My first Encounter

My First Encounter

When I started asking questions to the Mothers-teachers in the Institution for Girls

I was about 11 years old  when I started questioning the idea of the creation, I spent 4 years in this Institution for girls one of the mandatory subjects part of the curriculum was Moral, yeah.
Moral was the name of the third class 10 am to 11 am everyday for 4 years I took a class that didn’t made sense to me.
We have to read the bible for 1/2 hour and we have to answer a questioner afterward, generally about what we read that day.
I was a nuisance to the mothers-teachers, I always ask them questions that they could not answer to my satisfaction, but if they run out of answers they will tell me that I should not question God, and I will tell them that I was not questioning God, that I was questioning her.. my teacher, she always will get mad at me for being “un-respectful”.

Really you can not kill the curiosity of a child with “attitude” and inflicting fear. That is the unique way my “teachers” will liberate themselves from my questionings. Why will they resorted to threats on my “future”, instead to give me guidance. But the prospect to expend the rest of the existence burning in the eternal fire did not stop from wondering.  My world still full of questions, but now thanks “God” I have the internet. Not fully satisfactory but more resourceful than my Mothers-teachers.

I started reading books trying to find the answers that my teachers did not answer, but seemed that the books didn’t had the answers either.

For me was a necessity to be satisfied, to be content and happy, my life was incomplete, what I knew was not enough what I didn’t know started to be my purpose, what I was learning in school seemed irrelevant to my wondering and my quest for enlightenment started on me.

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