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We the People Stand for Justice and Peace; Palestine UN State 2011

September 21, 2011 4 comments

Posted on September 20, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

It is up to All of us in the free world, to speak, to protest, to boycott, to question against the US or any other country that do not agree with the Independence of  Palestine.
There is no more time for mockery “Peace Talks”, they were never intended to solve the conflict but to continue the occupation which some how in the road of 65 years has become “Legal”, go figure how the “Elite” understand democracy and freedom for others. All we know is that UN (Club of 5) were never partners for peace, not for the Palestinians or for no one. Now the best they can do is to stay on the sidelines and let the people to choose their destiny.

The Arabs Spring, this is how the Media have baptized the will of the people, the people revolutions have shown to the world, to the leaders that we still have the power to move, and those revolutions will keep growing even if the Elite thinks they can stop them.
Now is the time for us to yell loud and clear that we are not spectators no more, we want peace for Palestinians, we want their rights, their seat in the UN. We the People Choose not to let few leaders to Choose for all of us.

Remember; The leaders are few, WE THE PEOPLE are Many, we are billions of people that can rise to the occasion. Injustice is one of the reasons the revolutions started not only in these past few months, but throughout history. We are to the brink of starvation, because injustice is to the order of the day. The Leaders can not afford a global boycott, a global march, a global Protest, a global REVOLUTION, because WWIII will be imminent, and why will they want to use nuclear weapons. Why for the benefit of few. NO, Nonsense.

Palestine has been an ongoing conflict that needs to be solved now, and this is a great opportunity for Israel to move forward and stop their aggressive tactics and finally get it, that enough is enough.

The disinformation going around is a real knock out of Israel against Palestine, there is no Indefinite Veto Power, the Security Council will make a recommendation on the Request from Palestine Authority to Be accepted as a Full Member of the UN being the 194 state. But the real power is in the General Assembly of the UN, that needs 3/4 of of the countries to pass a resolution.  And nothing is written in stone, any compromise reach on this historic resolution should be implemented and could be change for the good of the parties involved. Especially for Palestinians that have always get the worse part in any accords in the past. And by the way, those accords should be obsolete, they were never implemented from Israel part, but were forced on the Palestinians.

In the past, all the veto resolutions done by US or any other country never seek the General Assembly because they were weak requests in the eyes of the General Assembly, but this time is different, the world is tired of Israel mockery of International Law, tired of Israel violating every convention and International Human Rights Statutes . The world is tired to see the full support that Israel gets from the Club of 5 (UN Security Council/illegal in my view)on every crime she commits. I think now we finally are seeing ourselves as awaken from a long dream.

Before we will hear Obama, or Bush or Blair or any Leaders excusing Israel for killing Palestinians with the well known statement; “Israel has the right to defend itself”, com’on defend itself from who, from patients in hospitals being bombed from F16, or drones, defend itself from 10 years old being killed and called collateral damaged, when Israel bomb their homes.  Defend from the Olive trees, being uprooted for the buffer zone or to plant settlement inside Palestine?

We seen it all with Israel the latest slap to all of us, was the massacre of the Mavi Marmara where the Palmer Report got to the conclusion that the Block of Gaza is Legal, and the murder of 9 unarmed peace activists were in an act of self defense. Really! it is ludicrous, ridiculous how, time and time again we see Israel being exonerated with a pad in the back for her crimes. The way we seen lately the disproportionate use of force against International Peace Activists and the Non Violent movement,  is how the world attention has finally paid attention to the Palestinian Cause. It’s like we went back time, and found ourselves inside South Africa Apartheid, but in Palestine, in the Occupied Territories, and we using this term Occupied Territories as we were in the medieval times, when the law of the jungle ruled. We are in the 21 century and we still have some Military States oppressing entire populations and our leaders and news treat the phenomenon as it is normal.

Israel is not the only Military Dictatorship that it is committing crimes against humanity, India also is in flagrant abuse of power in the region of Kashmir, but the eyes of the world are now in Palestine and it is time to start cutting heads, Israel is a new beginning because it is from this spot on earth that the globalist agenda is planned.

Our history is full of Mass Murderers not only the revered Kings of the history books have killed thousands of people and usurped the rights of those same people, but Popes and revered religious figures in our past have ordered the mass murdered of thousands of people, even The God of the Old Testament had ordered the killings of thousands of people and we were ok with those stories. Now in this modern era we see the savagery that took place in the past, and we start realizing that we never really stand together as a race, in no other time in history we did were together, we always been divided by Religion, Cultural Values, Political ideas and other divisive tools. In the last 40 years I can say, since the hippie movement is that the world started their awakening, and now we are more and more standing with my brother, speaking for his rights, and suffering his pains. Palestine is the great example, but does not stop there, we are moving to a new era, this is it..Natayahu is only one of many which heads will fall. With your help, my help and that of 6.7 billions more people that are awakening…

The Beginning of new era for Palestine start in that theater, that was the same that created Israel. With the difference that Israel is losing support, and Palestine support is growing day by day. And I know that it seems that if we accept the idea of two states solutions we will be given legitimacy to Israel, I see it from the positive side and the realistic fact, that the population of Palestine is growing exponentially, and Israel population is diminishing, in two ways; lots of Israelis are abandoning the boat and leaving the Land, and also, they do not reproduce as fast as Palestinians do, so I see it, as the power of the people will take over, and with the help of the International Community of Peace and Social activists and conscience objectors, Israel will eventually disappear from the Map with the same pen that was created. The UN.

And it is exactly in this spot on earth, the Holy Land where history said conflicts started, when so it is a good place to start with the cleaning of our Planet. Welcome to Humanity 1.01, the program is fresh upgrade yours it is free.  ……….STAY HUMAN

My favorite Radio Host Michael Rivero and his very own and truthful views of our world

The instant the US government Vetos the Palestinian measure in the security council the whole world is going to know that the US government is full of crap. When it comes to middle east peace when it comes to a Palestinian state, everybody is going to see the US government grovel for Israel before the eyes of the entire world. The US governments credibility is going to be destroyed, not that there is very much left anyways. So everybody in Washington DC might as well get your tee-shirts that say “proud to be Israels bitch” and you might as well put them on right now… because after Friday that is what everyone on planet earth is going to be thinking about you. Everybody who’s in congress and washington DC if you want to support Israel GO THERE! But as long as you stand on the soverign territory of the USA and as long as your salary is paid by the American tax payer and you work in the buildings that belong to the people of the USA you better darn well be taking care of this country, because we have HAD IT.

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Palestinians will go to the UN on September 23...Do not believe in rumors

A Strategy for Israel in the 1980′s…Read this article in entirely and see how the agenda is been followed to the last step. So do not get discourage, we keep fighting, we moving to a new era

People we do not know.…….We interact few times in the walls, in the channels, the spaces and we call ourselves, friends, brothers, comrades. We go to extreme lengths to fight for your rights, to fight for your country, to fight for your causes. We stand strong for a reason we do not completely understand, other than doing social justice to peace and friendship. What really Happen to all of us?, that suddenly we raise our voices for your flag, for the protection of your individual liberties, your civil rights

Would UN General Assembly Vote for an Independent Palestine?…..Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall ,there are enough existential and serious problems for regimes and states in the Arab and Muslim world ,from Morocco to Saudi Arabia, and beyond , greedy , ruthless White Christian Crusaders pursuing mostly illegal policy of destruction and loot of  sovereign states like Libya ,Iraq etc .There is relentless pressure on Assad regime in Syria, but the next hot item on the Middle East agenda is going to be the vote on Palestine Independence in United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September, 2011.

Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival 2011

Posted on September 06, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

Join celebrated writers, film makers, rappers, photographers, story tellers and locals to listen, talk, learn, rap, discuss, watch, question and share ideas on Palestine at the inaugural Tottenham Palestine Literature Festival, Thursday September 29th to Sunday October 2nd.

The festival has been organised by Haringey Justice for Palestinians. We would like to thank everyone who has helped it to grow and flourish over the last few months.

This will be a great four day event celebrating Palestine though films, discussions, art wiork, story telling, stalls, music and poetry.


Thursday 29th September
Festival Launch & Haringey Independent Cinema screening of ‘The Promise’

Professor Haim Bresheeth

Friday 30th September
Launch of Hanna Braun’s memoir
Weeds Don’t Perish- Memoirs of a defiant old women: local author
Ghada Karmi, Hanna Braun

Can writers bring about political change?
China Miéville, Ewa Jasiewicz, Ghada Karmi, James Miller, Naomi Foyle

Saturday 1st October

10:00am till 13.00pm
Children’s activities The Wildcat Arts Collectives in collaboration with Haringey Justice for Palestinians presents

Storytelling – Roisin Murray

Kite making – Sameh

Graffiti wal – DJ Steaz

aimed at children and young people, 5 – 12 years.

Screening of ‘The Promise’
Peter Kosminsky

Selma Dabbagh reads from her new book, ‘Out of it’

Young peoples’ workshop with author Anna Perera

Performance of Harold Pinter’s ‘One for the Road’

Rap workshop with Haroon Anwar

Ghada Karmi and Karl Sabbagh discuss reading and writing about Palestine

Storytelling with Roísín Murray

Phil Marfleet talks about his book Egypt: The Moment of Change

Tim Llewellyn talks about media coverage of Palestine

Journey Through Thorns performed by the Palestine Trauma Centre (Gaza)

David Harrold, Mohamed Altawil

Anna Perera, Selma Dabbagh & Ghada Kanafani talk about identity, dispossession and belonging

Ghada Kanafani & Haroon Anwar: Poetry and Politic

Hip hop film and Performances

Hip Hop is Bigger that the Occupation

Acts on the night
Mohammed Yahya
Poetic Pilgrimage
Crazy Haze
Ed Greens
Melissa Melodee
Potent Whisper
Skillz Rapartist
First and Last
Lyrictist Jinn
Haroon Anwar
Mohamed-Zain Dada
Emily Churchill
With DJ Steaz

Writer Brian Keenan in convesation

Q & A with Peter Kosminsky, Director & writer of ‘The Promise’
and Professor Haim Bresheeth

20:00pm – 21.45pm
Festival concert


Reem Kelani
Leon Rosselson

Haroon Anwar
Ghada Kanafani

Michael Rosen

The only marxist magician:
Ian Saville


Mideastern food will be on sale from 17.00pm till 19.00pm

There will also be book, clothes, plant and handicraft stalls

Willam Parry photo journalist
Children’s art from Gaza
Photographs from the West Bank by Louis and others

Sunday 2nd October 10:00am – 13.00pm
The Garden House (Kitapevi)
410 High Road, Tottenham (just north of Tottenham police station)

Brunch & open mic
A morning of poetry & prose recital over a delicious brunch for this festival finale with Anwar Hamed, Ghada Kanafani, Emily Churchill & you!

£5, under 12s free.

A Film By Existence is Resistance and Nana Dankwa about a musical tour to Palestine teaching resistance through the arts. Featuring M1 of Dead Prez, Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, Marcel Cartier, Mazzi of S.O.U.L. Purpose, DJ Vega Benetton, SWYC, University of Hip Hop, Jody McIntyre and many more…. for more information on upcoming tours and about the organization please email questions @

Teaser Trailer for new controversial 4-part drama on Channel 4 called ‘The Promise’. Written and directed by Bafta-winning Peter Kosminksy, and starring Christian Cooke and Claire Foy. It deals wtih the role the British Mandate played in formation of the state of Israel. Directed by Brian Harrington

Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign

Haringey Justice for Palestinians

Palestine Festival of Literature

Palestine Film Foundation

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Palestine Trauma Centre (UK)

The Britain – Palestine Twinning Network

For more information:

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