The Wall that Was

Posted on February 05, 2012  by Marivel Guzman

The Canvas on the Wall are telling a story unfolding,
Do not dare to change the colors,
do not try to change the words,
The Land had already collected
All the Shreds of dispersed truth, ..
The Wall displays The story
that have to be told
the rocks, the hands, the sweet, the flags, the hopes
the blood, the anguish, the pain, the anger,
the mothers, the sons, the trees, the land, the olives,
the intruders, the bulldozer, the rifles, the settlers
the holes, the razor wires, the towers, the guards,
they all have to be remembered,
nothing left untouched.
The memories of the heroes,
the martyrs blood in the ground,
the child chanting justice,
the mothers yelling ……”GET OUT OF PALESTINE”.
This wall is sketching the Palestine Sketching Pad,
I seen amazing collections,
the most beautiful designs,
flying from country to country,
in Cameras, phones and eyes.
An exhibition of anger…
And exhibition of Pain…
Enraged Rainbows of colors
The painter is drawing….
The Palestine anguish..
with every stroke of the brush.
Rogers came to Palestine…
and in front of the wall …
the tears were rolling down
The world has been standing,
….thinking!……….. this is not my Land.
with silence,  complacency and injustice..
we made  this  monument… stronger and Tall
The Wall of Shame, should be Called.
My Palestine is not broken, we tearing the wall down,
with every  soul that knows about it…
we know…  what the wall has done, 
Killing the hopes of the children
Burying the working hands
An obstacle for the future
and for generations to come,
Every painting know the story..
 Every painting tells the truth
Not the occupiers’ tale, The undeniable Fact
Palestine Antique Land…was already here
Palestine The Holy Land
Do not lose the hope my brothers
Stand tall,…. taller than that wall…
you are not alone anymore
the world is awakening …
we are listening..
history is not repeating..
The truth to the lie had defeated
All  the tales and lies ……
are crumbling down with the wall,
with no future … story to be told
from the history will be deleted…
From the shreds of desperation,
brisk of hope hung to their Emancipation.
From the walls of separation
Palestine makes the best delineation.
Hopes still high, ……they fly with the wind,
to All of Palestine..
And Never forget  brothers,
that the martyrs already claimed, their piece of this HOLY LAND!
And Now We All Chanting VIVA FREE PALESTINE!

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