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by Marivel Guzman on Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 12:41am

The Free Press: The New Press

The Free Press

The Virtual World It is the New World Order, where the citizens of the world, are taking the world back.

We do not need to receive the “News” any more, we are making the Real News. Every second someone, somewhere write a new Article, Upload a new picture, shot a new video, write a new story, and everything done in the virtual world by the ordinary citizens is as real as the people that do it, for passion for the written word, and for honesty to the truth.

You might not agree with us, sometimes you could not even relate to the story, but something for sure, everything done is not dictated by the hand of corporate money, is not edited by a highly paid corporate editor, and is not done with the purpose to mislead the public. No we don’t need to mislead ourselves, we are doing for our own good, for the change of a new society, where we all can share the wealth of the world.

We are doing it for the opportunity to involve all the citizens of the world in their own affairs, to make them feel welcome in their own world, is not purposely done for our benefit, we all benefit from the wealth of information that we have for years ignored. Information that we can use for our own cause. The cause of peace and justice for all.

Don’t we all deserve to enjoy a peaceful life, working for our children, working our land?
Shouldn’t all the people know that wars are invented with the only purpose of maintain a regimen of fear and profit for the War Complex Machine?

We all can make a difference in our life, if we all know that religions and economical classes should not be used against our humanity, against our well being.

We the people are taking our world back, be part of the evolution process that is taking place all over the the universe, because we are constantly moving, constantly evolving. Being social changes, spiritual changes or just mind changes, all the changes are good for the soul, we must take advantage of our ability to decide, our ability to think and feel.

Forsight With Insight

We are the new Opinion Makers of the World, we don’t need Editors. Because the truth is Raw and should be given as it is without dressing up the words with intellectuality that few understand, or beautify by photoshops.
This has been the obligated behavior of the traditional Corporate media.

For year they used they unlimited corporate sponsor money to twist the truth to the advertiser convenience, the simple mind of the people was manipulated to the extreme.

Why we never exercise our critical thinking to ignore all the lies that we were feed of?.

We couldn’t distinguished the elegant arguments given to us by Larry King from the highly convincing soft spoken Charlie Rose Interviews,
CNN was the news of choice for many years, I myself always thought that some presenters were more honest that others, was difficult to decide who was more right from MSBN or more wrong from Fox. They all seemed to offer the right arguments. How naive, all was Advertisement best money could buy.

Corporate Money and Media partners in crime

Never we doubt their professionalism, how could they lie to us? The people never questioned their integrity why we should have?

Even the history books now show some kind of obsolescence, and un-credibily, the stories don’t match the peoples memories. All the events of the past are taking a different shape. We finally are getting to the point of demanding a revision of the school books.

If the corporate media was controlling the truth, who says that history was not blemished by money as well. We need to think about history as a monopoly of truth.

Even science could need a face lift. Universities have acted as prostitutes for long time, they have been taking the money to find “important data”, and “paid research”. If pharmaceuticals are feed by the research of Universities, and medical journals then we must doubt anything that was “paid” to be.

The science text books that are based in Universities research, should be all cautiously investigated. We have new science that was hidden from us, we have many scientist that were never included in science books, Nicolas Tesla comes to my mind, with more than 350 patents just in the US and his name is not even in history books, lest in science books. You own to him many inventions that are so normal in your daily life that you should know that was Tesla who made possible for you. Radio Remote Control, Amplify current, electrical car, wireless electricity and many more.

Nicolas Tesla

The Genius that was 100 years ahead of his time.

Why were negated the truth for so long? Whose interest serve the manipulation of information? Wonder and find the truth.

Be happy, the good news are here. Welcome to the New World Order of life, where the world is coming together in a credo of brotherhood, raising together our voices for a better life for everyone. Raising our complains to the leaders that “We Appointed” to represent us and work for us.

The Virtual world welcome you, we are closer than ever, the walls are down, the old school of Media is obsolete, now we are the New Press, the Free Press, we are photographers, video technicians, writers, poets, opinion makers.
Where the Truth is the News, and we are the Opinion Makers.

We all are the Free Press: The New Press, act upon your right to freely speak your mind.
This is your world take it back. Make your own decisions based upon your best interest.
Take your destiny back in your hands. Do not allow money to decide in your behalf.

Forsight With Insight

Independent Newspaper feed by the Truth and not by Corporate Money, Opinion Maker, This little outlet that have become a Giant into bringing you the News has done all possible to reach your computers without tarnishing their image by sponsors’ money that might want to demand “their” side of the story only.
In this quest that we have, to bring you the Truth and nothing but the truth, we make sacrifices and use our time that other wise will be spend with our families. We do it because we feel obligated to you, because we see that we have to speak when others can’t, but sometimes all the efforts are not enough if we act alone, we need all the people to help us all. Opinion Maker is asking that you help also to bring more content to you, the virtual world is advancing every day, and expansion is obligated. Some donations are require to bring the needed changes to bring you dynamic content.
For 5 years Opinion Maker have been at the vanguard on the News, always asking the difficult questions in their interviews, they are not shy to bring the truth as it is. Even the images that the big media refuses to show you, Opinion maker feels that the truth is raw and as such needs to be presented. Help them to grow, for you, for all of us. They are part of The New Press: The Free Press that we all become.

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