Tibet News

28 August: Number of self-immolation protests breaks 50 mark

24 August: Seven years for sharing information

15 August: Another week of protests in Tibet

10 August: Military deployed as nomad sets himself on fire

08 August: Monks detained after mother’s protest

07 August: Two more self-immolate in Tibet

02 August: Tibet protester dies

JULY 2012

20 July: Disappearances in Tibet

19 July: Update: Tibetans win stand off with Chinese military

17 July: Self-immolation protests continue

07 July: 22 year old Tibetan self-immolates in Damshung County near Lhasa

06 July: Tibetan monk dies

03 July: Tibetan Mother Self-Immolates During Land Rights Protest

June 2012

29 June: Teenage girl severely beaten

27 June: Tibetan mother self-immolates during a land rights protest

20 June: Two Tibetan men self-immolate

15 June: Nomad sets himself on fire

12 June: Lhasa detentions

6 June: Tibetan envoys resign

May 2012

30 May: Mother of three sets herself on fire and dies

28 May: Tibet Spring reaches capital Lhasa

10 May: Fear of Chinese prison drives Tibetan to suicide

9 May: Videos smuggled out of Tibet

May: Tibetan monk dies in Chinese detention

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April 2012
19 April : Two cousins self-immolation

3 April: Nobel Laureates call on China to hear the Tibetan people

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March 2012

30 March: Two young monks self-immolate

29 March: Young monk latest Tibetan to self-immolate

23 March: Shocking footage of father of three on fire

19 March: More than 100 monks protest in Gansu Province

18 March: Monk dies

17 March: Self-immolation and huge protest in Rongwo Town

14 March: Self-immolation sparks large protest in Rebkong County

14 March: Students protest in Tsekoho County, Malho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

12 March: Tibetan anniversary marked with teen self-immolation

8 March: Students protest

5 March: Third self-immolation in as many days

4 March: Mother-of-four dies

3 March: Tibetan schoolgirl dies

2 March: Tibetans forced to celebrate Losar

2 March: Comedian detained

1 March: Tibetan writer blocked from receiving award

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February 2012

19 February: 18-year old is latest Tibetan to set himself on fire

17 February: Monastery official self-immolates

17 February: Two Tibetans shot following protest in Drango

13 February: Teenager self-immolates at protest continue

11 February: Chinese official says get ready for “war” in Tibet

11 February: Teenage Tibetan girl self-immolates

9 February: Self-immolation and protests spread to new Tibetan prefecture

8 February: Teenage former monk self-immolates

8 February: Global vigils for Tibet – blog

6 February: Photographs from funeral of protest shooting victim

2 February 2012: Photos emerge of Chinese force in Tibet

1 February 2012: Shooting injuries photos

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January 2012

27 January: Chinese forces kill another

27 January: “Armed personnel are everywhere”

25 January: Faces of arrested Tibetans

27 January: China tightens security in Lhasa amid widening unrest in Tibet

24 January: Two shot dead by Chinese

23 January: Tibetan killed as Chinese fire upon protest

14 January: Self-immolation triggers brutal crackdown

9 January: Self-immolations spread to new province

6 January: First self-immolations of 2012

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December 2011

16 December: Recent attacks on Tibetans

12 December: Tibetan protest grows

1 December 2011: Guri Jigme detained

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November 2011

21 November: Huge media reaction to Tibet protests

3 November: Second nun dies after setting fire to herself

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October 2011

27 October: Bomb explosion reported in Tibet

25 October: Self-immolation spreads to different area of Tibet

17 October: Two Tibetans shot and nun dies after self-immolation

15 October: Photograph of Tibetan monk following self-immolation

7 October: Two teenagers set themselves on fire

3 October: Fifth monk self-immolation

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September 2011

26 September: Two more Tibetan monks set themselves alight

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August 2011

16 August: Monk dies after setting himself on fire

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April 2011

23 April: More than 300 monks forcibly removed – two Tibetans dead

21 April: Tension in Ngaba county escalates

13 April: Ngaba escalation

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March 2011

17 March: Monk dies after self-immolation

16 March: Over a thousand ‘stand guard’ after self-immolation

16 March: Monk self-immolates on protest anniversary

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