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Man of peace

September 30, 2019

A man of peace!
In a guest op-ed in Metro New York on Friday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote that it is time for the world community to decide how long economic and political expediencies will continue to overshadow human values and morals, reported state-run Radio Pakistan.

Solidarity with the oppressed nations has come always from ordinary people, not the leaders of the nations, who always look the other way of the struggles of the people. But, we have a strong world leader, who is defying the “Status Quo, ‘ and is standing with strong voice against the powerful G7 and its puppets nations.

Khan has said over and over again, that he is in the path of peace, and he has demanded dialogue with India since he was elected.

At the same time, Khan has spoken on the floor of the UN, and in front of the press defending the people of Kashmir.

He is not asking to annext Kashmir, but to give the choice to Kashmirs to decide their future.

“The Pakistani nation will not sit back until Kashmiris are given their right of self-determination, whatever be the cost,” he said.

“We do not seek to negotiate until the recent unilateral annexation attempt by the Indian government is reversed, curfew lifted and Kashmiri stakeholders are made part of the negotiations,” he said.
The people of Kashmir are also looking for international support for their just cause, Khan said.


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