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You Are Missing the Point: IT’s not Religious Intolerance

Posted on November 12, 2011 by Marivel Guzman

Hello every one.

I think a lot of people seems to be missing the point.
Palestine is an occupied land. Occupied by Israel.
Does not matter which way you want to paint Israel, the people that live in Israel, at least the Europeans Jews that came after the partition of Palestine, are the reason that Palestinians homes are being demolished, they are the reason that there are 4.5 Palestinians Refugees in neighboring countries, they are the reason that settlements exist in Palestine.

There were Arab Jews before the partition of Palestine, and they were living just fine, the problems for them and Muslims started when Palestine was divided and stolen from native Palestinians. Please do not get me wrong, many Jews that have sympathized with the Palestinian’s struggles also have also lost their homes and some are being incarcerated, specially the most devoted Jews that do not accept the state of Israel to being forced upon the people.
There is a very true statement that said: “There can not be peace without justice” and as long as the land is not returned to Palestinians, there could be no Peace.

Resistance to the Occupation is a Crime, IOF does not need excuse to kidnapped Palestinians, if they are between 12 to 60 years old, that is a crime

We can sing along all we want trying to promote tolerance of religion, co-habitat between Jews, Christians and Muslim tolerance but again you are missing the point, this conflict it not about religion, that notion is the propaganda machine- sold-story for mass consumption, this is about land dispossession, cold murder, natural resources stolen, humiliation,marginalization, discrimination, the apartheid wall, impunity, and on top of all that settlements inside Palestine Land. What is left after the partition of 1948 , after the other annexation of the 1967 war, after the construction of illegal settlements in areas purely Palestinians being razed for settlement use.

Hamas the political party in Gaza, the legal representative of Gaza should be recognize as such, If I like it or not my opinion does not change the situation in Gaza. Hamas like any other political party have followers and detractors.

We can not change the fact that Hamas or any Palestinian to have a valid claim for not accepting Israel, after all Israel was an entity imposed to the Palestinians in 1948. So, why should they recognized the entity that came to take their land?

So people, the story does not end with the youth of Gaza being known around the world, the truth should be known complete: Palestine needs her land back for the Palestinians, for us, for the ones crowded in 40 kilometers of land (1.5 millions) Gaza, and for the ones expelled, exiled, refugees around the world. Omar Karem, Gaza, Palestine

And when they Tear the Wall Down it will be the beginning when they dismantle all the settlements inside West Banks, When they return Jerusalem then we will be talking of Peace Process, before all that take place, Israel is playing just a game to take more land and keep the world occupied with religious intolerance and TV made up Terrorists, Karem said.

Omar Karem is a Palestinian living in Gaza, Palestine and contributor for Akashma News.

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