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Israeli Airstrikes Kill Civilians in Gaza

Posted on March 10m 2012 By Marivel Guzman in collaboration with Omar Karem from Gaza, Palestine


Israeli Airstrikes Terrorizes Gaza

GAZA — Israeli airstrikes killed 15  Palestinians, most of them civilians, in the Gaza Strip on Friday and early Saturday, and the armed militants retaliated in response to the attacks, sending home made rockets at southern Israel.

Web sites affiliated with Hamas, the Government of Gaza, reported early Saturday that the death toll in the Palestinian enclave had risen to 13, and the the injures 26 so far, 5 in critical conditions. This come when Gaza is deep in the darkness, where the only electrical plant stopped working completely after the fuel stopped entering Gaza. Israel and Egypt has played a great role on this situation. Israel has maintained an illegal siege of the strip for more than 4 years, and Egypt have not been cooperative to help in the enter of oil, and diesel to operate the plant.

The first airstrike, part of the illegal target assassinations of Israel killed Zuhair Al-Qissi and his son and law, Mahmoud Hanani, Zuhair Al-Qissi was  the leader of PCR-Popular Resistance committee one of the political parties in Gaza.

Around 100 rockets have hit southern Israel as Israeli warplanes bombard the Gaza Strip, wounding 26 Palestinians and four Israelis. Five Palestinians and one Israeli are seriously injured.

In statements to the media on Saturday, the PRC armed wing said it had fired 29 rockets into Israel, while the PFLP’s brigades said it fired two rockets towards Israeli cities

After the first strike, and in retaliation for the assassination Zuhair Al-Quassi  at least 20 rockets were fired at Israeli territory. Three civilians were wounded, one seriously, according to the police and emergency services. Israel Radio reported that they were foreign workers. Two rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome anti rocket missile defense system, one crashed into a village near the Israeli port city of Ashdod, shaking the grounds near a house, while others landed in open areas or the sea, causing no injures.
We wonder if the celebrated Israel’s Iron dome anti rocket missile defense system is just waste of money, if they have not been able to stop the “barrage of Rockets” coming from Gaza. According to their own sources they stopped few rockets out of more than 100

As a result of the sudden escalation, the Israeli authorities called for the cancellation of all outdoor public activities in southern Israel that were scheduled for Saturday.

On another attack of Israel past March 22, 4 innocents lost their lives in a similar manner.

“Israel Defense Forces said that Palestinian militants had fired at them. In returning fire, they accidentally hit four members of the same family in the Gaza neighborhood of Sagaya.”, it is common occurrence that Israel target civilians, remember the deadly Attack on 2008-2009 “Cast Lead”, where Israel killed 1500 Palestinians including 600 children, between 3 months and 16 years old.

Injured Palestinian in Gaza - Reuters - March 22, 2011 A Palestinian carries an injured boy into Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, after Israeli tank fire struck a home on March 22, 2011
Photo Credit

Palestinian medics said those killed in the attack were aged 12, 16 and 17 and 58.

The  leader who was killed, Zuhair Al-Qissi, was the secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees, the group that Israel says was responsible for the attack last August,  from across the border with Egypt in which eight Israelis were reported killed, those claims were dismissed by independent sources and PRC have denied their involvement.
The Palestinians factions are known for acknowledge their attacks, when they are responsible. The Egyptian border attack could just been another of Israel flag operations to excuse the militarization of the border with Egypt, after the fall of Mubarack, and planting the attack to create the “facts” on the ground.

The P.R.C. came into being after the start of the second uprising, or intifada. It was founded by a group of that split out from the older factions like Hamas, Fatah and the Islamic Jihad. The group maintains good relations with Hamas and joined it to seize an Israeli soldier, in a cross-border raid in 2006. The Israeli soldier was released last year in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, an historical deal negotiated by Hamas and Egyptian authorities.

Hours after the first airstrike, Israeli aircraft struck in eastern Gaza City, killing three other civilians. Witnesses said they were on a hilly area near the “buffer zone” land seized by Israel along the illegal fence, between Gaza and Israel and according to Israel were planing to fire rockets to Israel.

This area is part of cultivation lands, and the villagers need to approach their lands to harvest their crops, International Solidarity Movement activists a group of International stationed in Gaza often are seen accompanying the villagers to get to their lands, waving white flags in an attempt to stop the targeting of civilians.

Vittorio Arrigoni RIP was part of ISM, and he was often going to the fields and to the sea to serve as a shield for the villagers and the fishermen.

Friday’s strikes came after months of Israel incursions in the Gaza Strip, the Israel drones are seen invading Gaza airspace very often, and the activity of IOF personal on the border is a common thread for the besiege population that lives close to the border with Israel.

Israel has been airing videos regarding their tunnel practice in “case of another war” scenario intended to keep the population in fear.

Mr. Qissi was appointed as leader of the P.R.C. after Israel killed his predecessor, Awad al-Nirab, and five other civilians with an airstrike on a house in southern Gaza.

In January, Mr. Qissi had been reported killed, but another militant died in that episode.

Mr. Qissi’s son and law was Mahmoud Hnani, who was deported from the West Bank and settled in Gaza more than four years ago, the PRC. said in a statement.

The two men were traveling in a car when they were hit. Yasmeen Nabeeh, a resident of the southern Gaza City neighborhood of Tal al-Hawa, said she heard a powerful blast and, from her window, saw a blue Volkswagen car burning on the street. A spokesman for an ambulance service said that a bystander was seriously wounded in the bombing.

Israel often targets Gaza “militants” it says are preparing attacks. Al-Qaissi, who is also known as Abu Ibrahim, is the highest profile casualty in Gaza since his predecessor, Kamal Nairab, was killed seven months ago in similar fashion.

Mr. Hnani spent six years in an Israeli prison .

After the first Israeli strike on Friday, a spokesman for the P.R.C. known as Abu Mujahed said that his group was no longer committed to the shaky cease-fire with Israel that has been largely observed by Hamas.

“The response to this crime is open,” Abu Mujahed told reporters.
The funeral for the victims of Israel strikes will be done according to Islam tradition, the third day . Mr Zuhair Al-Qissi will be bury in Rafaf, Palestine on Sunday March 11, 2012.

Timeline:Of Friday Attacks

The Latest Attacked raise the victims to 17 in Gaza Palestine, Israel have not stopped the shelling since Friday..Gaza TV News

1. martyr Fayeq Saad 2-martyr Mutasim Hajjaj 3. martyr Obeid Mohammad Al-garably 4-5 hararh-martyr Hazem karika 6. martyr Shadi Al-seiqali 7-martyr Commander Zuhair Al-Qaysi 8. martyr Mahmoud Hanani 9-martyr Mohammed Maghazi 10. martyr Mahmoud Najem 11. Martyr Ahmed Haggag 12. martyr Mohammed Mansour BORO 13. martyr Kamal Abu champions 14. martyr Hussein Barham Hammad 15. martyr Mahdi Abu Shawish 16. Ahmed Salem Ali
Hani Siliman Gaza, Palestine


Just in 4 am: Beach Camp Police Station has been attacked by by three missiles from Israeli F16! At least, three people have been injured! Glass chattered and havoc spread! Prof. Said Adbelwahed Gaza Palestine



An Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip killed five Palestinians belonging to the Islamic Jihad militant group, Gaza emergency medical services spokesman Adham Abu Selmeya told reporters. 20 other people were also reported to have been injured in the attack. The escalation started on Saturday morning when Israel attacked Gaza Khan Younis Camp.  Gaza Is being Attacked Again

  1. April 7, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Thanks Igor for your comments, certainly I will read your blog article, I will review Jihad Watch in more deep, but I know it is a hate web site, “Islamophobic web site” , in the mean time I invite you to read http://www.loonwatch.com/2011/03/the-understanding-jihad-series-is-islam-more-likely-than-other-religions-to-encourage-violence/…..and analize Loon Watch, which it is the counterpart of Jihad Watch Robert Spencer….
    We spread tolerance Igor, we know that religions are misused and abused, and the behavior of people is not the result of their religion..All people think in different way and they take their religion in different way..
    There are bad Christians, Bad Muslims, Bad Jews, There are bad people and good people in every religion..Imagine if we going to judge the behavior of people for their religion, the US is mainly Protestant, and the US have waged war around the world killing more than 200 million people, then we can say that Protestant are terrorists, that wage war and kill people..
    Also Israel is designed for Jews only, and they have killed thousands of Palestinians Muslims and Christians since their creation in 1948,…then we can say that Jews are killers of Palestinians..
    I mean we can go on and on in history and judge the people by their religion..but that it is wrong, People use Religion because it is convenient for their purpose…depend who is in power, history will judge the religion of those in power?…it is wrong…
    Tolerance, acceptance and free will it is what we want our world to be….And religion should be just personal and what that individual does good or bad ..should not be blame on his religion but in his character…
    Propaganda is a tool used by people in power to steer division..Do not make your mind on the content of a web site, but on what you see in your world..
    Peace my friend.
    Love be with you and around you..


    • April 10, 2012 at 1:27 am

      I understand your point of view. I also oppose US imperialism. However I find Islam even more oppressive than US imperialism. While the Palestinian resistance to Israel was secular I supported it. But I refuse to support any Islamist movement, either against Israel or against anyone else. I think Islam is a grave danger to the West, where it is aggressively expanding.
      I would not mind so much if Moslem countries allowed freedom of religion, but they don’t. In Egypt and Iraq they are constantly murdering Christians (also in Gazza).
      Islam cannot coexist peacefully with other religions or other cultures. It’s either you or us. Consequently I support Israel.
      You say Jihad Watch is a “hate” web site. I haven’t noticed much hate. Nobody is cursing at Moslems on that web site. The web site reports on the crimes committed by Islam all over the world. If you are of the opinion that the news broadcast on the web site is incorrect, you can write a comment on the web site saying so.
      I personally am prepared to listen to any defense of Islam and of Moslems. As a matter of fact yesterday I read an article in Middle East Quarterly (another anti-Islam site) defending the Sunni insurgents of Syria against charges of massacring the Christian population of Homs. I was pleased to learn that the Sunni rebels are behaving in a civilized manner toward religious minorities. That’s a very good sign


      • April 10, 2012 at 9:14 am

        Hello Igor..
        To be honest with you, let me tell you that I m not religious person, and I do not support any state that base their rules on religion. I support my country US as long as they do not use religion bigotry to try to move the mases just to advance an agenda.
        Regarding Islam, I can not defend Islam as a religion because Im not muslim, but I do know that Muslims do not support oppressive regime as those in Saudi Arabia, Omer, Barhair or any oppressive regime that are Muslim by ancestry, but not necesary follow Islam rules and traditions. It is sad that those regime give bad name to the whole global muslim populations, and that radical elements of Islam behave negatively and people judge a whole religion because of those bad elements.
        Now, if that same way that you dislike Islam for being oppressice according to you, ..why is that you support Israel which is Jew for the jews in a land that it is predominantely Crhistian and Muslim, and they are The Israeli very antisemitic by political rule, and are creating policies that affect the Christiana dn Muslim population and killing them as well. NOw US imperialism it is wrong, it is killing by the millions, and they are doing in the name of God…(I do not whos God), because murders do not have God…I do not subscribe to any religion but Love, and I think if there are religions and they have they Gods, the Gods are inspire by love not by hate, like we see in our moderm world.
        And to the killings of Christians or Muslims or Jews..Those are stunts, planted on societies to create havoc, and have an excuse to oppress the people..In Egypt there is known of the bombs in churches were false flags operations of the same government to have excuse to be in the street arresting people..Israel have done hundreds of times in different countries, killings Jews, to make believe, that there is hate against the Jews.. and have victimhood status..
        the US have done it also in African coutnries, and arabs countries, killings sunnies, shiitas, jews, christians or what ever group is conveneint to start a hate movement..Please Igor..stop believing in News Propaganada…interact with the world, have friends Muslims, have friends Jews, have friends Christians around the world, and know that the people is not the Government…and the Governments do not act in behave of the people, but in behave of Commerci al Interests….The armies defend “Interest”, where ever they be…Specially Oil Wells and Refinaties…
        Explore your world, stop believing in Propaganda Web Sites, specially that you taking your news..Don’t you know that Horowitz it is a Israel Propagandist, …and Israel it is a danger to the world…Israel it is Nuclear to the teeth and a danger to the world…


        • Igor Slamoff
          April 10, 2012 at 8:11 pm

          I find your definition of what is Moslem and what is not Moslem very arbitrary. All Arab countries are predominantly Moslem. Islam, like all political currents has various different tendencies. But what unites them is much more important than what separates them. They all appeal to the tradition of Mohammed.
          Mohammed is unique among founders of world religions because he is the only one who ordered dozens of assassinations. Also to my knowledge he is the only one who presided at mass executions. This is according to Mohammed’s first biographer Ibn Ishaq, who was extremely meticulous about checking the testimony of as many eyewitnesses as possible.
          I am horrified at the very idea of a religion founded by a gangster. However, if the religion reforms itself and abjures its Mafia traditions in favor of the more civilised and humane messages that Mohammed also undeniably propagated, I am willing to tolerate it.
          For example I view positively the role played by Irshad Manji, a Canadian Moslem who is viewed by many as the Martin Luther of Islam. Her humane, non-sectarian approach is very attractive.
          But unfortunately she represents a minority among Moslems.


  2. April 5, 2012 at 1:29 am

    When are there going to be free elections in Gazza?
    Why is banning hair gel Hamas’ top priority?
    Hamas has announced that after it conquers Palwestine it will conquer Rome and Spain.
    Islam is syphilis with a human face.


    • April 6, 2012 at 9:02 am

      Mr Alamoff, I do not what it is your aim..
      But I say that you are spreading Israel Propaganda.
      I never hear such statements coming from Gaza Government.
      Also I think that the day when Israel lift her illegal blockade of the Strip, will be the day that the legitimate Gaza Government can start planing a normal life for its Citizens inclusive Free Elections.
      The situation in Gaza it is in Surviving Mode at this moments..don’t you think?..without water, electricity and freedom, they can barely live another day….
      Let’s hope that the Free World Leaders join efforts with the International community of peace activists and pressure Israel to lift her illegal blockade, and leave them live freely, and decide for their own leaders, and let them develop their economy, so they do not have other thoughts in their mind but to advance economically, technologically and socially…like any other society in the West….or any other society in the Free World. ..thanks for tuning. and commenting.


      • April 6, 2012 at 11:35 pm

        Thank you for deigning to reply to my remarks. I am a harsh critic of Islam but I have nothing against Moslems. I have had many Moslem friends over the years.
        You claim you have heard nothing of banning hair gel or invading Spain. That is entirely possible, since the Mohammedan bosses systematically talk out of both sides of their mouth, pretendingto be meek as sheep one moment and snarling like hyenas the next.
        My main sources of news on the Middle East are several web sites that are very critical of Islam. Nonetheless, I don’t think it’s all lies. Perhaps 15% of it is exaggerated and made up. I suggest you visit these web sites. Their names are Jihad Watch, Creeping Shariah and citizen warrior.
        Then there is my own blog at http://www.prophetless.blogspot.com. I confess that I am very fierce in my criticism. However I am uite knowledgeable about islam and speal Arabic.
        Please read these web sites and my blog. If you find anything there that is false, write to those web sites. They will probably publish your comments. If you write a comment on my web site I will certainly publish it. If there is anything untrue in my blog, I promise to correct it at once.
        Please read the article I just published called “Islam vs. Free speech.”
        Best wishes from Igor Slamoff


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