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Hight Alert in Israel Kings in Gaza Matters

Posted on November,  04, 2012 by Akashma Online News

Head of States visiting Gaza means only one thing; The Blockade is Off.

by Marivel Guzman

After the pompous Royal visitors leave Gaza, Israel renewed its attacks on the coastal enclave. The joy lasted for 2 weeks. The Gazan residents and the world were expecting that these visits will be the beginning of the end of the Gaza blockade.

After the visit of Qatar Royalty with 400 millions to invest in Gaza, another Royal delegation followed with more money. Bahrain lesser entourage but not less important came and brought their EID gift for the besieged Gaza.
Israel is not receiving these shows of acceptance of Hamas too well, after all, in 2006 after Hamas won the election against the official Israeli choice Fatah Israel yelled “Terrorist” and half of the Western World put Hamas in the terrorist list. Which in reality it is US/Israel list. The rest of the world do not believe that the little government of Gaza has the means or the technology to play war with Israel.

“This visit has great political significance,” said Hamas government spokesman Taher al-Nunu. He is the first Arab leader to break the political siege.” The investment project seeks to build 1,000 homes for poor families in the devastated Khan Younis area in the south of the Strip.

Khan Younis refugee camp is located about two kilometres from the Mediterranean coast, north of Rafah. It lies west of the town of Khan Younis, a major commercial centre and stop-off point on the ancient trade route to Egypt. Khan Younis Refugee Camp

Laying the foundation stone of the project, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh thanked the emir “for his brave decision to visit Gaza”. “The visit of the emir announces officially the breaching of the political and economical siege imposed on Gaza for more than five years,” said Haniyeh.

The hopes still linger in the minds of Palestinians politicians and the people of the besieged Gaza, after all this is the first time a Head of State brakes Israel siege. Meaning only one thing; the Qatari King does not recognize the siege, and coming to Gaza was a show of just that. Israel could not dare to fire a single fireworks with the Royals in Gaza. Why would Israel will shot her own foot if the money of the kings indirectly benefit Israel one way or another. The oil rich State it is a staunch ally of US, and headquarter of Aljazeera the News Outlet that controls the Media in the Arab World.

The king of Qatar with Hamas Prime Minister
Photo Credit Hatem Moussa AP

Fatah in West Bank and Israel are the side liners spectators of these New Royal diplomatic ties that Hamas had gained.
The Arab Spring that swept the Middle East last year taking Mubarak Egypt in its winds of revolution, brought Muslim muscle to the game in Egypt. Saudi Arabia long time financier of the Muslim Brotherhood has a stronghold in Egypt with the new government, too close to Israel’s borders . Hamas is the pet project of Saudi Arabia which also control Egypt now.

This could be the reason the King himself came to Gaza under the covers of 400 millions in Aid to reassured Israel that business as usual will run the region? It is hard to say.

We all wonder what is going on, Qatar is the closest military ally of the US in the Middle East. Qatar has close military ties with the United States, and is the location of U.S. Central Command Headquarters and of Middle East Navy and  Air Operations Center.

The base was also the source of the cluster bombs Israel dropped on Southern Lebanon in 2006 and of the white phosphorous bombs Israel used to bomb Gaza Strip in 2008/2009. It was reported that these shipments were supervised by the Emir Sheikh Hamad personally. Similar to all the Arab dictators, subservient to the American military protection and political support, Qatar was instructed to normalize relationship with Israel. This started with opening Israeli trade offices in Doha, then upgraded to mutual official visitations and meetings to establish trade agreements especially supplying Israel with cheap Qatari gas. MWC Media with conscience

If Israel is the closest friend of the US placed in the heart of the Middle East, and Hamas  is the only enemy of the Jews State, why will the best military friend of US, which is the best friend of Israel will brake the blockade imposed by Israel in Gaza?

We can not discount also that Qatar is the richest state in the region and Gaza shores is found to hold $4 billion in gas reserves. Why not come and explore the possibilities to share the discovery with Palestinians.

It is premature to say what is the advantages in the long run for Gaza, but for sure the 400 millions and the promise to bring fuel are needed badly in Gaza after 6 years of Israel blockade.

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  1. November 5, 2012 at 5:03 am

    Sending Greetings King; Some are more powerful than Israeli after all these years of persecution. You the first man in world history “Head of an Arab State” eloquently brakes the racist siege of Israel. I enjoyed it so much you have no idea how many innocent victims do. The great honor is bestowed upon you from our family in the USA.
    ” Thank You “. ..


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