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9 Tourists killed in Pakistan

Published on June 24, 2013 by Akashma Online News

Militants kill 9 foreign tourists, 1 Pakistani

Associated PressBy ZARAR KHAN and SEBASTIAN ABBOT | Associated Press – 18 hrs ago

Associated Press/Anjum Naveed – Pakistani rescue workers unload the casket of a foreign tourist who was killed by Islamic militants from an ambulance to shift in a morgue of local hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan, Sunday, June 23, 2013. Islamic militants wearing police uniforms shot to death foreign tourists and at least one Pakistani before dawn as they were visiting one of the world’s highest mountains in a remote area of northern Pakistan that has been largely peaceful, officials said. (AP Photo/Anjum Naveed)

ISLAMABAD (AP) — At least a dozen Islamic militants wearing police uniforms shot to death nine foreign tourists and one Pakistani before dawn Sunday as they were visiting one of the world’s highest mountains in a remote area of northern Pakistan that has been largely peaceful, officials said.

The foreigners who were killed included five Ukrainians, three Chinese and one Russian, said Pakistani Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan. One Chinese tourist was wounded in the attack and was rescued, he said.

The local branch of the Taliban took responsibility for the killings, saying it was to avenge the death of a leader killed in a recent U.S. drone strike.

The shooting was one of the worst attacks on foreigners in Pakistan in recent years and is likely to damage the country’s already struggling tourism industry. Pakistan’s mountainous north — considered until now relatively safe — is one of the main attractions in a country beset with insurgency and other political instability.

The attack took place at the base camp of Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world at 8,126 meters (26,660 feet). Nanga Parbat is notoriously difficult to climb and is known as the “killer mountain” because of numerous mountaineering deaths in the past. It’s unclear if the tourists were planning to climb the mountain or were just visiting the base camp, which is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan.

The gunmen were wearing uniforms used by the Gilgit Scouts, a paramilitary police force that patrols the area, said the interior minister. The attackers abducted two local guides to find their way to the remote base camp. One of the guides was killed in the shooting, and the other has been detained and is being questioned, said Khan.

“The purpose of this attack was to give a message to the world that Pakistan is unsafe for travel,” said the interior minister in a speech in the National Assembly, which passed a resolution condemning the incident. “The government will take all measures to ensure the safety of foreign tourists.”

Pakistani Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan claimed responsibility for the attack, saying their Jundul Hafsa group carried out the shooting as retaliation for the death of the Taliban’s deputy leader, Waliur Rehman, in a U.S. drone attack on May 29.

“By killing foreigners, we wanted to give a message to the world to play their role in bringing an end to the drone attacks,” Ahsan told The Associated Press by telephone from an undisclosed location.

At least a dozen gunmen were involved in the attack, local police officer Jahangir Khan said.

The attackers beat up the Pakistanis who were accompanying the tourists, took their money and tied them up, said a senior local government official. They checked the identities of the Pakistanis and shot to death one of them, possibly because he was a minority Shiite Muslim, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to reporters.

Although Gilgit-Baltistan is a relatively peaceful area, it has experienced attacks by radical Sunni Muslims on Shiites in recent years.

The attackers took the money and passports from the foreigners and then gunned them down, said the official. It’s unclear how the Chinese tourist who was rescued managed to avoid being killed. The base camp has basic wooden huts, but most tourists choose to sleep in their own tents.

Local police chief Barkat Ali said they first learned of the attack when one of the local guides called the police station around 1 a.m. on Sunday. The military airlifted the bodies to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, Sunday afternoon.

“We hope Pakistani authorities will do their best to find the culprits of this crime,” the Ukrainian ambassador to Pakistan, Volodymyr Lakomov, told reporters outside the hospital where the bodies were taken.

The Pakistani government condemned the “brutal act of terrorism” in a statement sent to reporters.

“Those who have committed this heinous crime seem to be attempting to disrupt the growing relations of Pakistan with China and other friendly countries,” said a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry.

Pakistan has very close ties with neighboring China and is sensitive to any issue that could harm the relationship. Pakistani officials have reached out to representatives from China and Ukraine to convey their sympathies, the Foreign Ministry said.

Many foreign tourists stay away from Pakistan because of the perceived danger of visiting a country that is home to a large number of Islamic militant groups, such as the Taliban and al-Qaida, which mostly reside in the northwest near the Afghan border. A relatively small number of intrepid foreigners visit Gilgit-Baltistan during the summer to marvel at the peaks of the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges, including K2, the second highest mountain in the world.

Syed Mehdi Shah, the chief minister of Gilgit-Baltistan, condemned the attack and expressed fear that it would seriously damage the region’s tourism industry.

“A lot of tourists come to this area in the summer, and our local people work to earn money from these people,” said Shah. “This will not only affect our area, but will adversely affect all of Pakistan.”

The area has been cordoned off by police and paramilitary soldiers, and a military helicopter was searching the area, said Shah.

“God willing we will find the perpetrators of this tragic incident,” said Shah.

The government suspended the chief secretary and top police chief in Gilgit-Baltistan following the attack and ordered an inquiry into the incident, said Khan, the interior minister.

Qadri’s march: Conspiracy theories galore

Posted on January 17, 2013 by Akashma Online News

Source Dunya News

The military has denied any link to Tahirul Qadri.

ISLAMABAD: To Pakistan s ruling party, a firebrand cleric camped outside parliament with thousands of protesters is looking more and more like the harbinger of their worst fear: a plan by the establishment to engineer a “soft coup”.

In their eyes, Muhammad Tahirul Qadri seems like the perfect candidate for such a mission. A practised orator who has electrified crowds with his anti-corruption rhetoric, the doctor of Islamic law leapt into action to back the last power grab by the army in 1999.

The aim this time, some politicians suspect, is to use Qadri to bring down the current administration and provide a pretext for the handpicked caretaker cabinet.

“What we are seeing is dangerous and evidence that the third force is up to its tricks again,” said Mahmood Khan Achakzai, a politician who has been a frequent critic of the army s record of interfering in politics.

The military has denied any link to Qadri, and army chief General Ashfaq Kayani has built up a reputation for standing more aloof from politics than predecessors who have not hesitated to dismiss civilian governments. Pakistan has been ruled by the military for more than half of its 65 years as an independent nation.

Critics note, furthermore, that the ruling Pakistan People s Party (PPP), which has a long record of confrontation with the military, has often been quick to portray itself as a victim of bullying by the military to distract attention from its shortcomings.

But the timing of Qadri s return from six years of living in Canada, just a few months before elections are due, and his role in supporting a 1999 coup by former army chief Pervez Musharraf have nonetheless rung alarm bells.

Qadri, who led a convoy of buses carrying thousands of protesters into the capital, Islamabad, on Monday, has repeatedly demanded that the army should have a say in the formation of an interim administration that is due to oversee the run-up to elections in May.

“You meet army officers in the night; I m asking that you consult with them on the caretaker set up under the sunlight,” Qadri said in a speech on Tuesday in remarks clearly addressed to the government.

The PPP s fears over the potential for military meddling centre on the impending formation of a caretaker cabinet.
Pakistan passed a constitutional amendment last year that requires the government and opposition to agree on the
composition of the temporary administration.

The amendment is designed to prevent any ruling party exploiting the advantages of incumbency to manipulate elections
by using state power to skew the playing field.

The PPP and the Pakistan Muslim League, the main opposition party, have spent months negotiating a list of mutually
acceptable names for the transitional cabinet, including a number of politicians noted for resisting military rule.

“The PPP has lost three generations of leaders fighting against dictatorships,” said a senior member of the PPP. “You
think we will give up now? We will take up this battle at all levels.”

Meanwhile, military officers privately do little to conceal their contempt for the PPP, whose government has been unable to end militant violence, bring down sharp food price inflation or get the economy on track since it took power in March, 2008.
They are also dismissive of the Pakistan Muslim League.

One officer, speaking in a personal capacity, said the army had no desire to seize power but might be forced to play a role
as mediator between political factions if the cleric s protests trigger a prolonged crisis.

“If this gets worse, then the army may have to intervene (as a moderator),” he told Reuters.

After years of suspicion and ill-will between the generals and the PPP-led coalition led by President Asif Ali Zardari, Qadri s protests have seemed to signal a shift in the political landscape, with unpredictable consequences.

“We can t say who is behind him. But all we know is that he can t pull this off without backing from someone,” Maulana
Fazlur Rehman, the veteran leader of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Pakistan s biggest religious party, said on television.

The political temperature soared even higher on Tuesday when Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry ordered the arrest of Prime
Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf in connection with a corruption case. Authorities have yet to carry out his instructions.

An aide to Ashraf said the military was behind this move as well, but the chief justice is known to be independent-minded.

If Qadri succeeds in bringing down the government, then a man whose name had faded from the limelight since he left
Pakistan for Canada in 2006 will have sabotaged the PPP s bid to be the first civilian government to complete a full term.

That would undermine Pakistan s struggle to bury the legacy of decades of military dictatorship by building institutions
strong enough to resolve the nuclear-armed country s multiple crises.

The military has a track record of picking interim administrations in past decades that have then overstepped their
mandates by hounding the army s political opponents or manipulating elections.

Army officers in Bangladesh, which was part of Pakistan until it broke away in 1971, have used a similar approach to
appoint a technocratic government to implement reforms.

But some commentators and Western diplomats argue that times have changed and the military has lost the appetite for
embroiling itself in struggles with increasingly assertive political parties and a hyperactive media.

“The military has no interest in disrupting the path to elections: in fact their interest is the opposite, supporting
the transfer of power from one elected government to another, which is a political milestone in Pakistan s history,” said
Maleeha Lodhi, a former Pakistani ambassador to Washington.

Much will depend on whether Qadri has enough rhetorical firepower left to persuade his followers to maintain their
protest, or whether the government decides to order the police to apply pressure to disperse them.

“There is nothing wrong with raising your concerns and protesting,” said Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira. “But
if you try to hold the capital hostage and disrupt the lives of its people, the law will take its course.”

Afganistan, Taliban, Pakistan – And Woman’s Rights!

Posted on October 11, 2012 by Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

Study Geography and Politics will be more clear

We always look back at history to review what we should not do.

911 was a tragic event perpetrated not only to the 3000 victims sacrificed on that day, but also the innocents victims in Afghanistan that died by the hands of the US soldiers and the mercenaries of the private contractors.

The official story went like this: 17 hijackers majority Saudis armed with box cutters took the control of 2 jets and crashed on the Twin Towers in New York, and pulverized 3 towers. 2 planes, 3 buildings well I guess math doesn’t matter now, it is the story behind the official story imprinted.

Very much the rest was unfolded to the public as it deemed necessary for the Bush Administration. First we heard of Osama Bin Laden being living in the mountains of Bora Bora in Afghanistan.

According to the Bush administration they asked the government of the Taliban, -which was the Official government- to hand over Osama Bin Laden a terrorist Ex Saudi that was behind the 911 attack.  Supposedly they did not hand over Osama Bin Laden, which gave excuse to the US army to attack Afghanistan for harboring the most wanted terrorist in the world, as the FBI list have him on their # 1 spot with a huge rewards for his whereabouts, arrests and conviction. Well the story continues in a twisted way.

What happen when we got there?, we bombed every mount of dirt, and every mountain the US had in its target, not forgetting that the Satellite Imagery can gives a X Rayed picture of the womb of the mountains. With the technology we have we could have found a worm hiding on that rugged dry land of Afghanistan. Oil and Mineral Companies have been using this technology for decades now to find much more deep minerals and other veins of treasures buried in the earth.

The perception of a war it is not well accepted by the public, so we have to make up an issue ugly enough to kill thousands of innocents without being seen as heartless killing machines, and we found the perfect image to give to the world. The Evil Taliban suppressed and oppressed their Muslims women,  an evil for the Media to broadcast,  the excuse! while US soldiers dropping tons of dynamite and experimental bombs to an  unarmed innocent population, the carnage went wild for few years.

The US did not found Osama Bin Laden, which lead us to ask ourselves the question. Would the Taliban could have hand over Osama to the US? and if Taliban have said yes, we will give you Osama. Could they have found him?….!

While the US was bombing Afghanistan and the hideouts of Osama’s men in the neighborhoods mountains of Pakistan, a huge campaign started in the US and in every country of the world, you must remember this, “The Abuse of Women in Taliban ruled Afghanistan it is horrible”.
From the first day on,  that the American  machine decided to control this untamed country of Afghanistan, that not even the Russian after 10 years of occupation could control.

The PR campaign went 24 hours, 365 days for few years, until the world lost their compassion for the Afghan men that were being killed like cockroaches in its nest.
The Public Relation Office of US army mounted a huge campaign of disinformation while we are destroying Afghanistan without being held liable for all the deaths we are causing. After all we are liberating the oppressed women of Afghanistan.
They made movies, TV programs, Radio shows, “Afghanistan about women abuses under Taliban”. The story was in every headline of the Stream Media News, in every magazine, every blog that there was.

The ultimate sinners; “The Taliban and its radical Islamic ideology” was what kept the world busy, while the US and their allies went to Afghanistan installed their groomed puppet Karsai,

So far the story has not form, but started getting, but when you find out that Karsai was a CEO of Chevron Corporation one of the top 5 Oil industries in the world.

By now the Taliban and every men that look like Taliban which is 99 % of the men in Afghanistan are being killed one by one, because once the invaders came to their land, they did what every patriot do in their land, they defend it against the aggressor, but the world at large it is so busy pitting the veiled oppressed women of Afghanistan that nobody has any more pity or concern for the men of Afghanistan, that by this time it is not just the Taliban, but every tribe that live in Afghanistan and that raised against the invader it’s being branded as terrorist and kill without compassion.

Remember Afghanistan shares borders with Pakistan in the East, Iran in the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the north, and China in the far east. There are countries in between like Baluchistan, Waziristan that are occupied territories, but they are mostly ruled by Tribes, that do not conformed to the government of Pakistan. So they have to rely on US
Afghanistan is already some how conquered territory, US and NATO bases are installed. So to wage a war with Iran US needs to secure the border with Pakistan, so all these drones on Pakistan territory could be just preparation for an attack to get rid of the unwanted tribal leaders control that might be friendly with other tribal leaders in the Iranian side.
Then we have Afghanistan ban on Pakistani Newspapers, telling a tale of mistrust. Meaning to this point Pakistan is seen as ally of US…but then we must ask….

Why US is attacking an Ally?…Well all I think of this popular proverb:.”In war and Love everything done is valid”, could be so, except that, there is no war against Pakistan, at least not a declared war.

Afghanistan had been fiercely fighting  US and NATO troops, just like the Soviet Union could not defeat the Afghan tribal lords, neither US . except for the bases they installed in Afghanistan they do not have control neither the Central Government in Kabul.
We see on the map, Baluchistan which it is on popular belief an occupied territory by Pakistan, but Pakistan recognized Baluchistan as the back bone of Pakistan, the trick it is in the wording.

Now we go to Pakistan, for about over 11 years, the US is being using drones and that had  killed more than 35,000  innocents in Pakistan, for more of these 11 years the story went unnoticed by the world except for News Outlets inside Pakistan no one was talking about the drones. But recently the women in pink, CODE PINK WOMEN with the invitation of Imran Khan, ex cricket player and opposition guy to the Military Islamic Government of Pakistan mounted an Anti Drone March. CODE PINK women  will be touring Pakistan remote areas where the drones had hit harder.

Now the latest news on the CODE PINK convoy as October 12, 2012:
The Pakistani military blocked a convoy carrying thousands of Pakistanis and a small contingent of US anti-war activists from entering a lawless tribal region along the border with Afghanistan on Sunday to stage a protest against American drone strikes.

The group, led by cricket star turned politician Imran Khan and his political party, was turned back just miles from the border of South Waziristan. After an hour of fruitless negotiations, Khan announced that the caravan would backtrack to the city of Tank, about 15 kilometers (9 miles) away, where he was expected to make a speech to the crowd.  India Times

                                                                                              Or This

Secondly, the rally was a threat to the space occupied by other political groups for decades. There were announcements from the mosques in Dera Ismail Khan and a Think Tank,  that was a Jew and Christian sponsored group was coming to fool the people and must be resisted in the name of Islam. Leaflets were distributed to demonize the rally. As if this was not enough, a night earlier there was a symbolic rocket attack on a police post in Tank to scare the participants. The continuing chatter on walkie-talkies, some real and some propaganda, warning Fidayeen attacks on the forces of Zionism with devastating effect failed to dent the psychology of the people. Tank and hamlets along the way waited with warm hearts and high expectations.  Opinion Maker Pakistan Online Paper

The media started a huge huge campaign regarding this 14 year old girl Malala Yousafzai that was shot  by Taliban hit man. People might get confuse here, the media trained the world to think Taliban are the bad men from Afghanistan that oppressed the women, so what are they doing in Pakistan? may ask. Just type Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban on the search engines and you get more than 20 millions results. It is over the internet, the social networks are digesting this news as the latest Headlines news. But why even the government of Pakistan is going along with this story?  The whole Malala story overshadowed the Anti drone march, few blogs and local News outlets barely covered the march.

I want to make something clear on Malala Yousafzai tragic event. I do not doubt that she was somehow  injured on the attack of the events that occurred on October 9 but I do not think that was Taliban people. It is too easy to target women in Afghanistan by any male that believes that women belong to the house. I say that somebody was paid to do the job. ..
The idea that Malala have been speaking since 2008 and has been very vocal about it, the News have been covering her story apparently since 2008. What it is strange is that there is no News  out of Pakistan until the day of the attack.
Take for instance this interview/article to Malala, according to the writer George Brokate which it is the photographer also, the interview was done on 2010 but he run the article on October 22, 2012, I have not found other articles by him no where in this web site or any where else.
Now you look in the Internet by her name and you find millions hits, why just few knew about Malala in Pakistan, after all she was awarded the Dutch kid award and nominated by Desmond Tutu award with 4 other girls, including one girl from Palestine Liza, I mean other women..only the small group that were with Malala were mentioned, and one other girl that was injured in the attack is barely mentioned in other web sites, except for one interview, and On picture of the girl.
To me this is a Pakistani staged event to divert the attention of the US drones. Really how many more Pakistani people will have to die in drones attacks, so far 35,000 and counting. How many more drone attacks before Pakistani make an official complain, at least in the UN and the NEWS.
Poor Malala Yousafzai was injured and her story used to cover a really black agenda of the Pak/US intimate relations.
I have to say that I m happy for the women in Pakistan that this incident will be known, and will raise awareness in the region, not that they did not know…Malala has been written a blog since she is in 8 grade, the BBC knew about her stories, Pakistani Government knew, the local news knew, and the attack took place..Right? …

On November 24, 2011  Fazal Khaliq published this story, very genuine regarding Malala and besides BBC urdu publishing her dairies there were no News of her outside Pakistan.

The photo does not show signs of bullet on her left temple. Picture taken during Malala hospital stay

No Neck or Jaw injury apparent

The Appearance of Malala face looks better a day after the attack than 2 later when she get out of the British Hospital.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) worked in tandem with Pakistan to create the “monster” that is today Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban, a leading US expert on South Asia said here.

“I warned them that we were creating a monster,” Selig Harrison from the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars said at the conference here last week on “Terrorism and Regional Security: Managing the Challenges in Asia.”

Pakistani leaders are saying that Taliban are against girls’ education…. but the whole world knows that it has been sixty five years since the independence of Pakistan, but despite this… 70% of Pakistani people, a majority of women, are still illiterate… are the Taliban responsible for that? Today 70% Pakistani population lives below the poverty line… are the Taliban responsible for it?…. Today, after 65 years, more than 70% people do not have access to clean drinking water…. 70% of the people don’t have a single doctor within reach for treatment…. Does this credit also goes to Taliban? Pakistani generals, surrender to India and US…and conquer their own country….In spite of this, they devour 50% of national budget.…Are the Taliban responsible for this?

The grief of Malala and her friends is valid…. they deserve utmost sympathies…. but, the Supreme Court in its verdict on 12th October, said that there are undeniable proofs of the involvement of agencies in Balochistand… and that over three hundred Malalas have been missing in Balochistan for several months…..when will Pakistani newspapers and television channels wake up and raise voice in their grief?… as far as the European media is concerned,…… it is their track record that in Bosnia Herzegovina, situated in centre of the Europe, Serb wild beasts, during three-and-a-half year period, rapped thousands of Malalals… and killed many of them….but American and European media did not report the atrocities mated out those malalas…

During 25 years in Kashmir, more than five thousand young and old Malalas fell prey to Indian forces’ lust.…. but, not a single Malala could grab the spotlight in Western media.….

Few years back, Israeli troops sprayed with bullets the bodies of over two hundred children on their way to schools, but none of them could become Malala..

Truth and Wisdom

Harrison said: “The CIA made a historic mistake in encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan.” The US provided $3 billion for building up these Islamic groups, and it accepted Pakistan’s demands that they should decide how this money should be spent, Harrison said.The Emperor Cloths

Why her story from being inspiring for women, for freedom of speech has to be turned on a circus by the Press and by her own government. The intention is clear here, to shadow the Drones Attacks that was starting to surface more constantly, and with Pink Code women march…

American Perspective

Posted on September 18, 2012 by Akashma Online News

by Todd Shea

A little perspective for my fellow Americans to consider regarding the impressions they are fed by the media, and the facts and realities which are constantly withheld in what I call “the lies of omission”:
Since this story about the anti-Islam film made the World headlines, I have been in Karachi, Pakistan all week for many meetings related to my Humanitarian mission in Pakistan. Karachi is a metropolis of over 20 million people, one of the largest cities on the planet.

There are perhaps a couple thousand or less who have engaged in any violence related to the film. I have been running around all over Karachi (even in the so-called “dangerous” areas) and literally thousands of people have seen me walking around in public areas, sitting in the car at traffic lights, going for a bite to eat with friends, walking into office buildings for meetings, going to gas stations or convenience stores, feeding stray cats, playing music for kids and buying small flocks of birds from street vendors and setting them free which creates a feeling of joy for everyone within the vicinity, even if they do look at me like I’m a bit nutty.

But NO ONE has been rude or angry towards me. I haven’t changed anything about my routine and have zero security. I even happened upon a couple of the peaceful demonstrations against the film yesterday.

Not a single person has come up to me and threatened me or even so much as given me a dirty look. People greet me, smile and wave back to me and treat me with the genuine kindness and respect that any Human Being would want to be treated with.

I love Karachi. It’s a great city with great people. New York has bad and misguided people, LA and Miami and Chicago have them too, and so does Karachi. But all of these cities share so much in common because they have mostly decent ordinary people who do their best to get through each day surviving and taking care of there families.

No doubt it’s a lot tougher for most Pakistanis to take care of their families than it is for your average American, but I can assure you that if you visited Karachi, you would also find this city to be a vibrant and fascinating place with beautiful gardens, shopping malls, bustling urban commerce, and amazing waterfront eateries and a major port and transit hub for Asia and the Middle East.

There are places here that are absolutely wonderful and Americans have no idea about them because the Western media doesn’t ever tell us about them- they would rather suck up your hard earned Dollars selling hate and peddling fear to exaggerate and exploit every situation that will continue justifying unnecessary wars and destruction they eagerly cover for the gluttonous financial gain of a few powerful individuals and corporations and those who make bullets and bombs) by portraying Pakistanis and Muslims with articles about subjects such as “Muslim Rage” than to show you the overwhelming majority of the 19,998,000 Human Beings in Karachi, Pakistan who are almost universally outraged by the film but are NOT protesting violently and tearing up their own city. And based on my experience, I’m convinced it’s pretty much the same situation everywhere else in the Muslim World, otherwise it would be a much worse situation than just a relative few incidents perpetrated by a small number of violent idiots when compared to the 1.5 billion Muslims living on Planet Earth.

So rest assured, Karachi is still here- it has its big city troubles but it’s not on fire, and it will still be here tomorrow and the day after and the day after and the day after that until the fateful day that we all collectively self destruct with some kind of advanced weaponry or God finally gets tired of watching too many of us using up our energies destroying our planet and hating each other and making millions of children suffer and letting thousands die of preventable disease, hunger and poverty every day and decides to pull the plug on us all, having failed the big test.


American Musician Todd Shea has developed a reputation for being the ‘go-to guy for relief’, an accolade that has come with his unique dedication for helping out with disasters around the world from places like Sri Lanka and India to Japan and Pakistan. His life and work make for a great narrative as he traipses all over Pakistan with medicines and music to bring not only physical relief, but emotional and psychological too.

Todd Shea, an American who came to volunteer in Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake, a disaster that killed 80,000 people. In 2000, Shea established a charity hospital in Kashmir called CDRS, or Comprehensive Disaster Relief Services, which provides quality healthcare services to the people in the remote and earthquake-affected areas in northwest Pakistan. And now, it has expanded to more areas of Pakistan.

Todd Shea is the Chief Operating Officer of SHINE Humanity, a US-registered nonprofit that specializes in disaster relief and long-term sustainable healthcare initiatives in developing countries. He began life as a vocalist, songwriter and guitarist. He was in
New York City on September 11th, 2001 to perform at a world famous live music establishment, CBGB’s Gallery. Instead, he ended up working at the site of the fallen World Trade Center for almost a week, assisting first responders by delivering anything
they needed to keep them going, from ice to contact lens wash and medications. Realizing that he had an ability for acquiring and coordinating needed items efficiently in a chaotic and disastrous situation, Todd put his music career on an indefinite hiatus to
work in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami, and in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In October 2005, Todd was compelled to go to Pakistan immediately after the earthquake as a logistics coordinator for a Pakistan-American medical response team. After seeing the magnitude of the need and having fallen in love with Pakistan and its people during the emergency response phase, Todd founded Comprehensive Disaster Response Services (CDRS) in the Spring of 2006 and serves as its Executive Director. Todd currently works and resides in Islamabad, providing primary care and an Innovative Community- Based Healthcare Empowerment Project to different rural and disaster striken areas of Pakistan who would otherwise be without adequate healthcare services.

In April 2009, SHINE Humanity was registered in USA and Todd joined as the COO. Todd and SHINE Humanity deployed in Haiti in January 2010 and are working in Pakistan to provide relief aid to victims of the floods through mobile medical units, livelihood initiatives, and food and non-food assistance. The agency hopes to transition into longterm rehabilitation programs focussed on mother/child care in the areas served.

The Trojan Horse that Landed In Iran

December 10, 2011 4 comments

Posted On December 09, on Akashma Online News

By Marivel Guzman

The Trojan Drone or Demonstration Model

Building the robot planes themselves was relatively easy. Much tougher was writing the software needed to fly the drones. “The operating system is the part that’s hardest to deal with,”

Drones are Spies on the air, steel birds that fly at low altitude and can pick up signals of conversations from cell phones, cordless phones, digital radios, digital TV’s sets and they have the capabilities to take images using infrared technology, and snap pictures as small a few pixels, this amazing and surprising disturbing technology that have taken away the peace of mind, sleep and every bit of privacy to the citizens of the world. These steel birds  have the spies agencies  and best reverse engineers (theives) of the world fighting each other for the software and hardware blue prints.

This technology has been around since the early 1900 but not until was built by Boeing become public.

Some recent unveiled information suggested that the early spies programs were stripped away from German secret technology too advance to be from human minds.

Drones in the skies are called messengers of death, they are used every day in the skies of Gaza Palestine, to terrorize and kill innocent civilians. They are use to spy and to destroy infrastructure. All under the disguise to kill “Militants” than in Israel terms are “Terrorists”, but in reality every person that works for the government such security personnel are considered the Bad Guys. Gaza does not count with a formal army, it is not allowed under previous agreements signed by Yaset Arafat.

In Pakistan and Afghanistan are used every day by US, this information is never reported in the Paid Media, those drones have killed thousands of people in the last 10 years since the invasion of Afghanistan.

The tensions between Pakistan and US at its highest point, the use of drones in Pakistani territory is an everyday practice. The killing of civilians goes unreported in the remote villages bordering Afghanistan.

We are made believe that Pakistan and US are enemies, the Propaganda Machine  AKA News  reports indicate this fact, but if you dig little further you find out that is farther from the truth. US legal and illegal financial aids goes back decades. The Network of illicit sources of money can be found in the War Complex Industry backed it up by the Bank Industry.

“With the official blessing of George H. W. Bush as the head of the CIA, Adham transformed a small Pakistani merchant bank, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), into a world-wide money-laundering machine, buying banks around the world to create the biggest clandestine money network in history.”  History Commons

In Libya the US Drones attacked and immobilized the convoy that was transporting Col Gaddafi, and the NATO illegal attacks of drones in sovereign territory of Libya was the cause of destabilizing the government by the mercenaries paid by the west.

With $14 trillion in the hole and a slew of wars seemingly no one wants America to be in, what better way for the United States to spend their money by putting $23 billion into spy planes?

The US will drop billions on defense spending with the purchasing of 55 Global Hawk drone planes over the next few years. Each of the four dozen-plus spy crafts comes at a price tag of $218 million apiece — ten times the price of the largest armed attack drone.

The Spy business is More expensive than feeding the American people, and against all Odds the American Government and others choose the Spy Business. The Profits are too high to pass.

The US Defense Department is only just one client of the many from around the world of this booming industry that it is “saving Lives” on the Offensive side of the war, according to “Official Sources”. The unmanned vehicles are remote controlled miles away from the target and they do not recognize innocent civilians from military targets, at least that’s what the number of collateral damage show in the latest incursions of these drones in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Gaza, Libya and other hot spots.

Is the US exporting its secretive spy technology to other countries? The latest News on the Drone in Iran hands sound too good to be truth. The two scenarios that I draw in this “fiasco” if is true, which I doubt very much is that the best way to demonstrate the product to a higher profile client of the war industry is to bring the drone to Iran. Or if we really are pursuing to invade Iran what best way to infiltrate their deep secret militarily Installations. Taking  pictures of every inch of their installations, picking signals, voices, faces, frequencies, transferring of high sensitive Data and other important information.

In this advance era of frequencies,  sophisticated software, Satellite technology, and lack of resources we can expect everything, Including treason from the War Makers Aka Weapon Manufactures. Just a Thought.

Iran is airing a video showing an American Drone in pristine conditions, we must wonder how a drone that can move to a extreme velocities can land inside enemy territory without getting one scratch, or without crashing. This devices are so precise in its functioning, they are manage by remote control using the latest technology, they are integrated with, cameras, microphones, infrared and frequency sensors, and they probably count with self destructive mechanism.

The Trojan Horse

Still seeking to gain entrance into Troy, clever Odysseus (some say with the aid of Athena) ordered a large wooden horse to be built. Its insides were to be hollow so that soldiers could hide within it.

Once the statue had been built by the artist Epeius, a number of the Greek warriors, along with Odysseus, climbed inside. The rest of the Greek fleet sailed away, so as to deceive the Trojans.

One man, Sinon, was left behind. When the Trojans came to marvel at the huge creation, Sinon pretended to be angry with the Greeks, stating that they had deserted him. He assured the Trojans that the wooden horse was safe and would bring luck to the Trojans.

Only two people, Laocoon and Cassandra, spoke out against the horse, but they were ignored. The Trojans celebrated what they thought was their victory, and dragged the wooden horse into Troy.

That night, after most of Troy was asleep or in a drunken stupor, Sinon let the Greek warriors out from the horse, and they slaughtered the Trojans. Priam was killed as he huddled by Zeus’ altar and Cassandra was pulled from the statue of Athena and raped.

There are more than 17, 000 satellites in our skies, those are the ones publicly known and used for defense, weather, communications, GPS, Data Transfer and other categories. But those numbers don’t reveal the countless others used for spies activities.

Real Time Satellite Tracking

Can Floods Lead to Taliban Resurgence

Can Floods Lead to Taliban Resurgence

Posted on 12. Aug, 2010 by Marivel Guzman from original post by Raja Mujtaba in Pakistan

By Sajjad Shaukat
On the onset, let me correct it that there are no Taliban in Pakistan, all that we are facing are criminals and terrorists pushed in here by Indo-Israeli network operating in Afghanistan. The western media who are under Zionist control have labeled them as Taliban only to defame this name that we use for students. It is highly objectionable to brand the criminals as Taliban. If this be the case then every student would be taken to be a terrorist then where would we educate our children and what would we call them? But for the sake of this paper I will refer them to as Taliban though they are not.
Pakistan has made numerous protests to the US and NATO command in Afghanistan to reign them in but to no avail.
The recent floods in Pakistan have provided a new level of devastation, especially in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where more than 4 million people have been affected by this natural disaster. The emerging landscape in areas where the water has receded is one in which bridges, roads, schools, health clinics, power facilities and sewage systems have been ruined or seriously damaged.
While Pakistan’s high officials and foreign media said that overall impact of the floods now exceeds that of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, but at the same time some foreign media has started a propaganda campaign that by availing the opportunity, the Taliban can again return and organise themselves. They are likely to get the sympathies of the flood-affected people.
In this connection, under the caption, ‘Flooding’s devastation in Pakistan is seen as opportunity for Taliban’, The Washington Post reported on August 9, 2010: “The slow-motion disaster underway in Pakistan as floodwaters seep into virtually every corner of the nation has devastated basic infrastructure and could open the door to a Taliban resurgence.”
The Post further elaborated, “Over the past year, Pakistan’s army has succeeded in driving Taliban fighters

out of key
sanctuaries in South Waziristan and the Swat Valley. But the damage from the floods could jeopardize those gains, unless infrastructure is quickly rebuilt—an undertaking that will cost billions of dollars and will probably take years.”
However, it is misperception of The Washington Post including other western media as the fact of the matter is that the flood in Pakistan cannot lead to the Taliban resurgence. In this context, army officials are of the opinion that they are aware that the Taliban could try to seize the opportunity but they will not let that happen. Brig. Gen. Tippu Karim, who is overseeing relief efforts for Swat and other northwestern areas made it clear saying: “We have not let down our guard. The safeguards are still in place… reconstruction will be the top priority as soon as Pakistan can get past the immediate challenge of rescuing stranded residents and providing them with food and shelter.”
These floods have diminished the propaganda of the west and the militants against Pakistan, because Pakistan’s armed forces which are helping the flood victims round the clock and have visited various camps—focusing on evacuating people from flood affected areas, distributing food, water, medicine and conveying dead bodies. The relief efforts particularly addressed the Northern Areas, evacuating hundreds of stranded people every day. In this respect, Pak Army has been performing excellent services in the flood-affected areas, which include more water bottles, ready-to-eat meals and cartons of dry rations and boats. Apart from army, Pakistan Air Force helicopters besides evacuation and distribution also delivered medical staff and medicine. PAF has continued the relief operations in the flood affected areas of the country. The entire C-130 fleet along with helicopters is engaged in flood relief operations.
Pakistani navy boats spread across miles of flood waters as the military took a lead role in rescuing survivors from a devastating disaster
It is mentionable that the Pakistan military which had played a dominant role during natural disasters such as in the earthquake of 2005 has come to the fore during the present floods.
It is notable that our army which has already broken the backbone of the Taliban in Buner, Swat, Dir, South Waziristan and other tribal agencies through successful military operations is now busy in fighting Taliban insurgents in some areas. Despite its engagement in a different war, Pak Army has been performing a remarkable job in the regions which have been affected by the floods.
The women and men from troubled areas have highly appreciated all Pakistan’s armed forces, saying that they are saving them. Besides, various leaders of the civil society, political parties and media of our country including the general masses have also immensely praised the positive role of Pak Army in connection with the areas affected by the floods.
Islamic charities including ones that are known fronts for banned militant groups have also begun distributing assistance in some areas, as have western nongovernmental organizations. But for the most part, residents said they are receiving no aid at all from these entities.
It is of particular attention that more than 10 million people have been affected by the present floods. And billions of dollars are needed to rehabilitate the homeless people, reconstruction of roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure, while being a developing country, Pakistan government lacks resources in this regard. This fact has also been realized by the United Nations Organisation which recently revealed that destruction caused by the floods in Pakistan is more than that of the tsunami.

There is no doubt that although some countries, particularly the United States have provided aid to Pakistan in relation to the flood-affected areas, yet it is not enough and they have only fulfilled formality in this respect. For example, the US military has sent six helicopters, 91 troops and hundreds of thousands of meals from neighboring Afghanistan to help with relief efforts in Swat. In fact, each district which was cut off from the others, where the communications networks were jammed and where local roads were destroyed needs much help. Thousands of displaced villagers are still waiting for aid.
As regards the resurgence of the Taliban, the current army leadership is very clear that there is a war that needs to be waged.  If Pakistan’s armed forces leave the flood victims to their fate and if the only saviors for them are charity funds of terrorist organisations then there could be chances of Talibans’ return. And sooner than later, these organisations can start recruiting some of them into their ranks. But quick action by our defence forces has diminished the prospects of Talibans’ resurgence. Besides, people of the affected areas know very well that criminal activities of the Taliban militants such as kidnappings, beheadings, car-snatchings etc. had made life miserable. They wanted to impose their own self-style system of Shariah which was quite opposite to the real Islamic values. Hence, people have no sympathy for the Taliban and they do not favour return of these militants.
Now the right hour has come that setting asides politics and without waiting for foreign aid—by recognising the scale of disaster and suffering which is so huge, we must donate and help the flood victims.
Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

Situation in Kashmir is worsening

Author: Raja Mujtaba, Editor in Palestine

Posted by Marivel Guzman

There are strong reports that over the worsening security situation in Kashmir, arose due to wide spread protests by Kashmiris against the growing Indian atrocities; Indian Government is seriously thinking to impose the Governor Rule in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. In this regards, Mr. Narinder Nath Vohra, the Governor of the Occupied Kashmir had a detailed meeting with Indian Home Defence, and Foreign Ministers in New Delhi.

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh headed the meeting that was also participated by senior military and civil officials of Indian bureaucracy.  Next few days are considered as very crucial in this regard. What is the situation on ground can be visualized from a news report that says; “The situation in Kashmir is worsening with each day passing. The local and international media is already blocked from covering the ongoing events in Srinagar and elsewhere in Occupied Kashmir. Despite the protests by Kashmiri Journalists, no newspaper is allowed to publish today in Occupied Kashmir. Restrictions on mobile messaging and access to Internet are also imposed in many areas.”

Curfew is imposed in most cities of Valley and Muslim dominated areas of the Jammu province.

The state of Human Rights violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir can be imagined from this factual report, which says,  that there have been 93,274 deaths of the innocent Kashmiri from 1989 to June 30, 2010. Besides this alarming figure of open killings by its security forces, there have been 6,969 custodial killings, 117,345 arrests, destruction, and razing of 105,861 houses and other physical structures in the use of the community as a whole. The brutal security forces have orphaned over 107,351 children, widowed 22,728 women and gang raped 9,920 women and young girls.  In June 2010 only, there have been over 40 deaths including four children besides, torturing and injuring 572 people. The brutal Indian security forces molested eight women during this one month. By committing this much human rights violations so far, India is trumpeting its success in the Kashmir, which indeed, is the real cause of fresh uprisings.

kids kill by the Indian Army in the Kashimir Region

Age is not a pretext to live.

What actually propelled India to continue massive human rights violations of Kashmiris is the non-condemnation of these Indian heinous acts of by the so-called civilized international community and no action by UNO? Indian authorities are not willing to talk with Kashmiri people on political grounds. India perhaps reached to a conclusion that only bullet is the right way of dealing with Kashmiris, demanding their right of self-determination. Surprisingly, Indian successive governments are trying to ignore the dynamics of the Kashmiris movement for the freedom from the Indian rule. This indeed is the continuation of their resistance against the Dogra Rule,  which started in early part of the 20th century. On July 13, 1931, the Dogra authorities ordered firing on a group of peaceful Kashmiri Protestants in Jammu, resultant killing of dozens of innocent Kashmiris.

Thereafter, there has been no letup in the oppression of the Dogra rule until its end in October 1947.  The end of the Dogrea rule was marked by the beginning of the Hindu rule, another repressive rule on the Kashmiris, which is continuing.

People of Kashmir feels that, “The martyrs who sacrificed their precious lives for Kashmir cause teach us all not to bow before the forces even if one has to sacrifice his life.”

Kashmir Martyrs

Kashmir Death caused by the Indian Army

Following the temporary suspension of the armed struggle by Kashmiri freedom fighters in 2003, India misperceived that it has been able to combat them through its counter-insurgency operations. Indeed, from 2003 onwards, there appeared a change in the Indian attitude, and it was thought by Kashmiri masses that, as Pakistan, India is also sincere in the resolution of Kashmir dispute. In January 2004, during the historic 12th SAARC Summit, both countries pledged that, Kashmir issue would be resolved through an option acceptable to all three parties; the Kashmiri, Pakistan and India. Unfortunately, India’s stubborn attitude and its misperception that Kashmiris are no more presenting a resistance, as if they have reconciled with the Indian rule has  led her not to make further progress on the issue. In the meanwhile, through various compensatory measures, India tried to redress the Kashmiri grievances. However, there has been no policy change in the repressive activities of Indian security forces. Indian security forces continued human rights violations in Kashmir unabated.

After having seen no progress for the resolution of Kashmir issue through peaceful political ways, in 2008, Kashmiri once again renewed their peaceful protests. This time forceful grabbing of their land by the Indian authorities became the raison d’être for the protests. Through a deliberate attempt, Indian Government allotted 800 kanal of Kashmiri land to a Hindu shrine. The tactics was that, through a gradual process, a demographic change would be effected in the Vale of Kashmir, the way it was done in the Jammu, following the Indian rule there, from October 1947 onwards. It is worth mentioning that Muslim population constituted 62 percent of the Jammu province according to the last census held in the united Kashmir in 1941. Now it is in thirties. The Valley has over 95 % Muslim population; therefore, India is all out to reduce this by inhabiting Hindu population, through land allotments. To curb their uprisings, this time Indian state machinery decided to economically strangulate the Valley people. Making use of the security forces and Hindu extremists of Jammu, Indian authorities blocked the entire entry and exist routes of the Kashmir Valley. The economic blockade was so ruthless that there took place severe shortage of the foodstuff in the Valley. The Protestants were fired upon, resultant killing of hundreds of the innocent masses including the prominent leaders like Sheikh Abdul Aziz on 11 August 2008, once he was leading a peaceful march towards Muzaffarabad, demanding an end to economic blockade by Indian Army.

Over the time, the people of Kashmir have realized that it is only a delaying tactics being used by the Indian Government; otherwise, there is neither the will nor the desire of resolving the issue by India. So much so, after the Mumbai terror attack, India is emphasizing Pakistan to resolve other issues less Kashmir. The process of Indo-Pak Composite Dialogue is no more the agenda. Rather, India stresses on a new beginning, mostly revolving around the cross border terrorism and the trade issues. India desires to do away with the tangible developments made during 2004 to 2007, on the core issue on Kashmir, Siachin and Sir Creek. Linked with the Kashmir is the water issue between the India and Pakistan. Through the construction of a number of dams and water storages and diversions, India has reduced the water flow for Pakistan to almost 50 percent from the rivers whose water is exclusively dedicated for the Pakistan.

There is a big question mark on the role of the United Nations Organization (UNO), the only International Organization, mandated to redress the oppressed people of the world. The organization has badly failed to implement its responsibilities and its own resolutions towards a rightful solution of the issue. Besides, the major powers had a role to play for the maintenance of peace and a balance in the world, but owing to a number of factors; they also failed to undertake their moral responsibilities from the platform of UNO. Through new strategic alliances, India has become a partner of the major powers like; United States, European Union, and Russia. These major military and economic powers have their stakes in India, a country having 1.3 billion populations. Within these major interests, the voice of the Kashmiri’s right of self-determination has lost its pitch as well as the echo.

There have wide spread demonstrations against the recent killings of Kashmiri youths by Indian security forces in various parts of the world. As a routine, Indian security forces are killing 5-6 youths daily. The situation looks like the one Kashmiri experienced in early 1990s. Besides Kashmir, there have been massive demonstrations in various parts of the world, condemning the Indian atrocities. In UK, the Kashmiri community organised a huge protest demonstration against human rights violation in Occupied Kashmir by India. The demonstrators handed over a memorandum to the Indian High Commission in London, demanding an immediate halt to the atrocious inhuman activities of Indian forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir.  Demonstrators appealed international human rights organizations that they should assess the situation on ground and mobilise the world community for influencing India for ending the human rights violations there.

The Kashmiri community in Washington also organized similar protests. On the eve of Indian Premier’s meet with the President Obama, the Kashmiri community held a peaceful demonstration in front of the White House, conveying the feeling that it is high time that India should be pursued to show flexibility in resolving the issue and be asked to stop the human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir.  The demonstrators emphasized the US and international community on three things: ‘President Obama to appoint special envoy for Kashmir; India to honour UN pledges, and killings of Kashmiris be stopped forthwith.

The most popular demand of the Kashmirs from the civilized world is that, if they have their stakes in India and are unable to pursue her to resolve the issue as per the wishes of Kashmiris, then why UN should not make efforts to get the issue resolved. After all, it is mandated to do that and has passed over twenty three resolution on Kashmir resolution. By no means, Kashmir should be treated like Naxalite problem, India is facing in its north and northeastern parts. Kashmir is not part of the India; therefore, its inhabitants are struggling against a foreign occupant for their freedom, that it is their legal right as per the charter of UNO.  The world should therefore, be absolutely clear that, India should not treat Kashmir like its internal insurgency problems, it facing in nine states, all demanding independence from the Indian Union. As per Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, the Executive Director, Kashmir Centre Washington said that, “Kashmir situation represents a Government’s repression not of a secessionist or separatist movement but of an uprising against foreign occupation, an occupation that was expected to end under determinations made by the United Nations.  The Kashmiris are not and cannot be called separatists, as Dr. Manmohan Singh alleges because they cannot secede from a country like India to which they have never acceded to in the first place.” Furthermore, since the bilateralism between India and Pakistan has not worked, therefore, participation of a third party like UN has become mandatory for the solution of the Kashmir issue.

Awakening of the world conscious is the need of hour. Closing of the eyes and ears by the international community on the ongoing massive human rights violations in Kashmir by Indian security forces would not end the issue. Rather the seething protest against Indian human rights violation would endanger the world peace to an extent that may be unimaginable until now, as India and Pakistan are nuclear-armed countries. Therefore, the UNO and major powers must pressurize India to immediately end the human rights violations in Kashmir, pullout its brutal security forces and resolve the issue as per the wishes of Kashmiri subjects in the light of UN resolutions.  This would bring peace and stability in the region as well at the global level.

The writer is an analyst of international relations.

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