back a wrote a little piece called piece in facebook as a note, which tells about myself and why I’m peace activist. Indeed I’m in love reflects my passion for humanity. Peace activism at least for me is all volunteer work born from the heart.

How much do we know about our next door neighbor or how much we know about the situations in other communities, cities and other countries. We do not have time to think about them. Or. simply we do not have energy to care. Personally I do not know about my neighbors, it is a sad reality. I do not even know the lives of the people who share my apartment and that is still sadder.

I have to pull myself from all the clatter and remember that I’m in my present reality to speak for Palestine. I become journalist to write about Palestine and that task keeps me grounded. I think of myself as lonely warrior a voice from the cyber space in a world full of chaos. (I wrote “A voice from the cyber space,” on 2007 and it was published by Veterans Today with all type of grammar mistakes, but I do not care the  article expresses my feelings)

I’m in the social media environment for Palestine and Palestine only and if this journey rewards me or punish me so be it. I do not do it for profits because the cause is sacred for me. If in the future I have to fund an NGO—Presidents and CEOs need money to live—will be for the purpose to help raise the voice for those who can not do it on their own.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time doing what I’m doing trapped in a reality that seems meaningless to my dreams. I want to make a difference in this reality but as I learn more about the matrix less it seems to matter the change I want to see. The task seems impossible, unimaginable, paramount to my energy but at the same time I feel energized on the same thought that my minuscule universe represents for the people I touch.

My friend Raja (RIP) wrote those words on a piece I wrote more than 10 years ago “The Opinion Makers” and I like them so much because they express my true self so I will end with Raja Mujtaba’s words.

“The writer is a friend from the Cyber world, a lady of strong commitments and devotion whose heart burns for those who are distressed and are in pain. She is a fighter on moral grounds, her convictions and truth are her only weapons.“ Major Raja Mujtab

The green revolution is following the ‘green’

California State University, Sacramento boasts online and on campus about their sustainability program and their use of biogas in school’s busses created from its own food scraps.

Sac State has yet to realize that it’s sustainability program and CleanWorld partnership is a subsidy company owned by Synergex, according to its website, “a global company,” and not a local business.

Jeff Martin, the chief plant operator of the former CleanWorld biodigester said, “The company is trying to distance itself from CleanWorld, which has bad reputation.”

Sac State is using CleanWorld for its sustainability program, but as its own CleanWorld web page states, it is not a local business. This contradicts what sustainability manager at Sac State Joey Martinez said, “Sac State as state agency has to supports local businesses.”

Martinez said that the South Area Transfer Station (SATS) biodigester, which receives food scraps from Sac State belongs to CleanWorld. The company in turn sells biogas to Sac State, he said.

Martin, said CleanWorld and Incline Clean Energy were part of the same investor group. Martin’s business card states he is employed by ES Engineering Services, a subsidiary of Montrose Environmental Group.

The biodigester no longer belongs to CleanWorld, Martin said. Neither does the facility processes any food scraps or food waste from Sac State, or at all.

“Because of the odors, CleanWorld was in constance violation with the quality control permits, with food sitting on the side decomposing, so all the people around complained and it lost its permits to process solid waste,” Martin said.

Basically now they only process liquid food, like dairy, and Pepsi products, and fats, oils and grease (FOGs) from local restaurants, he said.

CleanWorld Capital Partners LLC was registered at the California Secretary of State on March 03, 2013, but its status now shows the SOS suspended , which according to California Business Portal means; failure to file the required Statement of Information. Another Limited Liability Company (LLC) with Clean World was filed on Jan 16, 2009.

State records show that in 2012 Michele C. Wong registered CleanWorld as an LLC and, which is suspended as well. Wong did not return calls for interview. It is interesting to know from her own words, why a multi million dollars corporation has that stain in state records where both the LLC and the Corporation are suspended.

According to loan documents obtained from CalRecycle, Michele Wong engaged in business with Clean World Partner, LLC, to provide employment and to divert food waste from local landfills, and none of the requirements are meet at the moment according to Martin.

In a phone interview Wong said that the biodigester was sold in March and is no longer owned by Clean World. Incline Clean Energy is the entity that owns the biodigester Sac State claims to send its waste to located at 8550 Fruitridge Rd. Many questions arise from Martin’s interview that need to be addressed by Wong. At the time of this report, Wong did not respond for interview.

Sac State University Transportation, Parking & Support Services Rosie Tamayo, provided UTAPS’s expenses reflecting three years of invoices paid for compressed natural gas to fuel Sac State ‘Hornet fleet’

Sac State coordinator of parking & shuttle operations Freddy Orozco  said the price of compressed natural gas has not changed for few years.

UTAPS uses Atlas pumps and pays $2.99 ppg, but a simple google search in 95819 Zip Code found that prices as low as $1.61 are found in the area, when asked why UTAPS uses a provider that is more expensive, Orozco said, “Convenience perhaps? Distance to the pumps?”
Signs of acidic rust are visible on the sides of the hydrolysis tanks, “Overcapacity of the tanks causes spillage of the organic material, “ Martin said.

Photo taken during a tour at the South Area Transfer Station, (SATS) Sacramento, Calif. Dec. 01, 2017, (photo by Marivel Guzman)

“The biogister was neglected, and forced to overproduce,” Martin said

One of the tanks capacity is 300,000 tons, it is now used only for (FOG) collected from restaurants and local business like Pepsi and HP Hood Dairy, Martin said. Due that to odor produced by food waste, the neighbors complained to the county, now the SATS is not allowed to process food waste any more. The Sacramento County revoked CleanWorld’s air quality control permit, because it was in constant violation.

“These two tanks will be decommissioned, they are part of phase I of CleanWorld biodigester,” Jeff Martin, site operation manager said. Photo taken during a tour at the South Area Transfer Station, (SATS) Sacramento, Calif. Dec. 01, 2017, (photo by Marivel Guzman)

“Most of the Clean World’s equipment is not used and will be discarded, decommissioned or sold.” Martin said.

“We have the capacity to produce our own electricity, but it is more profitable to convert it to gas and sell it and buy the electricity needed to run the facility, which we get cheaper from SMUD ,” Martin said.

An electricity generator sits inside the facility next to a gas compressor.

Photo taken during a tour at the South Area Transfer Station, (SATS)

Sacramento, Calif. Dic. 01, 2017, photo by Marivel Guzman

There are some green gases that are emitted from the process to produce compressed natural gas. Martin said that an independent laboratory performs the analysis to ensure the integrity of the sample and CRS laboratory reports to the state, then there is another consulting firm who takes the sampling and takes to this lap and send to the state. He does not know the name of the consulting firm, because he has been “here” only three months. This contradict what he said earlier that “we clean the tanks once a year,”
He said he came from Las Vegas where they have 16 biodigesters “big ones,” he said. Sacramento county has one biodigester also. When asked why then the big publicity for CleanWorld, he said, “I do not know, maybe because they were the frontrunners at serving trucks.”

(Insert link to the PDF of Loan documents)

The facility has 4 employers including himself, Martin said. The loan papers obtained from CalRecycle state, Clean World states “the applicant is projected to divert an additional 27,375 tons of food waste annually from California Landfills and create twelve jobs.”

According to Business Wire, CalRecycle is a financial partner for CleanWorld.

Loan documents obtained from CalRecycle, Clean World partners took $3 million from CalRecycle and a $6 million grant from California Energy Commission to set up the Biodigester in the SATS facility and the biodigester in UC Davis university.

The last $1 million  loan obtained from CalRecycle was taken under a different Limited liability Corporation, CleanWorld SATS Biodigester, LLC. (insert link to Secretary of State)

Public Information Officer of CalRecycle, Christina Files, said it is a common practice for public agencies to provide grants and loans to local companies.

Ruihong Zhang, Professor at UC Davis, inventor of the anaerobic technology used in the biodigester by Clean World, said all inventions belong to the institution, “I get 35 percent of the royalties after all expenses are paid.”

University of California, Davis communication manager Andy Fell confirmed professor Zhang’s technology was licensed to Clean World.

UC Davis Senior Licensing Officer Nancy E. Rashid said in a phone interview, “I cannot comment on each licensing negotiation that might be conducted,” because there are confidentiality obligations with licensing agreements.

According to Zhang, all her inventions are patented by UC Davis, and the university licenses those technologies to the private sector. “My research pays off when a private company develops my inventions.”

Rashid said the innovation activities of universities need more partnerships with companies to allow more licensing and commercialization of technology developed at the university, “To be translated to actual products which benefit the public; a win-win.”

Zhang said there are many techniques to create methane from organic waste but, “Mine is better because it takes days to create and not years as landfills produce methane.”

From a previous phone interview, Files said she doesn’t recall any funds from CalRecycle given to CleanWorld, but it is not an uncommon practice to start business with public funds then accept foreign funds to further the development of projects.

According to the Business Wire web page, CleanWorld financial project partners include; Synergex, Five Star Bank, Central Valley Community Bank, California Energy Commission, CalRecycle and California Office of State Treasurer. Business wire also states that key project partners include Otto Construction and Atlas Disposal.

Coincidentally Shawn Garvey, who according to Business Wire webpage is CleanWorld’s Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs is also the the the owner of Energy University, a private university, which first course ever is on skills to write grants, “A first course in Foundations of Federal and State GrantWriting for Renewable Energy Professionals will be offered by June, 2010,” the company says.

Atlas Disposal  was disclosed by Orozco, as one of the compressed natural gas providers for its ‘green hornets fleet.’ Business wire states UC Davis is a project partner and Sacramento Utility District but does not mention Sacramento State.

CleanWorld says it its website that it partner, Atlas Disposal have received a significant amount of public funding for their projects, and CleanWorld received a $6 million grant from the California Energy Commission, $2 million in loans from CalRecycle Market Development Zone (RMDZ) program and exemptions on state sales tax, also that Atlas Disposal received a $300,000 California Energy Commission grant to support construction of the fueling station, which according to Orozco are used to fill the Hornet shuttles.

According to California Energy Commission report, The American Recovery Reinvestment Act of 2009  has 3 years to distribute $49.6 million dollar and $2.7 billion in direct grants and 456 billion in competitive grants received from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block

Grant (EECBG) Program.

The SATS biodigester is directly hooked up with the Atlas ReFuel station on Fruitridge road, just  feet away. Their prices compared to other compressed natural gases stations in the area is second to the highest.

UTAPS uses Atlas pumps and pays $ 2.99 ppg, but a simple google search in 95819 Zip Code found that prices as low as $ 1.61 are found in the area, to when asked why UTAPS uses a provider that is more expensive he said, “Convenience perhaps? Distance to the pumps?”

At Sac State, President Robert Nelsen is actively pushing for “Farm to Fork fundraising,” coincidentally CleanWorld has also a project called Farm to Fork to Fuel, which calls for a deeper analysis: how public funds are used and what are the goals of Sacramento State as a university when is subtly is campaigning for a global organization such as Synergex.

According to Files, by April 1, 2016, businesses that generate 8 cubic yards of organic waste per week shall arrange for organic waste recycling services, as part of AB 1826. By August 1, 2017 an ongoing jurisdiction shall provide information about their organic waste recycling program implementation in the annual report submitted to CalRecycle.

As a state agency, Sac State was aware of this law, Martinez said and the campus started implementing the programs early.

According to data provided by Martinez, Sac State generated 27.88 tons per week on 2016, above the goal. The graph shows a spike of 539.74 Sac State 2015 report, according to Martinez the graphic shows a spike up because Republican Services the hauling company’s scales were broken. (The information could not be confirmed, Republican Services did not respond for interview.)

University of Florida, Biogas a renewable biofuel webpage says that biogas can be produced  from a broad range of feedstocks that are suitable for anaerobic digestion, “Biodiesel production requires feedstocks with high oil content (e.g. waste vegetable oils or virgin vegetable oil from oil seed crops.)”

According to Martin the STATS biodigester only processes fats, oils, grease and organic liquid. The current biodigester permit only allows the SATS to process 100 tons of biomass and doesn’t hold a permit to process solid food waste.

CleanWorld said in its webpage that UC Davis waste food from the dining commons was only 30 percent of the organic material needed for the biodigester to operate.

Fell said that UC Davis has around 30,000 students about the same at Sac State student population, this brings doubts on the report provided by Martinez, where in 2016 the total tons of organic material hauled away went up by few tons. There is not enough food waste to feed the CleanWorld biodigester.

Martin said, that Raley’s was a big contactor for CleanWorld, with tons of lettuce, watermelons, and other tons of vegetables and fruits feeding the biodigester and according to Martinez and CleanWorld’s page, Sac State food waste feeds the biodigester in contradiction with what Martin said.

The State Hornet published two articles regarding meal plans on campus; The no-rollout policy for on-campus meal plans robs students and  Campus meal plans leave students with money to burn, “We students are paying for food we are not getting,” The State Hornet said.

Is Sac State getting kickbacks from CleanWorld to raise the amount of food waste they throw away?

Cancer Industry Profits By Nagalase Molecule Injected Into Humans Via Vaccines

Cancer Industry Secret Stories One of the world’s most lucrative industries, spending on cancer drugs reached an all-time high last year, as it was valued at more than

Source: Cancer Industry Profits By Nagalase Molecule Injected Into Humans Via Vaccines

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Water management not Carbon Tax

by Marivel Guzman

Global water management, not Carbon Tax is what will take world leaders to save humanity from a catastrophe; at least some pockets of it.



Satellite image of mouths of Amazon River in Brazil, with Marajó Island in the center, and the cities (in red) of Macapá (left) and Belém (right). See the satellite image in a larger scale (Photo by Creative Commons)


I’m not a scientist, but my common sense tells me all this “climate change scenario,” has nothing to do the political global warming rhetoric and everything to do with water management, dams, and deforestation.

Considering the fact, that earth is a live organism that is suffering from “dry surface syndrome,” –I coined this term to explain earth’s needs for water replenishment.

Earth is doing what every organism will do to survive; Earth is melting its continental ice sheets to make up for the disruptions of the natural rivers flood and permanent damage done by the construction of dams. Just California has 241 dams disrupting the ecosystem and 57,000 worldwide

Last February Oroville Dam had a rip in its spillway system that sends almost 200,000 residents to evacuate their homes. The Oroville Dam is one of the 5 biggest dams in California. “Dams” is another issue altogether, but definitively needs to be addressed when we talk about climate change.

Mine is only speculation out of common sense, but the next paragraph is a perfect scientific scenario published in Athropolis “If the Arctic ice cap (of which the Greenland ice sheet is a major part) was to melt and disintegrate, the consequences would be catastrophic. Think of the ice as a giant white reflector – with no ice to reflect sunlight and heat in the summer, the entire radiation balance of the Earth would change.

This would lead to changes in heating patterns, which would change ocean currents in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, that would then alter the ocean circulation systems that transfer heat and minerals around the planet.”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this. Although I do not deny climate change, I do not believe that politicians are taking the right approach to avoid a catastrophe.

I do believe, lobbying companies are paying scientists to manipulate data. I believe that some data published in the last 25 years were manipulated by the people behind the movie “Inconvenient Truth” to sell us the carbon tax.

Also believe, that our climate change has more to do with the rivers, oceans and deforestation and less to do with pollution. Although pollution is to blame for respiratory diseases, not all that pollution is created by factories and fuel-generated cars.

“It is unacceptable that over three billion people — most of them women and children — are still breathing deadly smoke every day from using polluting stoves and fuels in their homes,” says the World Health Organization

“Amazon: Lungs of the planet. The Amazon in South America is the largest, most diverse tropical rainforest on Earth, covering an area of five and a half million square kilometers (2.1 million sq mi). BBC said in its Nov 2014 article Future.,

Earth Journalism Networks said that the oceans are also the lungs of the planet, but scientists rarely say it, ” Oceans: The planet’s forgotten lungs.”

“That same concern today moved to the estate of the “climate summit” to mark the Action Day, which formed the oceans main part of the exhibits to be considered “the largest and most important ecosystem protect”. Why it is important? Yolanda Kakabadse, President of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) explains it perfectly: “Instead of talking about Earth, we should call it Planet Ocean. If the oceans were a country, they would be the world’s seventh largest economy”.

Oceans produce between 50 and 80% of oxygen and consume more than 25% of carbon dioxide (CO2) of the planet. That is, as we had anticipated conservationist and primatologist Jane Goodall, along with forests, one of the main ecosystems of which depends on human and animal life. But unfortunately, in both cases, the negative action of man is greatly affecting their conservation./

If you trap the water responsible for the ocean’s currents and cut all the trees, what do you expect will happen to earth?

Another fact that isn’t considered or misleading is, that when glaciers melt, they release massive amounts of fresh water into the ocean.

The scientist has argued that freshwater from the melted glacier is wasted water.

But considering the evaporation as a result of sunlight that called ” dead water” by scientists, it becomes part of the raining cycle, and rainwater eventually finds its way to rivers and underground wells

“Some of this water gets mixed into the seawater immediately. Some of it collects in pools above the existing salty water. The difference in salinity and the resulting difference in density keeps the two pools of water separate, with the less-dense fresh water covering the salt water.”

Next time that you hear climate change think on how you can change your print on the planet, starting by consuming vegetables that use less water to produce. Stop buying bottled water. Stop using so much garment manufactured with cotton.

India uses 22,500 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton. India the largest producer of cotton, has an historical shortage of water. According to the Guardian, the water consumed to grow India’s cotton export in 2013 would be enough to supply 85% of the country 1.24 billion people with 100 liters of water. The World Bank, which is heavily involved in water management in India- through 3.6 billions in loans, said by the 50s India, India had 3000-4000 cubit meters of water per son. Today, this has fallen to around 1,000 cubit meters due to population growth.

“The water consumed to grow India’s cotton exports in 2013 would be enough to supply 85% of the country’s 1.24 billion people with 100 liters of water every day for a year. Meanwhile, more than 100 million people in India do not have access to safe water.” The Guardian

So, again, if climate change is a fact, then protection and distribution of water should be in the agenda of climate change summits. Re-evaluate the damage that dams had created to the global environment.

Get off the bandwagon

November 13, 2016 1 comment

By Marivel Guzman


Photo taken in Sacramento State’s Quad, after a Black Live Matter non-violent protest. Sac State students vented their fears and dissatisfaction with the latest incidents of police brutality and murders of African American in different parts of the country. Faculty, Staff also attended the event. Sacramento, Calif. Sept. 22. (Marivel Guzman)

I chose the photo above to give you an idea of how an organic protest  looks like. Nobody is throwing chairs around, or  insulting each other. Nobody is using incendiary material or being disrespectful to students, faculty or staff.

What you have seen on national television relating to the latest violent protests after Nov. 8 elections, are not organic protest but organized by elements  of our society that want to create fear between the population.

What you see on television does not reflects the present state of our country but groups of people easily managed to be enraged by emails being sent by, Jewisch Voice For Peace, Courageous Resistance,  and other organizations behind Clinton’s agenda.

I refused to accept or follow the fear incitement campaign started by left-wing elements of the democratic party in association with mainstream media and financed by corrupt money.

The same way that righ-wing people and organizations are branded  right-wing by their radical leaning to the right and yes, but their disregard of the views and interests not aligned with their ideas and agendas–the left which for years have been nested inside the democratic party for being progressive and liberal, now days, it has fell in the same category of radicalism and fundamentalism, where is their agenda which only matters.

They have proven not to care for people  and I’m talking about the Democrats, they become too cozy with the  profits they gained from the corporate world.

The establishment refused to persecute Hillary Clinton. They kept looking in the wrong emails’s batch. Why not used Wiki-Leaks emails. Assange put them in a silver plate for the FBI and the District Attorney.

The New World Order’s ideas were brewing inside the corrupt Democratic Party heavily financed by the banking, arms, pharmaceutical, energy conglomerate, and shamelessly by foreign powers as well. Those NWO’s ideas wanted to take United States to World War Three.

Hillary Clinton was so fired up to declare war with Russia and attack Iran, all for her obsession in defending Israel’s security. Wouldn’t an American public official be more interestd in defending the right of the American people, our economy, our security and not being waging war defending Israel’s security, which it a foreign nation that only get us enenmies.

Why is the media cheering for the Soros -incitement “protests”?

Are you fueling fire for a violent revolution?

The billionaires club profit from revolts; big and smalls. They do not care if you become homeless, refugee or if you die. Either way they [corporate magnates] will make money building weapons, homes or caskets, and even will make money with television adds broadcasting the American Revolution.

Why is people jumping in the bandwagon of discord?

The electoral college is the way our democracy system works, deal with it.

Before I pronounced my next statement, let me make clear that I’m independent, that Voted for Jill Stein. Saying that, I feel more comfortable writing the following.

Unfortunately a big number of the American people voted for the lesser evil, and what is done is done. Donald Trump won the elections and we must work united to defend our republic, from him, or from who ever want to take our constitution rights from us.

We have the Constitution to protect and to protect us. We won’t allow the president to take us  backwards in our victories in the Supreme Court, but we cannot defend our rights destroying public property, attacking the police and simply yelling in the streets.

Not even trying to reverse the electoral college. Only because Hillary Clinton did not win. At least not a day after the elections and not through violence.

Organize and work in your districts. Make your council members accountable for their mischief as public officials. Force them to come clean with the deals they make behind doors with corporations before they sign bills.
Get involve in the political system of the country, inform yourself in the mechanisms of local, state and federal laws and politics.

If you invest the energy you are spending being mad in the political process, we can move forward and demand from Trump a different administration away from the corrupt one you know.

Trump is not more powerful than our Constitution.

“We have to remember that we’re actually all on one team…We are not Democrats first, we’re not republican first, we are American first.

We’re patriots first. We all want what’s best for this country.” Barrack Obama addressed the nation, a day after the elections, on Nov. 9.

The double standards: Islam El Shehaby vs The World

Islam El Shehaby (photo/Islam Elshehaby)

Islam El Shehaby (photo/Islam Elshehaby)

  1. FB_IMG_1471408916838

    Egyptian judoka Islam El Shehaby was 9 times African Champion 2002-2013 and he was World bronze medallist in 2010 in Tokyo. El Shehaby won 18 World Cup medals and achieved victories in Abu Dhabi, Dusseldorf, Cairo, Moscow, Qingdao and Baku. In 2016 silver at the Grand Prix in Düsseldorf.

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