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Israel needs Palestinian Authority but not Hamas


Hamas and Fatah signs unity deal. Israel don't agree and make the possible to destroy the unity deal.

Hamas and Fatah signs unity deal. Israel don’t agree and make the possible to destroy the unity deal.

Israel is not looking to get rid of the Palestinian Authority, Israel needs the PA, but what they do not need is a united Palestinian government, that would hurts Israel’s business greatly.
See, there is a reason Israel left Gaza and dismantled the outpost.  It was not because Israel wanted to gives them peace or return the land, not NO, Israel couldn’t control Gaza, the militias inside Gaza are out of the control of the central government and it was a pain in the a** to keep an eye on the militias and protect the settlers so, they did a “painful decision” as they called it in the news.
They dismantled the settlements (we know Israel does not care about people being Jews, Christian or Muslims) they only care about their agenda, which is Control of the Middle East.
Gaza was resulting very expensive to maintain and exhausting. Also controlling the Rafah border, Sinai, Golan Heights really their hands were too busy.
Israel always wanted to give Gaza to Egypt, they knew that the rude military junta will kept Gazawans at bay, Egypt had resulted a good partner for Israel, as long as US pay them, they happily humiliate Palestinians and close the border on their noses every time they want to.
So Israel  retrieved outside of Gaza borders and put a security belt around it, close thigh the crossing points, leaving just for UN face the few crossing to pass products to Gaza, of course this is business, the Israel’s business are making millions of dollars selling products to Gaza, just the gasoline alone is a booming business.
It is about strategy, money and Face for the International community.
Now, with the unity deal Hamas would have to taken out of the “terrorist list” which is the leash that keep Palestinian from conforming a real .
Israel saw a dangerous pattern of acceptability from the world leaders, everybody was accepting this unity deal between Hamas and PA..so it was time to act, and they came with the great great idea of “kidnapping” the “Three boys” after all the world knows that Hamas had a history of kidnapping soldiers, well we know of one Gilad Shalit , so the story was easily to be sold to the media and ti the gullible people.
So they kidnapped the two soldiers and one civilian and making sure one was American citizens, off course that was the easiest part, Israel is composed of double nationality citizens, but it has to be from the US, the sacrosanct Israel friend.
This way, there is a motive for US to drop the support for the Unity Deal and to publicly condemn the kidnap, but what Israel wasn’t counting was that the world knows well the tricks they play, the opps the red flags are Israel specialty .
Now, the PA is strategically important for Israel, Israel can not control the West Bank, no, that is worse that controlling Gaza, besides would be very expensive, but Israel count with the money that it is infused in the PA for security, and they knew that Abbas was going to be forced to look for the “boys” making him with this a persona no grata for the Palestinians, but Israel does not want to get rid of the PA only want the people to repudiate the unity deal and keep the PA apart from Hams and to have the excuse to keep the siege in Gaza, after all the old strategy works every time.


What will be very sad is that if Israel find it convenient to kill the boys, it will do without thinking twice, and if find it convenient to give it to the militias will serve the boys in silver plate, and the Palestinians militias could not  wast an opportunity.

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