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The First Bag of Cement Enters the Gaza Strip

Posted on March 08, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

(Gaza, Palestine) The first bag of cement enters the Gaza Strip.
A source said at The Palestinian Information Center at the Rafah crossing informing that the multinational delegation arrived Tuesday in the Gaza Strip, and was greeted by a delegation of the State Committee to break the siege.

He stressed that the delegation had brought with them a bag of cement as a sign of the symbolic importance of breaking the blockade and the entry of construction materials to rebuild Gaza Strip, which was partially destroyed by the Israeli assault ” Cast Lead ” in 2009. The destruction Against the beleaguered sector, that for more than 2 years and 7 months is been maintain with a almost complete blockade for products of daily consume, food, gas, and very important Medicine, Spare Medical Parts of Medical Equipment and Construction Materials which Israel has banned completely from Gaza.

For its part, a spokesman for the International Coalition, Ahmed secured the Assi said that the delegation, which consists of two Egyptians, two Irish, two Britons and two Americans, two Greeks and Hungarians entered the Gaza Strip after Egyptian authorities have allowed to enter, a sign of political change in Egypt in this regard, and blocking the access of solidarity delegations to Gaza before the fall of Hosni Mubarak

The spokesman of the delegation of the “international coalition” has confirmed that his delegation’s visit comes in solidarity with the people of Gaza and its inhabitants and to focus on the world and our rejection of the waiver request embargo noting that the Egyptian delegation participated in the Egyptian revolution.

This is a good sign of the changes, but farther from the reality in the ground, Gaza population still is unable to travel out of Egypt as a normal citizens, the situation still tense in the Border of Rafah, long lines of Palestinians trying to travel out of Egypt are forced to wait long hours just to be return back to Gaza with no explanations other that security reasons.

Still Palestinians are stranded in airports around the world trying to go back to Gaza, as Egypt new government has denied them the right to cross Egypt to enter their homeland.

The Euphoria and expectation of the March 15 Date have make us forget that Israel still control the life of Palestinians inside Gaza and West Bank, and have continue with the aerial attacks in Gaza and violently dispersing the peaceful demonstrations in West Bank and Jerusalem.

We want to be positive and push the International Community to take part in the global awareness for Truth and transparency on the Occupied Territories. And dismantle the propaganda that have changed the perception of the violence against Palestinians.

This bag of cement is the first one of many that will enter Gaza in the next few weeks, thanks to the campaign organized by Tahi 4 Gaza
Since the prob­lems started in Egypt, the prices of cement and gravel have dou­bled — one ton of cement cost US$140 last week. Today, I bought a ton for $296,” said Ashraf Al Aloul, a dri­ver for an inter­na­tional NGO, one of thou­sands of Gazans in the process of build­ing a home.

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