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Dissenters of the system and Suicides

Ilya Zhitomirskiy, a name maybe you do not recognize, but this young guy only 22 it is fighting for privacy rights, he has been working with another two friends to bring to you an alternative for facebook.
Diaspora is the project that if come to life will easily taken down the monopoly of facebook.

We as members of the social networks are continuously complaining that our privacy has lost its meaning, it has become just a product that it is bought and sold. Our privacy it is being mined by government agencies and marketing companies.

Facebook would be the worse place to share our friends, photos, status, articles, videos.

If everyone knew how facebook legal team has teamed up with government agencies you will immediately close your account.

Carefully review the Facebook.pdf-file attached, you need to know what it is being done behind you.

Facebook is based, registered and run in the United States of America.
This is bad because of the “Patriot Act“. Even if Facebook starts respecting your privacy, your data is still easily available to every governmental institution in the Country through open backdoors or requests, as this Facebook.pdf-file documents. Think about what this means to your freedom.

Ilya Zhitomirskiy will never know how his Diaspora project has taken off and taken millions of user from facebook. He committee suicide just few days before Diaspora was launched. Their goal was to provide an idealistic Facebook alternative with an emphasis on user control and privacy.

“Shocked and deeply sad for the world that my friend @zhitomirskiyi, co-founder of Diaspora, is dead… The world needed his voice,” said Mozilla interface guru Aza Raskin

Diaspora has launched a site redesigned in the wake of Zhitomirskiy’s passing.

Now we have another bright mind gone who did had a future as bright as Ilya. I’m referring to Aaaron Swartz was an accompliced programer, a well known internet activist, who we can say was one of the younger politicians that could have changed the informatics age.
Rip Aaron Swartz and Ilya Zhitomirskiy, our world will miss these two great minds.
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