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Shadi Nassar:The Dreams of the youth of Gazae(via information or desinformation)

Since my Dear Shadi left Gaza Strip the situation have gone worse than the day he left, Israel has been pounding the Strip, with sonar bombs and unmanned aircraft incursions, more white phosphorous and plenty of terror. The world at large keep ignoring the fact that Israel is been a terrorist State, sponsoring terrorism with mask of a victim. If you care to search for the news in the last 62 years, you will find lies over lies on the Holy Land story of death and murder. The cover story and the story lines have been always as if Israel was the victim. You just have to count the victims from each side to know who is the perpetrator and who is the victim. Just in the last assault to the Gaza Strip on the beginning of 2009 in an unexpected assault Israel killed more than 1400 people, more than 800 were civilians and 450 children under the age of 16. The Drams of the people and especially of the children is not richness but Peace. The Dreams of the Youth, the students is to study abroad like any other student in the world. Shadi Nassar is an example of perseverance, she made it out. The first student to brake the siege. On September 2, 2010 his dream came true.

Shadi Nassar:The Dreams of the youth of Gazaed By Marivel Guzman Article Featured on Opinion Maker Before his profile was deleted from Facebook, he was another resident of the besieged Gaza Strip, with dreams to travel the world, and like any other young person with university degree with plans for his future. He worked arduously for 2 years fighting the injustice of an oppressive regimen that … Read More

via information or desinformation

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