We Should Never Part

Vittorio Arrigoni Pipe and Notebook

by Ghidunfer Durgham

Published first on Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 9:46pm

In remembrance of ……..
I am lonely and cold no one to hold me,
The warmth had gone, the lips had deserted me.
Why have you gone? why have you forsaken me ?
Have I ever refused your fire?
Have I not burnt to your desire?
have I not given you joy when ever you require’

Why have you gone? why have you forsaken me?
I am lonely and cold I need your hand to hold me.

I remember my smoke dancing to the soft breeze
When I felt the cold I remember your gentle squeeze
I remember the moon light hugging the tranquil sea
I remember serenity shattered by ferocity
I remember humanity locked in captivity
I remember peace met with hostility
I remember, I remember, but tell me with all honesty

Why have you gone? why have you forsaken me?
I am lonely and cold I need you hand to hold me.

April’s sun was cool and gentle, but I felt your inner heat
Down the beach we strolled I sensed the sands tickling your feet
You’r never scared of the dark alleyways that witnessed your feat
your smile had waned but your spirit never admits defeat

why have you gone? why have you forsaken me?
I am lonely and cold I need you hand to hold me
Vik.  you left me behind and this is where I stay

Under Gaza’s sky I will wait and pray
To join you again in a place so far away

Where you’ll hold me again, puff me again and never desert me.
Your loving pipe

By Ghidunfer Durgham

Vittorio in Fishing Ship

Vittorio Arrigoni, ‘Vik’, at Gaza sea with Gaza’s fishermen serving as a human shield against Israel soldiers that harass Palestinians on daily basis, and only restrain when see International Humanitarian workers.

“During Operation Cast Lead a naval closure was imposed on the Gaza Strip. Following the end of fighting the navy decided to allow fishing from up to three miles from the coast,” said an Israeli military source who preferred anonymity. “The closure was imposed to prevent the smuggling of weapons and ammunition into the Gaza Strip by sea.” Gaza Fishing Industry Reeling

Fishing Under Fire: This is a blog about the Palestinian fishermen. It has been originally created by ISM Gaza Strip in 2008 by Vitorrio Arrigoni reporting from Gaza.
It is now administrated by kaxlan2009.

A documentary about Vittorio Arrigoni, the Italian peace activist who was passionate about helping the Palestinian people. He moved to Gaza in 2008 to work for ISM. He was kidnapped and killed by a Salafi group in April 2011.

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