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Human Trafficking: Ancient Trade!

Posted by Marivel Guzman
Human Trafficking is not new to our society, since ancient times humans have been victims of other humans
the oldest accounts of human trafficking goes back in history way back that is not on records, but we can account for stories in the Bible that is more than 4000 years old. Slavery the worse case of human trafficking.

In modern history we found others types of human trafficking, we have seen terrible cases of humans being used to transport drugs across borders, the disappearance of hundreds of people that have been use to transport drugs in their bodies.

Prostitution is one of the favorite for International Organizations, Russia and Israel being recently and more commonly involved in this traffic of persons to be use as sex slaves, including children as young as 6.

Human Trafficking is common in Africa, humans are used as a work slaves for the plantations of Cocoa. They pray in children from small villages from poor African Neighbor Countries. Children as little as 6 have been victims of this trade.

But the more dramatic and unspeakable of the human trafficking is the kidnapping of civilians to killed them and harvest their organs, in some instances the persons seeing themselves deep in misery and unable to support their families have resorted to sell voluntary their own organs.
But the most common practice and criminal of all is the murder of healthy person to steal their organs

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