The humanitarian convoy ‘Miles Smiles’ 4 entered Gaza

Posted by Marivel Guzman

Posted on 08/01/2011 in News

Gaza – Special InfoPal. Last night, the humanitarian convoy “Miles of Smiles 4” is entered in the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing on the border with Egypt.

The convoy of humanitarian mission was organized by the Arab world and by some European countries.

35 persons on board some buses and 20 ambulances.

A board of eight trucks, large stocks of medicines have been made in the Palestinian territory that Israel fold from five years with an illegal siege.

Its members were originally 50, but to arrive in Gaza have been 35. The rest of the mission, the Egyptian authorities have denied entry.

To welcome members of the Miles of Smiles some members of government.
Many residents of Gaza Strip gathered at Rafah crossing to welcome the convoy with signs of joy on their faces.

Local sources confirmed that 35 solidarity activists from Bahrian, Spain, and Britain participated in the humanitarian convoy carrying 30 tons of medicines and medical equipments.

Jaber al-Arab, chairman of the Egyptian Red Crescent in North Sinai, said that the cargo of the convoy will be distributed to different Gaza hospitals and medical units.

It’s noteworthy that Gaza hospitals are facing critical conditions due to acute shortages in medicine and fuel that have affected the lives of hundreds of patients in desperate need for medical treatment.

The organizers said in a press release on Tuesday that contacts were ongoing with the Egyptian authorities on the participants and their number in addition to the aid material in addition to the date of entering Gaza and the period they would stay there.

The idea of organizing a fourth Miles of Smiles aid convoy was crystalized during the third convoy’s presence in Gaza last June.

The organizers said that the convoy was meant to meet the urgent need for medicine and medicated milk for babies in the besieged Strip, the shortage of which was threatening the lives of thousands of civilians especially infants.

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