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WHEN Israeli Jets Bombard Gaza Strip (via Akashma Web Blogs)

When Israel attacked Gaza in the winter of 2009, close to 1500 Palestinians died, including 600 children under 16, more than 300 women and elderly died in a 22 days of Israel bombardment.
The world did not watched the massacre in the news because the stream media decided not to cover the actions of Israel. Some outlets briefly mentioned some deaths but always making sure the blame was in Palestinians and not in the mighty army of Israel that with all her war arsenal was allowed to attack a defenseless country that do not possess one single plane, tank, or war ship.
Palestine is a sitting duck for Israel and even thought some leaders around the world are fast to blame the few resistance fighters that still dare to confront the mighty of Israel.
Time and time again every president of United States have given Israel the right to “Defend herself”, telling with this coward statement that is ok to keep killing Palestinians, No body care for them!.
But they’re wrong, more and more people around the world have finally noticed Israel tactics and how the use of propaganda to sway the blame away from her.

WHEN Israeli Jets Bombard Gaza Strip Posted on February 27, 2011 by Omar Karem HOW TO BE SAFE AND HELP OTHERS How to react and help others in Gaza if Israel bombard this tiny peace of land in the Mediterranean? Gaza more than an occupied nation under siege look more like a big open prison, where close to two millions residents live under the military boot of Israel. With the daily military excursions invading our land and air space, disrupting every bit of life in Gaza. When the Isr … Read More

via Akashma Web Blogs

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